Page 182: News of the North
News of the North
Summary: Word finally comes, of the fate of Tall Oaks.
Date: 15/01/2012
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Former Marketplace — Terrick's Roost
Once the marketplace. Now rubble and ash and the destruction in the wake of the Ironborn. Site of a temporary aid station.
15 Jan, 289 AL

Though her arms are filled to overflowing with various supplies, Muirenn still manages to keep her walk a feminine glide as she moves to set things down. Behind her follows the good Septa, and the knight wearing Mallister colors leading his giant of a horse, Tiny. Various other castle servants and small folk follow, "How about we set up over there.." the redhead bends, indicating a spot in the corner of the market place. "This is a central location that folk can come to."

Liliana is already out and about, speaking quietly to this smallfolk and that, most of whom recognize her, having lived for so long in the roost. A cmforting word ad a ready smile is what she offers, each as to their own need, until that familiar voice brings her around, and she begins to lead the gathering over towards where Muirenn and the septa are setting up their small aid station. "There are many still, coming from their hiding in the lands far from the Roost. Their tales are not pleasant."

"Liliana…did you speak with one of the Flints?" Muirenn sets down her own supplies and with a hand directs the Septa to continue the work as she focuses on her friend. "We saw but a taste of what they had to life through. I doubt not that their tales are fearsome." She rests a hand on the Camden lady's arm.

"I did not," is Liliana's reply, as she comes to begin the task of setting up the aid station, and relieving the Septa of the large load she's carrying. "Their Lord had other duties to which he needed to attend. It would not have been appropriate to be so selfish as to think my own needs should come before the needs of himself and his men, who fought to free us from the ironborn."

"Nonsense, come.." Muirenn says as she twines an arm through Liliana's. "Ser Dorsey has no word of my home, but we can get word of yours." She gestures and instructs her Septa, "Please assist those of the Roost in getting things organized here Septa Waldsteina. The Lady Camden and I will return after we speak with one of the Flint party." In many ways, the Mallister maiden is the epitome of gentle feminity, but there is a streak of willfullness as bright as her red hair. "Come Lili…let us see if we can find the nobleman."

Anders has the opportunity to relieve himself of the plate mail that had been plaguing him during the 'victor's march' into town, and now into something a little more comfortable, the Young Lord Flint and one of his men now wander the immediate area of the keep, looking at the damage wrought by the Ironborn. It could have been a great deal worse.. oddly enough.

"There really is no need to be such a bother, Muirenn. There will be time enough." Does one ever really want to get to that moment when one faced realizing the worst you have been imagining? Most likely not, but Muirenn is forceful in her own way, and the camden girl follows after, eyes scanning the crowds. It's easy to tell the difference between the incoming soldiers and the returning smallfolk, and to make out the form of one she's seen before and point it out to Muirenn. Now not so distant, she offers, "That is the Young Lord Flint, Lyly's…I mean, the Lady Cordelya nee Reed's new husband. I did not meet him but briefly, at their wedding some few months ago. I hope she has not come as well."

No, there is never a good time and news such as they are expecting to hear from Tall Oaks is never truly wanted…but as with most hurts there must be pain so the healing can begin. Arching a brow, Muireen mmms and murmers "I have heard some odd stories about the Reeds. I figure most can be attributed to heresay though." She nods and pauses a moment in her tracks. Hands reach behind her and she removes her apron. A long-fingered hand daintily arranges her skirts, the veil that covers her hair, and her sleeves. Satisfied that the green and gold (not her House colors, but colors that are imminantly suitable to her coloring) gown is settled to perfection and that she looks every inch the Mallister noble she is, *then* the girl smiles and moves towards the young Lord Flint. "Good day my Lord Flint." She greets as she approaches. Her eyes lower respectfully to the ground and a low curtsey is given as she rises she says, "I am Lady Muirenn Mallister." There is a moments hesitation, disturbing one of his station but then she glances at Liliana and gazes at Anders, "Might I and Lady Camden have a moment of your valuable time?"

