Page 182: Nobles In Great Earnestness
Nobles in Great Earnestness
Summary: A reunion between Lord Flint and his Lady wife is joined by several other nobles. Grief mixes with happiness, though hearts still weigh most heavy.
Date: 15/1/289
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Entrance Hall — Four Eagles Tower
The Entrance Hall is more than two dozen feet high with ornate columns hefting the fresco ceiling above all. Plush seating is arranged around one side for visiting nobility while the other has less comfortable slab stone or wood benches for the peasantry. Alcoves dot the walls for more private discussions and sworn Guards patrol this hall at all times and especially during court. Several hallways and doorways lead off to different areas of the castle with a spiral staircase carved neatly into one corner that winds its way up.
Sunday January 15th, 289

"The nobles in great earnestness are going / All to the senate-house: some news is come / That turns their countenances." - Coriolanus, Act IV Scene VI

It's been quite a day, to say the least. And now the sun has set upon said day, and night falls. There's a bit of unrest, at least within the Flint contingent, and the Young Lord has ordered watches set. His scouts have returned hours ago to tell him there was no sign of the Ironborn that they could see, and are put into the rotation for watches. Now, for Anders' part, word has been sent to Stonebridge for his lady wife, but there's not a great deal of hope in stock that she'll make the ride. Besides, Lord Charlton had assured the Flint lord that should his bride wish, she could travel with him on the morn. As a result, it'll be a night in an empty bed, but it also means one more night of healing before his wife discovers the insult given against him by the polearms of the Ironborn. That's not a bad thing in itself. So, with invitation given earlier in the day, the Young Lord of Flint's Finger enters the keep, and looks about to determine exactly how to get from here to a room assigned to him.. and so slows his pace to check his bearings.

The Young Lady rode. The moment a breath of permission, a glimmer of hope was given, she rode. She packed up herself, Tiaryn, Einar, a few healing supplies and her own flask and rode. It's a long, hard ride all the way to the Roost, especially through the cool afternoon, but she took it as fast as she dared with her horse. Now, having gotten Tia settled in and Einar taking care of the horses, Corrie's asked about breathlessly for her husband. She's still in her boots and cloak, her cheeks still a bit flushed from the ride, but the sound of light feet quickly running down stairs can be heard as she comes from the upper lady's rooms and into the front hall where she was told her husband might be. Upon seeing him, she stops almost dead cold, forgetting to breathe for a rushing heartbeat or two. She blinks against the sudden glassiness in her eyes. "…Andy…?" She finally breathes out. She looks half wildling, her brown hair everywhere and features rosy from outdoors, eyes shimmering with moisture.

Anais has had a busy day as well, seeing to arrangements for as many of the lords as possible and doing her best to cater to Lord Rickart Nayland's whims and pride to save her new family any potential insult. All told, though, it's far preferable to another day under siege, and though the young lady looks weary, it's a contented sort of weariness. For now, all is well, or well enough. She'll deal with the parts that aren't tomorrow. She's just passing through the hall, checking on a few more knots of smallfolk taking shelter in the castle, when Anders enters. And before she can open her mouth to let him know that his lady has been looking for him, the woman herself arrives, and she falls silent, watching the pair with a faint smile.

Anders hadn't received word of the arrival of his wife, but that is something that can easily be forgiven for a multitude of reasons, some of which is the complete chaos that the town still finds itself under. Granted, every minute, every hour, it becomes more and more.. but some things do slip under the wire. That, and he's been out and about with his men, speaking with some of the townsmen, some of the craftsmen.. hunters.. fishermen.. and of course the Lady Camden and the Lady Mallister. He has, now, in his hand, an oilskin pouch with poultice for his wounds of bog nettle and oats to remove the pain that the stretching of skin causes, and, of course, the insult of the actual wound. He catches the sound of footfalls down stairs, so it's that direction that he first looks that perhaps he must mount, but as the figure shows herself? He smiles at the sight, then.. when she doesn't move for that moment, it falters a moment, followed by, "Corrie?" His wild bride.

Anais' appearance is certainly not ignored, for as she, too, comes into view, he makes to offer the Lady Terrick a bow as befits her station as, well, a peer of his Lady Wife. His tone is a touch distracted, however.. which he hopes is forgiven, given the circumstances, "My lady.."

