Page 438: Nayland Rage
Nayland Rage
Summary: Tyroan receives Firth as the Frey Ambassador to Stonebridge, then meets with Jocelyn about a subject that enrages him. Hoekenn provides commentary.
Date: 04/10/2012
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Town Square, Stonebridge and Tordane Tower
In the center of Stonebridge, and then later inside Tordane Tower.
September 4, 289

"Good day to you." The woman sits there on her horse and studies Heokenn with her quiet green eyes. "Do you read and write?" She asks him as she moves to dismount her horse. Once she is on the ground she leans against the horses shoulder as she holds on to her stirrup. Her guard has dismounted and moves to get her a cane that was strapped to her saddle. Once she has the cane she offers a nod to her guard. "Thank you." She then slips her horse's reins over his head and she runs up her stirrups as she waits for the boy respond to her.

Hoekenn smiles back to the older lady. Nodding to her question. "Yes, my lady. I might not have the best writing though." He replies to her and just keeps that sweet smile present. Offering his hand to help her dismount the horse when he she's her starting to move to dismount.

"How would you feel about delivering a message for me? I will write it out and give you the directions. But first let me get you a small ale. Gunther, can you see to Hope please?" Her guard nods as he goes to take horse's reins from her. She removes a saddle bag from her saddle and put it over her shoulder. Next she motions for the boy to follow her into the inn. Demeanor is calm and expecting.

Tyroan comes down the walk from Tordane Tower, and unimpressive but distinctive figure. He's accompanied by one of the Nayland Guard, a young man who looks all the younger for being in the Steward's company. The aged lord is apparently interrogating the younger man, although he seems to be doing it politely enough, "And what do you remember from when the spears broke?" The young Guard turns his thoughts inward, but is spared any response as Tyroan notes the fine horse and the lady just dismounted from it, holding up a hand to still the Guard's response and stumping over in that direction.

Hoekenn smiles to the lady though is unsure how to answer. "I can deliver it. Although my lords might perhaps need to know as well." He is in their service after all. Even if his current attire does not speak much about it. Not having noticed the Stewards yet. Having a hard time with being alert at multiple things at once after all.

There is a look of amusement in the woman's eyes but she says nothing about that look, instead she says. "Well it will be going to your lord." She moves slowly and stiffly after being in the saddle for hours. Her own guard has her horse now and the only emblem of a house that can be seen is on her is her saddle bag and the skirt of her saddle. She pauses for a moment and looks over her shoulder at the young man. It is then that she sees Tyroan and the mark of the Nayland house on him. She pauses there and waits for both the boy and the old man to either come with her or approach her depending on whom it is.

Tyroan stumps closer, slowing as he does and nodding his head in something approaching a bow. He studies the lady briefly, and then the guard and horse, finally spotting the twin towers and looking back to the slight woman, "My Lady of Frey, welcome to Stonebridge." There's a hint of amusement in the gruff, gravelly voice, and a tight little smirk tugs at one corner of his lips, "I'm Ser Tyroan." No last name, no further titles, it's like it's either a test or the older man's idea of a joke. He glances to the youngster she was speaking with then, placing him after a moment, "You're Ser Bruce's squire. The lad with the idea of the couriers. Greeting the lady of our liege house?"

Hoekenn smiles and nods. Going to follow along with the lady. Though his eyes goes along with her as he spots the Steward finaly. "My lord." He offers before he nods again. "Yes, my lord. Hoekenn Stenhammar." He explains. Looking to Firth. Seeming to realize which house she is from, finally. That explains the colors she was wearing and he nods again. "Yes my lord. I saw her coming in and I thought I would help."

"Ser Lord Tyroan Rance Nayland, It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance." She does not curtsy instead she offers him a bow of her head as she stands there leaning her weight on her cane. "Firth Meredith Frey, I was going to have the boy run an errand for me. In fact I was going to have him a deliver a message to you letting you know that I would be arriving in the evening and to have a room prepared for me, if it was not an inconvenience." There is amusement in her eyes as she studies the Nayland. "I gave no name to the lad and when he greeted me, I was sitting on my horse. Perhaps it is the sun and this fine weather that we are having that addled him a bit. I was going to say if he has a free moment or two perhaps I could borrow him as he seems to local of this area if I am not mistaken." Shelooks to Hoekenn as she says this. "Young Master Stenhammar are you from this area?"

