Page 501: Not Just a Place for Prayer
Not Just a Place for Prayer
Summary: The Sept at the Roost plays host to a meeting of minds.
Date: 06/Dec/2012
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Sept of the Seven, Terrick's Roost
The Sept of Terrick's Roost was never a grand spectacle, but has been hit especially hard by the occupation. Recent repairs have made the sept usable, if in less glamorous fashion: the broken roof has been replaced with thatch, the broken statues with cruder clay representations, the smashed windows boarded up. The few surviving pews have been supplemented with simpler seating. On the floor is lain out with a bright seven-pointed star in representation of the Gods, defaced by hammer and chisel and not yet restored.
Thu Dec 06, 289

The evening service is over, and the Septon has already stowed himself away in the back of the sept. Most of the family and well to do citizens have left, leaving the place almost bare-save for the rustic icons of the Seven. And, of course the one eyed knight, left kneeling behind one of the pews. A sign of the seven made-before he is pulling himself up with a bit of ease. Hands clasp before him as he remains seated. A glance to the Altar and pulpit before the knight is now moving to stand, and make for the door.

Mortimer has found of late that the hours of the search have not been kind when it comes to allowing him time to do other, everyday activities. Services at the Sept included. The wolf-bite to his shoulder though, and the attention of the healers it has required, have provided him with enough oportunity to commune with the gods though, just without the aid of a Septon. It's normally a morning task but he'd been running late and so tonight it's the last thing on his mental list before he can go home and spend what time is left before sleep with his family. Crossing the threshold into the Sept he quickly notes Ozric's form and steps aside to allow him room to pass, offering a polite nod and a quiet "m'Lord" as he does so.

Nathaniel has arrived outside the sept just when the service is concluding. His cloak is still dusty and looks weary from travel. He waits patiently outside until most of the worshippers have gone, and then he comes to the door, beckoning for the attention of one of the novitiate who is training here. When the holy man approaches, the courier opens his pouch and removes a sealed scroll of parchment which he hands to the acolyte. "Thank you, and be well," he murmurs. "Also, thank you for caring for Mistress Dorsey while she was hear."

There is a bit of hesitation from the knight as he looks to the hastily given m'lord. INstead though of passing as the deputy allows him to do, the Terrick knight remains in his place. Eye, fixated on the man before a nod is given there. "Master Trevelyan.." he returns, before shifting ever so in his stance. "How goes your hunt?" Of course he has his own news to pass onto the deputy, he keeps it for now. A turn of his head to more talk going on at the door-but Ozric quickly pays it no mind, his glance back towards Mortimer. "Any new developments?"

"Nothing m'Lord," Mortimer answers with a faint shake of his head, unable to keep the traces of disapointment out of his voice. "Might be that we're took late here, word from Heronhurst suggests they've moved on." Hopefully with the missing, but he can't keep the feeling out of the back of his mind that moving such distances without them would be a much easier prospect. "We'll keep looking though, until they're found," he adds, glancing up towards Ozric as he does so, "one way or another."

Another older septon, not the doyen of this enclave, but one of more experienced than the acolyte, comes to the door and looks at Nathaniel and then at the scroll. The courier bows to the man and surrenders the parchment. Then he hears Mortimer's voice offering some assurance about the hunt, and he glances in that direction. He spots the man and the lord, and ventures toward them. "Master, Lord Terrick," he greets solemnly. He glances between them, and then notes, "Master Trevelyan said that you require my service, lord?"

"I agree, Mortimer, I do." Ozric begins, before he is looking back to the other man. "However, we have had news come to us from Lord Fenster, that Young Lord Perrin is on his way to come and join us here in the Roost." a faint pause there. "I know your friend told us the same-however the motive was different. You see-Lord Perrin is uncle to a missing child from Heronhurst. And for some unknown reason-they think the child is here." He'll let that settle in. "I Assume he will bring men, beyond his lance with him to look. As it is, I have told him-that he can only do so with either you, or Ser Justin. Is that clear?" He will wait for an answer there, before looking back to the altar. "I hope you understand, why I constrain them on our lands..As far as giving them free reign and what not for their own perusal." A rub of his jaw there-However whatever words the knight was chewing on must keep longer as Nathaniel joins in.
"Aye, I was." Ozric replies in his usual gruff manner. "I need messages taken to Highfield, and to the Ashwoods there. The one we spoke on earlier entreating a meeting with Lord Aleister on commerce matters. And I would have you find this Flint tracker I have heard so much about. After that, I'd send you round Stonebridge and to the Erenfords. Such is not for messages as much as it is to see where there have been attacks. As it is-I believe towns surrounded by wood seem to be the main targets.." A glance to Mortimer. "Do you concur, Master Trevelyan?"

"I can't claim to know the lands much beyond our borders m'Lord but aye, so I'm told," Mortimer confirms with a slight nod. Nathaniel can probably confrim or deny with a greater degree of confidence so he turns in askance to see if it is indeed so. "Word is only of Kingsgrove, here, Highfield and Heronhurst, or thats all that's reached my ears. We've had enough through from Stonebridge that I reckon we'd have heard if they were troubled."

Nathaniel bows again to the lord. "I will, lord," he confirms. "If you are referring to Master Pariston, I know him somewhat. I will be goad to seek both for you, and then circle the lands around Stonebridge to make enquiries on your behalf. Both Highfield and Heronhurst have thick woods around them. Either is a likely target for someone wanting to lie in wait under such cover. If you wish, I can leave immediately. Unlike some, I do not fear to ride by night in known country."