Anders' attention is on the destruction, but within, he can see the potentials. All will undoubtedly be part of his consideration for the immediate future's decisions. When he catches his name, he turns slowly (and gingerly) towards the hail. He watches the ladies approach, and inclines his head in the acknowledgment. Brown eyes flicker from one to the other, and in that moment, recognizes the colours that Liliana wears. The colours he'd seen in the line. And now as the ladies stand before him, he speaks, "My lady Mallister.. and.." Of course! For Liliana, he smiles, a little sadly, and greets, "My Lady Camden." There's the hint of the capitals in there, and he bows a little more formally, the wince streaking across his face.

Liliana seems more than content to allow Muirenn to broach the subject to the oncoming lord, though as his attention turns to then, she does stand firm, her bearing as noble as even to please the courts of Riverrun. The garb of her people every inch as fitting on her as the dress on the Lady of Mallister. A dip, though, lacking skirts, the respectful inclination of her head will have to take the place of a full curtsey. But at the tone of the Young Lord's greeting, something, in her head, perhaps, or in her heart, certainly in her face, crumples. And when she speaks her voice is soft, barely above a whisper, full of pain, "There…is no one else?" So many must be gone, for Liliana to be addressed so.

Though she notes Anders' pain, Muirenn turns to look at Liliana. The implications sink in and the girl wraps her arms about her friend. She murmers, "Come, let us adjourn to the supply area. We may sit It seems my lord that there may be much you might tell us." There is a pause as she adds, "And the House Flint has my heartfelt gratitude for the sacrifices made to come to our aid here." A hand gestures to the canopy that has been errected. "This way my Lord Flint."

"No, not all, my Lady." Again, Anders has that capital in his tones, and his tones soften, echoing her own. "As we rode south, we came across a single rider. Lady Tiaryn. My goodcousin, and my squire's goodsister." And, obviously, the young Lady's aunt. He nods at Muirenn's words, his voice still soft, as he looks in the direction indicated. "Aye.. I think she should sit." He won't mince words, though he will attempt to soften the blows. "As well as I.." The young lady is now Lady of Tall Oaks, and there are certain considerations now. He moves slowly towards the canopied area; chest wounds after a day begin to pull! He quirks a self-effacing smile, "Thank you for your kind words."

"Yes, you should sit and take your ease. The Lady Muirenn and I will see to your needs." Better to think about something, anything, but the reality facing her. Bent, but not broken, at least in the presence of company. A brightness, a spark, certainly, at the news of Tiaryn's survival, "The Gods are gracious that they have saved her.And that she should be fou—found by family. And that they have kept you and yours safe and whole through your battles." Well, perhaps not wholly 'whole' but he's not leaving bits and pieces of himself behind him. "She is safe, and Lyly?"

"They are naught but truth my Lord" Muirenn says quietly as she keeps her arms around Liliana and guides her towards the canopy. "Come Lili, lets go sit down and assist Lord Flint." The redheaded maiden gestures for chairs to be brought. She instructs quietly, "Some of the mint tea please."

All Anders would like is a place to sit for the moment. He's seen the destruction wreaked upon poor Tiaryn, and he can only imagine what Liliana has suffered before they arrived. Granted, the Flint, born Camden, was injured and dehydrated.. and.. "Cordelya said the Gods were angry and were calling for vengeance." The Old Gods. "But she is safe.. physically healthy. Now, her other wounds need to heal." He takes the moment, standing until the ladies take their seat before he takes his own. "Cordelya is well. She insisted upon riding, after I received her promise that she would remain behind in Stonebridge until I called for her." His tones turn dry, "She didn't keep to her promise there, but her healing skills did come in handy."

Liliana will sit, as long as it takes for Anders and Muirenn to take there. But there's some need to move, to keep moving to not stop, even for a moment, and she's more than happy to receive the tea, when it's brought, and water set to steep, before she receives her small healing kit, slightly hands unrolling it onto the seat she abandoned a few moments before, "It gladdens me to hear that they are both well, and if my Lord Jerold permits, I will ride to Stonebridge to find them." A glance to Muirenn, "I pray only…that we will have better word of…your cousin."