Cordelya hasn't yet seen Anais, her mind totally focused upon her injured husband. She can see the tell-tale signs of pain in his eyes, the slight stiffness of his body. She can even almost hear it in his breath. So, though her initial reaction is to rush the last few steps across the stone foyer to stand before him, she stops herself before drawing him into a tight embrace. "Oh… Andy…" She breathes out quietly, slightly shaking, worried fingertips reaching out to hover gently over his arms, and up his shoulders before finally coming to rest upon his cheeks. Those aren't visibly wounded, at least. "You… you're alright…" She sounds half sick with relief before pulling him into a brief, passionate kiss. Her mind will register his greeting to Anais about two seconds too late. That's when she forces herself back and away, blinking across her shoulder. "..Ah…Lady. Forgive…" Well, there goes her blushing again.

"Go," Anais laughs at Anders' bow, the corners of her eyes crinkling with her smile. "Please." She seems more than just content to witness a reunion between husband and wife, but pleased as well. If everything else goes wrong, it's always good to see two people who care about each other. She shakes her head to Cordelya's apology. "Please, don't apologize. It's wonderful."

Anders is certainly grateful for the fact that Corrie didn't draw arms around him in an attempt to cling to him. He watches her eyes as she checks over his arms, shoulders.. and turns to kiss the fingers that rise to his cheeks with a turn of his head before he guides her hand to where the bandages lie about his chest, but he does answer, "I'm alright." The kiss that Corrie starts is met with a response, his free hand rising to run his fingers through the curls along the side of her head before they are parted once again. As his bride takes the step away, Anders smiles first at his new wife, then to Anais. "My bride worries about me overmuch at times," is given in explanation, but it doesn't sound as if he minds it at the moment. After all, even at the encampment, she'd spent the time away, tending to Gedeon along with Senna. He looks between the ladies now, "Have you been introduced?" Properly?

The kiss against her palm brings a slight catch of her breath. She will not cry, she will not, but it's a hard struggle. Corrie looks up to him, fingertips still cupping his cheek and happily being drawn closer to him. She almost wishes to steal a second kiss, but there are proprieties to be had. Her husband is so very good at them when all she wishes to do is clearly wrap herself up in his arms and forget the world, even if just for a few minutes. Her free palm is brought down to his chest, fingertips very faintly brushing across those bandages, small, elfin features pinching with fresh worry. "I… worry about any wounded, Andy, you know that. Wounds… can turn so fast… " And her jade eyes drop, clearly wishing to see to his wounds for herself. She's managing to practice some restraint for the moment. Slowly, she forces herself to look up and fully over to Anais, even if she doesn't pull from her husband's touch even half an inch. "…No… I… do not believe I know the lady…" It's hard to tell how old his new bride is. There is something so painfully young yet oddly -wise- about her. Odd being the key word.

"I don't believe we have, no," Anais shakes her head to Anders. "But if you'll forgive me for saying so, I think the last thing you two need right now is one more person." She steps forward just enough for propriety, without really stepping into a conversational circle. "I'm Lady Anais Terrick, my lady. And if my information serves me correctly, you must be Lady Cordelya Flint. Welcome to Terrick's Roost."

It's early evening, the Lady Cordelya has just been reunited with her groom, and the Lady Anais is keeping a respectful distance so as not to disturb the pair, though conversation is being held between the three.

"They're cleaned, stitched shut and bandaged. Salve of.. one sort or another is on them." Anders follows it up with a whispered, "Just sore.. but I'll be fine." No heavy lifting, no over exertions. The Young Lord nods his head, and steps to the side to aid with Cordelya's disentangling from him to make the proper courtesies. "Lady Terrick was gracious in her welcomes when we rode in, and her lord is the Young Lord of the Roost.. and he allowed us to house our levy in the southern portion of town." Which, so far, has been successful. And the brewing has begun.

Yes, stepping away and actually facing the woman would probably be proper. Looking away from her husband's features and wounded chest would be what any actual lady would do. But it takes a moment of almost physical pain for Cordelya to pull herself gently from holding onto Anders with two hands. If their marriage was arranged, they must have fallen very quickly into deep care for each other. There is no pretending the genuine, heart deep emotions for Anders that Corrie feels. But she does step to the side and turn towards Anais. Though one of her hands has dropped to linger against the side of Anders' ribs, wrappign around the back of his waist almost, her other comes out to gently pull at her skirts as she dips in a proper curtsey. "Lady Anais, it is an honour, truly. I… cannot thank you enough for taking in my husband, and showing such… lovely hospitality to his men. If there is anything… Anything at all I can do while here, you need but ask, please." Her voice isn't quite of a northerner, some slight, odd dialect. That of a Crannogman, if Anais has a good ear, but she's been well trained out of it.

