Page 481: Of Wolves and Ghost Stories
Of Wolves and Ghost Stories
Summary: Ozric and Mortimer discuss the two cases troubling the Roost. Lord Jascen's death and the missing scullery maid.
Date: 16/Nov/2012
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Mortimer Ozric 
Leatherworker's, Terrick's Roost
The local tanner's shop is a well-lit enclosure that might seem welcoming to some with its scents and plush comforts for some of the finer wares available. Leather dusters and riding coats are available as well as thick leather armour and even some kinds of furniture coverings. It would seem almost anything conceivable in leather could be requested. Saddles are advertised on the wall, also, but appear to only be made by request. Much of the work area is hidden behind a thinner wall and doorway that goes into the rear behind a short counter.
Fri Nov 16, 289

Its morning at the Roost. Not 'crack of dawn' morning, more 'slowly approaching midday' morning really, although not so close to noon that the streets are emptying as people vanish home for lunch. With it not being one of the weekly market days, the town is less busy than it otherwise might be, with just the resident traffic traipsing through the streets. One such traipser is Mortimer, he's been out on the streets for several hours now, asking questions and following what information he can find. He's made it as far as the leatherworkers it seems and is just exiting the workshop after conversing with the journeyman within.

The slow crawl to midday is often times viewed as the most favourable amongst commoner and noble alike. Still-there is a bustle. A clatter of hooves as the Lord of the Manor (or rather Lord's son) comes riding in. Behind him trail a few men at arms-and a squire-the elder of the two that usually follow him. Upon coming to a stop by the leatherworker's it seems that Ser Ozric has found whomever he was looking for. A grip to his reigns and he drops down easily, before passing the leather back towards the squire- a motion is made to cordon off the small area, by means of intimidating looks and stares. With a glance, Ozric moves with a small bit of swagger to his step over to where the Deputy is.
"Master Trevelyan." comes the gruff bark, but be rest assured, that there is no anger or malice within the growl of the Vale knight. "A moment of your time?"

Mortimer had paused in the doorway to pass a few extra words but at the sound of hooves he turns his head to see who is out and about. The Young Lord and his party are quickly recognised but it's not until the actual summons that he breaks off the conversation with a quick apology and turns towards the knight. It's only a matter of a few paces between them, a dozen at most, so it takes only a few moments to close to speaking distance. Ozric is given a respectful nod but the rest of his entourage is mostly ignored for now, unless they decide to speak up as well. "M'Lord," comes the well practice reply, "how can I be of service?"

Ignoring them is likely the best thing to do on such an occasion. After all they are only there to make sure no small folk try to interrupt, unless of course it is something deemed an emergency. A glance is given to the one in the doorway for a moment before he is looking back towards Mortimer. "Have you heard any news from my cousin and his investigation? Theories or such?" there is likely a reason this is being brought to the forefront-but still the knight does not add further questions to the fire. No-he shall wait for an answer

Mortimer shifts the weight on his feet a moment as he switches from one train of thought to another. "I can't say I've seen him since I last spoke to you m'Lord. I do recall that he said he'd be taking a patrol back out today though. He so he may have already left?" There's a brief glance to the leatherworker's, where the journeyman seems to have gone back to work, but he's shaking his head to Ozric and adding, "I've been busy on other matters myself so I'm not sure."

"Then perhaps you can tell me, what the Sheriff has told you, or at least gleaned to you before then?" Ozric asks with a raise of his brow. His tongue held for the moment before he is looking back to the front of the storefront, with all working inside he glance but once towards Mortimer. "It is of import to me, and I would know what has been thought." Likely though-should Mortimer not know, that is a different story. "Also-I need you to find master Aubron." perhaps that is the right name. "Our Master hunter."

"I can tell you what the Lord Flint and his man found," Mortimer answers, slipping his thumbs into his belt as he does so. There is a brief glance around, but Ozric's cordon seems to be doing it's job and so he answers freely enough. "The man we have in the dungeons is who they saw checking to see if any ransom had been left at the site where we found Lord Jascen's horse. From what they say, when he found nothing he then went to t'river nearby and then into the manor itself where they took him and the lass as well." he pauses for a moment, both to breathe and to dip his head slightly in respect for the departed. "They searched the river and found the Young Lord in the water. Weighted down by a rock they said and looking like he'd been there a while. Beyond that, I couldn't say." At the mention of Kain though he raises an eyebrow slightly, "I'm hoping to speak to Master Aubron m'Lord, if he's findable, or at least leave word if he is not. Are you wanting word passed?"

"Have we put the fellow in the dungeons to the question?" He asks, meaning to see if they've had any luck dealing with the currently imprisoned man. Still to the rest of the information there is a brief nod, followed by the usual grimace. "I remember hearing that.." or being told. Seven help the bastards, that are a part of this. Still he doesn't hold that line for long, because there is the heart of the matter for why Ozric was looking for the deputy. "Yes, I am. It's not important that we meet unless he wishes. But, I would have him keep an eye out for a wolf-or perhaps something larger that might be roaming the area, as well as figure his own theory on the matter." a glance to Mortimer. "I assume, you've heard the rumours?"

