Page 507: No one ever expects
No one ever expects
Summary: No one ever expects surprises, poetry, girl on girl action, or the spanish (that is, ahem, Terrick) inquisiton.
Date: 12/12/2012
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Rockcliff Inn ~ Terrick's Roost
The Rockcliff Inn is one of the better inns within the town and it shows with the well-lit interior and the relative cleanliness to the other locations in Terrick's Roost. The tables are polished with oils and the floor regularly swept. A set of booths towards a darker rear of the Inn's bottom floor, just beneath the staircase, are where whores generally socialize and eye prospects from when not waiting tables. Signs over the undersized bar area advertise prices for ales and wines as well as several different choices of food to be served at the small eating area by the bar or in the main open area in its comfortable seating. A door behind the bar leads to the kitchen and cellar while another near the staircase leads to a private room that would appear to be off-limits to the 'wait staff' except for food and drink service.
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Scene already in motion..

And with the her question answered, Jocelyn turns to stop a waitress, "Can you please bring a pot of tea out?" Inclining her head to the waitress when she acknowledges her request, "Thank you." turning back to Aemy, she keeps her soft smile pressed on her lips. "I'm sure it did. Your brother will get to the bottom of it all, My Lady, do not worry. Its why we have the males in our family, to take of things just like this for us." a small joke made to lighten the mood and put Aemy at ease.

Freya orders an Ale when the waitress comes close enough without paying too much attention to the girl but suddenly noticing that it is her 'friend' Molly a somewhat gorgeous redhead who plants a quick peck on Freya's cheek turning her a deep crimson. To Karel she says, "I guess I am pretty strange too…" the encounter backing up her story.

Karel nods a bit, raising an eyebrow slightly at the interaction between Freya and her friend, before he looks around again. Ordering himself something to drink as well, an ale it would seem, before he looks around the room once more. Studying the people present for the moment, it would seem.

Stepping through the door of the Inn, Nedra is unpinning the cloak from her shoulders and draping the heavy weight of the material over one arm as she walks alongside her Septa. Accompanied by one of her armsmen, and taking advantage of the evening air, Nedra is holding some manner of spirited conversation with her Nedra, her color high as she is laughing over some dryly witty remark made in exchange.

Brennart moves to sit down at the table and catch back up with everybody there, "So besides that unforunate incident…" A pause, "And that lovely rumor I heard about when I got up for breakfast…"

Looking up from Aemy and over to Brennart, laughing softly, "Well, despite it all, I'm rather well, thank you." And much to her A.D.D issue, Jocelyn looks over as the door opens and spots Nedra coming through the door with her Septa. Her face brightens and she moves from her seat, saying as an after thought, "Oh, excuse me a moment." she says excitedly and then very lady like rushes through the tables to stand in front of Nedra. "Surprise!" she bursts at the Mallister and wraps her arms around her friend in a welcoming hug. "I hope you dont mind terribly! I wanted to come out and surprise you. I hadnt seen you in weeks and weeks."

Catching the tail end of conversations filling the air of the Inn's common room, a red cheeked Groves lord limps into the proper room shortly after a tight fisted angry female stormed out of the Inn. The talk of rumor gained his interest, Nikolus briefly glanced over those within before drawing himself closer. "What ever you heard Ser Brennart, no donkey was involved."

Karel pauses for a few moments now, blinking as Jocelyn runs off to greet the Mallister. Watching the lady and her retinue for now, a bit carefully, then gaze moving over to Nikolus, offering the man a brief nod before he looks around the room again now.

Turning away from her conversation with Anathe as she Jocelyn rushes through the tables, Nedra lets out a gasp of delight and hugs Jocelyn in return! "You're here!" is declared, giving Jocelyn another quick hug, a happy smile forming on her face. "How are you? It's been forever!" said with a laugh as she grins, "Weeks and weeks and weeks, absolutely to long," said with mock sternness before sending a startled - AMUSED - look over her shoulder at Nikolus, turning, slipping one arm through one of Jocelyn's to face the Groves lord. "Innocence, my lord, is a tough bill of sale to believe," she offers with a grin that is most decidedly impish even as her attention swings straight back to Jocelyn. "Were the roads between here and Stonebridge quiet? Have you already sorted out your lodging? If you haven't, let me ask Lady Anais, you're most welcome to share with me," she offers.

Watching as Joce stands to move to Nedra's side, Aemy smiles a little but does not dare to move from her spot at her cousins side. Lacing her own fingers together on her lap, she attempts a nonchalance she is far from feeling at the mention of the rumors. "Those rumors are not exactly true.. Lord Daryl was already in full party swing when I arrived from my rooms down here." Though she elaborates no further unless directly asked. "Would you like fir me to return to Heronhurst my lord?" Looking back now towards Nedra and Jocelyn, not ready to leave yet.

Aemy glances up rather covertly at Nik as he arrives at Brennarts side, offering him a friendly if brief smile.

Freya rises and curtsies as Lady Nedra enters though does not speak merely smiles at the woman in greeting. When Molly comes back she exchanges a few whispered words with the redhead and takes her ale and stew at the same table Jocelyn just left.

Brennart shakes his head as Aemy asks him the question, "No need for you to go back to Heronhurst yet but that course of action is still right there on the tip of my tongue." He chuckles as he watches Jocelyn's greeting of nedra, "And no m'lord I didn't hear of any donkeys unless you refer to a certain ass and then possibly true."

