Page 393: Not A Quiet Evening Stroll
Not a quiet evening stroll
Summary: A quiet evening stroll is suggested, two are invited, two more join, and 'quiet' isn't exactly accomplished.
Date: 18/08/2012
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Town Square - Terrick's Roost

The town square of Terrick's Roost was once considered well-kept. The stone streets run right up to the building fronts around the edge and the locals have kept the spaces between free of grass and weeds that might otherwise sprung up between them, although dark streaks of stubborn soot have crawled in between the stones. There are several homes and shops located here which show the scars and cinders of the sacking of the town at Ironborn hands. The ruin of the town's Sept can also be seen from here with its ornate stone front rising above the surrounding structures just down the cobblestone road.

Nathaniel is standing outside the inn, staring up at the windows that provide some light to the common room. The windows are particularly clean. "That one's a mystery," the courier murmurs. "First she calls me an 'offical informant upon everything.'" he comments, mimicking Catryn's voice and accent while he quotes the girl. "Then she calls me green." He sighs and shakes his head. "I wonder which she really thinks. I suppose that it's true by her way of thinkin. I'm green to some of the things that she likely knows." He shrugs his shoulders and concludes, "That's not the worst insult that she could have given."

A late afternoon rain shower had sent many of the merchants and their customers scurrying for the shelter offered by the Inn, their homes, or any of the other places in the town itself that offered a bit of shelter. The rain storm wasn't long, just long enough in fact to soak the grass again - and anything that wasn't tucked out of sight of the sky - and as the rain lets up the evening air retains the cooler temperature brought by the rain and the steady but gentle breeze coming from the ocean to stir the air over the town at large. Never one to be afraid of a bit of rain, wind or.. well anything really related to either, Nedra had her mare saddled for a late afternoon post-rain ride and (despite the mud) took her horse for a brick ride on the trails that lead around the town itself and is only now walking her mare back through the center of town. Two of her armsmen, looking equally rain damp now and mud splattered (though it's more the horse that's splattered than the riders) are riding along with.

Even if he might have wanted to escape the rain he would not have been successful. Coming from the coastline. The rain having caused bigger waves to blow in as well. Having walked along in the rain back towards the square. Having sent Corrin to the inn earlier leaves him with only the older guard, Talbot, with him. Coming along with calm steps. Wiping water from his face and also running his hand through his hair. Walking towards the inn it is Nathaniel that he spots first. Offering a nod to the man, "Master Corbitt." He calls out from a bit of distance. Perhaps spotting Nedra, or at least something, as he slows down a bit in his walking.

Nathaniel turns when he hears his name at a distance. His eyes scan the sodden road leading up to the inn, and he sees Alric first, and then Nedra, both with their escorts. He leaves the spot where he was standing and looking thoughtfully up at the windows after the rain, and heads toward the front of the inn. Even though he is not a servant, out of kindness and respect he would greet Nedra and Jinx, and now the other arriving noble. He offers a deep bow from the boardwalk in front of the inn. "Good day to you, lord and lady!" he calls.

Nedra brings Jinx to a halt near the entrance to the Inn and, with a careful eye as to where the worst of the potential mud puddles are, holds firmly to the pommell of the saddle before sliding down to land lightly on her feet, only sinking a little into the mud once she's made her landing. "courier Corbitt, good eve to you," is called out first, her mare briefly between her line of sight and Alric. "Lovely rain, wasn't it? Invigorating and a welcome respite from the heat of the day," she is saying as she pats one hand on the side of Jinx's neck and hands the reins to one of her armsmen as she steps forward, hands lifting the hem of her gown to avoid the worst of the mud as she steps forward then around her mare up toward the dryer stretch of walk outside the Inn. "I wouldn't have wanted to ride through it," she is saying as she is tugging her riding gloves off and now spots Lord Alric, his guard and the rather noticeable amount of rain water he's carrying about on his clothing. Her eyes widen slightly and her lips start to curve upward, and she does try to keep the amusement from spilling out, she really does. "My lord Alric, good evening to you as well," she offers, her voice only trembling a little with the effort not to laugh. "I.. see that you've encountered the afternoon rain," she adds, and now her eyes are sparkling as well, the smile that is tugging at her lips is more mischievous than anything at this point.

Alric continues to move with steady steps. Avoiding the larger mud puddles. Eyes on Jinx as he hear the voice from the other side. He then grins as he looks to Nedra, when she comes into vision. "Good evening, lady Nedra." He offers and grins at her words, "Yeah, it seems the rain wanted to arrive when I was as far from the inn as possible." He says rather lightly. "I would think that you are stalking me if we keep meeting like this though." He offers to her with a wink. Then continues towards the inn. Giving Nathaniel a nod of his head. "Good day, I hope things have been well. For the both of you that is."

"It was a delightful soak," Nathaniel answers, seeming suddenly aware of his own sodden cloak now, and shaking it gently to coax the excess water to fall from it before he removes it entirely and wrings the water from it over the still muddy ground. I hope that it helped our farmers here. Boar is a fine meat, but I like some crops along with it. Once he has liberated as much of the water as he can from the cloak, he folds it over his arm. He bows once more to Alric when the lord arrives. "Any day with a fine rain like this is a fine day for the farmers, lord. And such a day benefits the community, in turn granting a blessing to all of us." He glances toward the door of the inn, and then cautions, The one shame is that with such rain, any townsfolk in the square head for the inn. It might be close quarters."

"Stalking?" Nedra muses the word aloud in return, testing it in a thoughtful tone of voice. "Hmmm. That could very well be. But then first I'd have to have one of my men in cahoots with one of yours," she continues in the same thoughtful tone. "Cahoots being a nice word, and fun to say, mind. So, cahooting a foot then, if one of your guards were to conspire with one of mine, but then why ever would they have let you hie off afoot when it'd have been easier to suggest that you go riding instead?" She gives a small shake of her head, "And, thus, this is where the logic fails. We'll just have to set those poor gossips to target on some juicier meat, my lord, we're just not fit for talking over," and a flash of a grin accompanies her words at the end before she turns back to Nathaniel and then past him to the doors and windows of the Inn. "I am not sure I'm up for a cheek to jowl crowd this eve," she admits after a moment of thought. "Oh, the company is wonderful, in the form of both of you gentleman, but the crush of the inn is a bit daunting at times."

Alric grins at Nedra's words, "Ah, I am sure Corrin might go along with it. I trust Talbot here not to do so." He offers in a rather light tone. As for her question about walking instead of riding it does earn a shrug, "Well, it could have been so easy as to wanting us to ride on the same horse, would you have found me. But I didn't walk the route you all thought I would." He tries explaining it. The amusement clear on his face. Another shrug given even if his face is still looking amused. A nod about rain to Nathaniel then, "Indeed it does. It also makes things seem a bit more alive at times. Perhaps that is why some suggests rain to be herald of new life. Or the fact that it does make things grow." A shrug given about the inn, "If it is too crowded in there then perhaps we could take a stroll to find somewhere else." He suggests to both Nedra and Nathaniel.