"Aye m'Lord," Mortimer confirms with a nod, "although I don't know what results have been gained." He suspects not much yet, given Justin's frustration, but he doesn't actually know for certain. As the conversation moves on he listens silently, looking mildly confused at the direction before querying, "of a wolf m'Lord? No, I can't say I have." He ponders it for a moment longer before two and two are put together in what he hopes is the right combination and he asks, "would you be meaning the missing maid? I'm afraid to say that it's currently looking more malicious than a simply hungry beast. It's what I was hoping to speak to Master Aubron about."

"Of course." he adds back with a faint nod. There is a glimpse given off in the distance, perhaps watching someone cross down the way before he turned his attentions back towards Mortimer. "Well, Master Trevelyan, I believe a Wolf or larger would be likely more the culprit-or so we should hope. The Master of the Hunt should be able to tell us if a pack is roaming tween here and Highfield- we share a boundary and if they are bold and starving as we all were." he doesn't need to spell it further does he. Still the knight pauses. "I would hate for it to be a man, or worse." he adds his tone turning grim. "I want all opinions covered, as we do not need men turning in their neighbours over this in order to take lands or such."

Mortimer nods as Ozric talks to indicate he understands the Young Lord's chain of thought. "I'll ask him m'Lord and pass you his response, but I figure I know his answer already." Figuring that there seems to be no urgent rush he takes the time to explain his reasoning and report what he's found so far. "A Wolf would mean the lass was in the woods already, or at least closer to them than she should have been. Leaves open the question of why she not where she was supposed to be. Cook claims she's a reliable sort so something would have needed to have drawn her into the trees." He checks briefly to ensure that Ozric seems to be following before he continues. "Her brother, good lad as well, reckons he saw an odd woman in the woods a day or two before. Didn't recognise her but said she was weeping, lost her children or some such. I'm hoping Master Aubron knows of her, or can track her from where she was seen. I'm also asking if anyone else has seen her about, or saw Inna, that's the maid, on the day she disappeared. Try and work out when she was last spotted and if anyone remembers anything odd."

Ozric nods back towards the Deputy. "I figure I do as well." Ozric remarks with a frown. "A child was found bloody wrapped around a root in Kingsgrove, if what rumours have been told in the inn are true. That would mean something else than a damned wolf or bear." he adds with a look over towards his squire who seems intent on scratching or picking at his nose. A whistle and the boy stops, bringing him back to looking at Mortimer. "If you see my cousin tell him to wait on Lord Jacsen. We do have one responsible, if not all. And we can make that one talk under pressure." he notes before clearing his throat. "However, I won't tolerate a man or men taking children in the wild.." he will not press on what the man could be doing. However-the rest does bring up a quirked brow. "An odd woman? Do you think she may be the culprit?"

Mortimer frowns, deeply, at the mention of trouble at Highfield too. One missing kid, and a girl at the, was bad enough but word that this might be a bigger issue does not sit well at all. Nodding solemnly as he digests the full implications he then looks a little dubious at Ozric when he gives instructions for Justin but after a moment answers, "Aye m'Lord, I'll tell him." He doesn't anticipate the Lord Sheriff will be happy, but that's not his place to question or query. Back onto the matter at hand though he simply nods once more, "I'm afraid to say, but in my experience women are just as capable as men in such. 'specally if she's unsettled over the loss of her own." He winces a little at that, there but for the grace of the Seven and all that. Not a happy thought to linger on he asks quickly, "Do you know details of the Highfield incident?"

Ozric nods back once as his eye drops down to inspect more of the boot and the road than all else. A nod is given again. "Good, you're doing a fine job Master Trevelyan, both of you. And I do understand the need to finding Lord Jacsen's killers. As I want them found. However, we also need our small folk knowing that their children and loved ones will not go missing." he adds before he is looking back to the older man. "I didn't know if she had lost a child to the one responsible for nabbing them, is what I meant. I have been cautioned on grief-and seen it in my time."
A brief pause and the knight purses his lips. "If it is a woman, it reminds me of a tale I heard as a boy. I wonder if you heard the same story? The ghostly tale of the crying woman?"

"It can do odd things to a person," Mortimer replies in relation to grief, although he then quickly moves onto another topic. "I've been asking around all morning m'Lord, hopefully someone else will have seen her and I can compare descriptions." He knows most of the locals after all, so may be able to rule people in or out, less chance if the Highfield case is linked though. "It's been a long time since I was a boy m'Lord, I can not honestly say if I did or not." He certainly doesn't recall it now at least.

"A woman in this area, once loved a son of Camden, and he her. She common, and he a noble, it could not be. Still the affair happened and whence it was found out, it was annulled. The Camden married another and the woman in a fit of jealousy drowned his children. However, once she realized what she did, she drowned herself in grief." Ozric says softly. "Afterwards there were reports of a wailing woman in the woods, who would take children in the night, and bring them with her to her watery slumber." A glance back up. "A ghost tale-nothing more. However we could be seeing the same thing here. Children lost or killed by the Ironborn and a woman lost in grief doing the same." a nod and with that the Lord is stalking to his horse and remounting. "Find whoever this is, Mortimer. Soon." And with that the knight is heading off, back towards the keep, with his entourage in tow.