And then Corrie's eyes catch sight of Tia as she turns around the corner, "Lady Tia… welcome… I take it sleep was… fleeting?" She asks gently, husky worry in her voice as she addresses that woman as well. It seems Corrie's natural state might be one of tense worry and compassion.

"Please, make yourselves at home," Anais laughs softly to Anders and Cordelya alike. "There are so many people who've gotten terrible news today," she explains, gesturing to where knots of smallfolk are still reluctant to leave. "It does my heart good to see people receiving a little bit of good news. And caring for each other," she adds, rueful. The smile falters for just a moment when she sees Tiaryn, emotions shoved to a back corner of her mind trying to slip past. "Lady Tiaryn," she murmurs. "It's so good to see you safe."

Since it is now into the evening, Kell has had the time to wander off a bit from the Roost after the formal welcoming of the Frey army was finished. He had ridden his mount slowly towards the Coastlines of the Terrick's land, wary to see if there are still Ironborn about though word has it that they have fled. Spending time alone has removed some of the weariness from the Hedge Knight and he looks a little cleaner now, atleast, as he makes his way back to the Keep. He does enter the Halls that have been his temporary home during the siege with a purpose, his eyes looking for either Ser Hardwicke or perhaps Lord Terrick. He does end up spying on the small gathering of Nobles, one he can easily identify as Anais while the other three he isn't able to identify though one, Tiaryn, does prod at his memory as if he should remember. The knight is still in his armor, perhaps being cautious still as it wasn't too long ago they were fighting just outside of the doors.

Emotions shoved to a back corner of one's mind is a good thing, Tia has found. She's been living that way for a little while now. "Lady Terrick," she greets, with a curtsey to their hostess. "I am pleased to see you, though I do not know if you will be so happy to see me." She takes a breath, glances at Corrie and Anders almost apologetically, before she actually turns to her maid. Adara comes forward with a pouch in hand, that had been tucked in with her embroidery. Since Adara doesn't go anywhere without the embroidery, it works. Tia takes the pouch, a thin thing, that Corrie will know is where Tia put two of the letters she had with her when the Flint contingent found her. "I have this - though you may wish to open it in private," she says softly. Her expression is neutral, only her eyes showing the pain that she is feeling, but it is costing her to keep that neutral mien.

"My lady Terrick, if I may?" Anders raises a brow as Corrie makes her offer, and he turns to his bride briefly, "If I catch you looking in on the Infirmary area once in the next day, I will ship you back home." There. With that completed, the Young Lord Flint turns fully to view Tiaryn's approach (no twisting for him!). "Goodcousin." If that's not an invitation to join them? Still, "Tea may aid your sleep." He briefly adds, "And Einar is out to the south, tending the brewers. He'll return soon."

As for Anais' statement, Anders counts the now Lady of Tall Oaks as one of those who has received 'terrible news' today, even if it was tinted with some relief. Ser Kell's appearance doesn't escape Anders' notice either, his gaze remaining on the man until he either approaches, or continues on.

"Oh." Anais struggles a moment when Tiaryn offers the letter, though she manages to maintain her composure. Still, she stares at the letter for a long moment before tucking it away. "Thank you, Lady Tiaryn. If there's anything we can do to help you, please, you've only to ask." There's a small smile for Anders' order to his wife, a nod of understanding and agreement.

Cordelya studies Anais a heartbeat or two longer, as the woman comments about caring for each other. It make's Corrie's head tilt, a touch of thought crossing her pale face, but she doesn't comment directly about it. She just gives a hint of a smile. "Aye… I am… quite blessed to have my husband. The Old Gods have given us happiness… few find in this life." She confesses, relieved but also terrified. She felt so close to losing it this week's end. She then looks back to Anders, his commentary proving that love can quickly turn to anger (or at least a good bit of pouting). "What? But… but why, Anders? They could use my hands and my help! Unless you are going to let me be your personal maester for the next day, I might as well be of use somewhere!" Hrumph. She smirks to him, shaking her head, but her eyes are still warm. Still so happy to be at his side. Tia's words, however, put a touch of a damper on Corrie's expression. She has no words that will help this, but she watches both the women in that returning, quiet worry. Emotions play on Corrie's features like rapid fire storm clouds, constantly changing and so very strong.

