Page 273: Night Music
Night Music
Summary: Rutger goes looking for correspondence and finds himself enjoying the view and a little music
Date: 17/04/2012
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Rutger Emylie 
Parapet — Tordane Tower
The circular rooftop is set with crenellations and two guards watch over this area on shifts. Set in the center is the roockery, created with iron and wood, the cage is ventilated and has openings on either side to allow for Raven releases. The view of the town and surrounding area is large, with the breeze rushing in off the waters.
17th April 289 A.L.

Up here the breezes that come down the river valley are a fine respite the the summer's heat which slowly lifts once the sun goes down. Coming down from the rookery is one of the Nayland men, currently staying in Stonebridge at the moment. A small piece of paper in hand. His doublet is worn a little loose, but surely nothing out of propriety. Ser Rutger pauses as a breeze stirs and he looks out towards the town. There is a step out away from staircase which is heading down. A glance over and a nod is given to a guard who has some distance before he is checking that small letter in his hand. Given the look on his face it's nothing serious..Despite the means it was delivered.

It is well known that the Lady of Erenford often visits the parapet, perhaps in anticipation of a potential letter from her home back in Heronhurst, but many speak of her simple desire to think there. This is the case, as the young lady is near the edge of the tower, her elbows leaning on the top of the wall as she peers out to the town and the river below. The Guards really pay her no mind, she is harming nobody and they have come accustomed to the soft songs she often sings while there, the words carrying gently on the breeze. Such is the case now, unaware of the arriving Lord, a soothing song cast upon the wind.

There is a bit of a pause from the older man as he turns in the direction of the singing. There's a bit of silence that comes over the man before he is looking over his shoulder back to the guard. The piece of parchment is tucked down into his doublet's sleeve before he is looking towards the woman there. A tilt of his head and the knight is content to remain silent as she continues to sing softly. A step closer, but he does keep a respectful distance.

When she does quiet, he does offer a soft bit of applause. "My Lady.." Whether the clapping startles her, or his voice, Rutger continues on. "Thank you."

The song does finish, and the Lady quickly turns her head to the light applause given by the Knight, a biting of her lower lip as a slight blush comes over her, "My apologies M'lord. I would reply with /Your welcome/, but I am quite unsure as to the reason why you offer your thanks."
A hand goes to tuck a strand of hair back from her face, securing it behind her ear as her words continue, that same soft dulcet tone, "Where you standing there long?" Nervous hands move to smooth out her dress; the wind makes it so difficult to keep it smooth.

"Long enough." Rutger replies with a grin. A bow of his head and the knight lets his hands come to rest, clasped at the wrist before him. "Your welcome works as well my Lady. As to why you got my thanks?" there's a slight breathless laugh that escapes the man. "I have been at war since the Ironborn have reaved these lands. And before that I was caught in the noise of King's landing. I have been far from home, and seen nothing but pain, and war." And there he lowers his gaze for a moment. "So, at the risk of sounding bold, your voice is truly one of the more beautiful things I have been able to hear in some time."

With that admission out his hand comes out, gingerly. "Ser Rutger Nayland, at your service, my lady…" and he lets the rest dangle as his hand remains out for hers, allowing Emylie a chance to fill in the blanks.

Out of pure respect for his service and for his title, the Lady takes the offered hand and curtseys with the lowering of her lashes, "Erenford. Lady Emylie Erenford. Second child to Lord Miraz, and sister of your fighting brethren; Marvish Erenford." Greetings out of the way, the young lady moves to rest her other hand on the parapet wall, looking out to the town below a brief moment before continuing her reply.
"Your words are too kind M'lord. Nobody usually hears me, except the Guards up here and the ravens, and I take their lack of squawking as a sign of approval." Her head tilts to the side a moment as she regards the Knight, "I do hope House Erenford fought as bravely by your side as I am told. My brother tends to embellish his tales and leave out the horrors. Protecting his little sister he claims." A soft laugh escapes her as well, carried on the breeze, "I do not need protection."

Hand taken, Rutger, holds lightly before brushing his lips chastely to her knuckles. Once that is down he releases her hand and rises. "Truly, a pleasure to make your acquaintance Lady Erenford. I do hope that my family here at Stonebridge has given you all hospitality at their disposal." There is a turn of his head as he looks on towards the heart of the town below, his own smile widening in earnest.