When she gets excited she giggles and laughs a plenty, and right now is no different for the Nayland Lady. So excited to see her friend she can barely keep the giggles ou of her voice as the hug is returned and true surprise that registered on Nedra's face satisfied her plenty. "I'm splended! We have so much to catch up on. So much for me to tell you." Looking up toward the Groves man she blinks, "Thats the man with the cane I saw at the wedding." she muses to Nedra, "A friend of yours?" she asks. But then the question of Lodging coming into play as well as her trip here. "The roads were rather quiet, My uncle sent Ser Karel to be one of the guards, he watches us closesly." and realizing she said us so man times she says, "Oh, I brought my cousin Lady Visenya, have you gotten a chance to meet her? As much as I would adore sharing a room with you, I do not want to abandon my cousin. She has just returned to the area." with her arm linked in Nedra she tugs her to join the rest at the table. "Do you wish to join us?"

Dawning his socialite mein Nikolus deepened one of the corners of his mouth. "Then you and I should confer over asses as ale. Literally or figuratively, I'll let you decide." He doesn't overlook the smile from Aemy, bowing his head accordingly for traditional courtesies, the same is shared for Nedra and also any others that are seated by Brennart he does not know by name.

Nedra sweeps a now-curious look around the room and sees several faces, nobles and household retainers alike, that she recognizes. A nod is given to Freya and a curtsy toward the table in general that Jocelyn is tugging her toward. "I'd love to," she says in return, laughing as she nods, "Yes, that's Lord Nikolus Groves, have you been introduced properly yet?" is wondered even as she keeps up with Jocelyn, " we simply must fix that immediately," she doesn't really give Jocelyn a chance to reply as she trips forward to: "Lord Nikolus Groves, may I introduce you to Lady Jocelyn Nayland?" she asks, turning with a smile back at Jocelyn, "and Jocelyn, this is Lord Nikolus, he's cousin to Lord's Stafford and gearing, brother to Lady Dyonne - who you simply MUST meet, she's so nice," she adds, not quite sotto voice, skipping lightly from one thread to another as she says: " and I believe I've met Lady Visenya, but I'm not sure, and I totally understand," the words tumble out in rapid order as she glances over her shoulder to find her Septa and armsman just a few feet behind her and moving to a table adjacent to the on that Jocelyn and she are heading back toward. Nedra spots Aemy and waves, excited all over again by seeing Aemy, nods at a more respectful (less giddy) greeting to Lord Brennart and everyone else.

Karel's gaze has moved back to the Mallister lady for now, watching her carefully for a few more moments, before he shakes his head, looking a little amused as he speaks to one of the older Nayland guards again. "Ah, to be young again…" The man nods a little bit, but doesn't say much more for the moment.

Brennart chuckles and motions for a spot near him at the table, "So m'lord what would you do if there was a nobleman who was bringing a bit of discredit to one of your family member's reputation and honor? I think I should take said nobleman out to the sparring yard and switch him like a child but I don't think I'm allowed to do that."

Freya arm in arm with Molly now says to Brennart, "That would be a sight I am sure," she smiles and waves to Nedra but does not converse directly with her preferring to let Jocelyn and the Mallister lady have their space.

Nikolus leans more dependantly upon the cane as introductions are being made. "You may Lady Nedra." A cordial tone for new meeting grounds. "Lady Jocelyn, it is a pleasure indeed." And evenly between the two his single eye shares their sights. "Beauty attracts beauty, who would have thought?" Though Brennart is offering a seat the Groves man accepts easily by pulling out the wooden chair, needing to rest his limbs as though he hasn't woken up from a lengthy slumber. "Feed their balls to the hound. And if they do not have any balls I'll improvise." No filter for his tongue as he sank into the seat, leaning his cane against the edge of the table. He peers to the women, "Don't you agree ladies?" <

Brennart nods a bit as he chews through some thoughts, "I think that feeding his balls to the hounds may be a bit excessive but I think something akin to that wouldn't be amiss. I definately have to rethink him marrying into the Erenford family at this point though his manner isn't fitting for us." He glances over at Freya and blinks, "Do you mind not stealing all the wenchy bar maids from the men, and in polite company at that?"

Freya laughs at Brennart's remark, "I'm not stealing Ser merely borrowing," she plants a kiss on Molly's cheek and lets the redhead leave the table. "Best not hold up too many orders though - and scandalise poor Lady Nedra and her Septa." Freya shoots a churlish wink at the Septa. Not at all ashamed of the display - openly going in both directions so to speak. "Sorry anyway," She says remembering where she was.

"You asked what I would do.." Nikolus shrugs off while reaching an hand out, pulling on the skirts of a passing Inn wench that fetches the drinks. "Ale." He gives Brennart a questioning look of you want? without asking. Afterwards the conversation between the lords and impolitely the ladies as well. "No manner is fitting for anyone with that attitude Brennart." The Groves male further slinks into seat. "You speak of the lady Aemy? Or is it the Mallister woman…" Which ever, both assumptions caused Nikolus to shake his head. "I can't keep track of who is announcing who they intend to bed. "

The conversation between Brennart and Nikolus makes Karel pause a little as he listens now. "You're making me glad of two things now, m'lords," he offers, after a few moments. Sipping the ale he ordered earlier, a bit thoughtfully.

