Page 174: Not to Travel Alone
Not to Travel Alone
Summary: Lady Cherise recruits her cousin, Lady Danae to accompany her arrival to the camps
Date: 7/01/2012
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Cherise Danae 
Gardens — Tordane Tower, Stonebridge
The rose garden of House Tordane is about three hundred square feet and hemmed in by walls about eye level to keep out the attention of wildlife. Bees hum about the area and around the stone archway which has seen the flowers grow up over and nearly encase in solid vine. The scent is sweet, mixing with the air coming off the water to produce an atmosphere some might find extremely calming. Stone benches have been chiseled out and placed along the path for visitors to relax on.
07 January 289

After a morning spent in the garden, Danae has taken the time to time to freshen up and don a gown of a cool green and settled herself in a quieter corner of the Tower. Her blonde hair has been bound up about the crown of her head as she settles down to draw. A cup of tea sits at her side, left untouched as the soft brush of a pencil curls the figure of a rose across the smooth surface of the paper.

Throughout the day movement around, both in and outside, the tower was in high abundance. Especially since word returned of the men breaking into camp after the Ironborn force had been pushed back. Cherise wasn't alone when she ventured out, choosing a path that had brought her through the gardens before nearing the carriages. Specifically her carriage. The two out of the four handmaidens accompanied her. The sworn swords of Charlton were already loading most of her belongings. The order was given quick and carried out just as swift. Venturing along one of the dirt made paths, Cherise pulled to the edges of her cloak in tightening its embrace as the winds picked up a small measure. "Danae!" She called excitedly without hastening her steps. Her eyes dropped to the paper and hand, momentarily curious about what she was up to before continuing. "Why are here instead of seeing to your belongings packed and bound?"

There is a stutter and then a snap as the delicate line that Danae was drawing breaks off sharply at the cry of her name. It leaves quite the ugly scar on her page. Eyes wide, she looks up to regard the dramatic flutter of her cousin with suprise. "Cherise, whatever are you talking about? Why should I be seeing my things packed and bound?"

Drawing closer, Cherise had paused all movement before making a motion at the seat intentionally for one of the servants. One answers the unspoken command, picking up the cup of tea and anything else that may be in the way of the lady's desire to sit. Afterwards she does, partially turning her frame in Danae's direction. "The men have moved camp just a few hours ride from here, we received word that they have pushed back the barbarian forces on route to Terrick's Roost. My husband wishes to see me and I do not why you cannot benefit from the visit as well. A day or two at most." She explains, a hand brushing into the lengths of her honey blonde hair, primping the style upon her shoulder. "I am not going to sit in that carriage all by myself again. So…" Determined to have someone else to speak with, Cherise gave her cousin a commanding pat on the rear. "C'mon then." A bright smile was flashed her way. So bubbly and excited.

Sighing softly, Danae offers a half-smile to the servent who moves to take the cup of tea and settles her drawing materials in her lap so that her cousin may sit more comfortably. Cherise's news is listened to with interest, blue eyes sharp and thoughtful as they watch her bubbly expression. "They were successful in the push then? No major injuries to your husband and…the gentlemen, I hope," she asks hesitantly. Any wound to Aleister seems unlikely with level of cheer radianting off of the Charlton lady. The request — demand really — startles a laugh from Danae. "You want to to ride out through the perhaps Ironborn ridden territory to visit the camp, cousin? Be reasonable. That's a madcap idea," she protests, looking bemused by the idea.

"Yes, they were successful. As for injuries the letter did not say. Only that the area is secured and my husband should wish me to visit, as they are not too far away." She answers easily as her pale blue eyes lower, surveying her appearance while seated. "It is not ridden with Ironborn if our men have secured it now is it?" Pointedly the question is asked beneath a slender raised brow. "Should something occur I do have sworn swords to accompany us. Oh live a little Danae, besides. That Riodrane man will be there no doubt." Those last words are said through an inward grin.