The Hedge Knight seems to be hesitant as speaking to nobles in small numbers like one or two is fine but when a small group like that gathers, Kell has a feeling that they may either be discussing something important or discussing something that would not interest him at all. At first his first couple of steps towards the group, to ask Anais if she knows where her husband may be but he then comes to a stop, deciding it may be better not to disturb them, especially when it looks like some sort of documents are being exchanged.

Inside that pouch, there are two letters in fact. One for Anais, and one for her father. Both written by Elinor, and Tiaryn has read neither. She curtseys again to Anais, and offers a small smile, though it does not make it to brighten up the sadness in her eyes. "Thank you for your hospitality. I do appreciate it, and it is most kind of you. I will be happy to see my niece when I have an opportunity to do so. Does Liliana know that we are here yet?" No she's not seen the other Camden at all. Her gaze goes over to Kell, as he approaches and it takes a moment or two for her to identify him, but she stays where she is for the moment.

And there is the backup in the form of a look from the Lady Anais. Anders knows the look; he's seen in many a time home.. and they come in many forms. Strong approval, moderate approval, approval.. and then there is the other side of disapproval to 'you will be sent to the Wall when your Father gets back'. He looks smug in the face of the reaction, and puts a hand up to quiet his bride, a finger in the center of her lips in order to quell the tumult. Soon after, he looks over his bride's shoulder and nods a prelude to the answer. "I spoke with her earlier, yes.. and she looks forward to seeing you, my lady." Kell, for the moment, is ignored, but not forgotten..

To those that are new to the Roost it is not likely the most familiar of sounds, but for Anais at least it is familiar, the thumping of something upon the floor in a consistent rhythm, not unlike that of footsteps. Jacsen Terrick emerges from the Throne Room, his held held high as he looks about. Eyes favor his wife and those about her, and its in their direction he heads.

Cordelya has fallen quiet now, not exactly pouting, too many things to earnestly worry about than the fact she's been banned from the infirmary. Instead, she allows herself to be shushed by her husband's motion. Instead, she just slips a bit closer to him. Improper or not, her hand moves from resting against his side to actually wrapping her arm around the small of his back. She's careful not to pull on anything near a wound, but she does wish to be as close to wrapped up against him as possible. Her head even turns a touch, breathing deeper, taking in his scent. Home. He smelled like home. The odd, tall woman seems far more content now, even as she watches the quiet grief throughout the rest of the room. Jascen is given a look but no greeting yet. It's not quite her place.

"Jacsen," Anais greets the arrival of her husband with a small smile, still holding the pouch with the letters in her hands. "You met Lord Flint earlier. This is his lady wife, Lady Cordelya. And I'm not sure if you had a chance to meet Lady Tiaryn before," she adds, nodding to the other woman. "She's brought…" She lifts the packet in her hand, smile faltering. "Word from Tall Oaks."

At the moment Kell is not with the group, having paused his approach as he seems to have reconsidered joining the group of nobles and was about to head off to the side to sit on a bench to wait patiently since the matter isn't of absolute importance. But when the familiar sound of the cane making contact with the stone floor, the Hedge Knight turns his gaze to the source as it is most likely who he is looking for. Even though the Lord is joining the group of nobles, atleast Kell's target is in sight and he begins to make his approach, the sound of his boots marking his approach as does the gentle swishing of his ringmail armor.

Anders does catch the sound, and he turns his head to catch the cause of it. To see the Young Lord of the Roost emerge, the Flint inclines his head, the action still stiff but not with as much pain as before as he greets the other man, though he'll not say anything until he's closer. When Lady Anais speaks, however, he adds for Corrie, "Corrie, this is the Young Lord Jacsen Terrick. He saw to our request to billet our men to the south." At his bride's move, he does fully expect his lady to offer a proper courtesy for the lord, and so doesn't enwrap his arm around her quite yet.

Tiaryn sweeps a curtsey as Jacsen arrives and is introduced by Anais. "My Lord," she says, as she ducks her head briefly. It is a motion with her previous grace returned, though her eyes are somber and there is no smile on her face. She glances at Corrie and Anders for a moment, grateful for the information about Liliana. That in fact brings a softening to her face, for a moment, that tight look relaxing briefly, oh so briefly. "I - had wanted to bring the letters as soon as I could," she says, sort of apologetically.