Nedra's Septa, a grey haired woman of indeterminate age, surveys Freya's churlish wink with a look of cool disapproval, unfazed by the antics of youth apparently. Nedra, not as capable of such unfazed responses simply busies herself order a pot of tea and a bite to eat after sending a glimpse of a smile at Lord Brennart for his words. Granted, she goes from ordering tea to nearly laughing herself silly at Nikolus's words, "You mean wed, Lord Nikolus, I'm sure," she suggests, laughing quietly, or trying to, at least.

Brennart chuckles and nods a bit, "Some ale sounds wonderful, and very true completely not fit for any family let alone the one he was born into." Then a pause and a shrug, "And yes Lady Aemy." He looks over at Molly and Freya and just shakes his head, "Mistress if you wish to continue rubbing elbows with the nobles you need to learn your manners."

Freya having finished her meal bows out. "I'll take that under advisement Ser Brennart," Freya says smiling. "I have to get up early unfortunately - back to searching tomorrow. It was nice seeing you all… and meeting you," Freya says to the knights and assembled ladies. Rising she makes her way towards her room. The more astute would notice that around the same time this happens Molly disappears as well.

Having fallen silent, or lost in thought, or perhaps even given her statement to a Terrick or something or other, Aemy looks at Brennart as he speaks with Nikolus. Lifting her brows at the statement the Groves lord makes, her lips quirk in amusement. Especially at what Nedra adds. "I have come to the understanding marriage is not always the happily ever after young girls dream of."

Brennart's request would go fulfilled. A blank stare is laid upon the Erenford's features until realization suddenly draws him out of the confused state. "I see. I've had very little interaction with them myself." He lays an arm upon the wooden table, "Once were the Charltons now kissing the feet of Walder?" Not as if he had any room to speak of his own house's groveling. "I suppose there are worse Houses." Speaking as though the girl wasn't there he does finally give Aemy a look, "Marriage is what you make of it. You may have your sweets and cake too if you're willing Lady Aemy." Hinting with only his good eye that lingering gaze returns to Brennart.

Brennart nods, "I agree that marriage isn't always happily ever after but a dishonorable and ignobleman doesn't deserve a proper noblelady… And yes they were Charltons but no longer."
"All this talk make me realize how happy I am not to be a nobleman. Not to mention that my only child was a son," Karel offers after a few moments of pause.

Nikolus slaps the table twice after Karel's subtle mention. "That man has it right. Marriage is for heirs and the destitute."

With another brief look at the Groves nobleman, Aemy conveys a certain lack of warmth for him and his opinions. "Perhaps, my lord. However, in recent findings, an heir may not live past a young age Perhaps you should consider the needs and relations kof your house?" And who is miss high and mighty to talk? Oh wait, was that a tongue-in-cheek remark? There is certainly amusement in her eyes as she pretends to scold him. With her own recent happenings, she is certainly not one to warrant doling out advice.

Nedra reaches out one hand and lightly rests it upon Aemy's arm, "Some topics are best managed with a bit of humor," she suggests to Aemy with a sidelong glimpse of a smile. "Ser Nikolus, being blessed with a rather robust sense of humor is quite likely to keep making you guess as to whether or not he's serious or entirely in jest," she adds with a smile aimed at Nikolus. "And I've had the good fortune to meet your son, Ser Karel, and I must say that he is a fine young man and will make a fine and proper knight," said with a respectful nod at Karel before her gaze sweeps around to Brennart. "And how is Lady Bryliesa, by the way? And the wedding plans? Which, I know, must continue apace despite everything else that is happening. We hope to depart to Heronhurst tomorrow, Kamron wishes to travel at a slower pace so that Saffron does not push herself to hard."

"I have considered and there are plenty of able men before myself who are suitable for marriage." That busty serving girl does return with the mugs of ale for Brennart and Nikolus. "I can only promise pain and excitement for the unfortunate sweet tart." The blue eye winks at to Aemy as he lifts the mug, drawing it closer without drinking just yet. "I'll not condem anyone to such a fate." He turns for Brennart now, "And what of the Charltons?"

Aemy had been attempting her own brand of humor but at the words from Nedra, she bows her head respectfully. "Yes, my lady." Though it does not tamp the amusement of the Erenford, as she shares a quick smile with the lady. "The sense of humor is certainly only one of his rather handsome traits." Almost laughing aloud as she meets that winking blue eye. "Then I consider any lady you do not marry to be lucky, my lord." Enjoying the light banter. Though at the mention of the other mans son, she nods politely. "Our paths crossed very recently at the trial. Might I say, Ser, you are indeed a talented man with your weapon."

Brennart hmmms, "Oh was just saying that the Ashwoods used to be a branch of the Charltons but no longer."

"You're very kind, m'lady," Karel offers to Nedra, before he takes a sip from his ale. "But yes, I think he's going to be a far better knight than his father ever were," he offers. Looking to Aemy, he offers the Erenford lady a bit of a smile. "Thank you for the kind words, Lady Aemy. I was fortunate to have a talent that got me away from starving with my family back at our small farm. I never even dreamed it would take me this far, though." A pause as he looks to Nikolus and Brennart, before he adds, "Just make sure that whatever you do, you stay away from the business end of Ser Aleister's mace. That thing is quite painful…"

Nedra eyes Nikolus, amusement making her eyes sparkle with a trace of impish humor, "Such a promise, my lord, is one that perhaps would be best if unfulfilled," she suggests as she shares a smile with Aemy. "Well, his sense of humor, aye," she agrees, not entirely en sotto voice, "and he has such a lovely color of eye, I would imagine that had he both he set whole flocks of young noblewomen all a-flutter with just a glance," she suggests, aiming a hint of grin at Nikolus. "Talented, and brave," Nedra adds her own words to Aemy, "and it was quite.. " she searches for a word, sorts through the options before settling on, "ferocious of a display of ability, Ser Karel."

