Page 324: Of Herbs and Trees
Of Herbs and Trees
Summary: Cordelya takes Einar on a stroll to collect herbs, trees feature heavilly.
Date: 08/06/2012
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The Green, Terrick's Roost
The Green is a large field of deep green grass, nearly flat, that runs along the base of the towers. The road into town runs along the far edge, hemming it in neatly to a confined area where beyond a line of trees serves as a subtle windbreak. This area is most often used for drilling or practice for the guards but also serves as home for festivals, tournements, and another other gathering that might require the space for a large number of the local residents. A well-trodden path winds around the side of the wall and moves towards the coastline. Another heads southwest, toward Kingsgrove.
Fri Jun 08, 289

Ever since the incident, Corrie has been doing her very best to simply be strong. To act as if it never happened. To go on with life, head in the air, jaw set and determined. So, though part of her wants to hide safe behind closed doors constantly, she's insisted on going out with Einar to help replenish some herb supplies and enjoy the fresh air. She's in another new dress, her previous one lost to the bandits, this one a very pale blue undertoned with gray satin. It's also an empire waist to accommodate her clearly grown belly. No one could tell that anything happened to her at all, except for the fact she still has a thin bandage across the side of her throat where that knife sliced into her skin. "…Anything with the jagged leaves, we want, as long as it's not three leaves to a stem."

<FS3> Cordelya rolls Mind: Failure.

Elbow out to provide Corrie with a means of support, Einar walks slowly alongside his good-cousin, being careful to make his pace match hers. He's obviously paying attention to what is said, as evidenced by the faint, thoughtful frown on his brow. "Why not the three leaved ones?" he asks, eyes dropping to the ground to begin the search. He himself came out of the whole rescue affair unhurt, but then he managed to be at the other cave, not the bandit one. He still hasn't quite squared that away with his conscience yet, but it's hardly something he's brought up with any of the ladies. "And you want jagged?" he checks, spotting a small cluster of smooth leafed plants.

Cordelya nods quietly, "The jagged ones can help make the surface of the skin numb when applied with a cool or damp cloth over top…" Corrie instructs him quietly, not really minding that he was uninjured. She hadn't even really thought about it. But then something abruptly changes in her stance. She goes a bit stiff at his side, her breath stopping a few moments as her muddy green eyes flicker across her shoulder. Suddenly, the loose hand at the side of her body comes up, pressing protectively over her stomach. "…Einar…I… I think we're being followed."

Einar glances up as the explaination is given,nodding slowly as he reminds himself to note that down later, preferably with an example of the leaf next to him so he can sketch it as well. He's just turning back to continue scanning the ground when Corrie stiffens. Lifting his own free hand to place on top of the one of her's resting on his elbow he does not immediately turn to check but instead says quietly, "It's okay Corrie, probably just someone else out for a stroll. This place is popular for that." THat said, he will steal a glance behind, just to get a better idea on what it is that Corrie has seen, far better to reassure based on facts than on mere speculation alone after all.

The direction of Corrie's eyes goes straight into the treeline, where there are shadows and heavy boughs, hard to really see anything clearly at this distance, but it doesn't really seem like there is anything there at all. Just the wind, really. Still, she's deathly stiff. The casual walk has turned into a moment of terror for her, head shaking slowly. "No, no, Einar… don't stare. Gods, they'll know we're onto them… In the trees there… they… They've been trailing slowly, this whole time… probably waiting for us to get away from the town. Gods, will these people never stop…" Her voice cracks a bit, frozen in place, not certain what to do. Run? Hide? Scream for more help.

<FS3> Einar rolls Alertness: Good Success.

Einar had got as far as spotting Corrie's handmaid taking a break under the shade of a solitary tree near the wall before the further revelation comes. Turning back so he's looking forwards again he attempts to coax Corrie into moving again by starting to take a small step forwards. "It'll do no good to just stand here," he replies, tone still light and as casual as he can manage, "or would you prefer to turn and head back to town now? It's been a trying time for you, and I don't think anyone," stalker or not, "would question your desire for rest." His step morphs into a turn and he takes advantage of such to quickly scan said treeline. "Come on, lets get you back to Anders," he finishes, not having spotted anything unnatural at all amongst the trees.

