Page 578: Of Horses and Patience
Of Horses and Patience
Summary: Tiaryn, Saethwyr and Robben speak a bit in the stables. And Saethwyr gets a new horse.
Date: 21/February/2013
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Stables, Tanglewood Manor
The stables of Highfield Keep, it seems, spare no expense when it comes to the comfort of their horses. Roomy stalls are kept with mangers always full and fresh pails of water at the ready. The wide hallway leaves ample space to lead even the most vast of destriers. At the far end of the building, a tidy tack room is lined with rows of gleaming saddles and bridles. An innocuous door occupies one corner of the chamber, nearly obscured by hanging blankets from above.
Thursday February 21 290

Tia is in the stables, by a dark bay, with one white front foot, and a white stripe down its nose. A nice horse, and one which might be recognizable to those who knew Lord Einar. It's been in the stables here since he died. Tia is petting the horse, and grooming him.

Stepping in from the outside, Robben seems a bit lost in thought as he starts making his way over towards where Breeze is. He pauses to look around, seeing the horse Tia is near, heading in that direction a bit slowly now. Not saying anything yet.

Making his way into the stables from the tack room comes Saethwyr, his dark hair brushing over the tops of his shoulders. He pauses just within, then lifts a hand to pull his fingers through his hair. His dark gaze readily finds Tiaryn, and he starts to make his way towards her, his features holding a thoughtful expression. He's noticed the horse, and the timing of its appearance has led him to the conclusion of where it came from. His free right hand carries a small basket which has a number of grooming brushes, combs, and a couple of hoof picks in it as well.
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"Saethwyr," Tia says as she spies her husband. "It is good that you are here. I have - to tell you something." She spies Robben as well, giving him a smile.

Robben offers a nod and a smile to Tiaryn now, studying the horse for a few moments. "A fine horse there," he offers, before he looks to Saethwyr, offering the man a bit of a smile. "Cousin Saethwyr. I hope you are well today?" Looking between the two of them for a few moments now.

"Tiaryn," Saethwyr greets her, a smile touching at the corners of his lips as he half bows to her. Then he tilts his head a little to one side, a hint of concern and curiosity threading through his eyes. "Oh? And what is that, my dearest?" he asks, the smile remaining on his features. He reaches her, and the bay horse she's tending, lifting the basket to offer her a choice of grooming tools from within. His attention turns to Robben, and he gives a nod. "Good day, Cousin. I am doing well, thank you… and for yourself?" he asks in turn.

Tia takes one of the grooming utensils, with a smile. "Einar, in his letter that he wrote to me, he asked that I tell you that he was giving his horse to you. This one - he's yours." She smiles to Robben, giving him a nod.
Tia adds, "His name is Rae."

"I'm well, Cousin. Trying to figure out who you two managed to avoid going insane in the time that passed before your wedding, though," Robben replies with a bit of a grin now, before he hears the words between the two, about the horse. "Seems I should congratulate you with having been given a fine horse, then?" he offers to Saethwyr.

Saethwyr raises an eyebrow slightly and blinks a time or two with a moment of disbelief. "For me? It is most generous of him to have done so," he says softly, his tone solemn. "The horse will be well tended, to be sure. He is a beautiful horse," he says softly. Then he leans closer to Tiaryn to place a kiss atop of her head. His attention returns to Robben, and a bit of color comes to his cheeks as he gives a small nod. "It would seem so, aye. Though I would wish for it to have been under different circumstances," he says. He would have liked to have known Einar better. Then he gives a soft chuckle before looking to Tiaryn, studying her for a moment. "I think we made it through without going insane because we had each other," he muses, then slips his free arm around her to give her a half a hug.

Tia gives Saethwyr a solemn nod, and then she leans into him, when he wraps an arm around her. "I had told Robben that you might have better advice for him, being male, than I did," she admits. "As to what stratagems might assist or did not work so well as one might think."

Robben smiles a little as he listens now. "Often good comes under far worse circumstances than they should," he offers, a bit quietly. He then nods a bit at Saethwyr's words about how they made it through. "Ah, that's the part I can understand," he replies, with a bit of a smile now. Nodding a little bit at Tia's words as well.

Tiaryn's husband tilts his head slightly to one side as he watches her, and he raises an eyebrow a touch. "Advice?" he inquires, a thoughtful note to his voice. "Stratagems?" he adds, curiosity to his voice. His attention shifts back to Robben, and he keeps his arm around Tiaryn. "What is it that I might be able to help you with?" Saethwyr asks, his curiosity piqued.

Tia shrugs at that, and looks to Robben. "If it will help you both, I can go bother Gethin for a bit, and let you two groom Rae here, and chat," she offers. She doesn't move away from her husband at the moment, and of course it is noticeable, as she comes to nearly the end of her first trimester that she is glowingly pregnant. Though her baby bump is not too large, it is obvious to those who know her even passingly well.

Pausing for a few moments now, looking over at Tiaryn at her words, shrugging a little bit, before Robben looks back to Saethwyr. "Ah, not that much, really. I just mentioned to Tiaryn yesterday how it almost felt like I was counting the days until the wedding, trying not to go insane while waiting. And after all, you've been through the same, right? Waiting patiently for the day you'd get to call such a wonderful woman your wife." Offering a bit of a smile now.