Cordelya shifts, just slightly, enough to draw away from her husband so she can indeed dip in the proper curtsey in Jacsen's direction. She's managing at a smile on her small, cute features, but it doesn't fully meet the heaviness in her eyes which are filled with worry and grief for all those around her, even if none is truly personal. There have simply been too many losses. "Young Lord Jacsen. It is an honour. I already gave thanks to your wife, but of course I extend them to you as well, for taking care of my husband's men. And… of course, my husband." With those last words she settles back in close to his side. The affection between the newly wed couple is all too clear. Possibly not proper, but genuine.

"My lady," Jacsen bows his head first to Tiaryn, his expression appropriately sombre for one of the rare survivors of Tall Oaks. "It is with the greatest sympathy I welcome you here. Please know that you've friends in the Terricks, and are always welcome here." It is impossible to follow such words with a cheerful expression, though his greeting to Cordelya manages to find some warmth. "As I told your husband, my lady, it is we whom are grateful for the aid your Lord has lent our people. You are welcome to the kindness and hospitality we might tender." He pauses beside his wife, a warm hand finding her forearm a moment, the most he'll let show amongst such mixed company. Though he does not ignore the appearance of Kell, his eyes only cut briefly to the man, acknowledgement alone.

As Kell nears the group, walking into conversational distance, the Hedge Knight acts the part of a knight and bows his head to those gathered since they are all his betters. "Good evening, M'Lords, Ladies." He greets them all with respect before adding an apology, "I beg your pardons as I do not mean to intrude, but," There is a momentary pause as the knight turns to address Jacsen, "M'Lord, if you have a moment, I need to speak to you." It seems like he has something he considers important to speak to the young Terrick lord about or he wouldn't be interrupting.

Tiaryn is given a genuine smile and a brief nod; Anders has her covered.. if he can think of anything that'll make the lady's life just that much easier, he'd do what he could. Now, once everything is done, and properly, the Flint's Young Lord puts a hand to his bride's lower back, resting it there. Leaning down to kiss the top of his wife's mass of curls, he whispers, "Stay with Tiaryn until she sleeps.. then come to bed." Once the instructions are in place, Anders takes a step to the side. "I ask your pardon, my lord and lady," he begins. "I need to turn in; the day begins too soon tomorrow and it's been a rather busy one.. filled with all emotions that could possibly be felt. Tomorrow," Anders looks specifically to Jacsen, "if I may have some of your time. There are a couple of things I wish to discuss with you." And from the sound of it, it's not bad. It's simply.. business. And today simply wasn't the day to do so. That given, he'll take a step back, look to Tiaryn, then Corrie.. and bow to the pair of Lords. Kell is given, well.. a nodded, "Good evening.." before he's ready to depart to find his temporary chambers.

"Sleep well, my lord," Anais offers to Anders with a small smile, absently turning the packet of letters over and over between her hands. The touch from Jacsen distracts her for a moment, stilling the turn, though her brows rise slightly at Kell's approach. "Is everything all right, Ser Drakmoor?" she asks.

The door opens and the lady Mallister enters. A weary hand absently smooths across her forehead before sliding to her lips to supress a cough. "Some of my tea please Septa." Muirenn requests quietly as she moves inside, a smile and nod to the guards at the door. "I will go check on the few patients left in the infirmary, then prepare the list for the maester of the medical supplies remaining here now that we have taken supplies to the town."

Tia inclines her head again at Jacsen's words. She is somewhat regretful that she has brought bad news for Anais, and yet, she had promised to deliver those letters. Tia is nothing if not true to her word, once given. She offers a nod to Anders, and a curtsey as he is departing. There's not much to be said any more, though she does blink a bit, looking over to Kell now. "Ser Drakmoor," she says, as if the name and the face are just now clicking in her head. "If you would not mind, I have a question to ask you, Ser, when it is convenient for you." She then steps back a bit, allowing the business to continue around her, her arms coming to wrap around herself, as if she is cold.

Cordelya closes her eyes quietly as she feels that kiss upon her curls. Company or not, she turns her head to return a kiss to the lower corner of Anders' jaw, nose pressing to his cheek for just a few more stolen heartbeats. She knows his need to rest, and though she wishes to follow, she nods mutely to his words. Her fingertips squeeze at his side and she lets him go, "Aye, my lord. I shall be abed soon enough." It looks like she's on the edge of saying something else, but she catches herself. This is not the time. Reluctantly, she steps back from him and almost immediately then moves to Tiaryn's side. The tall, willowy woman might be just a touch clingy. Murienn's interest does indeed draw pale jade eyes, widening just a bit…"Lady… I have brought some medical supplies myself. Mainly herbs and mixes. Milk of the poppy and the like… as much as my horse will carry. They will be for any who need them here."

