Page 298: Naylands in the Roost
Naylands in the Roost
Summary: Roslyn and Riordan take a moment to talk in the middle of Terrick occupied land.
Date: 13/May/2012
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Roslyn Riordan 
Guest Suite
A guest suite within Four Eagles Tower.
Sun May 13, 289

Riordan rode out last evening, about an hour or two before sunrise, with the Lady Anais, and came back a little after the sun had set. After that, he found his room, and went to sleep rather early. So it's probably not surprising when one hears movements coming from his room, and the sound of voices. Or, rather, one voice, if one listens carefully. Riordan is dressed for the day, papers strewn out about the table and the bed, and is pacing around the room like a hungry shadowcat, speaking to himself in quiet, but empassioned tones. "…and so yes, Lord Terrick, our two houses have been enemies for a long time. Far too long. Now both our houses…"

It is early enough that servants do not catch Roslyn slipping from one room to the other, shedding her own guard and handmaiden to steal a private moment with her brother. His door is swung open quietly, only enough to allow her to slip into the room. "Now both our houses?" she questions with low humor as she closes the door softly behind her. Dressed, she only wears a simple gown of light-weight grey wool, fitted to her frame but without much embellishment.

"…Are utterly fucked if this plan doesn't work out," Riordan finishes, though with a different enough tone to likely conclude that those last words were mainly for his sister's benefit. He gives her a small smile, clearing some of the papers out of the way so he can flop on the edge of the bed, and also leave a place for Roslyn should she choose to take it. "Seven hells, but I just want to get this thrice-damned meeting over with." He lets out a sigh and closes his eyes for a moment. Eyes still closed, he asks, "How are you?"

"You may wish to include that, Rorie. From what I hear of the Lord Jerold Terrick, he may appreciate the blunt honesty," Roslyn suggests warmly, a hint of a smile on her lips as she crosses to take a seat next to her brother. "As do I, brother. What will be done, will at least be done by then."

"I'll probably go with that anyways," Riordan says, wryly, cracking an eye to peer at Roslyn. "Pretty speeches just are not… me. Besides, if flowery words would win the day, some courtier would already have arranged all this long before I got here." Opening both eyes now, Riordan sits up with a sigh, and leans against his sister, laying his head on her shoulder. He sits like that for a moment, before turning slightly - and, still keeping his head where it is, peers sideways at her. "Do you believe I can do this, Rosie?" he asks her, quietly.

Fingers lift to drag a comforting gesture through Riordan's hair, a slow, thoughtful pet as Roslyn replies, "I believe that if anyone can, it shall be you. But, you must remain open to changes, to a true negotiation. Respond to not only Lord Terrick's words, but his mood and his posture as well." She pauses, smiling slightly, "I hope you shall bring me to this meeting. If I can help smooth our father's temper, surely my presence will be some boon in Lord Terrick's presence."

Riordan's eyes fall closed again as Roslyn soothes him, his body relaxing just from her light touch. "I'm not too set on any one issue. Aside from his daughter needing to no longer be betrothed to Oldstones, and needing his very vocal support on the matter of Stonebridge… all else can be decided however it must be," he murmurs to his sister, quietly. "And yes, I hope you will be there. And Anais and Jarod too, if possible. You three are the only ones who do not think me doomed to failure." It's a constant source of frustration for him - though, between last night's ride and the current closeness of his sister, he actually seems relaxed enough to speak of it with very little tension. "If nothing else, you'll be able to calm me. I've a feeling I'll need it."

"I would seriously consider if Ser Jarod's presence would do us more harm than good, Riordan, considering how he left this house and his father," Roslyn murmurs thoughtfully, disapproval held only in hazel eyes as she continues to rake fingers through his hair. "The Lady Anais, however, would do us well with her presence, I believe."

"Well, even if Ser Jarod isn't in the room, his presence will be. He and Rowenna disgraced both our families, and more then that, I've gone and offered him a position in my household. If Jarod hasn't gone to his father for his blessing yet, he soon will. It might be better if the great white moose in the room is actually in the room." There's the light shrugging of his outside shoulder, then, as Riordan lets out a sigh. But then he nods, and a soft smile alights her face. "I like her," he says, simply, on the matter of Anais, warmth entering his tones.

"We endorse it, however, while the Lord Terrick has outcast them. The disgrace we absorbed when father welcomed her home where Lord Terrick set his own son out. We may only anger him by flaunting this infront of him, during a meeting that we insist is to be for peace between our families," Roslyn replies slowly, words holding little warmth where she draws to a conclusion. She finally moves to draw away, fingers mussing up his hair one last time before she stirs to stand.