Tyroan nods at Hoekenn's statement of intent, "Good lad." As he's recognized, that little smirk on his lips spreads, and he nods his head. "Steward of Stonebridge." It's a small addition to his titles, but by his statement, an important one, "And thanks to your," the pause is almost imperceptible as Tyroan decides not to wade into the Frey family tree to try to figure out what Walder is to Firth before he settles on, "Lord, there are empty chambers in the Tower aplenty for you, your guard, and your ladies," and he looks around for the maid, septa, governess, or what-all-else she might have along with her. "Lord Frey said he was sending a Lady Ambassador. That you?" The question isn't impolite or brusque, just direct.

Hoekenn is silent while the nobles talk. Nodding to them both. Except for when he is addressed directly by the lady, as to which he inclines his head deep. "To some degree, my lady. I have been here for some time, yes. Though I have traveled a lot. But I would think that I know this area good enough." He answers and talking a bit much perhaps. It might be to try and not space out as he usually does. Then his eyes flit back and forth between the two once more.

Firth laughs, "Indeed I am the one whom my Lord Father did choose." She says to Tyroan. "If you are not keen on the idea, you may speak with him about it. But I am following his orders. There will be a pack mule arriving with more of my luggage. I will make sure they are sent to the tower. As for my staff, I have a guard. Eventually I will get page, but until that time I would adore it if I could borrow Master Hoekenn, to act as courier for me on occasion and guide." She smiles as she says this and she points out to him. "Many women seem to have gone missing along that old road as of late. The less people, the less attention that will be drawn to my travels, that is my theory on the matter and it has not proven me wrong yet." She adds with a warm charming smile that lights up her eyes. She turns her attention to Hoekenn. "Thank you for answering my question I have a feeling that you will be able to show me a decent amount of the area."

Tyroan shrugs his shoulder, offering up another of his dry smirks, "I already have one woman telling me what to do, why not another?" His tone suggests that this is indeed a joke, rather than any sort of insult to or from him. "Broken men, Lady Firth. Former soldiers, most likely. More dangerous than common bandits. They've killed a Knight, and apparently run off or hurt several noble ladies." There's a soft snort, and a proud, hard-eyed look, "None on Stonebridge lands, although I fucking doubt that'll hold out until we can get regular patrols running." Looking over to Hoekenn a long moment, the Steward shrugs his shoulders, "That's up to his knight, Lady. A squire's job's never really done." Those gray eyes turn to Hoekenn, "Is it, lad?" Half-turning, the aged Steward gestures toward the Tower, an unspoken invitation, "Something to eat or drink?"

Hoekenn looks between the both, "No my lord. I do as ser Bruce wishes at all times." Even though it is mostly drilling and training. With some tending to his things. "If ser Bruce allows I will try and alternate." He offers. Trying to find some compromise. So during his free time he would be a guide for the lady. Can't be too bad as he would be able to learn new things.

She moves to follow him and her guard moves to bring the horses to the Tower stables and follows them at a short distance. "So I have heard. They just do not have the man power after what happen and with the loss of Stonebridge they have taken another blow. They key is for you to keep it." She tells him and she moves at a slow pace. "That is true about a squire, have his knight come and speak with me." She tells him. "Now what are you plans? I have no doubt that you know you have room to grow this prime area to be. Have you appointed a new Sheriff or are you keeping the old guard?" She asks him then she looks over her shoulder at the squire. "How much study have you had lad in law?" She asks him.

Firth looks back to the lord. "A drink and some food would be delightful." She adds as she finally answers his question.

Tyroan walks with short strides, the steps as firm and direct as the rest of the man, "The Terricks have always sucked eggs at keeping their lands under control, Lady Firth. Too soft." The Nayland Guard follows along with the Frey one, forgoten for the moment as Tyroan responds to the Ambassador's questions, "Ser Rygar and Ser Bruce are good at what they do. No reason to replace them. First thing we're doing is making travel safe again. That means an agreement with the Charltons and Haighs. Then we're rebuilding. Houses," he gestures toward one of the scorched shells a little ways off the square, "And relations with other Houses. After we've a real peace with the Wolfshead at Highfield, we'll bring the people back to Stonebridge. I've been invited up next week under guestright." That tight smirk returns, and well it should, considering that a breach of guestright was part of what started this whole mess. "Rather, me and mine have. I'm going alone. No sense endangering others."

Hoekenn just moves along silently next to the lord and lady. Being of help with either need it. Since he is still not needed by Bruce who let him have a bit of a break for the time being. Though most likely needing to return to the knight come evening. Starting to space out a bit before he shakes his head and smiles to first the lady and then the lord.

