Page 337: No Heal For You!
No Heal For You!
Summary: Muirenn expresses her hurt and frustration to her brother and Dania when a gift of healing is returned.
Date: 22/June/2012
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Mallister Campsite
This is the Mallister encampment. It is large and purple.
June 22, 289

A cheerful voice is heard singing a rather morbid song in a quite up tempo way. By the time Muirenn reaches the pavilion and her dulcet voice fades, the lady…the man…the jealous lover…and the dog have all died. Peeking in she tosses a lock of silky auburn away from her face and calls out "Helloooo is anyone here?" That there are guards and small folk about is a given but Muirenn likely means friends or family, though the teen gives the staff bright smiles of greeting.

Nathaniel bites his bottom lip for a moment, but recovers quickly. "I am quite serious," he says, looking to Dania. "But if another has asked you to the dance, then he is fortunate. Still, I will welcome your teaching. It might be useful someday."

"Oh I am well, just tired. I fret too much. But, other than needing a good night's sleep I am doing rather well. I am in good spirits and in a good mood. How about yourself Ser Mallister?" She asks him. She offers a smile to Nathaniel. "Oh you are asking me to the dance, I must decline, but if there is room for a dance I will gladly dance with you. If it is allowed." She tells him with a smile. "I am not sure if the person will be attending but I am hoping he will be." She looks over at Lady who is cheerfully singing. "Milady, good day. I pray you are well and enjoying then day?"

Looking about to answer Dania's question, Martyn shakes his head as he hears his sister's voice. "Nice song," he remarks to her a bit lightly. "But was it necessary for the dog to die?" Spoken with a straight face, as he studies her. "Someone's in a good mood, I see…"

Nathaniel turns to look in Muirenn's direction. He bows deeply to her, and greets, "Good day, lady," before chuckling at Martyn's comment about the dog. "Why must the innocent suffer?" he asks dramatically. "It is the age-old question, isn't it?" He bows to Dania, then, and smiles. "I should be honored if such fortune comes to me, and he is most assuredly honored." He goes to the small table and sets his cup on it. "I should inquire about Ser Justin, but you have my thanks for the tea and honey bread, mistress." With that, he bows generally and bids, "Good day to you, until we meet again!"

"Actually, I could easily have replaced Lady Roslyn for the dog. Perhaps I should…in which case absolutely it was a necessity for the dog to die" Muirenn replies mildly, though there is a spark of anger that is banked in her grey eyes. "I am tired and trying to keep my spirits up, glad to see at least I am fooling everyone." Moving towards her brother, the tall girl gives Martyn a hug before spilling herself gracefully down into a camp chair. "You would not believe what she did." Despite her angry words, she seems more hurt than furious. "I felt so horrible for poor lord Rafferdy. He was hurt so badly…." there is a pause as she is addressed by Nathanial. Glancing at him she flashes a smile, "Hello. Good day…"

"Would you like for me to go and check on him?" Dania asks her with a curious look in her eye as she watches Muirenn. She then looks to Nathaniel and offers him a bow of her head. "Likewise and I will see you again." She looks at both of them and then she remembers her place. "Forgive me for be being bold I mean no offense." From her words she means it.

"Take care," Martyn offers to Nathaniel, before he pauses at Muirenn's words, "Could you a…" Trailing off as he hears the rest of it, he turns around a bit to look in another direction as his expression hardens for a few moments at the mention of Rafferdy. He shakes his head after a few moments, and then looks back to the others, expression back as it's supposed to be. "What did Lady Roslyn do, then?"

"No Mistress Dania…let them deal with their own." Muirenn replies with a frustrated sigh. Glancing up at her brother she explains in a rush, "I sent a wooden box over with a variety of my ointments, teas, and an antiseptic wash…to supplement whatever they might have. Lady Roslyn didn't even let the Maester or her healers see it. She immediately had everything returned to me with a politely cool note." Her feet move anxiously against the carpeted floor of the pavilion. "I can only think that she either hates me or doesn't trust me. Either way, I am horribly insulted. As if I would do something that would cause harm to someone who is ill. That is all I can think of, why else would someone just give away costly medicinals."

"If you want my thoughts on the matter she is not suitable for the young Terrick. Yes I am over stepping my bounds. But I am rather fond of the young lord, and he could do better. Perhaps there is a way to have her show her true colors." Dania says to them both as she tilts her head to the side and watches them. "I do aplogize again for speaking out of turn."

Martyn pauses for a few moments as he hears what's being said now. "I see…" he offers, expression a bit thoughtful for the moment. Pausing a little bit as he hears Dania's words, he looks about to say something, but holds it back at the moment. Turning to look at his sister again, he offers her a bit of a smile. "Maybe she's a bit too possessive about her brother?" he suggests finally.

"Lady Roslyn has always been polite, overall relatively nice, and I thought her to be quite rational. As far as the House Nayland goes, I felt her to be one of the better ones." Muirenn's voice comes out quietly as she responds to Dania. Glancing at her brother, she looks pained "Martyn, I would never give you strange herbs without having either myself or the Maester test them; however, I would never insult any Healer or House so by returning the gift immediately. It is an insult to me and our House." A delicate hand swipes the air emphatically, "No more will any of my time or supplies be spent to aid a Nayland. It is clear they wish my aid not, therefore they will not receive it again even should the Stranger be knocking on their door."