"If the Erenfords are missing one of theirs, then we can be assured we will see them coming out here as well." And he looks over towards Nathaniel. "Get what you need, before you go. As for the Erenfords, meet with whom would know about this missing lady Hafwen." he says softly. "I would like to know about those circumstances as soon as possible. If not only to help the Haigh Lord, but to know what might be coming our way." One can never be too careful. Still he is looking back towards Mortimer. "We know that the Haighs were with the Ashwoods in the recent unpleasantness with the Naylands." he says. "I want all eyes on this to ensure this is not something that could be pointed at us, let alone our neighbors." A glance over towards Nathaniel. "And you, master Corbitt, keep your eyes peeled when out on your errand."

"Ride safe," Mortimer offers to Nathaniel as it becomes apparent he'll be leaving sooner rather than later. There are enough things to deal with right now without adding another to the list after all. Trusting the younger man he then turns abck to Ozric as the talk turns to politics. Wishing dearly that he believed it impossible for some to try and turn a situation like this into a play in that great game he nods slowly, lifting one hand up to rub through his beard. "I'll do what I can m'Lord," he replies after a moments pause, although he's not entirely sure yet what that might be.

Speaking of Haighs - one of the House retainers of said House Haigh enters the Sept at almost the exact moment Young Lord Ozric mentions their name. Freya Caul coming to check on Dania one last time before she leaves the Roost. The striking blonde sees the gathered party and curtsies. "My Lord, Master Trevelyan, Master Nathaniel." She smiles warmly like sunshine, "How is Mistress Dorsey? I am not interrupting anything I hope?"

Nathaniel bows yet again to the lord, like one of those child's toys with a weight at one end that bobs incessantly. "I will do my best, lord," he answers. "Are the messages for Highfield and the Ashwoods ready, lord? Do you a specific message for the tracker?" He turns slightly when the door near which they are standing opens, and he nods to Freya. "Mistress," he greets her warmly. "If you came to see Mistress Dorsey, you will be disappointed. I learned while at the inn earlier that she is there, staying in one of the common rooms." He nods as well to Mortimer, and assures, "I will take as much care as I can, master. You do the same."

"Good." Ozric replies, before he is looking over as Mistress Caul seems to come in almost as if on cue. A frown there, before he is looking back to the Deputy. "Make it so, and keep me apprised as usual. I would like to know what is found or not." A rub of his fingers-somethign caught between them flicked away. A glance is given back towards Freya for a moment. "Can you tell me, Mistress-what was the message you were to give me from your Lord? Was it merely to warn me that he was coming?" A brow arching up there from behind the black leather patch affixed to his face.
A glance is given to Nathaniel and a smile is returned. "I have no doubt, that you will, Master Corbitt. I in fact am putting my trust into that truth."

Mortimer glances towards the door as he hears that familiar voice and offers Freya a brief, "Mistress," in greeting. He starts to return his attention to Ozric when Nathaniel comments that Dania has been moved and that draws his attention, along with a raised eyebrow. "I'm surprised," he offers with a quick glance towards the infirmary area, not thinking based onw hen he saw her last that she'd be fit enough. Still, he's not a healer and if those that are have allowed it.. "must be a sign she's improving," he concludes. Then however it is back to Ozric, who is offered a simple, "Aye m'Lord."

Freya nods at Nathaniel's information. "Shame - I might not be able to see her before I leave for Stonebridge." Freya looks at the ground, "I didn't read the letter my Lord - but I think that Lord Perrin merely wanted to warn you in advance of his most likely arriving here soon to discuss matters of trade. Just so that you are not caught off guard and you can think about what you would like to discuss yourselves. It's merely a courtesy." No matter how they polished Freya up she was always nervous around authority figures. The Thief/Caul/Mern the Mummer in her. Both irritating and/or endearing depending on your perspective. Freya nods and beams at Mortimer.

Nathaniel looks again toward Freya, and when she replies negatively about the contents of the letter, he nods to her, and offers a smile that is both encouraging and proud. "I've not seen her either, Mistress Caul," he advises, emphasizing her formal title and surname. Then he looks to Mortimer, and adds, "The healer is a stubborn one, master. I know that very well. If she wants to move, there's little short of iron chains that could keep her." Finally, he bows to Ozric and mentions, "If the messages are at the tower, I will go there and collect them. Then I will be on my way."

"Thank you, Master Trevelyan, I am most grateful for you and your diligence." And with that Ozric is looking back over towards Freya for a moment. And there he raises a brow, before simply nodding. "He did not tell you then." a kiss of his teeth, there is a brief glance to the others. "They are, Nathaniel. Please seek out my Squire Peytyr for them." And without much ado, he is moving to head on out of the Sept. He has no cause to linger further than he already has.

"Good night m'Lord," Mortimer states to Ozric, along with a short bow, as the Terrick lord makes to leave. As that seems to signal the breakup of this little gathering he starts to make his own way as well, although in the opposite direction, further into the Sept. Not before Freya is given a brief nod, "Mistress," and then Nathaniel, "Master." He's already wished the other mana safe ride so doesn't repeat himself.

Nathaniel inclines his head to Mortimer and then to Freya. "Be safe and well, both of you," he says. Then he heads for the door as well.

Freya turns and bowing out leaves. "Wish you all the best then Lords and masters."