"Jarod would not have returned if he had been utterly cast out by his father, Rosie. He was stripped of his position, but not disowned. And even if he can not admit it, I don't think he'll begrudge his son the right to earn a living." Riordan lets out a sigh as Roslyn stands, reaching out to catch at her hand, even if only for a brief moment. Giving it a squeeze, he adds, "And as you said, Terrick is someone more like to appreciate blunt honesty. We all know what all has happened and what is being done. Why not just face it head on, and move on?" He pauses, then, studying his sister, before asking her quietly, "Does it still hurt you that much?" He pauses only a beat, before assuring her, "Do you want me to ask Jarod and Rowenna to leave? It is you I need here, with me. Always you, only you."

"No, Rorie, no. I do not ask that you have him leave, or her. But, if you insist that the Lord Terrick must confront his son only moments before you wish to treat with him, you only put yourself at a disadvantage." As soon as her fingers have slipped from his, Roslyn's hands twine and bury within her skirts as she mimics her brother's earlier pacing unconsciously. After a moment she stops, exhaling slowly as she adds softly, "I do not care about them, Riordan. Only you. You are already in a precarious position, and I know you can succeed if you do this right."

Riordan listens to his sister in silence, remaining on the bed as he watches her pace. And, after a quiet study of her features, he nods gently. "Alright. I'll speak to Jarod. I'll ask his advice, and tell him I think it best if he not attend the meeting. And if he must speak to his father, to perhaps do it after." Letting out a breath, he says, then, "I'm considering finding another way of doing this alliance. I've yet to figure out how, but… We've been here a few days only, and already I am exhausted from the distrust, suspicion, and the hostility that I see in everyone's eyes. And the man who I thought to make your husband is one of the most exhausting in that aspect. I can't do that to you, Rosie." He pauses, before saying, "Rygar suggested either the Erenford or Haigh heirs, when I brought the subject with him, as alternatives for you. We've better relations with them, especially the Erenfords."

"Riordan. I will marry as you or father wishes, whatever will do our family right. However, you must consider that many of our peers will not consider me a good match. Lord Justin surely does not, and Lord Terrick will feel the same. The Erenfords or the Haighs likely, as well," Roslyn points out softly, drawing back to settle herself on the bed as she watches her brother intently. "I know you love me, but you must see that. If I were Rowenna's age, it would be rather different, but I am not." She pauses, smoothing her fingers over her skirts. "I had thought, given that I am no longer of age, I could arrange my own match. Our sister did, and she did not even have my years."

"You are the only daughter of honor that father has left, sister," Riordan says quietly, in weak defense of the position he finds himself in. However, his sister's last words draw some of the fire forth, and he looks up, saying sharply, "Don't. Do not even let yourself think that. I will do all I can to find you a match, a good one, that does well both by the family, and by you. Seven willing, it will be someone who pleases you, for that is all I wish. But do not think that. Do not expect it. That thinking is what led to my own downfall, sister, and it broke my heart." His words turning more gentle, he says, "I'm sorry, just… don't. You are my strength Rosie, and I could not take seeing the same happen to you. Just… let me do good by you. I will, I swear it."

"Riordan—," Roslyn begins, but she falls silent, giving up what words she may have hoped to convince him with with only an exhale and a tight smile. "Of course, brother." For all that, she does not look quite defeated as she pats her hand against his reassuringly. Then, changing the subject, she adds neutrally, "I have heard word that the Lord Groves and his sister Lady Rosanna have come to the Roost as well."

"Don't patronize me," Riordan grouches with a glare - though, it really has little heat behind it. Riordan raises his eyebrows, then, at that little piece of news. "Have they indeed?" His expression dipping into a frown, he murmurs, "What games do they play at? I'm beginning to trust Ser Kittridge less then a Terrick. At least with a Terrick, you know where you stand."

Roslyn only shakes her head, but it is with a flicker of humor to hazel eyes and to the curve of her lips. She adds, coloring slightly, "That I do not know, Rorie, but I will try to find out what I can. You should focus on your business with Lord Terrick and leave Ser Kittridge's plans to me."

"Oh no you don't," Riordan says, wagging his finger at Roslyn. He stands, now, taking Roslyn's hands in his to take the sting out of his next words. "I just got done saying how much I don't trust the man, and now I'm supposed to send my most beloved of sisters, who so obviously is attracted to the man, to get closer to him still?" He shakes his head. "I think not."