Understanding Liliana's need to remain busy, Muirenn seats herself and says "If it please you my Lord, allow Lady Camden and myself to take a look at your injury. We have no small skill and the maester is at the castle." She glances to her friend and says with a smile, "I have told you Lili, Aeric will survive on sheer personality alone. He is a Mallister. I worry more for my parents and brother to be frank. But I will receive word of them soon enough. In the meantime, I have already told the Septa I want to start preparations for travel. I will accompany you back to Tall Oaks." She turns her head towards Anders and regards with a nod, "The news is painful, but…" her eyes shift towards Liliana and then back to the Flint noble, "but needed to be heard."

Throughout, Keelin's simply playing guard for the Ladies. He nods his head to the Young Lord Flint, respectfully but stays quiet. He's not to say at all on this topic. It's noble business and none of his. Though as the understanding comes through, he does get a rueful look of sympathy for the Lady Liliana. And as Muirenn speaks of Tall Oaks, a brow raises, though for the moment, he says nothing.

"They will undoubtedly arrive tomorrow. I've sent word, and knowing the two, wild horses couldn't keep them away," Anders smiles. "It will save you the ride?" Anders shakes his head quickly, "No, Lady Mallister. We're not going to Tall Oaks. There could still be a century of Ironborn there.. if not more." He suspects that they haven't departed the trees. The words regarding first 'cousin', and then said 'cousin' gathers a name, he smiles. "Lady Mallister. I can tell you that upon our march to the south, we also met up with a Lord Aeric Mallister. He had rescued several Lannisters from Lannisport, and we aided his provisioning. He harrassed the Ironborn on the water, and with news, he could make port at his earliest convenience." Nodding at Keelin, he acknowledges the man before he addresses his injuries from the fight yesterday. "I was seen to.. and now, it is simply painful to move." Riding was difficult with two holes in a chest. To set their worries aside, he moves his tunic to the side to reveal the bandages. The pair of wounds have seeped somewhat, and are pink. They weren't like that before, dammit!

"I will await their arrival, but if they do not come, I will go to them." Liliana cleans her hands, before she kneels, to better be able to tend the wounds revealed on the Young Lord's chest. There's no sense of impropriety as she works, her movements, as well as the studied expression as her fingers dislodge the bandages clinical. A caregiver's considerations, nothing more. "The Young Lord is right…the Oaks…even for Ironborn they would be a safe place to hide, to regroup. They would have the advantage of the trees and we none at all. I will not venture there until I can be certain that we would be safe. And that they have abandoned the lands of my family." The bandages are carefully nudged aside, allowing Muirenn to get a look at the wounds beneath. Again, that brightness, at the news, and Liliana's eyes dart to Muirenn. The expression there, well…the Young Lord being newly wed himself, might know something of the emotion behind it.

Whether Muirenn herself has felt any of that emotion before is anyones guess for she reveals nothing in the friendly smile, "See, of course he is fine….just as I said…and as for the journey, of course it would not be right to leave immediately…but once it is safe I will be going with you." Tilting her head she considers the wounds, "The rosemary and mint salve will be cooling and protect against infection." Rising, she moves to shift and sort through her things until she finds the small clay pot she was looking for. Passing it to her friend she adds, "The stitches still look sound, I would leave them be for the moment." Lifting her gaze she adds shyly, "Lord Flint, I know that your duties will not always permit, but please try to keep twisting movements to a minimum if at all possible…it strains your stitches and aggrevates the injuries even more."

There, sense is shown and Keelin managed to not have to say a word. That's most excellent to his way of thinking. He keeps watch on the folks coming and going anywhere near the party, not paying so much attention to what they precisely are doing. So he's not really noticing any expression on Liliana's face. He does have half an ear on the conversation, mostly listening in case he's needed for anything.

"He is fine and I'm sure looks forward to making port." Anders does catch the Lady Liliana's glance, his brows rising. Well, ladies and sailors? None of his business, but he does lay it on a little thicker, "He's disrupted the Ironborn's sails, and harried them, sailing north near our cliffs for safety." In other words, the Flints are complicit.

