Page 349: New Deal
New Deal
Summary: Rutger arrives in Kingsgrove and a new deal is struck between House Nayland and House Groves
Date: 07/05/2012
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Rutger Kittridge 
Braeburn House, Main Hall
Chairs, tables, windows. It's awesome nice in here
July 5th, 289 A.L.

Kingsgrove is a lovely place, especially in summer, and it appears to be a popular one at the moment also. In addition to Rutger there are several others visiting - Sers Dmitry Terrick and Inigo Vance having arrived and been put up in Braeburn House just a day or two ago, and Lady Roslyn having been a guest for some time now, though she has chosen to reside at an inn in town thus far. So Rutger has options! Today, they include the option to drink wine or ale, both set out in a sunny side room off the great hall, where Kittridge is rising from a long wooden table to greet him. "Ser Rutger, welcome."

For once, Rutger's not arriving in some hall dressed for having to ride off and go fight someone. Rather he's had time to take on a more relaxed look, and something he is more comfortable with. As such, it makes it even better when he spots wine, and or ale accompanying the man he came here to visit. A smile graces the Nayland knight's lips as he does pause in his strides to offer a brief bow. "Ser Kittridge." and he's up, offering an arm to clasp. 'Thank you, Ser. I hope you and yours are heart and hale?" A brow is raised at that. "And all right here in your beautiful home?"

Kittridge bows in return, greeting Rutger in a friendly fashion before gesturing at a chair opposite his own seat, which he re-takes. "We are, ser, thank you for asking. Yours as well, I trust? Ale or wine?" He has a cup of the latter himself, which he refills, saying, "Your sister elected to stay in town, I think not wishing to impose without knowing how long a visit it might be, but you are both more than welcome to join us here at Braeburn if you'd prefer."

Rutger easily takes a seat and there he looks back towards Kittridge with a faint grin. "On any other day, I would say both. Given the hellish month I have seen. For now I will say ale. I am still slightly dry from the ride." he adds before nodding. "I would like that, I am here only for a few days, I fear. My father still has need of me, but this I have been given the go ahead to pursue." he adds. "So perhaps we can find time for a ride amongst your orchards while I am here, or perhaps some fowl shooting." He'll wait to snag up the ale. Though given the news of his sister, a brow raises before he nods. 'I will let her know that she is welcome to stay here with me."

Kittridge pours some ale and passes it over, nodding, "Yes, I'm sure you're all very busy at Stonebridge, still. I appreciate you taking the time to ride out to visit. We'll have to see if we can fit in a quick hunt while you're here, I think Sers Dmitry and Inigo might be amenable as well. I'll find out." He smiles, and then says, "Oh, she knows, we would have been happy to have her, of course. I didn't want you to think her choice to stay in town was because we hadn't the space or hadn't extended the invitation. In any case. Shall we to business, so you can enjoy what little time you can spare, here?"

"Ahh, Terricks?" he asks before nodding as the ale comes over and he takes it and sips. "I find those two are agreeable, from what I've noted in what little conversation I have had." a faint chuckle. "I really don't know them, but I should." he adds before he is taking another drink. "Of course, my sister is a virtuous woman." a grin at that, which doesn't reach. "I have come to talk with you, about securing a betrothal. We'd begun talks in Seagard, and I'd see them finished here, if we can." Maybe not today-but you know. "I was thinking of terms what would be fair to Kingsgrove and to you, while also fair to my sister." Rutger says.

"They do seem an agreeable pair," Kittridge agrees with a nod after a sip of wine, "I think it could be a diverting afternoon if you're all interested." He takes another sip of wine, and nods, agreeing easily of Roslyn's virtue, "Of course. I have never heard anything to the contrary." He drinks more, and then nods again as Rutger goes on. "I am pleased to hear you are serious about them," he says, "I wasn't sure whether the Terrick angle was still being pursued or which was your house's first choice. But let's. What terms had you in mind, then?"

"The terms our I had in mind was to give you back a portion of your surplus sold to us, to do as you will. Not all, of course, but you will get a portion that befits your station and my sister's place." read age. "As well as tariffs that favor the Groves' shipping through Stonebridge and Nayland lands." another sip of his ale. "There will be some coin, but again not much. The bulk will come through the surplus we give back for your house's use to gain back lands taken." Rutger adds.

Kittridge nods. "We would be amenable to that in theory," he replies, "The bulk of the dowry being surplus as opposed to gold or tariffs is agreeable. But naturally the size of the portion would be the deciding factor," he says, spreading a hand. "I assume you had a percentage in mind?"