Nathaniel chuckles at the verbal duel between the nobles, and nods in agreement with the idea of rain literally bringing new life to a land and its in habitants. When Alric includes him in the suggestion of a scroll, his eyebrow lift for a moment. "I'm sure that a proper stroll should not include one of my station," he answers, "although I am honored that you consider me." He bows to both of them.

Nedra seems to consider Alric's counter suggestion and turns to eye Jinx, the chestnut colored mare with the houdini-like escape abilities and says, "She would not be in the best of moods, I should think, were she asked to bear both of us. I think she'd have tosses us both to the mud, and trotted off without a backward glance," she decides with a small but thoroughly amused shake of her head. "I Agree, though, about the rain. It makes everything seem new. Like the beach front after a storm, where all the sand is washed clean and lost treasures from the sea depths sometimes end up on the sands, scoured soft by tumbling endlessly beyond the shores." To Alric's suggestion of a stroll and then Nathaniel's assertation that one of his station would not be included, "Courier Corbitt, the evening air is as much free to you as it is to either of us," she challenges with a smile in return. "And," she glances back at Alric, "someone has to protect Lord Alric from the potential of his man Corrin or Talbot from being in cahoot with either of my guards. Just think, you would be saving him from the indignity of potential gossip."

"Ah, so when you hit the mud I have to carry you?" Alric suggests with a grin. As both of them seem to agree about the rain he just nods. Grinning a bit about beaches and treasures. "Something like that." Grinning wide as Nedra speaks. "Something like that. Besides, lady Nedra seem to like ending up alone somehow, with you around we at least have chaparone." He says a bit amused at that. Even if their guards might be going along as well. "Besides, Talbot here is reliable. Corrin is most likely drinking in the inn though, since I gave him leave when the rain started to pour."

Nathaniel's eyes flicker between the two nobles. "If two witnesses should do well, then three should do better," he agrees, bending forward in a small bow. "Still, you are most gracious."

Nedra exhales a sigh of sound that conveys a measure of annoyance, "It's not that I prefer ending up alone, it's that I cannot stand un-ending exposure to petulance. And, as I am not allowed to discharge the girl and send her back to Seagard the most I can do is send her out of my presence. That or lose my temper with her entirely, something that I find to be entirely unacceptable, bad manners and bad form in every sense of the measure." She reaches out and smooths one hand gently along the long velvety nose of her mare, "And I've worked very hard to learn to manage my temper, I'll admit. Such work will not be undone by one petulant maid," is added as she glances again from Alric to Nathaniel. "So, shall we walk, gentlemen?" she inquires.

Alric shrugs at Nedra's words, "True enough my lady, I meant no offensive. Rather, that it was fun that I somehow ended up there instead. Luckily guard and septa around." He says and grins. Then a nod as he agrees to starting walking.

Nathaniel bows to both nobles once more, and then looks at Nedra. After a moment of thought, he questions, "Lady, is it possible that something else is the actual cause of your maidservant's annoyance? Perhaps she is misdirecting toward you some dissatisfaction with herself. Perhaps she should speak to a septa, and find ways to relieve that annoyance."

"Luckily that it was a warm sunny afternoon, the green wasn't crowded and no one noticed that I was sitting by myself with my sketch board," Nedra counters with a laugh of her own, though she winces a bit at the memory of the inch or two of skin that her Septa and captain of her guard ground off from the sheer strength of the Lecture she was given as a result. She shakes her head slowly to Nathaniel's question, "It's not that easily sorted, I'm afraid. She's well trained, it's simply that she makes.. regrettable choices as to who she spends her free time with. Which is why she was sent from Seagard in the first place. She wishes to return but she is not precisely welcome. But my lady mother is loath to dismiss her entirely, after all the time spent training her, and she is well trained. But she would prefer to return."

Alric chuckles and nods, "That it was indeed." He offers and then listens to the talk between the two of them. "Then convince her somehow. I am sure me or master Corbitt can do something to motivate her perhaps." A rather playful suggestion from the tone in his voice.

Nathaniel chuckles but then blushes lightly at the suggestion. "She is a maidservant. I'm sure that with her training, I could not charm her convincingly. It is more likely that she would charm me with her grace."

Nedra watches as the senior most of her guards leads Jinx away to the stables, knowing better than to begin to set course for the suggested evening stroll until both of her armsmen are ready to join her. Alric's suggestion, however, makes her turn and send him a rather arch look. "Indeed," is said in a light tone of voice, "I'm sure the maid in question is quite amenable to the friendly overtures of the sort that seem to suit her temperament best," she adds, her tone of voice now thoughtful. "I could mention that to her, if it might help. Perhaps she'd stop being so blessed petulant all the time," and she sees the blush upon Nathaniel's face. "Oh, I believe that she is quite.. skilled and charming in this particular area."

Alric grins as he stays silent, watching the two and a bit amused by the blush Nathaniel has on his face. "Whatever it might be I think it would be possible to convince her into staying quite nice to you, lady Nedra. Perhaps you should sketch her sometime." He suggests, waiting for the armsmen before starting to walk. Talbot holding the rear.

Nathaniel frowns and admits earnestly, "I cannot imagine how I could help, but if I could, I would prefer that to seeing a kind lady dishonored by her handmaiden." Then he suggests, "Perhaps she should consider her good fortune in serving you rather than serving someone who would be even more demanding of her." He, too, watches while the guard leads Jinx to the stables, and then awaits his return so that they can proceed.

"I'm sure it'll sort out," Nedra says after another moment of consideration given to the topic at hand, "one way or another, at the very least. So," and smiles as both of her guards are now ready, joining Talbot, bringing the party to a nice half dozen now. Nedra glances around the well-kept square with it's stone streets, "Lets see about that stroll, shall we?" is voiced as she takes her bearings with a glance upward then gestures toward the stone paving that leads along the front of the stores.

Alric nods about things sorting themselves out. Starting to walk as the guards arrive. "Indeed, a nice stroll it is." He offers and smiles. Looking over towards Nathaniel makes him shrug, "I think most likely it would be easier to try and convince her about putting her attention to something else. Hobby or just a rival. Having two handmaids can't be too bad. She might step it up." He suggests. Walking in a decent pace and offering an arm to escort Nedra, "How rude of me not to offer an arm earlier." He says with a bit of a teasing hint.

"Indeed," he agrees, "If she is serious about the job, the threat of a rival might inspire her to improve." He steps into place toward the back of the group after confirming. and remains quiet once the noble pair begins the lead the small procession.

