Page 569: New Arrivals
New Arrivals
Summary: A hedge-knight and his squire arrive in Stonebrige and get to work on making themselves comfortable
Date: 12/Feb/2013
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Crane's Crossing Inn, Stonebridge
While Crane's Crossing is technically an Inn, it caters to the traveling nobility almost exclusively. The floors around the hearth are finely crafted stonework, as are the slate blocks that the firepit is constructed of. The rest of the floor is done in stained oak that matches the few long tables and the chairs. The rest of the main room is furnished with plush couches and seating to entice visitors to delay their leave. A full service kitchen provides food of all kinds as well as high quality ales and wines. Also available are several women to provide hospitality to the lonely or those in need, the quality of them to be beaten by but a few in the Riverlands. A hallway near the kitchen leads off to the rear of the building and several up-scale rooms.
Tue Feb 12, 290

There's not a bad crowd for the afternoon, people moving around between the tables now. Stepping in from the outside, Yakim looks to Merrick now. "Doesn't look too bad, Ser," he offers, turning to look around the room once more. Taking a few moments to study the various people present now.

Merrick gives the inn nothing more than a cursory glance as steps in after Yakim, although he does screw up his face a little at the interior. "Looks a bit like a nob's place," he scoffs, "all posh 'n' pricey like." That doesn't seem to stop him from walking towards an empty table though. "Mines a pint of whatever isn't chewy and a plate of whatever's hot. Be a good lad and get that sorted."'

Stumbling out of the direction of the guest rooms is a honey brown haired female, short and soon hopping on one leg to adjust the lacing of one ankle boot. Her attire appears to be simply thrown on, as though in a rush. That's when one larger woman is heavily trotting after her, rolled up linens in hand. "To the bank with ya girl! Don't be dawdlin' wit'er lady's linens!" Another pile was tossed onto Iulia's frame, the cloth draping her frame as a spectre. She pulled the cloths off from her head curtely. Brows deeply wrinkled and staring at the other maid of the keep with a dagger gaze. "Oh shush it, she can wait. Lady Jocelyn isn't even here!" Iulia spat back, gathering the linens in her arms that had once been laying into a basket. The larger woman departed, only to return with said wicker basket and shove it against the younger handmaiden's abdomen. "'ere! I best not catch yous nappin girl. The lords will hear ov this." The elder woman waddled on her heavy steps, prompting a mockery of her words from Iulia who wrinkled her nose and lastly stuck out her tongue towards the woman's backside.

Yakim nods a little as he hears Merrick's words. "A bit pricey, I guess, but we've earned one meal in a place like this, haven't we, Ser?" A brief pause, before he moves over in the direction of where he can place the orders now. He pauses as he sees Iulia's entrance, studying her a bit carefully for a few moments now. Offering the woman a bit of a smile if she looks over in his direction.

Merrick takes a seat at the aforementioned table and leans back against the wall behind him. Once he's got himself comfortable he turns his attention back to Yakim and is just filling his lungs to bellow over and ask the lad what's taking so long when he spots the afternoon's entertainemnt. Chuckling to himself briefly in amusement he uses the air that had been ment for the lad to address Iulia instead, "Thats right luv, you show her."

Nathaniel steps cautiously into the inn and surveys the room while he takes a slow breath. Things seem to be as they were when he was here last. With a nod to himself, he adjusts the courier's bag on his left shoulder and approaches the bar. His hand dips into the bag to retrieve a bundle of papers, and as soon as he catches the eye of someone behind it, he taps the papers on the counter. "Are there any messages for Terrick's Roost?" he questions. The grousing rotund woman diverts his attention from the barkeep, however, and he looks toward her and the young wmona with her. When the older woman roughly smacks the basket into the younger's arms, he frowns with dark disapproval. He glances to the barkeep and advises, "If you have none, I have some for people here." He slaps the bundle of papers onto the bar but keeps his hand on it while he returns his attention briefly to the laundry-related issue.

The bundle of various shades of white cloth was crumbled and folded in various manners within her arms. Not aware she had an audiance, the pile had been dropped into the basket at her feet and she brushed some hair away from her face. A voice in her direction was the unfortunate recipient of her cold gaze, just at first before it softens. A thumb is jerked towards the door, "I can run circles around that house and she has the audicity to tell me I'm lazy?!" The handmaiden huffed, both arms folded beneath her bosom. Just as the word Terrick was overheard, drawing her gaze elsewhere. "What business do the Bawling Eagles have here?" She mutters lowly to those close by.

"Some people just has the need to make sure others are held down, I suppose," Yakim offers to Iulia after a few moments of pause, shrugging a little bit. "Maybe because of their own shortcomings, I don't know." A brief pause as he waves for one of the inn girls to order the food and drink, both for his knight and himself. As Iulia speaks of Bawling Eagles, he looks over in the direction of Nathaniel for a few moments, then back to Iulia now, after a quick glance over to Merrick.