"Good I would suggest that you watch your back with them and do not agree to too many of their demands as they most likely will seek to have Stonebridge and your house pay for past aggressions. Last time I spoke with them they were of a unique mindset." Firth says to him in a mind manner. "Also with the loss of his child and his Lady wife's being held by her grief, he is in a precarious position." She has not trouble giving her two cents. "What you do and what you decided will ultimately be up to you. I am here to make sure that you keep Frey interest at heart along with your own and to see to it that this place has a chance to thrive under you as it did not under your predecessor. My advice would be to focus on the good of the land and its people the rest will follow." She continues to walk.

Looking over her shoulder at Hoekenn she say to him "You never answered my question about you learning law."

The day is warm and Firth is walking slowly with Tyroan and Hoekenn. Behind them are the Nayland Guards, her guard and her horses. It would appear they are making their way towards the Tower.

Coming upon Square is a group of horsed persons. Further inspection would show four guards dressed in Nayland colors and two women being surrounded by the four guards. One of those women is the Lady Jocelyn Nayland atop a black mare. As they enter the square the guards move direction and allow the Lady to come up front and lead the group towards the stables. Pulling up on her reins when they've reached closer to the entrance.
"Woe…" comes the command from the Lady as they horse comes to a stop. By the time she is readt to dismount from her horse, there is a guard that has come around to help her off her horse and onto her feet. Allowing her to rest against his forearms to get the bearings of being on her legs again after such a long ride. A small smile is given and then a nod to the guard to let him know she is fine. In which he immediately steps back to give his Lady some room.
Looking up and back fromt he ground, Jocelyn looks back to her maid, the other women with her, and smiles "Good to be home, is it not, Iulia?" while she speaks her hand reaches up and pulls the shawl that had been wrapped around her head to keep the dust away from its dark locks.

Tyroan nods his head at Firth's advice, "Lord Frey'll get his taxes, Lady Firth." He gestures around the nearly-empty town, inhabited by levy men, men-at-arms, nobles, and servants only for now, "Even the damage the Charltons and Haighs did won't stop that." He's silent for a few more steps, allowing Hoekenn to answer the question if he chooses to, and then adds, "Rickart's sons may have broken the King's Peace, but they only fucked over two people. The Charltons and the Haighs killed a score or two, and burned parts of two towns. Fuck them if they want more than we'll give." He should probably be apologizing for his language but… not so much. The Nayland Guard nods his head to the others returning, then bows slightly to Jocelyn, at which point Ty notices her, nods, and then looks back to Firth, "I'll let my niece welcome you to the Tower proper, Lady Firth. I've one thing to deal with, then I'll rejoin you."

Hoekenn flushes as he remembers that he missed to answer the lady. "My apologies my lady. Not a lot of training I am afraid. Though I can learn if it is needed from me, my lady. I learn fast if I try." He replies a bit hurred. A bit apologetic to have missed that question. The sounds of hooves does turn his attention as a smile and bow is give to the lady. "Lady Jocelyn." He offers before looking back to the other nobles.

"Ser we will speak more later as it is more than just taxes." Firth says to Tyroan as he moves to speak to the guard. Then she nods her head as she pauses in her steps and leans on her cane. Her quiet gaze moves to Jocelyn. "Lady Nayland, are you well I see and that is good. Welcome home." Firth says with a slight inclination of her head.

She turns to look over at Hoekenn. "Good, we will also work on your reading and writing skills as they will be of use to you later when you become a knight." She tells him. "I will need to talk to your knight."

At the welcoming of her Uncle towards her, Jocelyn beams a smile at him. Looking pleased to be in Stonebridge once again. A curtsey is given to him and a greeting before she lets him speak with the guards as he wishes to. Having heard that she was to welcome the Lady Frey her attention falls on the very woman and she begins to approach, dragging her shawl completely off her body.
"Hoekenn." Jocelyn greets warmly, touching his shoulder softly as she passes him. "Good to see you." then her eyes fall on the Lady Frey and she dips into another curtset, lowering her head as she does. "My Lady Frey. How good to see you here. A wonderful surprise for my homecoming." she glances back at her Uncle and then back again. "Have you just arrived yourself, My Lady?"

Hoekenn smiles and nods in return to the lady, "Of course. I read and such well enough. I just. Don't write all to nicely." Having seen the nobles write calligraphy or such mayhaps. "I will continue to train though." He says with a charming smile. Then looking to Jocelyn as well as to assure that the lady is well. A warm smile as she touches his shoulder. "Same, my lady." He offers to her. Though letting the two ladies talk for now. Glancing towards Tyroan and the guard as well.