It remains unsaid, but Anders does want to make the trip north to the Oaks, but currently, he doesn't have anywhere near enough men. Perhaps the Charlton contingent will join him, but that's discussion for another day, certainly. He winces, shifting in place as his bandages are removed, sticking here and there, thanks to the seepage. "Anything for the itching?" He shifts again, a wan smile creasing his face. "I am trying, really. Contrary to popular belief, we really do like to remain whole.. and virtually pain free."

Liliana nods, acquiescing to Muirenn's recommendations for the wound, removing the old bandages and beginning the process of cleaning the wounds, paying special attention to the delicate skin around the stitches, lest they begin to fester. "Perhaps some of the bog nettle. I think I have some small store of that remaining." With a name like bog anything, like as not, borrowed from the greywater and the crannogs surrounding it. "It is well that the Lord Mallister chose him to captain the war galley. He seems to have done better against the ironborn than we have." Though, resisting the ironborn siege is no small feat. But hardly offensive. "Will you stay on here, then, my Lord, or does the Lord Stark bid you continue further on?"

A flush rises to Muirenn's cheeks and she looks up and grins, "I doubt that not.." she comments wryly, "Most sane people do. The salve will help with the itching, there is a bit of oat in it…but there will still be some, that is just natures way. She nods in agreement, "The bog nettle would not be amiss." While Liliana sees to the nobleman's hurts, Muire pours the tea. She looks up at Keelin posted near the entrance of the tent and asks, "Would you like some tea Ser while you stand watch?"

Keelin's wandreing thoughts and eyes are caught by Muirenn's question. He glances back, and he smiles. "No, Lady, thank you. I am not in need." And he is on duty, so he's not about to break that rule. He is listening though, and he glances over the group, quietly. Bog nettle? Oat? Sounds like soup, rather than something to put on a wound, which shows how much he knows. Makes him glad he's not injured to have to deal with the Ladies and their remedies.

"Then we are sane." Anders pauses long enough to wince, his skin wriggling.. he's a little ticklish, even around the wound sites. "Tell my lady that, please?" He looks to Keelin, the pained smile tinging his face. "Sane?" And there's tea.. tea! How.. civilized. He'll pass on the tea for his part. "Bog nettle.. and oats." He whistles softly and winces at the touch again, "Though there are better ways to gain attention from ladies." He looks back at the Mallister knight, "Take notes, ser.."

With a smirk, Muirenn discreetly finds a flask of stronger stuff buried in her things. Casting a sidelong look at the Septa who is over dealing with something other, the girl pours a bit into Anders tea. "For medicinal purposes. My Papa used to judge my tea creations by how they accompanied his alcohol." She lowers her eyes as she passes the cup over, "It will help."

With the wound properly cleaned, Liliana, after cleaning her own hands again, begins to apply the rosemary and mint, giving the stitches and the open edges of the wounds a good coating. The bog nettle she applies around, though, one or the other, between the two of them, they skin begins to numb. Once she's certain the wound has been tended as best can be done, Liliana brings fresh bandages, barely managing to contain that mad hiccup of laughter as Anders reveals his ticklishness. The absurdity of it all is certainly not lost on the woman. "I shall, though I think I will not attempt to attract the attention of any ladies, my Lord."

"Noted, M'lord," Keelin replies to Anders, even managing to keep a straight face. The common born knight seems to be good natured about it, as he watches over Muirenn and Liliana tending to the injured. "I'm quite sure there are better ways, you are right." it's a tent for the wounded, with supplies, Ladies, maids and Anders. And through it all, Keelin is just lounging around on guard duty.

It's mid to late afternoon now, after the levies have broken ranks to find their lodgings and beyond, pleasures. It's the 'infirmary' section to aid those who are wounded, mostly now civilians as the army's wounded is back in Stonebridge. Young Lord Anders Flint is seated between two ladies, his tunic set aside, and Lady Liliana is finishing her tending to his pair of polearm wounds to the chest, a clean bandage being applied. "Sorry," is given as Liliana threatens to laugh at his apparent ticklishness… and he seems genuine. Lady Muirenn is handing a cup of tea, and as the Lord Flint raises his near hand to take the cup, he chuckles at her words. "Wiser words never spoken. I will learn from them." Keelin's tones are noted, and even if the knight keeps the straight face, it must be at a cost. Though, he looks back to Liliana, his brows rising, humour growing in his tones, "Good.. I'm glad." Beat. "Am I done?" Well, other than the tea, of course.. and the company of ladies.

