Page 100: No Small Thing
No Small Thing
Summary: Gedeon and Lucienne speak of a few things in the courtyard.
Date: 23/October/288
Related Logs: The tourney, a few Ged/Jace or Lu/Jace logs. Probably more.
Gedeon Lucienne 
Courtyard, Four Eagles Tower
The Courtyard of Four Eagles Tower is floored with a fine grey stone that match the color and tone of the interior structure of the castle's yard. Plants have been potted and placed around the entrances to add some color, the greenery accompanied by several trellises of flowers that climb the support columns. The most prominent structure in the area is the set of large slab steps that lead up to the great oak doors of the Great Hall. Several hallways and accesses lead off into different sections of Four Eagles which makes this the hub of noble activity when court is not being held.
Sun Oct 23, 288

The tournament continues outside the castle proper, and in between events many of the visiting nobility make merry on the green together. Not so for Lucienne this morning, who has taken her leave of te festivities to sequester herself within the courtyard, a little slice of tranquility amongst the hustle and bustle around her. Her har braided neatly and her clothes clean and fresh, she sits primly upon one of the benches with a small book, flipping a page every so often as she reads. Her handmaiden Hattie hovers behind her, standing, waving to other passing servants every so often and otherwise looking bored.

The tournament goes on, but not every knight competes in every event, and Ser Gedeon has opted to slip away for a time and appreciate a bit of quiet the the courtyard that was so familiar in his childhood and has, since, become familiar again. His walking slows, however, as he sees Lucienne and Hattie and he pauses to offer a bow and a courteous, "My lady. I see I wasn't the only one who managed an escape."

Lucienne looks up at that movement in her peripheral vision, a pleased smile spreading over her features as she recognises the blond knight. "Ser Gedeon," she greets warmly, closing the book and settling it into her lap. "You look well. Would you care to join me for a moment?" There is room on her bench, and she indicates such with a gentle sweep of one hand.

"Thank you, my lady, I would indeed," Gedeon replies with a soft smile. He settles himself beside Lucienne, though not so close that Hattie' sense of propriety would be disrupted. "It's a clear, calm day. A fine one for reading outdoors."

She turns a little in her place, better for the conversation, and Lucienne nods. "It is," she agrees, "Fortunately. Better to be visible and easy enough for our guests to find, should they require me. Have you come from the tourney this morning?"

"I've watched some, but I think I'll save my slightly bruised self for tomorrow's melee," Gedeon says. "Jousting was never my strength, but I hope to make a strong showing tomorrow."

"Ah," replies Lucienne, with a little smile. She folds her hands neatly together stop the book in her lap. "I'm certain you will, of course. There are many advantages to your style of combat, I've been told? And you will face your squire, too. It's very gracious of you to allow him to compete, Gedeon."

Gedeon laughs a little. "There are advantages and disadvantages, as in any style, but I'd like to at least make a more decent showing than at Stonebridge." He smiles faintly for Rowan and nods. "Excepting the very unlikely chance that Rowan and I are the only two combatants still standing, I don't plan to fight him myself, directly. This is a chance for him to prove his mettle against unfamiliar opponents. But, no one can argue the lad proved himself, yesterday. It seemed only fitting to let him continue on."

"Still," Lucienne allows, after Gedeon, "It's no small thing to have done for him. Fortunate that he bested that Frey, wasn't it? I must say, I'd never have expected it, were he to have named himself beforehand." She pauses only briefly, before continuing: "I do believe I owe you my thanks, also. Ser Alek is quite charming when he wants to be, isn't he?"

"Nor I, to be honest," Gedeon admits. "I've no gift at jousting, and Ser Jarod made no better showing. I haven't the faintest clue where Rowan acquired his skill." He blinks as Lucienne continues and then smiles more broadly. "Yes, my lady, indeed he can. Did he make amends, then, for his poor behavior?"

"Just a natural," Lucienne hazards, regarding Rowan's skill at the joust. She echoes that broad smile, hers dainty but terribly pleased. "He most certainly did," she confirms. "Quite spectacularly, falling to his knee and making ever the fuss of it. We shared a story or two, and he escorted me out to the green to greet our guests. His better behaved self must be quite the asset for Oldstones, I would imagine?"

"He is a skilled man on and off the field," Gedeon agrees. "It is only that off the field, it sometimes takes a bit of encouraging for him to display his best self. He is a good and loyal knight, my lady. I'm pleased he gave you the chance to see his better nature."

Lucienne bobs her head thoughtfully, before turning a little smirk out toward the rest of the courtyard. "I saw that matching bruise from Jarod, too. — It was good news from Lord Jason, wasn't it?" Her gaze flicks back to Gedeon, smile more questioning to match with eyebrows lifted.

Gedeon's lips twitch higher. "on and off the field," he repeats mildly, and then he nods. "It was, my lady. As good as could be imagined. I have new hope."

"I suppose Jacsen told you he'd expressed a lack of confidence in the current lordship there," says Lucienne, sounding optimistic. "It's something, some progress. I do believe they intended to discuss the matter more thoroughly, whilst Lord Jason is in attendance here."

"So I have been led to understand, my lady," Gedeon agrees with a small nod. "I am not sure if i will be invited to such talks, but I know Jacsen will do his best to speak my case."

Lucienne spares a quick look down at her hands on her book. "I'm certain he will." And when she looks back up, she wonders, "Would you like to be? Invited, that is. I could ask, if you like - or you could ask Jacsen yourself?"

"Much of that depends on Lord Mallister. Certainly, I'd like the chance to meet him myself and answer his questions, personally. But it may be he wants to know me less than he wishes to know Lord Jacsen's opinion of me, in which case my presence would be for of an intrusion," Gedeon replies. His gaze drops, briefly, to glance at Lucienne's book.

"I would hope that my brother has expressed his opinions already, in the writing of his request," remarks Lucienne, shifting a look out to the courtyard. "The both of us are close to Lord Jason, though Jacsen arguably far more than I. But I suppose these endeavours are quite sensitive, aren't they?"

"Just so, my lady. And if handled improperly, could bring about unsavory consequences for any involved. Still, the higher up the line of leiges, the greater the inluence ad clout. To have the Tully write the Naylands would be no small thing."

"No small thing," Lucienne agrees quickly, looking back to the knight settled beside her. "I think Lord Jason will be sympathetic," she admits lowly. "Even if the odds are somewhat out of your favour, Gedeon. I know I was always closer to Issie, when we were small, but…" There's a long draw of breath from the lady, who finds herself looking back out at the bustle once more. "I can see a better way forward, now."

"I…" Gedeon pauses, ducking his head a little as her words hover between them. "Thank you, my lady. That means a very great deal to me." He lets out a slow breath of his own. "Will you tell me a little of what you're reading?"

Lucienne lets her own breath slip out quietly, her hands moving from the cover of her book to reveal it to Gedeon. "Of course," she allows. "It's called, 'A Story Of Dragons'." And so begins another conversation between them, both thoughtful and light.