"Yes, Lord Marvish, I do know him and I can say without any fear of falsifying my own report, that House Erenford did acquit themselves with honor and valor." a nod to that. "They did well and I am glad to call your House friend, my lady." That last quip does bring a raise of his brows. "You do not?" he replies playfully, "Tell me, how are you so fierce, that you need no protection?"

Upon the kiss to the back of her hand, the Lady inclines her head as well, a soft smile given as he rises to meet her gaze once more, "Your family has been more than hospitable. My stay here has been without the slightest hint of displeasure or disdain." She continues that smile, a soft giggle escaping, "Marvish was always better with a spear then with his words. I am glad he represented our House well. The Knights of Erenford have a proud history." Oh how politically trained to play up her house this one is.
"Why is it that I do not need protection?" She shrugs carelessly and then elaborates, "Well perhaps I should clarify. I do not deny the need for a Guard. If anyone wished me dead I would be unable stop that from occurring." She folds her hands before her and continues in her soft lilt, "Tho I am not a child. My father would be extremely upset with me if these words left this tower Ser Rutger; but who do you think truly was the voice that orchestrated the trade agreement with your House. My father was ready to sign with little concern, until I upset the apple cart and got what was best for /Our/ House as well as Yours."

Rutger keeps the smile held firm, before he allows a dip of his head. He cannot help, but chuckle as the Lady does go on about her House. BUt, truly who could blame one in showing their love and admiration for their kinsmen? "Well, I can attest their spears fell many a Ironman and helped us when we needed it." he replies before nodding again. "And good. I would be displeased if they were treating you poorly."

As for the other question Rutger, does fall silent as he listens to the reply. An amused look coming upon his visage. "Oh trust me, my Lady Emylie, you are no child from what I can see before me." The compliment paid he does raise two fingers and press them to his lips before crossing them. "I swear, such confidences shall not leave this parapet." He cannot vouch for his guards, but he doubts they will say anything. "I see" Rutger says with a grin. "So, truly this was all your maneuvering? If so, I must applaud again. From what I know of our agreement, I have liked. It is sound, concise and does not favor overtly either house. So-it is fair." Well, fair enough for an agreement in commerce.

Emylie once again inclines her head with a soft grin, "I thank you M'lord. And I should not worry about your Guards. We are very close; isn't that right Alaric?" She smiles over to one of the Tower Guards who simply smiles back without a murmur. Emylie leans into you and whispers, "He likes to talk to the Ravens; does his job well tho." She leans back and looks down to the town below, even going as far as to lean on the wall edge a bit, peering below, before pushing off and turning to face you once more, "Nobody ever gets anywhere by being soft Ser Rutger. The key is to be steadfast to your own thoughts that cannot be negotiated, and make the other party involved content with what they are getting outof the deal." She winks and then adds, "It is fair enough indeed."
She then leans her back against the edge once more, "You cannot let yourself be pushed around." Her eyes again find the Knights as she looks over her shoulder to the town below then back to you, "And I know you would not push me."

Rutger grins as he watches her for a moment, though when she leans in he grows still, before his own soft chuckle leaves him. "Indeed he does.." murmured back as eyes seek out Alaric. There's a faint nod to the man, before he is coming close-though with guards watching there is no fear of impropriety, nor some sudden urge to murder, right? "No, I will agree with your assessment there, Lady. One must be bold about what they want, and be willing to do what is necessary for that to happen. For themselves, and for their houses." A nod there before he is looking over the edge with a chuckle, before it is his turn to lean in and allow his voice to soften. "I will, push though lady. If it gets me what I want." A wink there as he leans back "We are having festivities in honor of the war being over these next two days. I do hope I am able to see you there." the implied he will be looking, teased out before he is moving from Emylie. "I shan't distract you from the air anymore..Or Alaric and his ravens.." he says softly, before he is moving for the staircase. "Anon, my dear lady."

As the Knight leans in to whisper, the Young Lady remains where she is, neither blinking or backing away. Her own soft voice replies to his words, "Good. I need friends like you. One willing to get his hands dirty and take a risk. You seem to have a spine; another plus." She laughs lightly again and raises a brow to his next words, "Festivities to honor the war? It would be my pleasure to attend and help represent Erenford's part." She then casually shrugs and adds in a jesting manner, "You shall see me there, if the other ladies do not cloud your vision." As the Knight moves to the staircase, she turns back to the walls edge, peering out once more, "Any requests Alaric? How about that song about the Little birdy. You do love that one."