With a smile, Muireen discreetly tucks the flask back into her things and rises to resume her seat. Her own cup of tea is…well not quite as medicinal as Anders, but she doesn't seem to mind. Taking a sip she replies, "I think you are done. How many men do you think you would need to ensure that Tall Oaks is safe for travel?" A swipe of her hand brushes a firey red curl behind its gossamyr veil, "I wish I could summon assistance from home but…" She shakes her head, "All I know is that Seagard was attacked and besieged. My Uncle Lord Jason will need all his people."

Caytiv edges toward the guard post, letting his gaze skirt through the infirmary over the bodies of men who took blades in the name of freeing the place. He notes his reading tutor, there, but doesn't bother her with greetings, knowing well she has her work to do, and he stays out of the way, turning his attention to Keelin, approaching him with a muted, "Ser," and a dip of his chin in a respectful greeting.

With the bandaging finished, and the Young Lord's tunic returned to him, Liliana turns her attentions away from the Flint, and towards rummaging around for a few empty scraps of oilcloth, into which she can measure a few doses of both the rosemary and the nettle, for the knight to take with him. The shift in the direction of her gaze brings the young Hill into view, and there's relief there, to see the familiar face, "Cayt, you have come home at last." Another branch to hold on to, lest the flood pull her apart.

Keelin's gaze and attention are caught by the fellow edging towards his post, and he watches Caytiv as he approaches. "Squire," Keelin says, as he recognizes the fellow. "You're Ser Jarod's suire, aye?" he asks, though as Liliana speaks up, he promptly moves aside, hearing the familiarity in her greeting. It's not something he'll get in the way of, for sure. Muirenn does get a look now. "Nay, m'Lady, we'll not be summoning more aid from Seagard. We'll be marching to aid them, I think."

Anders reaches for his tunic, and pulling it on, he feels a little freer with the pain deadening nettles. He draws a test breath, and that, too.. feels freer. There's relief and with his exhale, he breathes, "Much better. Thank you." The tea is raised in a tea-toast, and taking a small sip, he raises his brows, nods, and takes a second. "How many men?" The Young Lord Flint shakes his head, "It would depend, my lady. If there are a hundred, I would enter with two such that we are supported.. but I wouldn't know the numbers unless we had scouts in. And Tall Oaks, by all stories, is difficult to navigate. Only those born and raised there know the woods.. and what is beyond the next stump.. or the next tree." Though Anders does believe it a priority, as it is on their borders. Something his Father, Lord Flint, has certainly taken into consideration. "As for Seagard, my kinsmen are there, too. Should they be freed up for such a thing, it would depend upon whether or not Lord Stark could be convinced that Tall Oaks is a priority." And he doesn't sound too hopeful there, but one never does know. "It would depend upon his approval.. and then, it would mean bannermen would be available, should it be wished." Anders is a man who plays nice with his liege. He was raised to do so.

With Liliana's attention shifting elsewhere, Anders follows her gaze, then the young man whom she addresses. But it's Keelin's words that he responds to, "Aye. That would be my guess too, Ser."

Her lips purse and Muirenn says softly, "I wish I could go Ser Dorsey. Not to fight of course, I know my limits…but the not knowing…the waiting is painful." Her grey eyes close for a moment, but then she opens them and as she has since the beginning pushed the worries aside for now, something to be stewed over and keep her awake in the dark of night. She nods to Anders and begins to speak but then her attention is drawn to the entrance of the canopied area. Curiously she appraise the stranger and gives a nod. Somewhere in the lengthy recitation of her family, she seems to recall her friend Anais having a brother Cayt or something. And so Caytiv is given a warm smile to accompany the acessing grey-eyed gaze.