The interplay betwixt the Flints is considered with the faintest of raised brows, though Jacsen's attention easily turns elsewhere as they make their farewells, such as they are. A familiar voice causes his eyes to flick towards the entrance, spotting the Mallister woman with a faint smile. "Do not forget to find some time for your own rest, my lady," he insists upon hearing the tally of the woman's work. "Lest we need a cot and a Maester to look over you…" It's not a terribly serious instruction, though there might be some truth to it, and he's quickly looking to Kell at his words. "Ser? Is it a matter that requires privacy?"

Kell gives the young Lord of Flint a second nod as the noble announces his departure before turning to Anais as she asks a question, not exactly sure how he should answer since what he has to share with Jacsen may dampen the mood slightly of the gathering. So he does what he can in a diplomatically answer, "Yes, M'Lady, everything should be fine." A reassuring smile is added with the words to perhaps sooth any concerns she may have. As Tiaryn makes a request of him though, the Hedge Knight inclines his head respectfully to the one who has lost so much, "Of course, M'Lady, I will be at your service." Which draws a little bit of curiosity from the knight as he does recall meeting her before, just unsure exactly where for now. Then Kell's attention returns to Young Lord Terrick and nods slightly, "Perhaps just a brief word to the side. It will only take a moment of your time, M'Lord."

Anais quirks a brow at Cordelya, smile touching one corner of her lips. "My lady," she drawls slowly, a teasing warning. But Kell has most of her attention now, a questioning glance sent toward Jacsen as she starts to flip the letters in her hands again.

There is likely a great measure of truth to it, but it is highly doubtful that Muirenn will listen. Looking up she smiles and replies mildly as she turns her steps towards the grouping of nobles, "And do you follow your own advice my Lord?" her silken skirts swish gently and she flashes a smile to Kell, "Good Ser. I am glad to see you feeling so much better."

"No, I rather don't," Jacsen retorts back to Muireen, even as he gestures Kell aside and disengages gently from his wife, leaning heavily upon his cane as he does so. He puts a hand on Kell's shoulder to draw closer for private words and asks of the Lady over his shoulder, "But who should be there to minister over me when I fall, if the likes of you are spent to exhaustion? We cannot all be as stubborn, my lady." He looks to Kell then, offering the man quieter words.

"My lady your generosity is abundant and much appreciated." Muirenn gives a curtsy and continues, as she addresses Cordelya, "I am the Lady Muirenn Mallister, Lord Mallisters niece and ward." she glances over at Jacsen and flashes a fond smile and merely shakes her head before returning her gaze to the Flint noblewoman.

Cordelya moves even a bit closer to Tiaryn, especially as she sees the woman wrapping her own arms across her chest. Corrie's taller frame reaches up, long, thin arm slipping across the older woman's shoulders and drawing her a hint more near. "Tia… when you need to go, just say. I will go with you. It has been a very long day for all of us." She rubs her fingertips gently up and down the woman's opposite arm, trying to warm her as they now stand together. Perhaps people are more touchy feely up in Flint's Finger? Or maybe it's a Reed thing. Corrie's pale eyes then turn towards Muirenn and she bows her head gently, "Of course, Lady Muirenn. It is my honour. Any little bit I can do. I've… been studying herbs half my life, and their applications. I brought much of my stock when I knew men were marching to war. I will have Squire Einar drop it off with the infirmary, since I have been banned for the moment." She gives a slight smirk to Anais. Yes, she caught that look!

Anais's smile quirks once more at the look from Cordelya, chin dipping slightly to the other woman. After such a long day, though, and with those letters in her hand and her husband engaged in a private conversation with a knight, who can blame her for zoning out for a moment?

Tia is looking a little worn, and for those who know her, frazzling slightly. Just slightly. She curtseys again, acknowledging everyone there, and then she takes a step back. Quietly. Then another. She stops when Corrie's arm suddenly is in place on her shoulders. Tia doesn't seem to object to Corrie's touch, however odd it may seem. "I think perhaps I am ready now to go and sleep," she says softly. "Thank you all again for your hospitality and kindness." It's a bit too much, all at once, and Tia at least knows it. She's going to leave now before she loses control of her emotions in public … again. "But you don't need to come with me, Corrie. Despite what your lord husband said, I will be fine." She straightens her shoulders, and then she adds, "especially if you can send up that tea to help me sleep." Which would be what Anders had requested, right? All in one fell swoop, more or less.