"Apprently she is not." Dania says gently and then wisely begins to keep her thoughts to herself. She is just watching and listening for the moment. She has not gotten up off her stool.

"I know," Martyn replies to Muirenn's words, offering her a bit of a smile. "And we didn't do that when Lady Jocelyn sent over those herbs, after all…" He pauses for a few moments, before he adds, "The Naylands have always been… Nayland-ish, if that's even a word."

"No, we did not. Lady Jocelyn and I are friends, I like her very much…and Lady Rowenna. But you are right brother. I am so angry and so hurt. Truly, I hope that lord Rafferdy pulls through." She glances between her friend and her brother, "You don't think the other Houses were offended or upset that I lent my aid do you? I hope not." Whatever cheer Muirenn had managed earlier flees as her face falls.

"I do not think they did if they did then they need to meet the stranger to understand that sometimes you need to except a well met gift with a smile and thank you." Dania tells her. "Or practice better diplomacy." She adds. She bites her lower lip. She really cannot help herself. Blame it on her lack of sleep.

Martyn moves one hand up to run it through his hair, expression rather neutral for the moment. "I don't think the other Houses are upset," he offers, finally. "The Naylands tend to be a bit… different, though." He doesn't say much more about that, before he adds, "I haven't met Lady Jocelyn more than in passing." A brief pause, before he adds, "Lady Rowenna, on the other hand. No matter what one could say about what she did, she's capable when it comes to fighting as well. Her husband was a good teacher there…"

"You are right Martyn." Muirenn says softly. Brightening she adds, "I met Lady Rowenna at that event Saffron held. I liked her." Clasping her hands together she glances at Minnie and instructs, "Please go get me some tea please, and then lay out my attire for the melee."

Wise Dania sits and says nothing at the moment. She looks up at the wall of the tent. Her eyes are bright and she is just listening to two nobles. She has not said anything just yet. Instead she gets herself comfortable and she is waiting for what who knows.

Martyn nods a little bit now, as he looks around himself again, keeping silent for the moment. Expression a bit distant right now.

Nathaniel returns to the Mallister's camp with the caution that any commoner approaching a noble camp knows. He left Dania Martyn, and Muirenn here so that he could check on Ser Justin in the Terrick compound. He bows to Muirenn and Martyn first. "Ser, Lady," he greets them. Then he quickly turns to Dania and reports simply, "He is still improving, slowly. If you need me to take any medicines to him, I will be glad to do so, mistress."

"Make sure there is enough for everyone Minnie" the russet haired girl adds. She glances at Martyn and sighs happily, "I purchased the most delightfully beautiful fabric and feathers yesterday from one of the merchants." Looking at Dania she continues, "It is this beautiful blue green raw silk. Some of the feathers have been dusted gold and some match the silk. I sent it to a seamstress for a gown to be made. I wish we did not have to continue to wear black. I am so tired of black. Uncle Jason was one for strict propriety I know, but still." She gives a little sigh, though again brightens as Nathaniel returns, "Good day. How is Lord Justin doing?"

"I will send you back with some more herbs. She opens up her saddle bags that are by her feet and holds out a satchel. Tell him to take this the same why he took the willow bark tea. Also tell him I will stop by later to check on him." She smiles. Then she bends down and gathers her things up. "I should be heading out. I have to make some rounds." She offers a deep curtsy. "May you have a lovely evening and I hope to see you again Lord ser and lady Mallister and you as well good Master." She rises from her curtsy and starts to head out.

"I don't know, I sort of like black," Martyn replies, after a few moments of pause, shrugging a little bit. He pauses a little as he listens to the others, nodding a bit now. "Take care," he offers to Dania, a bit quietly, before he looks back to Muirenn. "That fabric sounds wonderful, though."

Nathaniel cradles Dania's prescription in one hand while he opens the satchel that he carries on his own shoulder. He listens keenly to Dania's words, and nods. "I'll tell him precisely, mistress," he answers. Then he nestles the healing treasure into a secure spot inside the pouch. He lowers the flap on the satchel and fastens its closure before he, too, bows. "Please pardon the intrusion," he apologizes. He looks as if he, too, might depart. However, he pauses and fixes his gaze on the auburn-haired woman. "Lady," he answers, "Ser Justin is improving, slowly but steadily, quite in contrast to what some people want to believe." He touches the satchel, and adds, "In a small way, I have been helping Mistress Dania to care for him. If you wish, I will be honored to convey your greetings to him."

"Farewell Mistress Dania" Muirenn chirps as she settles onto her camp chair. Her handmaiden returns with a large tray of tea. Gesturing she invites, "Would you care for some tea? I am attempting not to storm off in a rage. I am glad Lord Justin is feeling better." The girl's face warms into a smile, "I am glad" she repeats. With a subtle movement of a finger, Miniella begins to pour the tea, "Please tell Lord Justin that I am very glad he is improving and I will visit him soon."

Martyn pauses for a few moments now. Getting to his feet a bit thoughtfully. "I'll have something I need to take care of," he offers, before he adds, "I'll be back soon, though." And off he goes now.

Nathaniel answers, "I will, lady. I am sure that he will welcome your good wishes, and look forward to your visit." Then he again bows to Muirenn before stepping away, possibly to depart for the pavilion of his house.

"Thank you." There is a pause as her Septa hands Muirenn a cup of steaming tea that has a minty herbal fragrance to it, "I know not your name." She takes a sip of the beverage and gives Nathaniel a thoughtful smile from over the rim.