Oliva Snow
Olivia Munn
Olivia Munn as Oliva Snow
name: Oliva Snow
father: Darrin Cerwyn
mother: Elayne Fleetwood
spouse: Unwed
issue: None
gender: Female
age: 22 Years
height: 5'4"
weight: 138 Pounds
eyes: Brown
hair: Dark Brown
honorific: Mistress
house: Terrick
position: Mistress of Horses


Oliva Snow is the daughter of bastard nobility, though little is known about where and from whom she owes her birth. Her smallfolk heritage has instead guided her upbringing and childhood. She was raised under the tutelage of her uncle - Rupert Fleetwood. For generations, the Fleetwoods were known throughout the North as being horse whisperers and noteworthy trainers. Occasionally, nobles from the other regions of the Seven Kingdoms would hear of their expertise and seek them out, but their notoriety was kept controlled outside of the North.

When Oliva was barely sixteen, she was sought out by Detir Graymark - the Master of Horses of the Terrick House. He was seeking a Fleetwood scion to be raised up in his place, and was only mildly distressed to find himself a daughter instead of a son available for such an apprenticeship. A contract was struck up between Rupert and Detir, and Oliva was sent off to hone her familial-blessed skills in horsemanship.

She was known as the Master of Horses' shadow for a long time, and it wasn't until the siege did she really become fully recognized amongst the rest of the House. With his life lost to the razing, Oliva was granted the position of Mistress of Horses under the Terrick's banner.


Elayne Fleetwood: smallfolk; mother, died during childbirth.
Rupert Fleetwood: smallfolk; uncle, alive.
Ser Darrin Cerwyn: noble knight; presumed alive.

Physical Features

This Northern woman is modest in height, barely reaching a hand over five feet. She is built strong, but feminine with a hourglass shape to her frame, full and curved, and hardly dainty. Her face is round, but expressive in the lines of her jaw with a high brow and pointed nose that lacks upturn. Her complexion is clear of blemish save for a smattering of sun-brought freckles across her nose, with the occasional mud smear being her only form of artistry. Her skin is wintry in undertones, though summer labor has left her a bit darker. Her mouth has moderate plumpness and an easiness to expression. From beneath dark brows lie wide, steady eyes that mimic the color of fertile earth, dark, dark brown with the faintest hints of green. Her long, wavy hair is of the same earthy shade with a deep gold overtone in sunlight. It is always worn simple, braided in a single plait or twisted up off her neck.

Allies and Foes

Anais_icon.jpg Lady ()
Justin_icon.jpg Lord ()
Jarod_icon.jpg Knight Before the Ironborn Rebellion, Jarod was one of the few flirts about the Roost that Oliva had to contend with. It was because she was a Northern girl, and apparently quite fascinating. Now, however, with the knight married, they have reached a new and comfortable friendship.
Hardwicke_icon.jpg Knight ()

Recent Activity


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