Page 250: News from Home
News from Home
Summary: LThe Flint boys receive some long awaited messages.
Date: 25/3/2012
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Einar Anders 
The labyrinthine defences of the Grey Gardens
Rock. And stuff. But mostly rock.
Sun Mar 25, 289

With the increased access to the Grey Gardens defences now the defenders have been forced
right back, Einar is taking the opportunity to explore the rocks he's sent so much time recently watching. He has his crossbow with him, but it's slung over his shoulder as he is not expecting any particular trouble from the remaining Ironborn. He's mostly, for now, just having a gentle look around to see what’s what. Well that, and for the slight change of scenery that is offered.

Anders is climbing with him, taking the rocks with a little more difficulty than he would normally, thanks to the continued use of his armour. Never know, after all.. though he doesn't have his helm, gauntlets and the like with him. "They say the only person who ever scaled the cliffs back home was a Greyjoy. I think if the Harlaws had considered such a thing, they may have been successful, given these rocks." He puts a hand out for his cousin, just in case he needs the balance, what with the hole in the other man's chest. "How're you feeling? Nothing pulling?"

Hole might be overstating the injury, scratch under. Gash or slice, they're more accurate descriptors, although the Charlton's maester seemed to be content with using cut. Whichever though, it's apparently healing well enough, although still bandaged up under his gear. "Just itching now," Einar admits as he reaches the crest of one of the undulations and pauses to take in the new view, "I won't claim it doesn't trouble me on occasion, but I slept far better last night and I think that's helping." As for the rocks back home, well, he smiles at that remark and shrugs faintly, "You might be right Cousin, but I don't think they'll be thinking on that for a while yet."

A nod is given as they crest one of the rocks, pausing on the progress through. Anders takes the opportunity to look about as well, checking the view from his position- back to the camps, over to the keep and out to the water. "I'm glad you've gotten a good sleep," he begins. "Finally, I've been able to take a full night's rest, too." He looks back at his cousin's progress, a smile coming to his face. "I've finally gotten word from home. I believe our courier was.. rather late, for whatever reason."

Now that gets Einar's full attention and the younger Flint turns quickly from admiring the view back to the conversation at hand. "I'm glad to hear it," about the message arriving that is, the courier's delay is something that can be sorted out later, "what does your Lord Father have to say?" Something obviously amuses him and he grins broadly before sharing, "if it's 'ride to meet the Starke's before you sail, you don't need to spend any more time camped with Frey's' then I'll reserve the right to throttle the courier."

Anders laughs out loud at that bit, and he shakes his head. "Sadly, no. I envy him as he was the one leaving to meet the Starks and march with them," is given ruefully. "Though, on the other, he said what I thought he would. It is my decision, and bade me to consider carefully." He smiles tightly, and he exhales in a sigh. "The coming month will be rather important, and I look forward to regaining 'freedom' of movement so I may see how things lie for myself and take counsel from many, without the spectre of war."

"And of your sister?" Einar asks, given there was also supposed to be word from Lord Flint on that score as well. He nods at what is shared though, it's about what he'd expected it would be, but it's nice to have the confirmation none the less. "So it'll be to the Roost when we leave here then?" And not just to collect what few womenfolk they left behind in the south. "At least that's on the way home."

"Absolutely no word," Anders sighs. "Now, I have a feeling she's been put into my la- been made my responsibility. The tone of the letter makes it seem that I am to take on a bit more, and that I hold his confidence." A tight smile comes again, and he casts his head sideways to his cousin. "To the Roost when we depart, picking up our stragglers along the way. We need to send to Stonebridge for our wounded, then turn our eyes north. In the meantime, I will have to make my decision as to the use of a port on the shore of Fallen Oaks. And that is why I need to get off this Gods forsaken isle. I.. want to hear the wind in the trees and know that it's not a cursed god."

Can any God be cursed? It's an interesting theological point, but one Einar feels is probably not worth exploring right this very moment. Setting the question to one side for later thoughts or discussions he glances briefly towards the centre of the fortifications. "I doubt they'll be able to hold for long Cousin, we should be sailing soon enough. Word was that Ten Towers couldn't last either if I remember correctly." It's almost too much to hope for, the end of this long and tedious campaign, but still, it seems to be in sight and the whole camp is feeling it."

Of course they can, in Anders' mind anyway. "And then, we move." He smiles a little and he twists around, checking for anyone who may be in earshot before, "I also finally received a letter from Lady Cordelya." So proper, referring to his wife! "She's well and settled at the Roost." His voice lowers, "She says she has happy news for me, which could mean anything, given any particular state of mind she could be in when her letter was writ." He exhales in a sigh of relief. "They won't hold, then we can quit this island." He reaches out to poke at his cousin, "Then you can do something remarkable after we quit it, and I can knight you in good conscience. Rescue.. a kitten.. or a puppy. Act as midwife.. anything."

It takes him a moment, but Einar does catch onto Ander's drift. Possibly it was the midwife comment that sealed it. The poke earns the Young Lord a raised eyebrow, but it's quickly subsumed beneath an expression of joy at the implication. "So you did have it in you," he jests, "well let me be the first to congratulate you on the news." Reaching forth to pat his cousin on the shoulder in a congratulatory manner, he just hopes it doesn't start giving his father any ideas.

"I'll grant you your knighthood if you're there in my stead," Anders laughs. "I'm willing to bet that's the news, though she hasn't come right out and said such." He lowers his head and chuckles again, "And I'll be a fool if it's not, but I know Corrie." A grin comes and he looks up again, first at his cousin, then back in the direction of where they'll be travelling in their departure, "Your father will be both happy and disappointed, I think. A scowl either way, however, is a certainty."

Einar holds up his hands and shakes his head at the suggestion. "Oh no, that's women's business, I'll grant you a maester maybe, but other than that they know best so just leave 'em to it." Nope, no birthing chambers for him. It was bad enough what with the looks from all the women at Stonebridge when he'd taken TIa in to be looked after. "I would imagine," he continues, changing the subject slightly, or at least the aspect of the subject, "that your wife simply wishes to tell you first in person." It does seem the kind of news that’s better face to face after all. "Your father though will probably throw a feast, and that, will be a welcome home to look forward to."