"It is not with effort, I assure you Lady Aemy." Nikolus chuckles aloud, shaking his head before returning his attention to Brennart once again. "I mean of the rest of them. Some branched into the Ashwoods we know now and what of the others? Lord Tully permitted this? A long standing house to be torn by well… itself?" he drinks from his mug, catching the flattering ends of both the lady's conversation and Karel's warning. The latter he addresses first, "It would be painful no matter who wield it." Then to Nedra where his form partially faces the women, "Tell me more about my eye." He appears genuinely interested in the compliments.

"Oh no, my lady Nedra. Perhaps not all of the ladies would be a flutter. I have claimed myself to be immune to such charms from Lord Nikolus." Teasing in return, with that same tongue-in-cheek manner. "Yes, indeed, any lady would be unfortunate to fall for his charms." At the words from Ser Karel, the Erenford lady smiles a warm, gentle smile. "I admit I was quite glad you survived it as you did, kind Ser." As Nik continues, soaking up the twittering of the two, Aemy returns her attention to him. "The color of the very heavens, the deepest blue if the ocean,." Certainly she is teasing now, quite glad to be laughing instead of the shaky mess she was earlier. "Such a vivid blue." Much like her own. "Such… a roving eye. As I said, I am immune to such charms."

Nedra props one elbow on the table and rests her chin on the palm of her hand, leaning slightly toward Nikolus as she stares intently into the vivid blue of his eye, "Vivid blue of the summer sky, deepest hue of the ocean wave, richest blue of the purest dye, lure me not - dashing knave!" Nedra replies, rolling off the teasing words on the spur of the moment before deliberately fluttering her eyelashes at Nikolus and straightening with a laugh.

Karel looks a bit unsure of how to reply now. He offers a bit of a smile to Aemy at her words, "Thank you, m'lady. But trust me, there are none more glad I survived than myself, after all." He offers a bit of a smile to Nedra as well, pausing for a few moments. "I'm not really sure what to say to that, Lady Nedra. But thank you." Drinking some more of his ale, a bit thoughtfully.

In speaking plainly to Aemy, "I'm not." Nikolus raises his mug again while drowning in the light humored flattery. Even Nedra's poetry earns some laughter from the one eyed Groves. "Fair enough though you do not have to stop."

"I can think of one, Ser Karel, who perhaps would be? Your son." This time there is no teasing, just that same warm smile. "It was a rather brave thing you did, championing the Naylands." Understanding he served their house,.

"Then I shall encourage the ladies to make liberal use of their charms, so that you may experience the falling. It would only be fair, my lord, since yours are given so freely." Again, amusement lights her blue eyes and she looks towards Nedra. "You should encourage the Lord to fall for your charm."

Despite the poetry and indeed the words spilled between the many in attendance-the sudden appearance of the Young Lord this evening, is grim enough. There is a motion to his arms men to remain beside the door-before he is looking further in the inn's common room. A roll of shoulder and the One Eye'd knight focuses in where the Erenford Lady, and he company are seated. A grimace and the knight makes his way closer-still no words of welcome. Yet.

"Shall I compare thine eye to the evening stars? Or thy wit to the driest sage?" Nedra counters in return, having already made Nikolus laugh and, encouraged on, she rolls the next bit of playful compliment forward with another laugh of her own. Aemy's words make her laugh again, "Charm? Nonsense," she replies with a shake of her head. "People need to laugh more, that's all. Find one good thing to laugh about, every day, and life isn't quite as grim and dour as it appears to be," she suggests, reaching for the pot of tea on the table and pouring herself another cup. "Plus," and she aims another glance of amusement at Nikolus, "if we all compliment him to much we'd have to hand Lady Dyonne a very sharp pin just to manage the results."

"Ah, well, that might be true…" Karel offers to Aemy's words, before he offers her a bit of a smile. "Thank you, Lady Aemy. But it was the least I could do to repay the kindness they've shown to me and my son. They took in a wandering free lance some years ago, and let him rise in their service, after all."

"You'd wish such a fate upon a cripple Lady Aemy?" He jests without smiling. Nikolus soon enough shakes his head, grinning a touch. "No it is not, though try pursuading some few around here who seem to flourish in the grim and dismal." None he'd mention aloud but his good eye does wander over those gathered and the approaching beast of a man. Nikolus lays a lazy hand upon the head of his cane, "He appears to be fine specimen for your targeted coqueteries.""

"You are most welcome, Ser Karel." As Nedra waxes poetic, Aemy just listens, rolling her eyes at one point, still in the teasing mood. "Evening stars. Sort of vacant and far away, my lady?" Studying that eye now with mock seriousness, she sighs theatrically. "You have a beautiful blue eye and I am quite certain you are very aware of that." Just as she is to continue teasing him, Aemy looks towards the door and all traces of humor leave her features and she visibly pales. None other than Ozric… "Please excuse me.." Rising now, she greets him with a curtsy. "My lord.."