Nedra accepts Alric's offered arm with a smile, "No rudeness at all, Lord Alric. After all, there was the talk about cahooting and possibly having to walk back, the two of us, or worse," she tilts her head slightly, eyeing the nobleman at her side, "you're only about half a foot taller than I am. I do suppose, if I had to, I could probably manage to carry you out of the mud," she muses with something that resembles a cheeky grin. Though only for a moment. "And if I had to handmaids, I'd go mad, having to listen to the two of them go at it, hammer and tong, day in and day out," and she gives a shudder. When Nathaniel moves to walk behind, with their guards, she turns and pointedly refuses to step forward until he at least walks at her other side. "Courier, I've been meaning to ask you," she says, waiting for him to catch up.

Alric grins and nods, "True enough. I never can be certain what you might be up to." He offers and looks over to Nathaniel. "Indeed." He replies before listening to Nedra again. A chuckle at her words, "That would be a sight now wouldn't it? Though I think I would rather carry you." He offers with a grin. As for having to listen to two handmaids just earns a shrug. Even if his grin did widen a bit. Waiting for Nathaniel as well when Nedra slows down. About to speak, but Nedra beats him to it.

Nathaniel steps forward, accepting without question this rarity to walk alongside, rather than behind nobles when Nedra signals that she wishes to question him about something. "Yes, lady?" he asks, indicating simply enough that she has his attention.

"Well now, if I were so easily predictable, I would be boring. And, what or were would the fun be in that?" Nedra counters with a glimpse of a grin. She tilts her head again to study Alric, "Hm. See, that leads back into dangerous territory, what with the gossiping and the awful tittering and finger pointing and from there? It just doesn't end well," she declares. Once Nathaniel has stepped forward she can now voice the question she had in mind. "Should diplomacy fail, and our neighbors decide that they'd rather continue the dialogue at the point of various sharp implements and other savory items, what becomes of safe passage between the cities?" she wonders. "For the farmers and merchants and just anyone who needs to travel to and from, for one thing. But for couriers, such as yourself? Is there some manner of respected safe passage?"

Alric grins and nods, "Exactly. Though I can confirm that predicting what you are going to say or do can be a bit fun as well." He teases her. Grinning about what rumours might be created. But then he falls silent as Nedra speaks with Nathaniel. Once she is finished he does look to Nathaniel before offering some of his own. "Far as I know, as long as it isn't in the midst of the battle, things might be able to get arrange. Though it would probably be in between battles, as long as they know it is not a warrior." He suggests, although he hasn't been in too many wars he has read a bit about those things at least, "I can't be fully sure though." He admits.

The three of them along with three guards are currently just on a stroll around the town. Talking and walking.

Nathaniel Frowns at the very serious question that Nedra presents. "Couriers know and use paths that few tread, lady. A fast horse is not our only resource. That is why I do not wear the colors of my house. The brightness of the herald is also the brightness of the target," he answers. "I fear more for the farmers and merchants who must keep to the roads in carts that cannot go into the woods."

Ramsey is walking at a slow pace, the man alone and moving along from a side street at a meandering speed. He moves with that easy grace to his step, a beneficial cast-off of water dancer training (at least where fancy-walking is concerned). When he notices the group that's also out, he opens his mouth to call out to them. Only, no sound escapes him and the man closes it again, reconsidering. He approaches instead. That's more civilized than bellowing across the square. As he nears them, he says sharply, brows drawing together in a scowl, "Alric! I am thinking to poke you until your blood is all draining from your body! How could you betray me as you did?!"

Nedra laughs while shaking her head at Alric, "If I'm getting predictable already, I'll have to start coming up with some entirely random options, tossing a coin and letting the gods of chance suggest the next move," she counters with a smile, though she remains serious in tone when she continues. "On the bright side, the odds of me being mistaken for a warrior are pretty slim. I can be a right nuisance, and glad am I that my brother returned late yesterday afternoon, otherwise I'd have been forced to ride out this morning and go make a blasted nuisance of myself in person. But," and she falls silent ot listen to Nathaniel's reply and only then nods slowly again, "I see. That seems to me to be a dangerous profession, and equally dangerous for those who have no option but to travel as they must.." her voice trails off then as she is startled by the words that are issued by Lord Ramsey. "My Lord?" is said in a wary tone of voice, glancing then from Ramsey to Alric and back.

Alric grins, "Perhaps the Crone can suggest your next move." He teases. "That is indeed good. I can't even imagine the kind of fuss you would create." He offers with a wink. Though as for the more serious nature of Nathaniel's answer just gets a nod. Then from out of nowhere comes that familiar voice and Alric looks over. "Seems you are driven blind! I never betrayed you, I mearly left you to your own devices."

Though an arm offered.

Nathaniel is nodding in agreement with Nedra's comments about the greater dangers of those driving carts, when the strange voice captures his attention. He peers toward the stranger, studying his clothing and bearing closely until Nedra saves him time by identifying the stranger as a noble. At that point, Nathaniel glances to the lady, noting that her surprise matches his own. He again eyes the stranger warily until Alric steps forward to offer some gesture of familiarity. Nevertheless, his right hand slips discretely to his left hip beneath his gray cloak, to that place where he keeps a long dagger as protection in case it is needed. He does not draw the weapon, but merely assures himself of its presence.

Ramsey's scowl deepens and he reaches to rest a hand on the pommel of that slender blade at his side. "Do not be feigning innocence with me! You are not escaping my wrath so easily. We will be settling this now, Fenster! Draw your blade or I will be slicing your hand from your wrist!" However, the water dancer does cast a quick glance, throwing a wink to Nedra and Nathaniel that might be fast enough for Alric to miss.

Nedra looks more wary than alarmed, but as no blades have actually been drawn she makes a small gesture with her free hand that has her guards staying where they've moved to - which is within arms reach of Nedra at this point. "Far be it for me to interrupt what promises to be a interesting exchange, my lords," Nedra begins aloud, her voice calm but cautious, "but perhaps before you start slicing at each other and drawing a crowd, some manner of dialogue might be explored," she suggests.

Alric grins at Ramsey as he actually does unhook his arm from Nedra's. "Excuse me one second." He tells her and moves towards Ramsey. "You intend to strike me with that! And who claimed innocence? I mearly let you continue doing what you were. That you failed was not my doing." He tells the man. He might catch the wink, but does not show that he has in such case. Talbot moving a bit closer, though letting out a sigh. "Besides, last time we fought with swords I lost. Why would I take it up again?" He asks with a grin, "Besides, it seemed like I was intruding more than helping." He offers, his own presence being rather calm still.

With his eyes fixed on the stranger, Nathaniel relaxes his arm so that his hand falls back to his right side. He answers with an almost imperceptible nod of acknowledgment, but remains cautious about what he is witnessing. He does glance to his side to see Nedra's guards at their stations, even more ready than he is to ensure the safety of the lady's safety should that become necessary.

