Nerys Flint


Second daughter and fourth child of Lord Asmund Flint, the Lord of Flint's Finger and his wife Margret Flint nee Lake. Spent all of her childhood at the family's holding on the Flint Cliffs. Fostered at the age of twelve to House Mormont, at their seat on Bear Island. Though technically a ward of the Lord Jeor Mormont, received much, nigh onto all of her care, training and upbringing under the watchful eye of his sister, Lady Maege Mormont and her household. Her fostering was ended only a few months after Lord Jeor abdicated his seat and took the black, becoming a man of the Night's Watch, ceding control of his House to his son, Jorah. After only a span of a few short weeks, Nerys has once again departed the Cliffs, this time to travel to her Lord brother Anders' household, to assist him in his endeavours.


"When the snows fall and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies but the pack survives."