"Yes, I have just arrived. My baggage will be arriving a little later; your Uncle had mentioned something of drink? Perhaps you could show me to my rooms and later you and I can share a drink or two with. It is good to see that you have been released." Firth tells her. "I also wanted to speak to this lad's knight." She tells her. Then her smile grows warmer. "I know I am a demanding guest." A soft escapes her.

"They answer should be able to give Young Master Hoekenn is that you have a fair hand." She says to him with more amusement in her green eyes.

"Ah, then it should be I that is welcoming you." another beaming smile is given to the Lady, "I'll be happy to show you to your rooms and get you something to drink. Are you hungry at all? Traveling always makes me so famished." Jocelyn gestures to continue on with the walk, keeping an arm close by in the case that the Lady would need some help beside her cane. "Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to sit you a while. I was just with Lady Brylesia, we were dicussion her wedding to Ser Brennart. He is my Mothers nephew."
Looking over to Hoekenn, "Not demanding guest at all. I rather perfer it when a Guest tells me what they want straight out, unstead of trying to guess it all myself. Ser Bruce Longbough will be the knight you'll be looking for if you wish to speak with Hoekenns Knight. I can searc him out after we've gotten you settled, if you like."
ower and holding them for the two women, "Ser Bruce is Captain of the Guard, and Master at Arms at the moment. He's liable to be busy. But I'm sure the lad," he nods to Hoekenn, "Can find him quick enough." Running his hand back overhisshaven head, he waits until they've entered the Tower proper, then follows, "We've wine, ale, Mire beer," there's a pause, and he has to think, "Plus I'm sure we've got some sort of juice or something like that." Not that one of Rickart's brothers would bother with something like that. "And I'll…" he pauses again, coming up with what he considers the right word, "…look forward to hearing what else Lord Frey is looking for out of Stonebridge."

Tyroan finishes up whatever discussion he was having with Jocelyn's erstwhile guards, then makes his way back to the Ladies, pushing open the doors of the Tower and holding them for the two women, "Ser Bruce is Captain of the Guard, and Master at Arms at the moment. He's liable to be busy. But I'm sure the lad," he nods to Hoekenn, "Can find him quick enough." Running his hand back over his shaven head, he waits until they've entered the Tower proper, then follows, "We've wine, ale, Mire beer," there's a pause, and he has to think, "Plus I'm sure we've got some sort of juice or something like that." Not that one of Rickart's brothers would bother with something like that. "And I'll…" he pauses again, coming up with what he considers the right word, "…look forward to hearing what else Lord Frey is looking for out of Stonebridge."

"I will take wine and a cup of hot water." Firth tells them both with a warm smile as she enters into the room. "No need for me to eat yet. I can eat when dinner is ready." She says to them both. "Either one can send him in my direction or I am sure I will run into him at some point." She tells all three of them. "But before the wine, the rooms and a chance to get the dirt from the road off my face and hands." She smiles again.

Hoekenn grins at Firth words. Usually rather bad with word plays. Or any such things really. Though he seems to understand her to some degree at least. Then his eyes moves over to the Nayland lady as he smiles and nods. Moving close to help either lady with whatever they need. Though keeping proper distance. Shrugging about demanding lady. "It is fine my lady." He offers along with Jocelyn. Nodding about his knight and when Tyroan shows up again, another bow is given. "I can go seek for him. I think he might be busy at the moment though." He explains about his knight. Though he does move in with the others into the tower and will then offer a bow. "I wil be only a moment." He says. Though standing still long enough for them to say something more to him.

"Iulia…" Jocelyn says softly, looking behind her, "Would you be so kind a to arrange the wine and hot water to be taken to the the Lady's Chambers and then show her where she might rest a while?" Iulia nods her head and quickly moves to the Frey's side and begind to lead her to her table.
Clasping her hands together in front of her, Jocelyn looks back to her Uncle and also Hoekenn as her followed along with them. "I hope I was not missed too much." she teases. "The Erenfords were in good enough spirits when I left, Uncle. A mixture of emotions, I dare say, between the death and then the bethroal. I think everyone is very tied on when one should be happen and one should be sad. A tragedy that both things happen at the same time."

Tyroan nods his head to Firth as she departs, then nods his thanks to Jocelyn as she has her maid see to the lady's requests. He makes the appropriate parting words, then looks back to Hoekenn, "If Ser Bruce's busy now, might as well let Lady Firth settle in, lad." Pressing his right fist into his left palm, he slowly pops each knuckle in turn, "Good to know, niece. We've got some things to work out with the Herons sooner than later, so whatever you learned'll come in all too fucking handy." He starts across the entry hall toward one of the rooms tucked off to the side, then stops, turning back to the squire, "Just what did Ser Bruce have you doing out in the Square, lad?"