Rutger nods. "I had thought perhaps Twenty five to thirty percent Would be fair." he says "Though I am willing to negotiate on that." he adds before looking back towards Kittridge. "But, I will not give back most of what you gave us. Please know that, Ser. I would like this to go smoothly." Rutger adds. "As I know of the affection you hold for my sister." He lets that hang as he strategically takes a sip of ale. "And what she holds for you. I would like her to be happy." A glance back to Kittridge, looking to read the man's thoughts as they play out on his face.

Kittridge listens and sips his wine, as he does. There's no great big reaction at the strategic pause, just nodding, and agreeing, "We have all become fond of your sister as we've gotten to know her. And I believe she feels the same. I think she could fit in well at Kingsgrove. But I also know, Ser Rutger," he goes on, "That you were prepared to offer the Terricks a great deal more than thirty percent. And they have less to offer than we do, poor as they are, and far more likely to treat your sister with suspicion and disdain."

"But, I believe Lord Justin, does not know my sister the way you do. I was prepared to do a lot with the Terricks in order to gain something." Rutger says as he looks back towards Kittridge. "With the Groves, we wish to gain friends, and family alike." he adds. "I will move up to thirty five." percent. Another sip. "We value you and your family highly, we do." he adds from the rim of his mug. "And I believe Ser, that she could fit in well here as well." Rutger adds with a smile.

Kittridge lifts a brow at that comment, but plays it off, shrugging, "I do believe she and I are better acquainted than she and Lord Justin. She gets along well with my sister, also, as I'm sure you're aware." Ignore ignore ignore. He listens, swirling the wine in his cup, and says, "I believe she could as well. Certainly better than at the Roost, where she would basically be a well-titled hostage. How about fifty percent, but we can forgo any portion of that being made up by gold?"

"Forty, and that is as high as I will go, knowing that you have indeed sampled the wedding bed." There Rutger just says it as he looks to Kittridge. "Fifty is too much, as we are trying to rebuild bridges here. We want all of our neighbors getting along right now, surprisingly." Rutger tacts on with a half grin. "And I believe my Father would be loathe to part with fifty.".

Kittridge coughs and says, "Ah." That is harder to ignore. "I mean, to be honest, Lord Rutger, that is a thing that should make you offer more, rather than less, since it could ruin your negotiations, and her prospects, with any other house if it got out. But," he says, forestalling any anger that might cause with a hand, "As you say, we're trying to build bridges, here. And I would dislike doing that to your sister. Make it forty, and certain tariff reductions," to be discussed off-screen because wtf do I know about this stuff, "And I believe we have a deal."

"It shall be done then." Rutger says as he offers his hand over towards Kittridge. He'll not comment further on the knight's knowledge of his sister. "And I am glad, that she found you and you her, for what it worth." he adds. "If you wish to draw up a contract, I will sign it, and seal it and thus we can make it official before I leave." he adds. There business done, so to speak. "So." he says after a moment. "Hunting, yes? I am sure we could do with a fine hunt. What is the preferred game out here?"

"Good," Kittridge says, shaking Rutger's hand. He nods, "Yes, I'll see about having one drawn up for my father to approve, and then we can see that finished." He smiles, and says, "I do think your sister will be far happier here than at the Roost. It's much prettier, if nothing else. And yes, hunting. I think Sers Inigo and Dmitry will likely be up for it, and perhaps my brother and a few of our retainers as well. We generally hunt deer or boar," he says, "Smaller game occasionally, but that's not as good sport."

"Much healthier, and better food, I would argue." A chuckle there as he grins back towards Kittridge. "Good, I would like to meet them and make friends. I know the Terricks have no cause or want to trust us, but I will still offer the hand of friendship as I can." A nod there before he is nodding. "Where as we flourish in smaller game and fowl." Rutger muses for a moment. "Aye fine game-and given that the war saw you little, I can only hope it has not gone scarce." Rutger grins. "I am excited, for all of this." And so he raises his cup. "To new family, Ser?"

"I agree," Kittridge…agrees. He nods, and then begins to toast before drawing his cup back. "One last condition, actually," he says, "You get to be the one to inform Rosanna. And explain to her that you picked this as a better match between our houses. No blaming it all on me," he says, "Deal?"

There's a pause as a look flickers across Rutger's face, before he simply smiles and bows his head. "I believe that can be done." As for informing Rosanna. "Remind me to wear armor that day." he adds with a rueful smile, before the cup is hoisted out again. "Shall we?" Toast, that is.

"I intend to sleep in mine for a month at least," Kittridge says with a crooked smile of his own. "Then to new family it is," he toasts, and drinks.