Kell now inclines his head to Muirenn as well as the Mallister Lady joins the gathering, answering her with an appreciative smile, "Thank you, M'Lady, for looking over me during my recovering. I owe you and the Maester much." Which is true, if the wound had turned for the worst, he may not be here right now. Then the Hedge Knight's full attention is on Jacsen as they move off to the side to exchange some brief words which the knight is bringing.

Lowering his voice, Kell nods respectfully to the Young Lord once more, "I did not mean to pull you away, M'Lord, but I was not able to locate Ser Blayne so I was hoping to seek you out. I am not sure if you have already received reports, but earlier after meeting with the Frey army at the town center, I ventured out to the Coastline." There is a pause as the knight glances towards the exit of the Hall before looking back to Jacsen, "It seems like the Ironborn longboats are indeed gone but it seems like all the coastal warning bells have been cut down up and down the coast." As far as he was able to venture on his steed, "And it seems like all sea-worthy vessels have been taken or destroyed." It is indeed a status report, one he felt that Jacsen needed to hear and he chooses to delivery out of hearing range of the others, not wanting to dampen the mood of the room when spirits have just been lifted when the siege ended.

"Banned from the infirmary?" Muirenn looks rather shocked by this news and, "Are you ill or with child my Lady? For if you know what herbs would be needed here, than I am sure you are used to assisting healers." Her attention is drawn to Tiaryn and she says softly, "My Lady Tiaryn. It does my heart good to see you here with us. If you wish, I will see if a place can be made for quiet and composure in the kitchen herb garden for you on the morrow." She says nothing that might disturb, but in her own way tries to offer what comfort she might give. The tall girl does not crowd or press, merely stands with her hands lightly clasped before her.

Cordelya very gently releases Tiaryn, but she looks a touch hesitant. Still, she'll need to go and prepare the tea herself, the blend she made for Tia specific from other blends, as she does like to tailor them. She nods quietly to Tia, squeezing her shoulder before totally letting go. "Aye, Tia. I will send that tea up, I promise… and check upon you before I sleep." She watches after the woman with worried eyes, but Corrie cannot chase everyone she wishes tonight. She drags in a breath and turns back to her maid who is practically a shadow in the corner. "Dear, go get the packs from Penelope… there should be at least one bag of Tia's mix. Bring it to the kitchens and I will pick it up soon. There are many ladies present, you needn't worry leaving me alone." She reassures the woman, dismissing her.

Then Corrie's pale eyes turn back to the tall Murienn and she smiles a hint more. "Aye, I am quite gifted with chiurgeonry as well. I've studied it almost as long as herbs. But… My husband wished me to remain away, at least for this night. I suspect to spend it at his side. I will be in attendance by tomorrow evening, I promise. And no… I am not ill. Or… with child. At least I do not think." Though hope? Oh yes, there is DEEP hope there in Corrie's eyes. She's practically begging the gods for a child.

Jacsen nods soberly as he listens to Kell's recounting of the state of the coast, no news of devastation enough to lay him any lower than the sight of the village, his home, in such ruin as the reavers left it, and its people besides. "Thank you, Ser, that was a dangerous ride to say the least," he remarks, "There is no guarantee that all of the Ironmen have left our shore after all. I will see the information relayed to my Lord Father."

Tia inclines her head to Corrie once more, glances over the group, curtseys again, and then slips out, her maid following along after her.

"Your presence would be welcome. The Lady Liliana and myself have been assisting the maester with the healing duties." Muirenn smiles, "But for now it is quite under control, so if Lord Flint wishes you to not tax yourself, do not feel that you must." The maiden chuckles softly, "Your company would be a good thing for Lady Liliana I think." There is a pause, "She is, naturally, quite heartsore."

The Hedge Knight new the risks but to him, it was better for him to ride out while still armored and in fighting mood than risk anyone with Terrick colors who are probably more worried about family and the town itself. Plus, he needed time to himself as well. "I am glad to be of service, M'Lord. That is all I needed to speak to you about, I did not mean to pull you away but I felt it was not… proper to share this in front of the others as some may not wish for more news like this, so soon after the siege has been lifted."