Merrick catches sight of Nathaniel out of the corner of his eye, although in truth his own real care is if the courier gets served before his squire. "Athletic one are ya?" he calls back to Iulia with an approving expression. Opening his arms a little to her he adds "you're welcome to come and run circles round me anytime ya like." Then tilting his head to Yakim once more he offers "I reckon you're right, ain't too bad after all."

Both hands found placement on either side of her slender hips while watching this messenger from the Roost. "Aye, they do." She agreed with blonde haired male. "She has no idea what things I have—" Iulia tightened her lips then, not about to divulge some parts of her past to these strangers. Her gaze soon found Yakim and then to his seated companion Merrick, "You would be haunted by labored breath for days." She teased in return, now again to the courier. "You there!" He had a name of course. "Roost Courier!"

When the barkeep returns with no messages, Nathaniel lifts his hand from his bundle and nods. "Thank you," he says just before Iulia calls from across the room. He leaves the bar. With a slight bow to the knight and his squire, he takes a few steps past them toward the woman. "Yes, mistress?" he answers.

"You know, I'm sure it would be quite interesting to hear about the things you have…" Yakim offers with a bit of a smile now, stopping about the same point where Iulia stopped. "And I'm sure both Ser here and I have had worse than labored breath," he adds. Looking to the courier again now as the woman speaks to him, offering the man a bit of a nod. He then sees the food and drink is being brought over, so he makes his way over to Merrick's table, while still watching Iulia and Nathaniel for now.

Merrick rubs his hands together a moment, grin turning perhaps a fraction towards a smirk, "I'm willin' if you are luv, just say the word." With Nathaniel no longer a threat to Yakim getting served he's paid no further heed, the knight choosing to turn his attention to his squire instead. Seeing the drink on his way he gives the lad a warm smile and a "Good lad," before he takes leans back again to give the staff room to set the food and drink down. Once they've departed he lifts his beer and chinks it against Yakim's. "Here's to another successful payday," then leans in a little closer and mutters in amusement, "I saw her first though."

The lustuious tauntings keep dividing Iulia's attention between amusement and assertiveness. While she held no love for the Terricks she was quite interested in their reason for being present unless the courier was not true. "Your sort doesn't visit these parts often." She remembered the betrayal and her duty to the Naylands was unwavering. From Nathaniel to the pair seated at a table, one arm dropped from her hip, "You men are relentless. Think what either of you got will temper me?"

Nathaniel frowns and tilts his head to one side, "What do you mean by, 'your sort,' Mistress?" he queries. "If you mean couriers, perhaps it is simply that you, or others, have failed to notice. I will not speak for all, but I and another courier come here rather often on errands large and small."

A brief pause, before Yakim takes the seat now, lifting his own beer as Merrick chinks his against it. "Another successful payday," he agrees, before he hears that mutter. Offering a grin in return as his gaze goes to Iulia again. "Maybe so, Ser. But many women prefers the energy of the young to the slowness of the old, you know?" Offering a momentary grin as he looks ready to duck out of the way if needed. Looking over to Iulia again. "Ah, but how would you know what we have if you're not willing to take the chance, hmm?"

Merrick takes another good mouthful of ale before setting his tankard down and starting on the food. Seems like the squire has done good and he picks up half a chicken to start devouring, although he points it at Iulia and smiles. "Only one way to find out darlin'," he answers before he actually begins to eat. One hand on the leg, one at the top of the ribs he tears the cooked flesh off with his teeth and tosses what bones get dislodged back onto the plate in front of him. He does reach out to box Yakim's ear for the remark about the old, but there's no real violence in it and he then offers a dirty chuckles and a "watch it boy, or I'll have you cleaning the tack and saddles for the next three days."

The pair had her laughing, close as they seemed. "Perhaps I would only interrupt a lover's spat." She hinted at their familiarity before turning to the courier. "You eagle folk, that kind. So prim and proper." Iulia smirked to him. "Do you come bearing news your folk will be present then? For the day of mischief? My lady may be delighted to hear of guests soon to arrive."

He only moves very slightly as his ear is boxed, but Yakim offers a bit of a chuckle to Merrick's words. "Of course, Ser. Just pointing out the possibility, that's all." Eating some of his food, before he looks over to Iulia, offering her a grin. "More like the relationship between the old Master and the promising student, fair mistress," he remarks. Placing his food back on the plate, before he gets to his feet, offering the woman another grin. "May I introduce the old man here, Ser Merrick Kendal, Hero of the war on the Iron Islands. And I'm of course, Yakim Brewer, his most modest squire." A brief pause, before he adds, "But a pretty girl such as you could call me Yak, if you want." A nod to Nathaniel as well, before he looks back to the woman now.

Tearing the caracas apart so he's left holding only the drumstick he points it at Yakim this time, although he words are to Iulia, "What? This whelp?" then he shrugs once and throws the lad a definite smirk, "well, got to teach him to be a man somehow you know." That seems to amuse him greatly and he reaches for his tankard again, taking another healthy swig. "Yeah, call him Yak," he calls over, "it's all he ever does. Yak yak yak, all sodding day." He holds his empty hand up and slaps fingers against thumb a few times to indicate ceaseless talking then rolls his eyes slightly, "modest my arse." He doesn't to be disputing the description the lad gave him though, no, that he's basking in.