Saethwyr gives Tiaryn a curious look since he's not really understanding what's going on, and he chuckles softly before kissing her on the head. "If you wish, my love. The attention would not harm Gethin at all," he says, his dark eyes showing a sparkle to them. He gives her a gentle squeeze, keeping her close for the time being. He chuckles softly as Robben explains further, and then he gives a small nod. "Ah… well, there isn't quite a way around the waiting. Although, it is important to steal a few moments for yourselves, together. A picnic somewhere, a ride, or something. Just to get away and be together. It's… difficult, to be patient. Tiaryn will attest to the amount of time that I spent in the stables, keeping myself busy," he explains, a smile coming to his features.

Tia glances up at Saeth, and then she nods. "That I can do. It was often enough Saeth was found in the stables, hard at work." Manual labor to keep fingers and mind occupied. She shrugs a bit, leaning against Saeth and says, "I thought perhaps there might be something you would share with Robben were I not here," she says softly to her husband. "For I am certain that there might well be additional information that you could give to Robben, as he is your cousin, that you might not wish for me to hear, in case it causes my fragile Ladyship to faint."

Robben smiles, nodding a bit as he hears that. "Then it probably was a very good thing that we attended the masquerade in Stonebridge," he offers, before he adds, "And I try to spend some time with her as often as possible."

Saethwyr lifts a hand to lightly cup Tiaryn's cheek. "Ah, love… I have no secrets to keep from you," he says softly, giving a small nod to her. A bit of his hair falls forward over his face, veiling one of his eyes. "Though in a delicate condition you are, I would argue over you being fragile, Tiaryn," he comments, amusement in his voice. "Go tend to Gethin, sweetheart. He does not like me as much as you, and you've polished Rae to shining," he says, his dark eyes showing a sparkle to them. His attention turns back to Robben, and he raises an eyebrow slightly before giving a small nod. He'll release her so that she can go, and he'll wait until she has before speaking further on the subject. "Tiaryn came to know that if she was looking for me, I could generally be found in the stables working. Busy work, and tiring. I'd spar with the lads as well, for as long as they wanted… which was usually until we were all ready to fall down and our arms felt like lead. A cold shower would work for a period of time. But it worked best to just tire myself out until I couldn't think straight," he muses, a thoughtful tone to his voice.

Tia leans up to press a kiss to Saethwyr's lips, just a quick one, and to push that errant lock of hair back into place, before she takes her leave, heading over to Gethin since her horse is a stubborn thing who does not like other horses or people so much. He whickers as she approaches though, more than happy to have Tia near him. And when she gives him an apple, it's like he's in horsie-heaven. He then stands still to let her groom him, something the regular grooms would swear he never does.

Robben nods as he hears that, offering a bit of a smile now. "Ah. I've sort of been doing something similar, although it's more a matter of just keeping my mind occupied," he offers after a few moments of pause as he looks around now. "But it sounds like good advice."

"Aye, keeping your mind occupied is good. It helps, to be sure," he says softly, a thoughtful note to his voice. His attention turns to Tiaryn, watching her radiant self as she tends to Gethin. "She means the world to me," he says softly, a smile coming to his features. His dark gaze shifts back to Robben, watching his cousin. "It's a lucky thing, to find a special woman to love and to be able to marry her," Saethwyr says softly, his tone sincere. He wanted to be with Tiaryn from nearly the moment he met her.

Oblivious, Tia grooms Gethin, humming quietly as she works, her attention on the horse that used to belong to her brother Daffyd, and that now is her own mount. She gets any knots out of his mane and tail, grooms his coat, and just generally makes sure he's in good shape. Maybe she even spoils him a bit. She checks his hooves, and the horse lets her. There's a stable lad watching her in total disbelief, no doubt.

"I know exactly how you feel, Cousin," Robben replies as he hears Saethwyr's words. "We've both been very lucky when it comes to that, I believe." A quiet smile as he looks around for a few moments now.

There's probably more than one stable lad watching Tiaryn with disbelief. Gethin is rather known for not letting them do much of anything with him. Even clean his stall. Though usually Saethwyr can be convinced to come to the stables in order to take Gethin out of his stall so the stall can be cleaned. After watching Tiaryn for a lingering moment, his attention turns back to Robben before he gives a small nod. "Aye, that we have. There's many that aren't so lucky, who are paired to someone for the sake of alliances or it being best for either family," he says softly, then lifts his free hand to brush back his hair a bit.

Gethin is one of those strange horses, who will do anything for /his/ rider. And that's Tia, so that's how it goes. The horse actually nuzzles at Tia's shoulder, and plays games with her. As she reaches to tap his nose, he moves it out of her way, playing tag with her. Tia's laughter can be heard, light hearted at this task. She glances over, but since Saeth and Robben appear to be talking, she leaves them to it a bit longer, continuing to shower attention on Gethin.

Robben smiles as he hears that, nodding a bit now. "True. Although I'm sure the alliances involved also were important factors in us getting the chances we've gotten." A brief pause again now, as he glances around

At the sound of Tiaryn's laughter, Saethwyr's attention turns predictably towards his lady wife. Admiring her from where he stands with Robben, entirely smitten with her. As he has been since he first met her. "Oh, I'm sure they likely played a part somewhere, there. Though I'll always be glad that I didn't have pre-arrangement to worry about. It's strange… I never wondered about it until I met Tiaryn. Then I started thinking that my family might have designs for me," he comments, giving a soft chuckle.