Ser Nevan Erenford


The fourth son of Lord Miraz and Lady Aislynne Erenford, Nevan was far behind enough in the line of succession to have few restraints on what he was expected to do as an heir. Nevan was an energetic boy who spent his time getting into scraps with his cousins and competing against his elder brothers whenever the opportunity allowed it. His interests skewed toward the physical and the social, engaging in footraces with his peers and clambering over just about any structure he could find in Heronhurst when his minders lost track of him.

As his brothers were sent off to be pages, Nevan wished to become a knight as well - his primary motivation to continue chasing after his older brothers instead of any romanticism he'd held for knighthood, and with his place of succession his family was more than happy to make him of use. He was sent off as page to Ser Berach Frey, an older knight whose abrasive nature made his taking on of new charges a difficult task. Nevan's enthusiasm for the tasks, despite being little better than a glorified servant as a page, eventually won over the old goat.

Nevan spent the next eight years with the older Frey knight, first as a page and then as a squire. He saw his brothers only sparingly in that time, they themselves off with their own knights, and enjoyed travelling to new places with his master. Although he remained his enthusiastic self, time with the sardonic older Frey rubbed off on the boy and he always looked up to him.

During Robert's Rebellion, Nevan had been Ser Berach's squire for nearly a year. Nevan was eager to prove himself in a fight, but to his disappointment he was still a squire and also part of the Frey host, who declared for Robert after the war was pretty much over. Even so, Nevan took to his training in earnest. He specialized in polearms like the other knights of his house, and became an excellent horseman. Any free time Nevan had eventually become devoted to testing himself against other squires or taking a horse out for rides.

In what made him intensely proud of himself and likely the source of no shortage of boasts in later years, Nevan was eventually knighted by Ser Berach at age eighteen in the very same year his older brother, Brennart, had achieved the same feat despite being a year older. Not terribly focused on things beyong athletic pursuits or having a good time, Nevan had quite the talent for cavalry and the lance. Sworn to the service of his house, he performed his duties well.

Whenever the opportunity for a tourney came around, Nevan would tirelessly enter himself despite the beatings he would typically receive during them. He took pride in his position as a knight of Heronhurst, but preferred to leave the politics to his elder brothers. Despite this, he knew when to act and how to act when the time came and always listened to his superiors. When these concerns were not around, however, he gladly stuck his nose in the business of others when it provided amusement. He was always one for a party or a spar - no matter the outcome - and enjoys his time riling up his brothers.

He fought with his family, naturally, in the recent Greyjoy Rebellion, proving his worth to his house by serving successfully and surviving until the final battle. A little sad when it was all over, Nevan has since returned to his duties in Heronhurst as unexciting as they have been. If there's one thing he knows how to do, however, it is how to find entertainment and that's what he's doing as he sets off to see exactly what his brother Brennart and cousin Elrick have been doing outside of Heronhurst.


Father: Lord Miraz Erenford, Lord of Erenford
Mother: Lady Aislynne Erenford
Eldest Brother: Young Lord Ser Marvish Erenford
Second Eldest Brother: Ser Brennart Erenford
Younger Sister: Lady Emylie Erenford
Ward of Erenford: Lady Bryliesa Frey
Cousin: Ser Elrick Otto Erenford
Cousin: Lady Aemy Erenford
Cousin, baseborn: Ser Holden Rivers

Physical Features

Standing at an even 6 feet tall is a young man in his early twenties, his skin fair with a clear complexion and a noble's stride. His hair, a shade of light cinnamon, is cut short and lightly ruffled. He has strong features with his jaw squared and wide, his nose robust with a broad tip and his eyes are of an icy blue. His facial hair is a brighter red than the hair on his head with a light and neatly trimmed beard resting on his face. Though his frame is average for a young man his age, it is reinforced with the lean sinewy muscle of an athlete or a warrior - making it seem as if he's more suited to feats of agility than tasks of brute strength.

Allies and Foes

Marvish_icon.jpg Young Lord Poor, dour Marvish. I suppose only someone so serious could take leadership of our family, probably much more so than the preening Diarmud - Seven rest his soul - but I'd never tell him that. He's already smug enough.
Brennart_icon.jpg Knight My favorite brother, though I'm not sure what that means having to pick between him, Marvish and a corpse. Perhaps a little too idealistic for this cruel world, but I'm still glad to follow him blindly into whatever trouble he blunders in to.
Emylie_icon.jpg Lady My eldest younger sister and by far the most intimidating. I love her dearly, of course, and I'd say she's just as amusing an attractor for trouble as Brennart - it just seems to me that her brand of trouble ends up falling on my head instead.
Otto_icon.jpg Knight My dearest cousin! Exactly the sort of fellow you wouldn't mind having a drink with, though he sometimes takes it too far. Loyal and steadfast when he's sober at least, a good man but one who I'm not entirely sure how he's gotten along with Brennart as well as he has without driving either of them mad.
Aemy_icon.jpg Lady If only Emylie were like her! Sweet, innocent and good-natured - it is always a joy and never a terror to be around such a girl.
Holden_icon.jpg Knight Bastard of my uncle Jemaine, Holden is a rough fellow with his share of addictions. He's abrasive, speaks his mind a little too freely at times and will probably get us into trouble again sooner than later. Despite it all, he's a loyal and good soldier and easy enough for me to get along with. As far as bastard cousins go, he could be a lot worse - so he's family enough to me.

Recent Activity