"Your sensible, dutiful sister to find out what plans I can from him while you have other things to worry of," Roslyn points out with a lift of her brow, a challenging gesture that holds a hint of wry humor. "They are like to be nothing, in any case, and Lord Kittridge is harmless. Charming, but he seems to mean naught by it."

"Lord Kittridge is far too like me, sister. That is what I worry about," Riordan says, meeting her gaze with a lift of his own brow. "And sensible and dutiful you certainly are. But that doesnt mean that I trust him with you." His lips twisting a rueful grin, he adds, "Besides, the entirety of the Seven Kingdoms could be falling around my ears, and I would still have time to worry about you. That is never going to change, Rosie." He gives her hands a squeeze, before disengaging from them, and pacing once more himself. "I just wish we could go back to the Mire and leave this all behind. I'd be able to get some actual sleep, hearing the frogs again… do you know, I was telling Anais about them last night?" Again, there's that brief warmth in his tone when he says her name. Subtle, but it's there for someone with Roslyn's sense of him to hear. "I was telling how us boys would plot ways to torment you with the frogs, or other pranks. And how I would always run to confess to you before hand, and how the others were utterly convinced that you were a witch, because you always knew what was coming. Do you remember?" He quirks a grin at her, remembering those happier, simple times.

"And I would never tell them how I knew, or else they would not have let you plan with them and I would lose my own advantage," Roslyn concludes with a soft smile, though her gaze drags over Riordan with a careful study. "You were always horrible with secrets." Her words hold a question, a not so subtle inquiry after that warmth.

"Am not!" Riordan protests, though he ends it with a light laugh. "It's not my fault that you have mystical powers and can read my thoughts." He rolls his shoulders, then, turning to her at the question in her voice. "It's nothing you have to worry about. There's just… something about her that puts me at ease. And… Seven, but everything still reminds me of Danae. I can deal with it now, but she just makes it easier." He grins, adding, "Besides, she's safe. She's stronger then Danae and I ever were. She wont let me in that far, and so nothing will ever come of it." Which is just as well, given who the lady's husband is. "And it's a better choice then the tall Mallister redhead. She thinks I am easy to look on, and she told me so after only one conversation. Now that would be a bad way for me to get over Danae." He truly doesn't hesitate to be this honest with Roslyn. He has ever trusted her with his heart. "If I ever truly can," he then amends, with a sigh.

Roslyn only smiles at that protest, an amused, quiet thing as she watches him. She sighs softly and says, "I would rather you were away from both these ladies, then, but such is not possible as of yet. Anyone has moments of weakness, Riordan, and the Lady Anais is not likely an exception." She reaches for his hand, moving to twine her fingers with his even as she adds, "Just, take care of yourself. Guard your heart with your head for now."

"Sorry. I know this is exactly what you want to hear your brother talking about," Riordan says, his fingers easily twining with hers, instinctively seeking out the warmth and comfort to be found from the contact. "It's fine. I'll be fine. We'll be fine. We just need to get through the next couple of days. And if and when Anais comes to the Mire, you'll just need to come with me."

"If only you were as sensible as I am, I would not need to worry about you," Roslyn replies with wry humor, squeezing her brother's hand.

"At least I can admit when I'm in danger of having little sense," Riordan says teasingly. Despite his words, he draws Roslyn in to hug her to him for a long moment, burying his face in her hair. "Besides, even if I were being the most perfect of men, you'd still find a way to worry about me, just as I always will worry about you."

A rare laugh escaping from her in a breath, Roslyn counters in a murmur against him, "I am never in that danger, Riordan, no matter how handsome Lord Kittridge may be when he smiles." She draws back after a moment, smiling brightly herself as she adds, "Now, I should get back to my own suite, but I shall see you when we break our fast?"

"Yes, well, you just be careful there, and I shall still worry all the same," Riordan says, narrowing his eyes in a last warning. Though really, there's nothing but warmth for his sister left in him right now. He leans in to plant a gentle kiss on Roslyn's forehead. "Of course, Rosie. See you then. And thanks." After he breaks away, and before Roslyn leaves, however, he calls out one last time. "Oh, and see if you can figure out a way for me to get back at Anais that doesn't involve frogs? I owe her for punching me in the shoulder, and I don't want her to see it coming."

"If I do, I shan't tell it to you. You'd only warn her of it," Roslyn teases warmly, pushing to her feet and smoothing her skirts. "I shall think on it, however." She smiles one last time, before sweeping away to slip back out of the door with a care to who may see.