Of Woodcutters and Stonebridge
Of Woodcutters and Stonebridge
Summary: A brief letter to Justin's elder brother Jacsen and his Lord Father.
Date: 03/05/2012
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Four Eagles Tower - Reading Room
May 3rd, 289

To my brother Jacsen and my Lord Father;

I have returned last evening from further reconnaissance with huntsman Kain in the land east of the Roost. As you know we found signs of hunters camps, groups of one to three men afoot that were not more than a week old dating back to the disappearance of the missing wagon. I also spoke at family council of half a dozen woodcutters felling oaks near a small hamlet. Since then we now know that they are using the timber for posts and rails to erect very strong fencing. Not fortifications so much as for the holding of livestock. Only aside from a few oxen they use, we have seen nary a horse in the countryside except travelers upon the road and few if any cattle. The smallfolk we have questioned have claimed to have been pressed to eat their beasts and have few or none. Therefore, where are the livestock or horses these fences are to hold? From the list Lady Anais provided me, I do not see a correlation between this work and those whom hold permission to fell trees or hunt in that area.

I have spoken with Lady Anais and Lord Martyn briefly of my findings. I depart this morning to ride for Stonebridge to hear of Lord Tully's representative. Both myself and Lord Kamron had sent messages by Lord Kittridge's own courier ere Ser Gedeon's duel but have had no reply - nor has Lord Kittridge come as hoped. Therefore I will seek him in Stonebridge, or his sister, should I be able to find them. When I am able to return I hope to organize a group to ride north into Tall Oaks to scout with me. Meanwhile I am setting huntsman Kain to keep a discreet eye on the woodcutters on his own hunting forays that he may keep me appraised of their developments.

- Lord Justin Terrick, Four Eagles Tower, May 3rd, 289