"Aaaah.. just so. You are a sharp man, Alric." Ramsey says, chuckling. He relaxes his posture and reaches out, unarmed, to clasp Fenster's arm. "We should be sparring again some time." Then he looks over to Nedra and graces her with his charming smile, sweeping an elegant bow. "My lady, you are being a voice of reason and I fear Ramsey is not a very reasonable man, but he will try. How are you faring? Your brother is returned? Did he find success?" His gaze moves on to Nathaniel, giving the man a polite smile, "Good evening."

Nedra gives a small nod to Alric as he unhooks his arm from hers, though she is to stubborn to retreat so much as a single step while the two men have their exchange of words. The side long glance that Nathaniel sends toward her guards is not lost on her and she sends a trace of a smile back to Nathaniel while watching Alric and Ramsey dispense with the tension by indulging in the exchange of words. At the charming bow she gives a graceful curtsy in return, "I am well. He is, though I cannot speak to the question of success, and I am most glad that he has returned," answered as she straightens and then gestures with one hand lightly toward Nathaniel, "and please allow me to introduce you to Courier Corbitt?" is asked politely before her attention shifts back to Alric, taking her cue from his calm demeanor and matching it with equal measure of her own.

Alric chuckles as well, "Have you been well, Ramsey?" He asks before adding, "Well apart from the whole betraying part." He offers with a grin. After the greeting he nods, about sparring, then looking over to Nedra. "I think he has got you there, my lady. And do not think too much about it. Lord Ramsey here is perhaps superiour over me with a sword, but somehow I doubt either of us would strike the other down like that." Then falling silent as he let the others exchange greeting and such, moving back towards Nedra. "It would seem that you are not the only one with a different kind of humour." Offering his arm again. It seems between the greeting with Ramsey and returning to Nedra made him overlook the courier, but he does then offer a grin and a nod to to Nathaniel. "Perhaps you saw him in Highfield before I left?" He suggests to Ramsey, about Nathaniel.

Nathaniel remains where he stands, but bows deeply to Ramsey. However, his posture is visibly more relaxed than it was when the stranger first appeared. "Good evening, lord," he replies after the nobles have exchanged greetings. He nods to Alric, and answers, "I saw him, but perhaps he does not remember seeing me. The circumstances were … unsettled and informal."

Ramsey gives Nathaniel a curious study, looking the man over. "At Highfield? When was that being? Tell me, what were the circumstances?" He questions, his voice heavily accented with a foreign, Braavos bend to it. There is a glance back to Nedra however, "You are not knowing of your brother's progress or you are not free to be speaking of it?" He asks. "A man made sure to pass along Lord Kamron's request truely before invoking his cousin's ire." There's a mischievous glint in his eyes.

"Ahh, I see," Nedra says, accepting the offered arm again, her guards easing back that half step or so once more, clearly this is a game of sorts between the two nobles. "Well, my sort of different humor doesn't typically involve sharp pointy objects about as long as my arm being waved about in a threatening manner. I do think, however, that if my sort of humor DID involve the waving about of heavy objects the length of my arm that people wouldn't argue with me at all, ever," she muses this last with a glimpse of a smile. "I cannot speak on the matter, Lord Ramsey," she simply reiterates, neither confirming nor denying his line of inquiry.

"Though, having heard this statement twice now, I am beginning to wonder what it is that Lord Ramsey does to so spark the ire of his cousin," she admits. The small group standing about in the evening air, which now numbers a total of seven, includes Nedra and two of her guards, Lord Alric and one of his, Nathaniel and Lord Ramsey, with Lord Ramsey just arrived and the offer of sharp pointy objects being waved about was clearly some sort of jest between Ramsey and Alric.

Alric nods to Ramsey, "He was there before I left Highfield." Is offered before letting the two man talk amongst each other. As for Kamron, he is a bit interested in hearing that as well. If there is any to be given. Though Nedra's rather humorous words gains a chuckle from Alric. Then his eyes do turn to look at Ramsey. "Yes, I forgot to ask you about such. I hope it is nothing that I might have coming to my mind." He says, staying a bit vague on the subject.

"As I said," Nathaniel begins cautiously, "It was but a moment, outside the main inn at highfield and in the early evening. Perhaps it was even another lord who resembles you closely. I do not know, having only met you formally just now. This person was leaving the inn while some acquaintances and I were arriving."

Stepping free from the Inn, which allows a bit of respite in the cool air. The sounds of merry making and music spilling out with a bit of light behind the tall and lean man. A look is passed behind him, as panting, the shadowed form starts to laugh, his hand ringing over the back of his neck as hair, dangles in his face and over his hand. Damp. A shake of his head, and the form is moving right back out into the square, a low whistle caught on his lips. Hand rough rubbed over his jaw before eyes are taking in the small gathering out in the cool night air.

A sniff and Ser Holden places his hand down to an easy rest at the buckle of his belt, thumb hooks, and with a swagger the knight begins in that direction an easy smile growing on Holden's face.

Ramsey gives Nedra another grin, nodding at her deferral of sharing any insight into things. He'll just have to harass her or Kamron later. At the mention of the ongoing dispute between Ramsey and Aleister, the Charlton just smirks and shakes his head. "Aleister is not liking my flirtatious ways. I am beginning to suspect he likes his wife more than he likes me." The man explains, still grinning. Then he looks back to Nathaniel, thoughtful for a moment before there's that tell-tale "Oooooh. Yes. I am remembering now." He says, chuckling. "It is good to meet you, formally. You are a courier?" The nobleman flicks a glance towards Holden, but only briefly.

"Although, for all the propensity that I've seen for the brandishing of sharp pointy objects, it might do me some good to start waving one about when ever the right moment were to arise," Nedra decides in that same musing tone of voice. "I think it would put a whole new light on all manner of things," and while this is a very bad idea, it amuses her greatly - clearly. She tilts her head subtly as she listens to the exchange between Nathaniel and Ramsey and the 'ah hah' moment that Ramsey has before his bit of explanation, brief and certainly not at all the full details, is made. "Ahh. So." And her eyes take on a subtle gleam as she shares a glance from Nathaniel to Alric and back, "Perhaps Ramsey would be ideal to seek advice from on that matter we were discussing earlier," she suggests in a quiet aside, a fine tremor of laughter threatening to escape, and she follows the brief glance that Ramsey makes and spots Ser Holden taking in the evening air as well. "Good eve to you, Ser Holden," she offers with a small curtsy of greeting.

Alric grins as he listens to Nedra, shaking his head a bit. "I would fear for us all, would you do that." He teases her and then looks between the other two men as well. Alric's own grin widening at the suggestion from Nedra. "That might be a good decision. I think." As for being too flirty just has Alric sighing. As for ser Holden, it seems that Alric will offer a glance and a nod to the man. Not saying anything though.