"One? Who? The widow then?" That one has arrived here before and she did not know of the others. "They come with their own help, these hands wash Nayland linens only." Iulia lifted her small hands, waving them on display for the courier. "No soft heart. I'll not tarry you from task any longer." One hand returned to her hip again, "But you cannot leave without a drink." She teased with a look back at the pair, "Yak?" She snorted, "Yak?" To him her smile broadened while shifting to the knight. "Well met Ser. Iulia." Her name given to the pair, three if Nathaniel heared. "Your squire has both hungry eyes and cock. See that he is mindful to temper both in a woman's presence."

"Only one that I know, mistress," Nathaniel answers, "and she has never married to my knowledge." He shakes his head. "I do have other business to attend. I should not tarry even long enough for a drink, especially since you return insult for courtesy, mistress," he replies, offering a final that is, again, more than custom requires. He also bows to the knight and squire before he concludes, "Good day to all of you." With that, he turns and heads for the door.

"That's a lovely name," Yakim remarks to Iulia, before he hears the rest of the words, "What…" he begins, shaking his head a little as he looks from the woman to the knight and back again. Looking like he's about to say something else now. However, Nathaniel's departure makes him look that way for a few moments, offering the man a polite nod and a half-smile. "Safe travels," he offers, before moving to take his seat again and eat some more of his food. Gaze going to Iulia a few times, though.

"Pretty name to match a pretty face," Merrick replies as he licks chicken grease off his fingers. "So what say you an' I go run a few circles while the lad here cools his youthful loins with those linens in that there river of yours?" Never know, there might be lady's things in there to keep the lad happy while he works? Nathaniel is not even given a second glance although he obviously has been paying some attention to the courier for he then turns to snort briefly to Yakim, "see that? Take care not to learn bad habits. He just walked out of a bar without a single drink."

Iulia watched as the courier departed, without the drink. Her distaste for the Terrick's and their servants was made evident by the quick dismissal she gave him. "No matter." The handmaiden retrieved the basket of linens and smiling on her way to standing upright as Yak was caught offguard. She looks to Merrik now, the basket held against her hip, "I say you'll need to gain more favor than with compliments and promises Ser."

Yakim seems to have put most of his attention to the eating and drinking now, listening to what's being said at the moment. He nods to Merrick's words about not leaving a bar without at single drink, offering a brief smile, before he goes back to cleaning off the rest of the contents from his plate.

Merrick chuckles at Iulia's answer before flicking a bit of chicken skin at Yakim. "Oi, stop drooling and go do something useful." Draining the remains of his beer he drops the tankard on the table in front of the younger lad, "It's your round." That said he turns back to Iulia offers, "Buy you a drink then?"

The option was weighed and visibly it seemed as though she was seriously considering it by tilting her head, first right then left. "Tomorrow you may." As she had duties to tend to in the evening. "At the common house? Bring whatever coin you can scrounge up Ser if you favor the drink." Iulia tilted her chin towards Yak, "What brings the both of you to Stonebridge? Day of Mischief huh?"

Yakim nods a little bit as he drains the rest of his own tankard. Getting to his feet as he prepares to move to have them refilled, he waits to here Iulia's answer, before he moves over to get the refills done. Letting Merrick answer the question now, it would seem.

As Yakim moves off without answering the question, Merrick smirks to Iulia, "You'll have to stick around, looks like you've found a way to shut him up at last." As for the question though, that jsut gets a brief nod. "Of a sort. Rode with a caravan of wine merchants case anyone decided they wanted a free sample like. Figured now we're 'ere we may as well stick around for the party. Been a while since our last good spot of mischief." He waggles his eyebrows moment there before glancing to check on Yakim's progress. "I tell ya, if he were any slower it'd be quicker to brew it meself."

Amused, a little, it showed by the grin creeping in the corner of her mouth. "Did I?" She wondered, watching the quiet squire fully dedicate himself ot his meal now. That made her grin deepen, causing the form of dimples to arise. "These lands are fortunate for the likes of you then, too much evil is about. Greed and murder. Theft." Noting how this side of the Cape of Eagles has suffered to. "Oh?" She probed of Merrick, "Then you'll be plenty fine here." The basket of linens were shifted once again upon her hip. "Tomorrow, the Common House. You and Yak the Silent."

Yakim returns soon with the refilled mugs, offering a bit of a smile. Hearing the part about too much evil. "Ser's good at getting rid of evil," he offers, before he seats himself again, drinking in quiet again now.

Merrick takes the refilled tankard thats presented to him and raises it in slight salute to Iulia, "tomorrow then." Unless he gets a better offer in the meantime of course. Yakim's comment gets a faintly questioning look before he chuckles slightly, "Ser is, and Ser is good at getting paid for it as well. An' one day, if you manage to stay alive for long enough, you might actually learn something about it too."