There is but a glance, cool and dismissive in Nikolus' direction. Only then does he turn and look over towards the Lady Erenford. His jaw tightens a moment, as he stops. To her crusty he offers a curt nod. "My lady." comes the curt bark of the Terrick Heir. "If I could have a word with you-please." Normally he can be courteous as Lady Nedra can attest-however this side of Ozric? Well, this is likely the side some of the Terrick kin are used to, as such gravity warrants. And so, the knight turns to gesture her aside-unless of course she remains with the happy grouping.

Nedra glances up as she follows the lazy gesture of Nikolus to the approach of Lord Ozric, her gaze shifting from Nikolus to Aemy and around to Ozric again, a hint of perplexed confusion in her eyes as Aemy pales. "Aemy, is something amiss?" is wondered in a cautious tone of voice before she rises briefly as well to offer a curtsy to Ozric. "Good evening, Lord Ozric," she says quietly, casting another worried look in Aemy's direction before she'll return to her seat. The amused look she aims at Nikolus is somewhat tempered by her wary confusion, "Specimen? Surely you would not surrender your place as the focus of our compliments, Lord Nikolus, where would the fun be in that?"

Ohhmygods. Where was a brother or a cousin when you needed them most? Wide eyed, Aemy lifts her chin and nods, doing her best to not show her unreasonable fear. She had done nothing wrong after all… Had she? Encompassed with doubt now, she looks towards Kyra, her handmaid, who falls right in beaide her. "Perhaps, my lord, if you would permit.. this js possibly not the best place to talk. I would be agreeable to stepping outside, if we could?" Unable to keep the tremor out of her voice, she clasps her hands tightly together, her fingers turning as white as her face.

Karel pauses as he looks between Aemy and Ozric, draining the rest of his ale, and getting to his feet. "M'lord," he offers with a bit of a bow to Ozric, before he looks to the others. "I should take care of a few things now, I fear. I hope you all will excuse me?" Moving for the stairs now, to familiarize himself a bit more with the building, it would seem.

Ozric turns his head to Nedra, and there the cool glance finds her. His blue eye staring for a moment, before the look softens. Only then does he offer a brief nod. "Lady Mallister." Still his tone is gruff and his bark, usual. Turning his head back to the Erenford woman there is a nod, as the line sets back in. "If you prefer outside, that is well. I would ask that you call your men at arms with you." clipped speech, before he is nodding to the door. "We can talk there, or here. It matters not." Well to him.

Still remained seated even after the newly arrived's name has been revealed but no sooner after realizing the nervousness displayed by the Erenford he was inclined to interject, "Lady Aemy's proper companion and kin will return momentarily." Nikolus points in four different directions indicating where Brennart may have possibly departed to. "It would be appropriate to for kin and escort to be present. At least when a lady looks as troubled as this." He tells the Terrick, playing nice. "Lady Nedra, when did Lord Brennart say he would return? This evening? Tomorrow? And no, I do not surrendereven if the odds are not in my favor."

Nedra's trouble glance rests on Aemy, again, seeing the way the color has drained from Aemy's face, hearing the tremor in Aemy's voice, and again Nedra is on her feet once more slipping over to Aemy's side to offer one hand to Aemy in support. "Perhaps Aemy should sit down," she says softly, casting a confused look between Aemy and Ozric again, casting a slight glance upward into the younger woman's eyes, then even further into Ozric's before back around to Nikolus once more. "I believe he stepped out only briefly, my lord, something about seeing to any news that his men will have had of the search," Nedra replies. "And are you sure there's no Mallister's immediately in your lineage my lord? We're stubborn as a box of rocks, most of us," she adds in a softer voice, a fine trace of amusement slipping out as she curls one hand in Aemy's.

Both guards to Lady Aemy had been writing statements, leaving Brennart and Kyra with the Erenford lady. Just as she looks towards the door, Redmond enters, looking grim. "Symon will be with us..later." Flanking one side of his charge as Kyra takes the other, they look like a group united. As she hears Nikolus, in an attempt at bravery she is far from feeling, Aemy offers him a reassuring smile. "Perhaps we should speak in here after all. I have more friends than I realized." As Nedra joins as well, she smiles. "Here is fine, Young Lord Terrick." Indicating the table they had just vacated.

"You." And there comes the look back towards the Groves Lord. "Do not have a say in what is appropriate, in this matter." And like that, focus is placed back onto Aemy. "You have your maids and those who mind you-they are expected to follow. But, you will summon your guards, and we will speak." As to what he will not go into further explanation, as it would not serve in this setting. Still there is a look given to Nedra and he shakes his head. "As much, as I would like to allow such, I cannot, Lady Mallister. Not, right now."
As to Aemy there is a glance and he nods with a curt cut. "As you will. I must state that you need to summon Symon to be with us now. And I must ask, where your men at arms have been since last night, till this very moment."

Immediately, Aemy sends Kyra for this one. "Please.." almost choking out the request. "Go fetch Symon, he was to be writing out a statement." Kyra does as requested, poste-haste. When Redmond moves to speak, Aemy lifts a silencing hand, hoping he would heed it and lallow her to explain as asked of the lord. "Since our arrival.." still making no move to sit, "My guards have a room here in the inn, as do Kyra and myself. We have been here and the Sept Gardens, since yesterday, and here in the Inn." They accompanied me to the gardens."

