Page 045: (Not Quite An) Apology #3
(Not Quite An) Apology #3
Summary: Jaremy seeks out a conversation with Anton before the Knight of Oldstones leaves the Roost.
Date: 29/8/2011
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Anton Jaremy 
Four Eagles Tower - Stables
A room full of horsies.
27 August 288

Lord Ser Anton Valentin has been busy this morning, preparing his things for his departure and, when that was mostly completed, meeting with Lord Jacsen Terrick in the throne room of Four Eagles Tower. It is early yet, but nearing the time he informed the household he would be leaving, and he is to be found in the stables, now, finishing up preparations to go.

Preceeded by the ringing of his spurs against the stone and a small conversation with the stablemaster, Jaremy Terrick makes his way through the main door and down the rows of horse stalls. Easily sighting Ser Anton, the young heir to Terrick's Roost rests one hand at the small of his back as he presents himself to the Lord of Oldstones. "Lord Valentin." Jaremy leads off with. "I know that you are in preparations to leave the Roost, but if I could request a conversation with you before you depart?"

Anton is speaking with a stablehand laden with a set of saddlebags and some tack, and he does not turn until Jaremy says his name. He finishes his conversation with the lad and only then turns to face the eldest Terrick child, replying simply, "You may speak."

Glancing to the stablehand, Jaremy waits until the lad has stepped a few feet away before looking back to Anton. Standing tall and strong, he nods his head to him and delivers to the man a quieted frown. "There have been a number of things that have happened since your arrival at Terrick's Roost that you are owed an apology for. There are actions that I had taken upon myself to perform that are inexcusable. My Lord Father and the whole of my house extended friendship to you, Ser Anton, and that was not a friendship that I myself extended. I regret it, and I do so apologize."

Anton watches Jaremy with a blankly impassive expression. One hand rests on his belt beside his sword hilt, unmoving, as he listens in silence. "Is that all?" he inquires when Jaremy stops.

"No…" Jaremy tilts his head, watching the man closely. "…I had previewed this as a more conversational experience, though I'm sure you have little to say to me." Settling into place, he locks eyes with the man, leveling with him. "I've been a fool." He sets the future tone of his words, coming down-to-earth with the swordsman. "There are…broader explanations that would take hours to explain to you, Ser Anton, but the end truth of it all is that surrounding the intrigue and the deaths surrounding these letters I felt the need to exhaust all angles to try to forsee everything that was before me. My sister she…cares deeply for you. Rowan was poisoned along with your Ser Gedeon. I never intended for any disrespect, not once, and that's not because of some need for self preservation, but because of a need to understand, Anton. All of it was rude, inexcusable, and has severely damaged my reputation both in and outside of house." He shakes his head, frowning. "The damage of all of this will continue to flow in long after you've gone, and I've a good deal of shame that will only be brought back with correct deeds and offers of recompense. So from this day forward, for the slight I've done to you, know that I seek to earn your trust with action, since your ability to believe in the bond of my word is worth nothing. It's a scar that I'll bear. Deeply."

Anton does not, it is true, seem inclined toward making this a conversation. He remains silent and neutral-faced as Jaremy speaks further, and for a few moments after he has finished. Eventually, he says, "The way I hear it, you took the whispers of tavern gossips over the words of an anointed knight and lord. You lied to my face while accusing me of the worst sorts of treachery and deceit and spreading these absurd theories all the way to King's Landing itself. So what action do you propose now? What recompense do you offer me to repair the insult you've done? Because I warn you, as I warned your sister. Men have been challenged for much less than what you have done, and no one thought them unjustified."

"The letters I sent were to verify your patents of nobility and bore no accusations. You're a new lord in the region and a once trusted source, in the end, turned out to be not so trustworthy with the information suggested. I was dealing in trying to validate or invalidate these theories that were brought to me, nothing less, nothing more." Jaremy scoffs, shaking his head from side to side. "In my attempts to do everything quietly, it seems everything but quiet is what took place, which is what's placed us in the situation that we're in now. Dishonesty is something that I don't find a …valuable quality, I assure you. I've broken my own morals in this foolery, something I swore I would never do, and to the Seven I must take counsel with this."

Jaremy glances to Anton's sword and then to his eyes, giving the man's last spoken words a moment's consideration. "You may have noticed that Ser Ryker Nayland was acting oddly strange in my presence while he was here? He came to me with more concerns about these letters…you see…these independent investigations of my own were the result of a hundred different angles that all required a certain delicate touch that I have woefully learned that I lack, Ser Anton. Though, while he was here I vowed to him I would see the justice of these letters of Ser Gedeon's served. Perhaps, of course, not for the same reasons though I can't assure you of what his reasons are, but I have vowed to see the issue of these letters done and finished. Allow me to come to Oldstones." He nods in the direction of his horse. "Allow me to show the realm that I ride by your side and when you take the issue of these letters to justice allow me to stand beside you. I have wronged you. Allow my brothers and my father the opportunity to help you get these letters back."

Anton says nothing in reply to Jaremy's explanation, listening to the saga with a disinterested expression. As for Jaremy's offer, he blinks once, slowly, and then after another long moment, replies, "So in restitution for the most greivous insult you have done me, you offer a courtesy you should have afforded me from the beginning anyway, and aid from your family members that they have in fact already said they would give? I begin to think, Ser Jaremy, that your family still does not value my friendship or my honor, and that they have no real care for your continued life, either. Try harder."

"I apologize, Ser Anton, exactly what accusations did you hear that I made or spread all of the way to King's Landing?" Jaremy replies, turning his head to watch the man from a different angle. "I have a feeling there may be a little bit of a miscommunication as to what has happened thus far and exactly what was sent in return from the King as a means to my query. You speak of a grave insult. I would know what you consider to be the whole of this insult."

Anton just looks at Jaremy for a few beats, too long to be anything but a deliberate pause. And then he is silent for another moment or two after that. He takes a deep breath, and then slowly exhales through his nose. "I believe I have learned what I needed to know of your mind on this subject, Young Lord Jaremy," he says, voice even, words dry, "I am leaving. I will return when I have come to a decision. I would suggest that you tell your family what you have said. I think they will better understand the import of this conversation than have you. Excuse me." And at that, he turns away to draw his now-laden horse out of the stall, mounting it to ride away.

A thoughtful look comes to Jaremy's eyes, quietly watching Anton prepare to leave. With one hand behind his back and another dangling over the hilt of his sword, he glances around to see that they are, in fact, alone. The young lord huffs, rolling his eyes at the back of Anton's horse, letting the man leave. "That…is because you heard nothing." Jaremy says flatly. "…and you're maximizing the gravity of this alleged insult. Interesting." He says to himself, turning to walk towards the opposite end of the stables.