Page 286: Not the Mallister You Are Looking For
Not the Mallisrer You Are Looking For
Summary: Mortimer seeks out Martyn and/or Kamron, finds Muirenn
Date: 30/05/2012
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Muirenn Mortimer 
Reading Room, Four Eagles Tower
The room has a large glass window and seat that looks out partially over the cove, in daylight hours the sun provides illumination to the room. Other stools and chairs linger in small groups as shelves along the walls are littered with scrolls, books, letters and documents. The contents are a modest collection of local records, histories, and literature offered to both the family and guests of Four Eagles Tower.
Tue 1st May, 289

The morning is early and while she probably should still be abed…and likely will be bullied back into bed as soon as her Septa wakes, Muirenn has taken her maid and made her way to the reading room. Bundled in quilts and robes, and with a mug of hot tea at her elbow she still looks unwell but the feverish brightness has gone. Curled in a large chair a large book is spread across her lap.
The maid, Minnie, tsks as she stifles a yawn, "My lady you have a quarter of an hour before I summon your brother to remove you back to bed."
Looking wounded, Muirenn gazes up at her maid and replies hoarsely "there is no need for such drastic methods. I merely wanted to look up and confirm something."

Preparing to ride out on a tour of the smaller villages and roads, Mortimer had figured that it might well be worth seeing if either of the Mallister knights were interested in joining him. Knowing the keep weel enough to find his way round, he'd figured a quick scan of the more public locations to see if they were around would not hurt and so, eventually, his search has brought him to the reading room. Pushing open the door he doesn't quite stride in, more stick his head and shoulders through the gap and peer around. Hmm, not the Mallister he was looking for. Quickly assertaining that neither Kamron nor Martyn are present he turns instead to Muirenn and offers a polite bow, "Sorry to disturb you m'Lady." He had intended to back out again but then figures it never hurts to ask, "I hope I'm not intrusting, but have you seen your Lord Brother around yet this morning?"

"Good morn." the girl replies with a smile that is bright yet weak. "The entire keep would have heard had I seen him, for even tempered as he is..he would be wroth with me for being up." Though weary her eyes maintain a twinkle. "I feel at a disadvantage for you seem to be acquainted with me yet I know not who you are?"

"I doubt there are many in town or keep alike who wouldn't know you to look at you m'Lady," he replies with a polite smile, "but I apologise for not introducing myself straight off. Mortimer Trevelyan, Acting Sheriff" or maybe Sheriff, it's all a bit up in the air and he's not entirely sure himself. "You Lord Brother and Cousin have offered their assistance with some issues we've been having so I was indending to invite them to ride this morning."

"Oh! Of course." Muirenn's expression brightens further. "They have spoke well of you. I would think at this hour you might find them in the stables. We usually ride early before the temperture warms too greatly." Giving a grin she adds confidentially, "Just listen for any crashes. That likely is my cousin's squire. Poor Squire Percy is going through a growth spurt I think." Closing the book she gesture to her maid, who gives a charming curtsey, "This is my maid…Mistress Minnuella."

Mortimer had been in the stables, but then given his tour of other locations in the keep looking for them it is entirely possible that they've missed each other somwhere in the process. Glancing to the maid he offers the standard polite nod of greeting for those who serve the noble clases, "Mistress." Turning abck then to Muirenn he smiles at the mental image offered and replies simply, "I shall keep my ears open for such m'Lady, but should I not happen to find them, could I impose upon you to let them know that I'll come find them when I return?" He's slightly hesitant to ask, given her obviou condition, but still, if anyone is likely to see them, it's her.

"Absolutely Sheriff. I will likely see one or both at some point today." The maiden replies with a smile. "I do hope you locate them, however. I know they would wish to accompany you." Reaching she takes up the mug of tea and begins to drink, though she makes a face. Swallowing she murmers "In my hurry I forgot to add honey"

"My wife would tell you you're better off without m'Lady" he offers in return, "although I'm with you, when we can get it." That being said though, and his business being done he adds, "but I think, if it please you, I've taken enough of your time already. Good day to you m'Lady," a bow to Muirenn, "Mistress" and nod to Minnuella, before he's slipping out of the door again.