"We've hardly become acquainted for that assumption to be made." The coy Groves nudges his mug of ale forward, exchanging the hand for his cane as the woman spills whatever words were commanded. Nikolus relied on the walking aid in order to rise onto his feet. Chin up and on a suggestive mocking tone, "I am gravely offended." First the thud of his cane matched the pace of his moving feet. "Lady Aemy this is not a trial and I would suggest a sitting with the Terrick Lord here with Brennart in attendance." For the others he dips his head a touch to depart silently and towards one of the rooms. To rest or to drink or perhaps a change of scenery.

"Rest assured Lady, you are not in trouble, but your men could be." The One Eye'd knight says softly. "You have been to the Sept Gardens, all together then? They've not left your side, save for Symon now, as he is writing a statement?" curious there, but he nods. "Can, I have your guards names, please-I know of Symon." And there is a glance towards Redmond. "Do you have others that can vouch for there whereabouts today?" And Ozric looks back towards Aemy. "Please understand this, there has been a heavy accusation lain on your men-And I would have the truth of the matter, now."

There is a glance given to Nikolus, but it seems that Ozric is not phased, rather he looks back over towards Aemy. "IF I was to have a trial, lady I'd at least arrest you first." he offers dryly.
Nedra holds her silence for a moment, listening intently to what Lady Aemy says and then Lord Ozric, her attention tugged from one to the other, back round to Lord Nikolus again before Nedra gives Aemy's hand another gentle squeeze but gives the young lady room to stand on her own. Nedra tucks steps back to the table and pours another cup of tea, setting it in place along the side of the table nearest to where Aemy is standing and takes her seat once more. She cast a small smile of amusement toward Nikolus, "Gravely offended, indeed," is returned in a quiet murmur before reaching for her own cup of tea, hands curling around the cup to sip from it as she observes the conversation now as it unfolds.

Her men.. her guards. People who have been protecting her for as long as sge can remember. "My only guards are Redmond and Symon. Redmond is always around me. After a.. few incidents.." Regarding her betrothed no less, incidents she had spoken with Brennart about as well.. "Ser Brennart sent Symon to me just yeaterday. Before that he was in Heronhurst. I know what the accusation is. I was there, as was my maid and both Symon and Redmond." Never would she believe that of Symon for he had not even had a weapon on him, visibly. Though to believe that it meant Lord Daryl was capable of.. such a thing. How could it be? Finally, she sits, looking forlorn. "Thank you Lord Nikolus, your kindness is treasured." Even offering him another shaky smile.

Whether or not they have been with her, her whole life-or if they were hired out of the bog last wednesday, matters not to Ozric. There is a glance to Redmond before he is looking back at Aemy. "Do you then, Lady-Surely you know the gravity I place on this then, given recent strains between your house and your betrothed? I am also forced to act, as this is my home and a crime was committed, according to Lord Daryl." There, all settled.
"Tell me what happened, and if there are others who can affirm that you tell me the truth."

A little winded, both Kyra and Symon now enter the inn and walk over quite purposefully. Kyra curtsies before taking a seat by her lady while Symon bows, remaining stoic and standing. "I understand." And she does. For someone was lying, and she was fairly certain she knew who. Lowering her eyes, she says softly, "My guards carry no weapons on their person. They rely strictly on brute strength for protection."

Nedra glances up as Aemy's maid and Symon enter the Inn, offering a glimpse of a smile at both but doing nothing to interrupt or intrude. Now that the table has emptied, and the necking women have departed to presumably do more, Nedra's own Septa has moved from the adjoining table to sit alongside Nedra instead.

"If they do not carry weapons." Ozric begins. "Then please explain to me, how the Lord Daryl has come to say that your men stabbed him? I must know-given the strain between your house, and that of Haigh and Ashwood, I cannot let any violence go unpunished, lest it seem like I am advocating it. It places my house in a precarious position, as it does of Erenford." Ozric says, as his weight shifts, just a minute bit.

Reaching over, Aemy touches Nedra's hand softly, tentatively. "Thank you.." Her voice soft, thanking her friend for the support. Looking back at the Terrick Lord, she sighs. "There is no right answer, my lord. To condem one is to free the other. That is not a choice I can make, except or the truth." Redmond pipes in, "We don't carry weapons. Don't need 'em. I'm telling you, no one hurt that.." Filtering his words, perhaps wisely now, he frowns. "There was no threat except by the Ashwood himself."

Nedra gives Aemy's hand a gentle squeeze again in support, hoping that the simple fact that she did not leave her friend to stand alone conveys the depth of her friendship for the young Erenford lady. The gravity of the topic at hand has not escaped Nedra, but having nothing to lend to the conversation she can do no more than observe and bear fair witness to the conversation.

"I do not care who you condemn, Lady. I would have the truth, or I will have your men in irons till I can release them to your Lord." The Terrick raises his voice, so as the matter is made clear. Only then does he look back to the young woman. "Speak. Now." An order? Yes, but there is obviously a reason for it. And there his hand moves down to the table as he leans in to look at Aemy. "Please tell me your account." Do not dauddle, seems to be the look he is sporting.