"An good eve t' you m' dove." Holden says with that ever widening grin, though he stops short of walking into the midst of the three men and guards that follow. A bow, low is given the lady Mallister. Eyes search to Nedra's before he is looking back towards Alric and Ramsey with a faint snort there.

"Interestin' company you keep, m'lady. I pray these men have been gracious t' ye, an haven't sought to abscond wit ye in th' night." a bit of a chuckle there before he is coughing lightly A glance is passed to Nathaniel-who is given a nod from the lean knight. "Don' believe I've met th' poncey one t' yer right." a nod in Ramsey's direction. Not the best means of a greeting, but hey look on the brightside: Nathaniel is not entirely outnumbered by nobles now.

Nathaniel smiles when he sees that Nedra seems even more relaxed, and then nods to Alric. "I am a courier from Four Eagles Tower," He bows and answers Ramsey. He follows everyone else in glancing toward Holden when the knight approaches. He bows, but waits in respectful silence.

Ramsey answers Nedra with one of roguish smiles, "A man would be happy to give advice. Perhaps we can be exchanging knowledge, yes?" He suggests in an easy, light-hearted tone. Then his blue eyes flick to Holden, "Poncey??" He asks in mock-outrage. "If you are meaning stylish, painfully handsome, and overwhelmingly charming, I am supposing I can let that slide. Lord Ramsey Charlton, Ser Holden." He gives Nathaniel a nod. "Are you to be heading to Highfield anytime soon? I was thinking to send a note to another cousin."

"I could manage to suffer being feared," Nedra muses, "though I'd just as likely cut myself to pieces in the attempt. Alas, so many good ideas have to be discarded just because they simply won't work," she decides with a small sigh that's more amused than anything else. To Holden's remark about her company she is glancing from Alric to Ramsey and around to Nathaniel and back before she shakes her head slowly, "Abscond? Perish the thought. I believe the general observation is that I would be too annoying, by half, to endure at long lengths of time and that is the key personality trait that I would have been required to unleash if it had been necessary to go and request that my brother be returned, promptly," she remarks with a grin, "from his little visit to Stonebridge." She isn't required to make the round of introductions but she reads Alric's silence with a curious look then offers, "And this is Lord Alric Fenster," to the end of the introductions, before her glance shifts back toward Ramsey, "all that and comfortably confident of all of the above mentioned qualities," she interjects.

"I'm so sorry to hear that my lady." Alric offers with an amused look upon his face. Holden receives a sigh and a nod. Not saying anything. Just staying silent for now. Staying calm. Looking to ther others as well as to listen to what they have been saying. Although he did lost track of things when Holden arrived.

A snort leaves the Rivers, before he is shaking his head in Ramsey's direction. "Poncey." he repeats back, as his teeth are flashed in a grin. "By poncey, I mean an arrogant wee fop o' a man." Holden says back with a faint grin. "Which cousin?" he asks, before he shifts his weight. One hand remaining there on his sword belt. "Because I am quite certain, I wouldn't pass shite on paper from ye." Despite the harsh words, it seems the Erenford knight is remaining in fine enough spirits.

A chuckle is given over towards Nedra and there is a brief nod. "Oh I know who he is." the knight adds with a bit of coolness to his voice. "He's th' dog of th' bastards at Hollyholt. Curious t' see him here so soon, after leavin' from Heronhurst. I believe he had tried t' come a courtin' my cousin, but she found his manners a bit to." A pause as eyes roll up in faux thought. "Rude." he states before he is looking back towards Nedra. "I pardon lady. I don' wish t' make you ill, but your company are no friends of mine.." a pause as he looks to Nathaniel. "He's fine." because Holden should differ, there.

Nathaniel glances among each of the nobles and the knight in turn, listening quietly to all that they say, but saying nothing himself except to answer Ramsey's request. "I have no orders to visit Highfield, lord Ramsey. However, if you were to requests my service from Four Eagles Tower, I could journey there to deliver a message for you. Lady Nedra and I were discussing, earlier, the question of safe passage for couriers, merchants, and farmers bringing food along the roads. Perhaps that would be a topic to discuss at the tower as well." he bows.

"Actually, absconding with the lady is just what was on my mind." Ramsey admits with another of his grins, but it's Nedra's agreement with his boldness that really has him laughing. Then his attention drags back to Holden and the Charlton noble is smirking anew. "You are a courier too? You often are having messages of shite on the paper? You should maybe be making a policy of not carrying those." He pauses, lifting a hand up to scratch his chin, "Though… I am thinking, that may be just the message to be sending to Aleister to be getting his attention." He thinks about that for a moment, then shakes his head, dismissing the idea and asks of Holden, "We have not met before, have we?"

Ramsey looks back and Nathaniel and gives him a smile, nodding. "Thank you. It is nothing worth taking your services away from your sworn post but I will be keeping it in mind."

Nedra is silent for a moment, letting a good bit of the conversation flow around her until she shakes her had subtly at Ramsey, "Nonsense, my lord," in a quiet voice. "No one is absconding with anyone, even in jest. The sheer weight of the headache that I would incur from the series of lectures that would be delivered, starting with those of my armsmen," the two men, in reference, both wear the expression of Not Amused (tm) quite plainly, "followed by my Septa, then by my Brother who would then send for my lord father who would then, gods help me, deliver me to my lady mother and if I had so much as a single inch of skin that had not been seared by all the talking she would attend to that. Post haste," is remarked in a calm and very thorough and overly detailed manner. "We do not jest about these things, my lord, and I would caution you to please never use such a phrase around Lady Anais or Lady Muirenn, to name a few."

This said, however, and she then turns slightly to say: "How splendid," her voice light as she glances up at Alric. "Did you have chance, my lord, to meet the Lady Emylie or the Lady Aemy?" she wonders. "Both ladies are known to me," she adds by way of explanation, "and I am glad to count the Lady Emylie as friend, and should hope to do so of Lady Aemy once I have time to know her more. Did you have chance to meet with the Lady Bryliesa as well?" she wonders. "Charming woman, very astute, I might add, she reminds me of my cousin, the lady Muirenn, in fact, when it comes to seeing to the core of any matter that crosses her path.

Alric just shakes his head as Holden clearly had no idea what was going on inside his own cousins head. This time just being quiet as he talks ill about him, sighing a bit. "You do know that the Charltons are but my lieges, right? My family is not Charlton, but it is partly Erenford." He says, able to keep his composure this time around.

Then turning to hear himself being addressed by Nedra and he nods, "Lady Aemy and lady Bryliesa. Lady Aemy and I get along well, despite what some might think. While I think lady Bryliesa found me to be a bit insensitive, even if it was not my purpose." He offers. Looking to Ramsey and grinning a bit at his words to Nedra, but not saying anything about that.