"Ay, ser," Cayt answers Keelin, leveling a flat gaze into his eyes. "Y'rode along-side us into th' field, ay," he brings further recollection along with it, "An' I wished t' tell ye t'was no small fashion in which ye held the post, an' took to th' charge when it needed be. Would be glad t' see ye mounted aside our Ser once more, we march agin," he finishes up, then looks to Liliana, somber expression touched with a smile, though one sure bittersweet. "Ay, lassie," he tells her. "An' sure sick to've been so long about it, ay."

Liliana's gaze settles on Muirenn, sympathy there, as the Mallister woman does as the Camden already has. As, one would imagine, most women do, when they are called to tend to hearth and home. They set aside their own pains, and focus on others, "Both my Lady Aunt and myself know the ways of the woods of the Oaks, and though no rangers might yet remain, we could take your men on the paths only our rangers know. But I fear if the area were not investigated. Not so much for myself, but…if the ironborn should remain there…or if they wait there to return to the roost once the host has departed…to leave such a thing uninvestigated…." A shake of her head. That is not for her to decide, only to offer. "I was afraid that one of the Nayland knights might have stolen you for his own." And as Lili knows not how each know the other, she takes introductions as she can, "Young Lord Anders Flint, of the flints of Flint's Finger," there being three branches and all, "the Lady Muirenn Mallister, niece to the Lord Jason," a pause, assuming most would know her, she passes herself, "Squire Caytiv Hill, natural born brother of the Lady Anais Terrick." A dip of her head, "I am afraid I do not know your knight, Muirenn."

Keelin bows at the introductions, his gaze going to Liliana with a keen look. "I am Keelin Dorsey, m'Lady," he says. And he doesn't belabour the point that he is sworn to Lord Jason Mallister, but he does add, "Ser Jarod and I were both squires at the Trident, though it took us a time or two of seeing each other to recall it." He then inclines his head to Caytiv, a smile playing at his lips. "Thank you, Squire. It was my honour to fight along side you all. I would indeed be happy to join you again in future, should we have opportunity." Which does look quite likely.

Anders doesn't mind the attention shift. His tunic is adjusted and he's dressed properly once again. His teacup is drained, while not daintily, certainly appreciatively. When the lad speaks, the familiarity in which he speaks to Liliana in public is given a brow rise in quiet inquiry. How the Lady Camden now handles it is of some interest to him. There is fondness, and then there is.. And in the introduction, Anders says simply, "Squire." Familiar and a bastard.

"Lady Camden, I would hesitate bringing the Lady Tiaryn back in her state." As he has no idea what they'd find. "When I am fully able to assure your safety, we may yet travel to the north, should you recieve leave to do so. To investigate. But, I would speak to others that may have a stake in this, out of courtesy." And, if they shake the hornet's nest that Tall Oaks could be, others will be affected, certainly. Nothing happens without ramifications; and sadly all can't be planned for, but some can. "Tall Oaks is on my mind, my Lady. Do not think otherwise."

"This is Ser Keelin Dorsy, one of the finest examples of my Uncle's sworn knights." Muirenn introduces Keelin with a brilliant and proud smile. The maiden bows her head politely to Caytiv, saying softly, "A pleasure Squire Hill. You have my thanks for your bravery and sacrifice in freeing us from the siege." Her own tea is forgotten and she absently sets it aside, "How is Ser Rivers?" she asks, glancing up suddenly and smiling at Cayt.

"I will accept your judgment of what is best for my Aunt, Lord Flint, as you know better her condition than I. I know not if it would help or harm her further, but to have escaped what…" well, what must have occurred there. "If time comes and you have need, I will accompany you." Of Caytiv's familiar tone, she offers nothing, only turning to finish dosing out the poultices the Young Lord will need. "I am pleased to know you, Ser Dorsy. And you have my thanks as well, for the freedom you have provided us."