It is only a moment before a certain Ashwood lord steps through into the inn. He takes a long exhale breath, looking slightly tired, and then peering about the inn. Barkeep…Drunk…Whore…Aemy? Daryl raises both brows and steps their way. Notably, his armor is the torn at the forearm, and there is a bandage underneath there. He slows some as he nears, but his eyes look towards Aemy, "M'lady…" His voice is genuinely concerned, "Are you okay?"
Aemy senses: Nedra gently squeezes your hand and whispers, "Just tell the Truth. Lord Ozric is a good man, your cousin is a good man as well. The truth will never harm you."
Nedra glances up as the door opens again and gives another gentle squeeze of her hand within Aemy's, her lips moving in a bare murmur of sound before she offers a polite nod of greeting to Lord Daryl.

"We were in the Sept Garden," The words now coming out in a rush. "It was myself, Kyra, Redmond and Symon. We were wandering about the blooms when Lord Daryl arrived. We spoke a moment." And here is where she falters, her fforehead puckering slightly with the frown. "My guards were doing their duty and Lord Daryl questioned Symon as to why I had been assigned another guard, if my honor were in question. Symon said indeed it was not but with the recent happenings in Highfield… I was to have two guards, due to his own honor being in question. Then there was a confrontation when Lord Daryl spat on Symon, said… some.. terrible things," not repeating the language. Just then Daryl arrives and the Erenfords wyes qiden and she clamps her mouth closed… and nods mutely to Daryl.

Aemy hears something whispered to her and looks at Nedra and shakes her head…

There is a glance given over towards Daryl as he comes in and stands in the middle of the Story. Only then does the Terrick's jaw tightens. "My Lord." the Young Lord's own voice tight there. "Your betrothed, is just fine." clipped. "If you could please, step back." And there he looks back towards Aemy for the moment. His arms crossing over his chest. "Continue, Lady Erenford."

There is certain relief when Aemy nods his way, but Daryl is more on alert as Young Lord Ozric speaks, recognizing that something is serious or amiss. There's a pause as he looks between them, and he nods his head. "Surely. I mean no interuption." A questioning glance Nedra's way, but the deputy takes more than a few steps back, though he is likely within earshot still. An innservant is waved away as she tries to approach the Ashwood, inquiring about drink.

Nedra rises to her feet and steps forward, giving Lady Aemy and Lord Ozric a bit of space, speaking space more or less, and approaches Lord Daryl to offer another curtsy. "It is good to see that you are in better health, my lord, than the previous night. Have you any news that you may share with regards to the search?" she wonders, worry evident in her tone of voice.

Aemy refrains from commenting further for a moment, as Nedra goes to see to Daryl, Aemy looks at the Young Lord. "After tjat happened, Symon just stepped over to me, intending to escort me away from.." The foul language? The confrontation? Something… "from the area. Only Lord Daryl was there at my side. I cannot be clear, but there was a scuffle, being as honest as her knowledge allows, rushing through it now, "Once the scuffle was over, Lord Daryl was cut and Symon had a knife or a dagger on his belt."
Again, Redmond pipes in, "A dagger that did not belong to him and wasn't there before. Tell him how many times Lord Daryl snuck you away from us!" Anger much?
Redmond looks over at the Ashwood lord. "We'll be needing to het her out of here. There's orders from Young Lord Ser Brennart Erenford to keep her away from Lord Daryl Ashwood. So if that's all, she needs protection. Not from us, but from him."

"I see.." And there is a glance over towards Daryl for a moment. Quiet as it seems the Lady Mallister has the Ashwood lord distracted. A glance is given over to Redmond for a moment. "For tonight, I am going to assign one of my men to remain with Symon and Redmond-mainly to insure the peace is kept. If you have this dagger, I would like it turned over to him." said easily before he is pushing from the table. "Tell your intended, I would like to meet with him tomorrow." Ozric says, softly. "And I will speak to you more as well." likely when he is back from searching. "There will be no compromise on this." said softly, before he nods his head. "Good evening to you, Lady and thank you for your help thus far." The knight would then offer his own bowing of his head, a bit relaxed? Possibly. "Good evening, Lady Mallister, Lord Ashwood.." and with that the Terrick lord would turn and depart.

Daryl seems a bit distracted as Nedra approaches him, looking towards Aemy with genuine worry. It was the first time he has seen her since the incident earlier in the day. However, as she inquires of the search, the Ashwood looks towards Nedra and regains composure, "Well. When our hounds led to the squire boy, it is likely the…Imp…Or whatever it was, moved for the cave it spoke of, so the location is probably near, and…" As he hear's Redmond's words, Daryl raises both brows in surprise. "Hold on. Your defending that man?!' Daryl eyes Redmond, taking a single step closer, "You saw me turn my back to him. I regret saying the words I did, but that is -no- excuse for his actions!" When Redmond speaks of Daryl 'sneaking Aemy away from them', the Ashwood is in shock, giving the guard a puzzled look, but as Lord Ozric moves to step away, Lord Daryl Ashwood nods his head. "I will seek you after the morning search." Eyes glide to Redmond with an insulted peer, and then Aemy…His expression softens. His gaze lingers on her.

Nedra tilts her head to Lord Ozric in return, 'GOod eve to you as well, Lord Ozric," Nedra replies even as she takes a not casual step to continue to be standing not coincidentally in line between Lady Aemy and Lord Daryl. She turns then and slips one arm through one of Aemy's. "Lady Saffron has invited us to evening tea, did I mention that earlier?" she wonders of Aemy, her head tilting subtly. "Tea helps soothe her temper, and her delicate condition tends to make her temper a bit frayed, so we do evening tea when we can. Have you had supper yet?" is wondered next as her Septa rises from the table, her armsman Petyr already stepping forward and handing a cloak to Anathe and offering Nedra hers as well.