"I do get my messages across, my lord. So I guess I could be considered a bit o' a courier. As for passin' shite on paper- I only take that t' mean th' words of a Charlton." Holden says with a faint grin back. "I am sure your hand could grunt them out as well as any other if you needed t' write to your lord." kissing his teeth, Holden merely chuckles before shaking his head. "No, my lord. We've not met before. I jus' have a distaste for t'ings out o' highfield or Hollyholt."

A grin is flashed in Nedra's direction as the knight takes a step towards the Mallister lady his hand held out. "Never fear m' dove. I'd let no man abscound wit you against yer will. Let alone any lady." a wink almost seems to crest, but is lost there for a moment. "As I am a knight an a man of some honor, I swear it." Now, as Nedra turns the conversation to Alric, an amused look focuses in on the little Lordling. "So, if they shit you scrape it? Is that what I am hearing? For you are no cousin to me, or mine. And for servin' your liege- you did not do a fine bit of it when my own flesh an blood were taken, because of your spat wit' House Nayland. I don' buy your niceties, lordling." And at that Holden turns his head to spit. "Pardon, lady." spoken when he looks back towards the others.

Nathaniel for his part remains silent although he does glance toward Nedra, and then her guards, to signal subtly where his own concern still rests.

Ramsey looks back at Nedra, that easy smile still on his lips as she explains the hazards of such jokes, but he gives her a nod and seriously spoken, "I understand, my lady," bowing his head to her kindly delivered advice. The mention of Bryliesa brings a pinching-together of Ramsey's brows, but he holds his tongue, for once. Then he glances sidelong at Alric, "Touching." The man comments dryly for Fenster's clarification on how far his loyalties extend.

The Charlton lord looks back at Holden, "Maybe if you are washing with some soap after handling all that shite, you will not be having distaste?" He quips with a smirk, "It must be honor in practice for your mouth is having little. Tell me, what are these grievous pains you have suffered? That was weeks and weeks ago. Even I am no longer crying about it."

"I see," Nedra says simply, having taken the time to consider Alric's answer and weigh Holden's words in equal measure. "I do understand how important it is to explore as many reasonable options as possible, especially in light of current political tension in the region. Having more than just one option to pursue should make the odds of find a solution all the more optimistic, should some manner of time constraint be imposed suddenly," she adds, her tone of voice quite reasonable, calmly logical in fact. "Part Erenford, you say? Intriguing, every time I turn around of late I find that I will be related, in some extended and quite convoluted measure, to the Erenford family once my cousin weds Ser Otto," she adds, shaking her head a little at this news.

A glimpse of a smile is sent toward Holden, "Ser, there are few women in this world that I find fearsome, but my lady mother - when properly riled - is the first name on that list," she replies, and the tone of her voice conveys respect and a deep seated love that could not exist for her mother did she not respect her just as thoroughly. "All the same, I thank you for your words, though I still say I would be to blasted annoying for anyone to be addled enough to contemplated the notion to begin with." She catches Nathaniel's' subtle glance and returns his gesture with a small nod of her own, gathering the gist and the import of his glance without needing to put words to it before Ramsey's words draw her back. "Gentlemen, this entire exchange has the weight and press of old insults and history that I do not believe I am fully acquainted with. From your words," and this now includes a glance sent all around, "I can hear how important all of this is. And while I have some of the pieces, I do not have all, nor would I claim some measure of perfect understanding and feign it in order to appear more informed than I am. Would you, all of you, prefer that I withdraw that this conversation may continue in a manner that would better be suited if spoken between men?"

Alric laughs at Holden, "You really have no clue as to what I do. I care to do what is in the interest of my house and my liege. But that is if they deserve it. They haven't given me reason to dislike them. Other than disagreeing with things they do. I am no cousin, but my sister is your goodcousin." He tells the man. "And I would have tried speaking with the Naylands, if they were willing. Don't forget that Charltons did go towards the wrong house, but Erenfords and Naylands have history. The Naylands however broke their word of giving us safe stay while in Stonebridge." He says and shrugs, "What the Charltons did to the Erenfords is still wrong, but I had no part of it. Nor my family. First word I heard of this and I sent word to check on how the Erenfords were doing." He explains, shrugging.

Then looking over to Ramsey as the man speaks with Holden, the two seem to at least get along a bit. At Ramsey's words he raises a brow, but doesn't speak. Smiling a bit at Nedra's words however, about being part with the Erenfords, but he has already answered how earlier. As for the conversation, he just shakes. "I think it is fine as is. We have spoken enough already." A chuckle added.

"That's a crock of bullshit that's two thick for my boots, Whomever we are friends with, it is not you, boyo." Holden says with a coolness returning to his words. "An I am surprsied you would call it breakin' one' word when your masters show themselves in some town wit half an army." A lick of his teeth. "That though, was tween you and them. Not us. You have a problem with Lord feathered dick-then you take it to him. Fuck all else and your intentions. Or whatever th' fuck you do."

A glance is given to Nedra. "I'd hate t' ruin your company, lady Mallister. As it is, I will cede the night, lest the shit fumes get too strong I pass out." a pause as he bows towards her. "Pardon my language, as it's no fit fer a lass an lady of such a fine grade as yerself." A smile though does creep up. "If you forgive, then allow me t' make it up, an dine wit me tomorrow? I know I am but a meagre man, but I can make amends for foul words." And there Holden holds- a slight look is given to Ramsey and he snorts. "Blood does not forget or forgive my lord. No matter if a week has passed."

It is Ramsey's turn to mostly keep his thoughts to himself, the slender man lightly clasping his hands behind his back. His gaze shifts between Nedra, Alric, and Holden in turn, that same quietly-amused smirk on his face that's so frequently present. "I am supposing not, when one has so little else to distinguish themselves…" He murmurs quietly, likely in response to Holden's comment on blood forgetting. Then he sweeps his eyes around the ground again and lets out a sigh, "It is seeming that I am an inadvertant source of discomfort again. Good evening to you all." He says politely enough, then turns to head in the direction of the inn.

Nathaniel sighs and breaks his long silence after a quick glance to Nedra and her guards. "If, as Lord Alric said, 'We have spoken enough already,'" he says quietly, "then perhaps the wise course would be to agree that certain discussions should continue at another time, and in a setting less … spontaneous than meeting in the street. Talking has led not to violence, but to more talking. Perhaps that is a sign of progress."

