New Player Guide

Welcome to Steel & Stone! This page is a work in progress, but will link to the basic info you need in order to learn about the game, decide if you want to play and if so, then help you figure out what to play and how to do it.

The best place to start is with our FAQ, which will answer some of the basic questions about the game, its setting, its style, and things like that. Policy is also important, of course, laying out some of our basic rules and practices.

For more detailed information, you'll want to consult Setting, and for specific topics of interest, our Theme files. If you're entirely new to the theme, it might be helpful to take a look at the World page, which provides an overview of the game's world, and basic info about the major regions and institutions that your character would be familiar with.

To find out what houses exist on the game, take a look at Families. Each house also has a page of its own, linked from there, where you can find more in-depth info about them.

We have a very barebones timeline of game history to catch you up on the major events in the almost year-long life of Steel & Stone; you can also check out recent logs to get a feel for RP on the game.

If you're interested in seeing what characters already exist on the game, there's the character list, and +quota on the game itself, as well as +bbread 9, will show you where we currently have openings and where we don't, as well as provide further info about any particular characters or types we're especially looking to fill at the moment.

When it comes time to create a character, check out our Char Gen Guide, which will walk you through the process step by step.

If you need anything else, or have questions that aren't answered here on the wiki, please feel free to ask on <Newbie> by using +n <question>. There is usually at least one Staffer on the channel at most times of day, and we're always happy to help.