Nedra Mallister


Born on Aug 24 of 268 to Ser Arvan Mallister and Collete Mallister nee Wode at the tower of Talon Point that Ser Arvan held for his kinsman Lord Jason Mallister, Nedra Idalia Mallister — called "Neddie" by her elder brother (and only by him) and by her full name by their mother when misbehaving as a child, Nedra instinctively knows she's in some manner of turmoil when all of her names are spoken in tandem. But like most young ladies she strives, at this point in her life, to be the very model of a dignified young lady. Nedra grew up amidst the ladies in waiting of her mothers solar, the ladies bower where such refined skills of singing, embroidery, heraldry, calligraphy, music, the art of the written word and the skill to turn words into poetry and set them to music to be enjoyed. Her skills in these areas were very carefully impressed upon her young mind, turning the somewhat impulsive young girl into a polite young lady. Among those who are closest to her family she is known to have some skill in painting and sketching, a distinctive and fair hand for copying messages or even important documents. While her elder brother Kam was spending his years learning all the skills that young men who would become knights were learning, she embroidered countless kerchiefs and scarves, samples and the most exacting of needlepoint images of flowers and pastoral scenes. Lessons in elocution, diction, posture and riding, music and dancing, hawking and back around again to history and heraldry and all the things her mother knew that a lady would need, would require, would rely upon in fact as a woman grown.


Father: Ser Arvan Mallister, holder of Talon Point
Mother: Collette Mallister
Brother: Kamron Mallister
Third Cousin Once Removed: Lord Patrek Mallister

Physical Features

As seen at Kamron & Saffron's wedding

Honey blonde hair is swept back from her face in a intricate arrangement of soft curls that lifts the heavy length of her hair that would reach nearly to her waist off of her neck, baring the smooth column of her neck and slender span of her shoulders. Curling tendrils escape to brush against her neck and shoulders, the style accenting her gently pointed face and striking bone structure, small silver pins cleverly fashioned into the winged form of a dragonfly in flight are nestled amongst the honey blonde curls. Bright eyes in a enchanting shade of blue-gray that hold just the faintest hint of mischief are set beneath subtly arched eyebrows. Her cheekbones are wide but pleasingly so, full lips that curve into a smile that transforms her face from pretty to striking. Petite in height, a modest 5'3", she is dainty and slender, fine boned and light on her feet.

The gown that she is wearing is a elegant creation of airy silk in the current peak of fashion that proudly displays her house colors of Silver and Purple. The delicate weight of the silk gleams faintly with the palest of silver threads interwoven with the barest hint of purple, the threads blending together to create a faint shimmering effect. The fitted bodice is tailored to her slender form with purple and silver ribbons accenting the curvature of the neckline and bell sleeves that leave her arms and shoulders bare. With her hair swept up in a complicated arrangement of curls held in place with slender ribbons of silver that peek in and out of the honey blond hair, the cut of the bodice and the upswept style of her hair lends a subtle note of grace to the attire. From the swell off her hips the sumptuous folds of the fabric drift to the ground highlighting the silvery hue of the fabric and, tying together the silver and purple slender panels of embroidery wrought in the palest of both shades are glimpsed as she moves, the exquisite detail found in the tiniest of flowers that edge the heart-shaped neckline. A belt of silver links encircles her waist to provide the final accent, full skirt skirt brushing against the silver-edged slippers that she wears, a whisper of sound created with each step.

Personal Connections

Patrek_icon.jpg Liege Lord Lord Mallister will always hold my loyalty.
Kamron_icon.jpg Lord My elder brother, the best brother a sister could ever ask or hope for, in fact. I'm so happy to b e able to spend time with him and Saffron again and I look forward to teaching their children the pranks involving tadpokes, ants and all manner of things that will remind Kamron of our youth!
Saffron_icon.jpg Lady Wife I have wanted a goodsister for so long, and at last Kamron finally gave us all the gift of Saffron! Soon they will make me Aunt Nedra, and I look forward to this with each passing day.
Martyn_icon.jpg Noble Knight A man of many layers, each one more perplexing than the last. Cousin, and we love him so, but it seems some days that a good stout stick would be best if employed to the back of his head from time to time.
Muirenn_icon.jpg Lady Martyn is lucky to have a sister as kind and as thoughtful as our Muirenn, and I'm so happy for her upcoming wedding.
Keelin_icon.jpg Common Knight A solid man, good in a fight and good company outside of one.
Percival_icon.jpg Squire My brothers squire, all elbows and knees and clumsy enough for three young men.

Recent Activity