"She is not the only one…" Corrie murmurs quietly, her eyes not really on Muirenn but watching Tiaryn head upstairs, ensuring she does not swoon or falter as she goes. "I hope Tia and Liliana might find each other soon. I think they can do more for each other than I could ever do for them… " She admits weakly, worried and helpless and she hates it. Now, free of wounded or heartsick ladies, Corrie looks back to Muirenn and gives a half smile. "Aye, I will come as soon as my lord husband allows. But… in truth, I selfishly wish a night at his side as well." Her dove pale features warm a bit again, a certain blush. The affection between her and her lord is strange, especially in a noble's marriage. Entirely improper, no doubt! It might even be love.

Jacsen pats the man on his shoulder, and nods again. "I appreciate your thoughtfulness in that matter. And now that your work is done, please, I bid you find some deserved rest. We'll have much more to be done on the morrow." He lets out a breath and glances over towards the women, saying as much to himself as to Kell, "I should see to my Lady."

Anais draws a deep breath, tucking the letters away in a hidden fold of her skirts and summoning up her best brave smile. "I'm sure Lord Flint is just glad to be safe with his wife once more. One can hardly blame him for feeling a little selfish at the moment, I think," she interjects. "If you'll both excuse me, though? I really should make certain the Naylands have everything they need before they have to ask for it."

"Thank you, M'Lord, I will." Kell says in return though he may seek out Tiaryn though once he finds out she is to bed, he will wait for her earliest convenience as well. As for Jacsen needing to see to his wife, the knight does glance Lady Anais's way and nods, "I understand, M'Lord. If I am needed for anything else, feel free to ask for me."

It's not until Anais speaks again that Cordelya's eyes are drawn back to the lady of the house's features. Corrie studies her just a bit deeper, and her almost smile and blush disappear within a few heartbeats. Though Anais has a game face, undoubtedly, Corrie's got an almost sixth sense about emotions. And what she sees worries her. "…Of course, Lady. If…if you find you need tea to rest, or just… ease your heart, find me? I am rather good at tailoring blends to… the individual's mind and body." She offers quietly, still clearly worried, but trying not to push further. She's not quite yet figured out how to negotiate the line between 'Noble' and 'Caregiver'. "And good night to you as well, Lord Jascen."

Perhaps improper but isn't it what every girl dreams of? Muirenn just nods and says, "I will make Liliana is aware that her Aunt is here and they can grieve together." She glances over her shoulder at Anais and murmers, "It was a pleasure my Lady. I look forward to seeing you on the morrow." She moves towards Anais and heedless of propriety and goes to wrap her arms about her friend. Leaning in she whispers into the lady's ear.

"Anais," Jacsen's voice tries to cut to his wife's attention in the moments after her excusing herself and Muireen's embrace, warm and beseeching. He crosses towards her, lifting a hand to claim her arm if but lightly, though he stalls when the Mallister girl puts arms around her. There is a smile, just, and it's extended towards Cordelya at her words.

"Thank you both," Anais replies to Muirenn and Cordelya with a small smile, returning the former's hug gracefully. "Thank you," she repeats. "And please, Lady Flint, make yourself at home. Within your lord husband's bounds, of course," she adds, smile deepening slightly at one corner of her lips. When she steps back, she reaches to take Jacsen's hand, though she shortly shifts her hold to a more appropriate linking of arms.

Cordelya dips in a bit of a curtsey to the exiting nobles, since she is no longer clinging to husband or friend. "Aye… I shall see you tomorrow, Lady Muirenn. And… thank you, Lady Anais. Lord Jacsen. I shall do just that. I should attent to Tia's tea myself." And with that, Corrie turns on the ball of her small foot, heading for where she saw the maid disappear towards the kitchens.

As everyone disappears, Muireen gives a soft sigh and rubs the bridge of her nose absently. She moves into the direction of the infirmary. A finger summons one of her maids, "Minnie, please go find me one of my aprons. I have ruined enough gowns for one siege and am rather fond of this one." A girlish smile as she lightly strokes one of the pearls that decorates the sleeves. Three more steps and she seats herself at the makeshift 'desk' at the head of the infirmary area.

Jacsen offers a final nod to those few in the entrance hall, his arm easily looped with that of his wife, before he makes for the stairs, drawing her in that direction with him. What words he shares with her are private, obvious only by the cant of his head.

Anais nods slightly to Jacsen, and though one arm is looped with his, the other hand rests in that pocket of her dress as the young couple makes their way back to their rooms.