Silence lingers for several quickened, bird-like heartbeats as she stares between him and then momentarily back to the woods. SHe breathes out slowly, pressing her eyes shut, trying to push back the visions. He doesn't seem to see anything. She knows that tone in his voice, that tone they all use with her when she's saying strange things. She almost looks faint for a moment, just overwhelmed by the sheer possibility of being followed, but then her eyes reopen and she looks back into the trees. Shadows. Her handmaid. No one else. Nothing else. She breathes out slowly, unable to help but look a bit shaken. "…N-no… no… No reason to go back… it's… Maybe it's nothing…"

Einar looks sceptical for a moment, although he doesn't pass up the opportunity to take a good long look into the trees now it seems to agitate Corrie less. "Are you sure?" he asks once he's convinced himself that everything is clear, "I don't mind coming back and have a look myself later. I can always bring you samples back to check." Not that he's playing to the idea there is someone there, but he reckons that if Corrie feels unsafe and stressed, then the best thing to do is to remove her to somewhere where she feels safe and relaxed. Especially in her condition and given what she's been through.

Cordelya takes in another slow, deep breath, trying to calm her heart and steady her body just a little bit more. She rubs her unheld hand up and down her belly slowly, trying to soothe the child within her as much as herself, as if it would be as agitated as she was. "No… no. No reason to go back. We came all the way out here… the fresh air is good. I just… it… It was nothing. I just thought I saw something. It's fine." She insists stiffly.

Einar runs the options in his head a moment a) risk geting murdered by Anders if there is something there and he doesn't take it seriously or b) risk getting murdered by COrrie for not believing her statement that she's fine. After a moment though he opts to run risk a as Anders is not around, but Corrie is right next to him. As such he nods once in agreement and then turns back to the patch of plants he'd been scrutinising before the interuption. "Jaggered leaves, but not three leaves on a stem," he says mostly to himself, but also so if he's misremembered it can be pointed out, "and it's for numbing the skin."

Another slight focus on the leaves below them and Corrie is mostly steadied. Her hand hasn't left her belly, but that is probably a habit of being with child as much as anything. "Yes… exactly… Ah, the three leaves on a stem, they are oft poisonous to the skin. They will leave rashes and much itching so… Do be careful there." Corrie finally manages to explain, since she cut herself off before. She finally nods towards one small patch, but she's not all that good at begin hands off, and she leans over and down to get her fingertips into the dirt. "These are the safe ones."

"Well we wouldn't want that now would we," Einar answers, "I doubt there are many cases where such a rash would be beneficial." He remembers incessant itching too, from when he stopped a sword with his chest while on Harlaw. Not something he'd care to repeat. Neither the sword nor the itching. As she starts to bed down though he just shakes his head, grinning faintly. "Hey, I thought that’s why you brought me along? Fetch, carry, bend, pick, you know, all the good stuff." Not that he's too concerned just now, but if she keeps on at it then he might be.

Cordelya laughs a touch, though a bit breathless, still slightly off center from the scare and bending over like this simply isn't comfortable any more! "Well, I'm down here, I might as well show you the proper picking and maybe you can do the next one." Maybe being the key word there. She carefully digs tiny fingers into the soil, loosening it around the plant so she can drag it out at least half with roots in tact, so the water will keep moving through it as they transport the thing. She pulls out another, and a third. "Not so hard, see?" And then she unfolds and stands… Rather too fast. That makes her downright sway, world spinning, she reaches to catch herself on his shoulder.

Einar is watching attentively as the proper method for collection is demonstrated, he even crouches down a bit to ensure he sees it properly. "No maybe about it," he chines with a grin, "do you have any idea how much trouble I'll be in if Anders finds out I've been making you do my work for me?" Or somesuch. "I reckon I've got it though," he states, reaching out to try while it's still fresh in his mind. Fortunately though, he isn't so engrossed in the plant as to miss the sway and quickly pushes himself up as well, reaching out a steadying arm as he does so. "Steady, steady," he offers in a similar tone to before, "just take it gently."

His arm is taken and used, as Corrie shuts her eyes again and simply takes in a breath. She can do this. She's strong. She's fine. She mentally repeats that a few more heartbeats and then just nods slowly. "I…I'm fine. I am fine. I am sorry. That.. it's nothing. I'm fine." She's not, but a young lady doesn't let anyone see that. She stands stiff and straight, trying to look stronger and steadier than she's felt all day, the embarrassment a bitter bile in the back of her throat.

Einar may not entirely believe the lie, but he'll accept it for now, as much for Corrie's sake as anything else. "Will that suffice?" he asks, notioning to the samples collected, or should we continue or search a little further on?" No point depleting a whole patch after all. To get the conversation going again he asks, "is there anything else we should be keeping our eyes out for? I could do with a little more willowbark myself, although I doubt we'll find any here," those trees aren't looking particularly willow-like after all. "I'm sure I can get some of that in town though, or maybe from the maester if he has any to spare."