Nedra gives a slow nod of her head to Lord Alric's words, indicating her acceptance of his words and explanation, even as she has the strong sense that his perspective may not entirely match up with Ser Holden's point of view. She starts to say something, seeing a logical way - to her mind - of making the edges match up in a way that would almost wash out, but it's that moment of 'clever Nedra' that makes her pause, as she's long since learned that a solution is not a solution when it sounds to logical. A sense that she determines to be accurate once Ser Holden has his say and his invitation to which she replies: "Barring the sudden onset of war or another family meeting that consumes the entire evening, I would be happy to accept your offer, Ser Holden. After all," and she glances at Alric briefly and then back, "we're all going to be extended and a bit complicated family at some point," she says, a subtle reminder to both men. Ramsey is hailed, in parting, with: "Good eve to you my lord, may your rest be peaceful," she bids before nodding her agreement. "I quite agree. Dialogue and communication, while they are two things that mean a great deal to most women, are sometimes useful in the avoidance of the use of sharp pointy things carried by a great many."

"Dove, if there was a war, I'd be sure t' come through it wit a kettle on, an a fine roast of something." A brief smile there-whatever reminder there is about Alric, Holden pays no need. Instead he moves to head on in another direction. "I shall enjoy m' stroll then. Good as always t' see y' Lady Mallister." There seems to be more, he wishes to say, however he keeps it back, as with a whistle, he saunters off with that swagger back in his step.

Alric offers a nod to Holden as the man moves to leave, followed by one to Ramsey. Eyes going to those still in his company. "I am sorry for the small conflict. I just do not believe that ser Holden knows enough to actually make an accurate point. But it matters little. There is no one doing something right during this conflict. I just wish it to be over without blodshed." He tells them then sighs. "Apologies again. Shall we continue on our stroll, or have I made you too uncomfortable already this eve?" Nathaniel given a smile as well. "And indeed, master Corbitt, I thank you for helping with ending this conversation before it goes too far."

Nathaniel bows to Alric when the man commends his final bid to avoid a bloody escalation of tempers. "I am simply glad to help when and where I can, lord," He answers.

"I, ironically, find that I care for a bit more of the fresh air than I had intended to seek when we first began this little adventure," Nedra admits with a small and somewhat surprised laugh. "Though perhaps we could just walk around the circuit of the square, at this point," she suggests. "I like to hear the music from the Inn, especially on a night like this. It's to warm and crowded to go in, and a good many of the patrons would be far.. more steeped in their wine cups than I am entirely comfortable with." She smiles too at Nathaniel, "I thank you as well, Nathaniel," she says softly, "and glad, am I, that you serve the Terrick Household so well, and with such discretion."

Nathaniel bows and offers, "I am honored to serve. However, I believe that I should leave you, lady, in the capable hands of your guards and the company of Lord Alric. Be safe and be well, both of you." With a final bow, he retreats from the smaller group so that they can continue what was supposed to be a nice quiet stroll before other persons changed that path.

Alric offers a bow to Nathaniel as the man leaves. Then he grins as he looks over to Nedra. "Tht sounds good my lady. I think walking around these parts works well for me. It is quite nice to still have your company around as well." He says, trying to let the words from Holden earlier roll off of him. "An eventful day." He say with a grin as he glances to Nedra.

"It's quite nice to still have your company as well, in return, Lord Alric," she replies, using her free hand to smooth her hair back from her face, nods to her guards and sets off at his side to walk the stone street and walkways that line the town square. "So," Nedra says with a glance upward at Lord Alric, "the Lady Aemy and the Lady Bryliesa are also on the list of ladies to whom you have considered paying court, along with my cousin," is said with a hint of a smile. "I see the merits of both. With the Lady Aemy it would build a stronger set of ties between your house and hers, and should things not sort out, politically speaking, and this turn into a genuine conflict involving armed troops and such, it may be one way to ensure that the Erenford's side where Lord Charlton wishes them to. Precisely where, in fact," she clarifies quietly. "As to the Lady Bryliesa, I would have told you that from the way the air fairly shines between her and Lord Brennart? I would guess that, at some point, there would be a formal request for his suit to pay court to her, though I don't know yet how far things have progressed, dialogue wise." This said she sends him a look that is faintly arch, one eyebrow even winging subtly upward to accompany the glance, "I'm no politician, my lord, but as I said before, I listen. I'm not tall and ravishing or bold and clad in the most daring of court fashion or ambitious or even terribly clever. But I listen."

Nedra hastily adds, "That, by the by, is NOT a bid for a compliment, my lord. I believe we could consider these talks, this walking and talking in fact, to have built a friendly manner already, and I greatly enjoy the banter, because your wit quite makes me laugh. And I value laughter a great deal," Nedra admits. "So please, don't stumble about and toss me some quickly worded compliments. I don't have need for them and the stumbling about makes my toes nervous," added with a glimpse of a grin.

Alric listens as she speaks, shaking his head, "Lady Bryliesa, no." He says with a shrug, "We have different mindsets. Lady Aemy, perhaps. In the interest of keeping the peace." He explains and shrugs again. "You are perhaps no politician but you have proved to know more about it than most I have spoken to." He says, not adding it as a compliment but rather of fact. "My dear friend lady Alys is quite competend in politics. Her goodcousin lady Cherise seem decent enough as well. Other than so you have been one of the more competent about such things." He tells her.

"So do I my lady. I do hope that we get to continue them. It is quite nice to get to walk and talk with you and just have a good time." Though after she finishes, he shrugs, "Ah, but making your toes nervous is quite fun." He saygs with a grin.

Nedra laughs softly, her head tilting back a bit as she glances away, eyes lifting to the night sky. "I am no politician, my lord, because I fail to find it as utterly fascinating as it must be in order to play it well. I am keenly, if not painfully, aware of my potential place in the larger scheme of things. I have precious little say in things, though I am apparently surrounded by family who are finding good fortune and tender regard for their chosen betrothed. For that, for them, I am content, it's that simple," she explains once she stops laughing. "I listen, my lord, because knowledge is the only power that I can lay my fingertips upon. Slippery as it is. So," she gives a small move of her shoulders, part shrug, part shiver, and settles her cloak around her shoulders a bit more warmly, "the lady Aemy," she says in a quiet voice, not shouting this conversation to the stars, "is quite lovely, from what I recall. Charming, well bred, suitable blood line, your family has joined hers before. She's young, full of all the youthful dreams of a young would-be-bride. I've never met the Lady Alys, so I don't know quite why she isn't a lady to whom you are courting, but I'm sure you have your reasons." She pauses then and nods, "Aye, I see no reason why we should cease, for walking is easy, talking is even easier, and I'll remember that should we ever dance again, my lord. I make no promises, future wise, to your toes, or the safety thereof."