Aemy watches Ozric go and rises, Kyra rising with her. With a beief look at Daryl before looking away evasively, the Erenford wraps her arms around herself. "F..forgive me.." Turning now towards the stairs, she moves towards them now, only to turn back when Nedra links arms ad offers tea. Uncertainly, she shakes her head, "Thank you, my lady, your kindness is more than I deserve.. I fear I must decline, only for tonigjt. My.. guards must remain here, so I must with them. I should just turn in for the night." Still her gaze is elusive.
As for Red and Sy, they say nothing at all. Waiting patiently or Aemy.

Nedra nods as she hugs Aemy briefly and replies, "We're friends, Aemy, and it's just what we do," she says quietly, her view on this very simple and straight forward. "Rest well," she says as she steps back, "and I'll come round in the morning, we'll have breakfast."

Daryl stops, watching as the woman steps in front him, and he realizes how dire the situation is. It is nothing in comparence to when Daryl see's Aemy's state, and he frowns, his eyes trailing her. "Aemy! I'm sorry it came to this. Everythings going to be okay." His voice is reassuring, despite the situation. The Ashwood back peddles a few steps, shaking his head at Redmond in disbelief and moving away.

"Thank you, my lady. That would be so delightful.." Offering her a tentative smile. Finally at Daryl's words, her blue eyes look back over to him. "I have.." orders? "Been instructed to keep my distance until this has been.. settled, my lord. Forgive me.." The last a plea.

Nedra settles her cloak around her shoulders as she gives Aemy another nod, "I'll see you then," she promises, lingering in place with her Septa and guard while Aemy and Daryl speak.

"My forgiveness is not required, Lady Aemy. Sleep well, we will see this through." Though she may have to keep her distance, the Ashwood seems stubborn on staying at the inn atleast, his eyes locking on both those guards, but mostly Symon, with distaste. Absently a hand runs along his cut forearm, and his jaw clenches. A passing maidservant hands him an ale, a small comfort amidst the chaos.

Aemy wishes she was as confident as he was. With a quick smile to Nedra, she nods. "Tomorrow, my lady." Briefly looking back at Daryl with wide eyes, "Good night. my lord. Sleep well." Her tone lacking the usual animation.
As before in the day, the guards ignore the look from the Ashwood and escort the lady to her room.

Nedra glances after Aemy as her guards and maid escort her to her room, waiting until Aemy is out of sight, before she turns back toward Lord Daryl. She sees the look on his face, the clenched jaw, and settles her cloak at her shoulders with a calm movement of her hands, pinning the heavy material in place as she speaks quietly. "So often, my lord, the only friends we have, the only confidants that we keep with us as we are sent from house to house, is the good men who guard us, the maids who accompany us or the Septa's who guide us. Our families are busy with the work that they do, the business that they must manage, and as daughters of our houses our duties are - for the most part - few and far between, save for making the right friends, the right impressions, and being the exemplar model of a daughter of our respective houses. The knights who guard us can, for some, become like members of our family. Many have served our households since before we were born, it builds a bond that is not easily broken, the sort of bond that weathers the changes the life brings to us. That decisions bring to us. She is torn," she adds in the same quiet voice, "and I believe that it pains her to be so."

Daryl watches as the Terrick guard follows, and his expression eases some. A look to Nedra, "As long as she is not left alone with that man. I fear only for her safety, and i'm surprised he has not been apprehended yet…" Perhaps he shouldn't be. As far as the investigation goes, its been slow. Daryl rubs one hand along his forearm with a slight wince, his free hand raising his mug to his lips. A look to Nedra, "What has transpired tonight? I have not been able to see my betrothed until now."

"Has that been tended to, properly, my lord?" Nedra asks in return, aiming a nod at the wound along his forearm that necessitates a wince from the young Ashwood nobleman. "A great many things, my lord," she adds, "and if you'd like, I can take a look at your arm," she offers.

Daryl shakes his head softly, lost in thought. Another raise of his mug and a great deal goes down the gullet. "I should probably switch the bandage between the next hour or so." Despite this, he takes another look upstairs, Nedra is mot turned away, but his arm isnt exatly expected to look that good, and as he unwraps the armor on his forearm, and removes bandages, a somewhat deep cut shown on his arm, extending along the skin.

"Well then, lets see that properly attended to, shall we?" Nedra asks as she nods at her armsman and lets him lead the way through the room, closer to the fire in fact. She exchanges a few words with her maid Shalla before sending the girl off to the kitchen to fetch some supplies. "Perhaps you'll want something other than ale for a moment," she suggests and takes Lord Daryl gently by the arm to walk him with her over to a table near the fireplace.

"I would." Daryl agrees pointedly, "I'd like to see my betrothed with a smile on her face, away from that commoner, so quick to change subject. He follows, however, ale brought with him as he moves closer

Nedra leads the way to the table that Ser Petyr had selected. With Shalla's help she'll carefully clean and re-bandage the wound, offering some practical advice on keeping the wound clean, burning the bandages after each change, the usual advice that healers have been dispensing for years. She'll reference the advice of Healer Dania several times as she does this, calling upon her most recent training with Dania to do this simple thing.