Cordelya shakes her head quietly, "Nothing else I can think of now… I am certain there are things but…" She sighs, just shaking her head, clearly unfocused and not much herself today, no matter how much she is trying to be that strong. It's just been a very long few weeks, if not few months. "And… we shall get you some willow bark. I think I still have a fair amount left, and being that I can't touch most of my own bloody herbs, someone else might as well use them." She grumbles that last little bit.

"Should we go sort that now?" Einar asks, "before I forget?" After all, it's been several days now and e still hasn't remembered to restock. That it also gives a reason why it's his fault they're returning is also not lost on him, but he figures Corrie can make her own mind up on such things. He's turning to give the handmaid the telltale nod when the last bit of what was said sinks in and he turns back to his good-cousin, thoughtful frown firmly back in place. "You can't use your own?" he asks, unsure exactly what she means by that. All of them, or just the special ones? Use as in take, or as in give out? Hmm.

Cordelya nods quietly, "Alright, if you wish, we can go back in now…" Corrie will accept the excuse, at least. It does help. He knows her too damn well. She slips her arm back into his, even if they barely got anything. The incident of possibly having seen something has thrown the whole journey off anyway and she still looks shaken beneath that forcibly strong exterior. His question of the herbs makes her frown, eyes dropping to the pavement for a heartbeat or two. "I…uh… it's… Don't…don't tell anyone, please? No one at all… this is just a family matter, but the midwife, she… She said I should stop taking the herbs. They could hurt the babe…"

"The midwife," Einar answers, quite clearly thinking all that over as he speaks. Being off the herbs would certainly go a way to explaining the shadows in the trees. "Hmm," he starts, before clarifying with a faintly resigned, "well, I suppose she'd be the one to know such things. Let us hope the Old Gods see fit to be kinder now those who burnt the woods have been dealt with." There may be no new God's Wood yet, but that's going to take time, and they surely understand that right?

Cordelya nods quietly, "I… I do not know if she is correct or not, but… I do not think it is a risk we can take. This heir is too important…" Far more important than her mind, right? Though this would all be much easier if they were safe at home in the Finger, hidden away from the world. "… And the Gods have been very kind… given us this blessing through all this pain. We… we just have to treat it right."

Many things would be simpler if they were back at the Finger, but then, to balance that, there's a couple of things that would be a lot more complicated as well. "They have indeed," is Einar's response, "and I shall pray that they continue to be so." He gives Corrie a faint grin then adds, "although I think you might have to handle the Old Gods for me as I doubt they'll listen much to an apostate such as myself." He does wonder, momentarily, where the nearest God's Wood might be, but since he can't place it immediately he figures it's probably too far away to suggest a visit. It must be a while at least since Anders and Corrie, Tia too most likely, have been able to pay their respects as is proper.

Of course, Einar's bringing up the Godswood has stirred several long lost memories in her chest. Things she's tried not to think about, just like how long it has been since they've properly prayed. How far they are from any proper Godswood. What they did to Tall Oaks. Her throat tightens a bit as they walk, tears threatening at her eyes suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere. Pregnancy is a bitch. She swallows back a bit hard, trying to ignore the moisture there, but it's hard…"Y-yes…yes… We do our best, even so far from any wood. I…j-just hope they hear our prayers. Especially now…"

Einar has known Corrie long enough to read the signs and has absolutely no desire to end up with having both Flint women cry on him in under a week. Another quick glance is given to the handmaiden who is still collecting herself up to move but once he's happy she got his nod he turns back to Corrie again, his free hand coming up to clasp the one through his elbow again. "They heard the men on Harlaw," he states plainly, "they must hear you here. Beside, you hear them, and they're Gods after all." Look see, logic. "And I of course shall do what I can with The Seven. I must confess to not yet being acquainted with the Septon here, but I'm sure I can manage a quick word in his ear at somepoint as well."

"I…I appreciate that, Einar. But… you…You don't need this on your head. I'll go back to Orlagh… You can get back into the town. Things will be fine." Corrie affirms, realizing just how insane she must sound, getting weepy over the smallest of things. She squeezes his arm and then lets go, moving for her handmaiden instead. "Thank you, Einar…t-the walk was… Lovely." She is keeping herself together, mostly. He doesn't need to handle her moodiness on top of insanity.