Alric shrugs, "You speak of you knowing politics as if it would be of grave matter. I already know politics. Of course someone that knows it as well can be fun to speak to about it. But so far we have had fun without speaking politics, have we not?" He offers with a grin. As she speaks of Aemy, it earns a nod, "That is quite correct. Although she has yet to show me any more interesting qualities then the cuteness. We'll see." He says. As for Alys, it earns a wider grin, "She is betrothed to ser Perrin Haigh. Besides, she is one of my best friends since I was young." He tells her. Though he does tilt his head then, "And how come you're trying to play match maker for me?" He teases her. As she speaks of walks, talks and dancing he just offers a shrug, "I understand, my lady. Though it would be quite nice to do all of those three things at least one more time at some point."

"Logical reasons, both," Nedra replies, shaking her head subtly, "and the Lady Aemy simply needs a little more time to decide who and what she is, and when that day comes I'm sure she'll be both cute and interesting along with a great many other fascinating qualities," she adds, sounding quite confident of this statement, for such is the way of things. "Old friend and betrothed," she murmurs, "two not insurmountable challenges. But it is the better part of valor, my lord, to retire from the field of contest at the lady's request, so I see the shape of your honor in the doing of this," she adds, giving him another glimpse of a smile with her upward cast glance. "As to why… I am surrounded by people that I love who are happy. And i would not, for the world, see some political situation arise that would cause any of their careful plans to fall through. I am not in love with anyone, and while love is something that nobles rarely indulge in - at least, not with their married spouses - I also do not hate anyone, to make this even more trying to my temper. But I have no wish to be married today, tomorrow, a month from now or the month after. I have no general objection to marriage, in and of itself, and when the time comes, I will go to it as happy as any bride. I would prefer not to be rushed, and as there is no pressing issue that demands a union to solidify something vital, then I see no reason to be pressed forward." She gives his arm a gentle squeeze with the curl of her fingers, "As would I, by the way, I rather enjoyed dancing with you."

Alric listens and nods, "Perhaps. Lady Aemy however has something to prove to me, since all she does so far is get me in trouble. I do care for her as a friend. But I do not know more than so. I have no stress in what will happen, unless my father or lieges tells me so. Although somehow I believe the Erenfords to seem a bit more eager to send all their folks to get married." He says and shrugs. "Lady Alys and I are but friends. Close ones perhaps, but nothing more. I think not there are much else for me to be looking for at the moment, and therefore I just let things come as they are." He explains. Continuing their walk while hearing the music from the inn. "Indeed, it is rare. Although I do not blame you for your thinking. I look at wanting someone that I could feel love for if I do marry. As to if that will be the case would have to wait and see."

He grins as he listens to Nedra go on. "Then I am glad that no one is forcing your hand. So dancing would be nice, it was indeed enjoyable. Perhaps at the next tournament or such." He suggests. Feeling the gentle squeeze that she gave him. Smiling a bit to her.

"Then take your time, my lord," Nedra says softly, gently even. "If there is no rush, no press of reason, no demand that you cannot put voice to, take your time. If you rush to a decision to pick the woman who will be the mother of your children, your partner, your friend, all of those things that we hope that a man will pick us for - and you chose wrongly? This is not something that can easily be undone. Worse?" and she slowly shakes her head, "If you rush to it, and a month from then or a year for that matter, you meet the woman who does suit all of those things for you, who is your match - for lack of a better phrase and less flowery language - you cannot simply and easily - nor SHOULD it be easy - set aside your first wife and take the second. The one to whom maybe you should be wed, had you waited. So you see," and she draws breath to exhale a sigh, "patience. But most women like a man who sets his course and is bold in pursuit, so the balance between the two is a challenge. Also," she smiles faintly again, "you should take the time to be sure you're in Seagard for the wedding, my lord. I'll be sure to remember the date that I have with your toes," she promises.

Alric listens and nods, "I understand. Which was what I wanted with your cousin. But she didn't see it the same way. I tried showing her more of me, it turned bad. It seems I just have to find someone that is not in a stress to be wed." He says and sighs. "For all it matters, we will just have to wait and see." Taking in most of what Nedra has said to him. Though there is a grin as she speaks of wedding, "I'll be there then. My toes managed uninjured last time." He teases her and moves along. "Do they have a date set?"

"Indeed they have," Nedra confirms with a nod. "Three saturdays from now, in fact, the eighth of September, as Seagard," she explains with a smile. "Which is why some of us… " she lets that linger aloud briefly, "have remained at The Roost to avoid a bit of the building frenzy of preparation," she admits with a laugh. "That and a certain lady to whom I am closely related is having a bit of a emotional time at the moment and may be attempting to fashion some forward attire for yours truly that will make some manner of bright and shining impression at the reception after the wedding." She shakes her head, slowly, "Rarely have i been so tempted to declare myself ill and unable to attend," she says with a rueful laugh.

Alric ahs and nods, "I see. It sounds decent enough." He offers, grinning about people staying at the Roost. Chuckling at that as well. Grining wide at the last part, even starting to laugh a bit. "Well, I could still offer you a dance, while acting ill." He offers to her with an amused grin. "Oh, but the rumours of something like that… I would think dancing at the wedding would be more appropriate."

Nedra laughs as well in return, "You're quite right. And, not for the world would I miss my brother's wedding," she says with a slow but firm shake of her head. "Thus. And So. No matter what madness my mother has planned as a gown for me," and she DOES wince a bit, "I'm sure it'll be proper, and modest after a fashion, and eye catching." She pauses, "I wonder if I can get my hands on it early enough to make any.. well, necessary alterations," she muses then waves her free hand in a vague gesture. "You, my lord, have it easy. Merely show up, dressed alike as to all of the other noblemen in the room, and your worry is done."

Alric smiles softly and nods, "That I do understand. Just as I would not miss one of my family's weddings." He offers in return. Though a grin as she winces. "I am sure it will be fine. Hopefully you could adjust or I could hide you in the crowd by starting another toast." He half jests. A chuckle about him having it easy, thus followed by a shrug. "That might be my lady. I can hide among the others as well then. But would you be able to pick me out from a crowd then? Or would you take a random person to dance in my stead?"

Amusement hinted in his eyes.

"I like this idea!" Nedra declares, laughing even more. "You hide me in the crowd by doing a series of long winded toasts. Long enough for me to slip from the room, pull a more modest gown on in place of what ever I can't get out of wearing. Then when I return you can finish with a grand flourish and I'll be kind enough hand you a glass of wine - for you'll be parched by then, of course, having spoken at length. And, in kind in return, you'll ask me to dance. Thus you are saved from having to dance with all the giddy young girls who are finally old enough to attend dances. Sounds like a plan to me."

Alric grins as he listens to the plan. Nodding in agreement, "That sound great! Speech for you to change, drink because it is quite nice. Then dancing. I would say we should have something for a finish. I will try thinking of something for a finish." He offers before looking to the sky. "Though perhaps I should get you to your chambers, or at least in the general direction, as it is getting quite late." He suggests and will lead her off before returning to his own room at the inn.