"I—" Danae begins with a bit of a flutter and then frowns at her cousin's logic. Point. "I am glad to hear that they were so successful," she manages, primly smoothing down her skirts as she eyes her cousin from beneath blonde lashes. "It's Riordan." Cherise knows his name, although the mention does pull a bit of a flush to Danae's cheeks. "I cannot just go harrying off through the country-side to visit the militia for a few days, Cherise." She brushes a lock of hair from her eyes with a bit of a huff. "Much as I am doing here at the moment…I just —"

"Just going to spend your time wondering and stabbing holes through parchment." Cherise completes the line in an arrogant tone even though she was the cause of the damaged drawing. "Besides who will prepare my teas to settle my stomach due to this little.. child inside me? I… suppose I just may have to go a few days without eating." Suggesting it may be very likely that she'll starve herself, the lady lays a hand upon her stomach. Feeling the stilled life within. "I would also remember that my cousin could not spare a two days from her.. whatever it is that you do." She waves a dismissive hand before looking to her servants. "You.. ah.. Kercy or something. See that the Sers have made room for my cousins belongings on my carriage."

There is the wry arch of a brow in response to Cherise's thoughts on Danae's plans for her drawing. Whatever she was going to say falls silent from an open mouth as her jaw drops, pencil tumbling from her fingers. It falls to the ground. Unnoticed. "Cherise," she breathes softly, a wide smile breatking her lips as reaches for her cousin's hand. "Oh—" A bright, honest laugh escapes in a cheerful note as she grins in delight. "Congratulations, dear one. Oh, you are a wretch. You know there is no way I can say no to that." The words are fond, if wry. She looks back over her shoulder to Kercy, "See to it that Ser Aidan, the head of my guard is made aware as well. He may wish to ride with us." Then to Cherise, "You really are an amazing creature, cousin. I suppose that any trade decisions of any kind are stilled until the Riverlands are assured, regardless. Now I cannot leave you to go alone."

"Precisely Danae." She smiles brightly, a brief glance to her abdomen "Thank you." Determined to not travel alone, she was also taking some pride in being successful. All attention returned to Danae, the warmth or glow surrounding the expecting female was there. Among the features of a noblewoman who ensures the utmost perfection of her appearance. "Now.. that you are traveling me. Do tell me of Riogrand." Smirking, the woman raises a hand to finger gently the gold necklace, accented with pearls and green gems against her skin. "He seems handsome. Have you…" Her tone a bit lower and hushed. "Been naughty?"

Preciesely, Cherise is in fact a bit of a wretch. Still Danae cannot help from smile for her cousin's good fortune, giving her fingers a gentle squeeze as she watches her with bright eyes. The glow of a mother indeed. "Do you how far?" As talk turns to Riordan, she flushes slightly and glances at her cousin from the corner of her eye. "Only if you use his name properly, at least to me. He is handsome…and no. He's been a gentleman." Other than that kiss.

"The Maester had said perhaps three or four months." She answers easily, the roundness of her stomach clearly visible and obvious if one knows what to look for. Cherise returned a gentle pat upon Danae's hand once they had touched. "Rioooodan.." She returns mockingly. "I suppose he may also be the reason you still remain in Stonebridge." Asked suspiciously.

"So long," Danae says softly, tipping her head to get a better look at her cousin's stomach, before grinning at her cousin. "You…are going to be /huge/," she teases, bumping Cherise gently with her shoulder — much like the girls they once were. She shakes her head at the pronunciation with a purse of her lips, keeping back a smile. It is not correct, but she'll take it. "I remain in Stonebridge legitimately, cousin. It is business that has not been finished and not that of a personal nature. I cannot say that I mind the opportunity to get to know him better."

At the mention of being huge Cherise sighs dejectedly, "I know. Though I do not know how when he hardly allows me to eat." A shrug passed over the topic as it once again moved to the subject of a particular Nayland male. "Of course you do." A wry retort in her faith of Danae's reason for remaining in Stonebridge. "What have you learned of him? Besides his visage being easy on the eyes."

Hand holding Cherise's tighter, Danae smiles sympathetically and says, "We'll see if we can find something that will settle him a little. You need to eat even if you do not feel well." There is a twitch to Danae's shoulder as the subject turns back to Riordan. "I do. Before all the chaos, I have only had the barest changes to discuss trade options with the Lady Isolde," she protests primly. She does! "You mean beyond the fact that he is very dashing and saved me from a runaway horse?" The look she gives her cousin is coy, even secretive. "We should see about readying my things, dear one. Come. I will tell you more later." Standing, she draws Cherise with her up from the bench and grinning.