Caytiv stands by the knight, looking faintly awkward in the midst of all the polite introductions to people of note. He looks the Lord Anders in the eye, giving him a nod uncouth, perhaps, but respectful enough, and hesitates somewhat to look at the Lady Muirenn at all, but ends up unsure how to best greet her without doing so. "Lady," he puts out there tentatively, and clears his throat, lifting his chin with a deep breath, "Nay, lassie," he assures Liliana, "Though Rowan squires again for Ser Jarod, an' I reckon the both of them prefer it so, as it once was with them. For my part I am only glad t' be once more where I can look o'er sweet Annie an' be sure she's from harm." When the less familiar Lady asks after his Ser, "I reckon it weighs rough upon his heart, to see the place so. But he has come through the Ironers uncut, ay," he assures her.

Keelin inclines his head. All good so far as he's concerned. And common born though he may be, he's been sworn to the Mallisters for years now, and it's put a bit of spit and polish on him. "You are too kind, my Lady," he tells Muirenn, before he shakes his head negatively. "Beg pardon for disagreeing, Lady Camden," he caught that for sure, "But no thanks needed. Tis what any man of honour would do." And to his mind it's just that simple.

One day, or several days, Anders may tell Liliana all he knows, or perhaps Tiaryn will. Either way, the chances are good that the now Lady of Tall Oaks will learn of it eventually. "It will actually be the Lady Cordelya's word that I would take first, rather than mine. She has latched on to her, ministering to her as only she can." And it doesn't hurt the Northerners worship the same Old Gods. "I can tell you, my Lady.. what cut her badly? The weirwood is gone." And it bothers him as well, more than he thought it would. "It will be hard on her for just that."

Catching the squire's nod, Anders watches the lad for a few heartbeats beyond before he raises his voice to agree with Keelin. "Well said, ser. And one day, gods forbid, should aid be needed, I would expect that there'd be little hesitation." Unless one calls for the Freys?

The akwardness of Caytiv's greeting has Muirenn glancing over at Liliana for a moment before looking back at the others. Smiling she rises, "If you all will excuse me for a moment. I remembered something that I wanted have the Septa assist me with." She gives Anders a curtsey and then moves away to take care of her business.

Liliana's tone is gentle, as she rises, offering the dosages to Anders, "These should see you through the days to come. If you should have need, and your Lady Wife has need of supplies, I will do what I can to acquire more for you, though she likely has more than I have myself." The Flints are much closer, after all, to the greywater bogs than the Terricks are. "I am certain the Lady Anais will be glad to have her brother home and safely so. Has Ser Rivers given you your duties, now that you have returned to the Roost?" Clearly, Liliana seems to be trying to distract the squire from the awkwardness of the situation.

"Ay, so," Cayt lends his own assent to Keelin's diagnosis of the situation, looking back to the man with come level of comfort, even an approbatory smile, finding peace in seeing the ease with which the knight executes his duty. "Lady," is for Muirenn as she takes her leave, lowering his head to her as she does, then looking to Liliana. "Ay, lass," he tells her, "Though with the pair of us once more at the same chores— well, there will be no lack of things need done, I reckon, about town, to put things straight."

Anders rises as Muirenn does so, and offering an inclination of his head, "My lady." as acknowledgment of her departure. As Liliana offers up the supplies, Anders takes as given, thanks in his tones, "Now that I know what to ask of her, she probably has some. If she does, I will return this to you, and perhaps she may augment your supply." Now on his feet, he still finds himself pain-free, which is a nice change. "My Lady," he offers a bow, though not deep, "I fear that I should check to be sure my men are settled as they have been instructed. I thank you for your ministrations, and I hope that we may yet again converse. I will be taking a room in the keep, so perhaps we shall find each other across the meal table." He looks to Caytiv and says simply, "Squire," in his preparations.

"I think it will not be hard to find me, My Lord. if I am not at the keep, then I will be here, caring for the people as I can." Not her people and yet, they are. "Go and see to your men. I am certain the Lady and the Young Lady of the Roost will ensure that you have all that we can provide." In answer to Caytiv, "I know we have some searching the destruction for where the ironborn would have stored their supplies." Occupying a town means you have to save the foodstuffs and whatnot for yourself, right?" But those who depart, she allows, before she settles in to a few minutes of quiet, if not of peace. That, for the Camden woman, will be long in coming.