Hoekenn bows to the Fray as well, as she leaves, before looking back to the others. Grinning at Jocelyn's words, "Always, my lady." He offers rather playfully in return. Then he falls silent and nods to Tyroan, about not needing to find Bruce if he is busy. Or at least he interprets it like that. "I was just checking on the area and had just had food. A patrol of town, so to speak, my lord. He usually has me along with doing drills with the guards and sending me on errands. Most likely just wanting me to keep my eyes open. I need to train on such." He explains and keeps his gaze low as to be respectful to the steward.

"Which remind me, Uncle…" Jocelyn says, "I'd like to speak with you about my time with the Charltons, if you've not already heard it all from my Lady Aunt. I think you'd be interested in some of it." She shifts in her footing when the topic is brought up. It was her own doing she knows, but the thought still made her turn that lovely smile upside down. She glances at Hoekenn when the question is directed toward him, remaining respectfully quiet while they talk.

Tyroan grunts softly, "Drilling with the Guard? That's good, but he should also be teaching you to ride and use a fucking lance." Gesturing for squire and neice alike to follow, he continues on to the small side room. "A knight's heavy cavalry, after all." Moving over to one of the padded wooden chairs scattered about the room, he lowers himself into it with a groan, gesturing to the pitcher and glasses on a side-table, "Get me a beer, will you, lad?" Turning his attention back to Jocelyn, the Steward is silent a moment, considering, then he nods, "Alright. But only if you're sure you want to talk about it. I could use whatever knowledge you've got, but no point in rushing things if it still hurts."

Following after the gesture, Jocelyn remains standing. She'd just been sitting on a horse for hours and her arse hurt. Standing a few paces from where she uncle as sat, she glances over at the pitcher that Hoekenn as been instructed to pour from. A moments debate of if she'd want some herself, but then her head shakes and she looks back to Tyroan. "Its better now." she swallows hard. "I'd feel much better if you knew it all then my holding it and whatever I held could have been of use to you in some way." she paces away from him and then back again, "Has Ser Bruce spoken to you about any of what I've told him?"

Hoekenn offers a comforting smile to Jocelyn as he sees her mood changing. Can't have a lady that isn't smiling. That just wouldn't be right. Though he does look to Tyroan mostly, even if he does try and keep comforting the lady with his smile. Though he is smiling rather kindly to the lord as well. Nodding. "He does teach me a bit about riding. I have shown to be decent. He just tries to make me able to. Focus better." He tries explaining and defending his knight's choices. Though he does follow along as Tyroan gestures for it. Nodding as he moves along to gather the glasses to place for Tyroan and Jocelyn both. "Might you wish for something, my lady?" He asks before moving to get the pitcher and makes sure that it is filled with beer before returning and pouring some for the man. Waiting to see what Jocelyn might wish for. "Wine?" He does ask though. Another rather sweet and comforting smile to the lady.

Tyroan grunts at Jocelyn's question, "Maybe he has, maybe he hasn't. He and I've talked about a lot of things." He nods over to Hoekenn then, "Ser Bruce's a good man, and a good knight. But he's got some godsdamned queer ideas about the role of a knight." He holds his hand out for the tankard from Hoekenn even as he looks back to Jocelyn, "Why don't you tell me yourself, niece, and I'll let you know anything Ser Bruce's gone over already?" Once he's got the tankard, he hefts it up and takes a good long swig, smacking his lips with evident pleasure at the bitter taste of the Mire brew.

"Wine." Jocelyn nod to Hoekeen at his suggestion, "Thank you." ceasing in her pacing to stand before Tyroan and moving her fingers together in thought. "I was called into the commanding tent, just a day or so before I was released. Ser Harold and I had a…discussion. While we were talking, I noted maps and letters all over the table he offered to let me sit at. It seems that before I was released, they had every intention of attacking Heronhurts, they had men all around surrounding it as well." she pauses to look at her uncles reaction. "I know that all has been ordered to cease by Lord Frey, However, I cant help but wonder with all the bandit issues that are surrounding the lands, if it is not some other form of attack the Charltons are trying to accomplish undear the order of peace." this was only her assumption and she shook her head of the thought, "That was something that came to me after."

Hoekenn nods to Tyroan, "Perhaps, my lord. But I have become better in his service. All from riding to etiquette and paying attention." He says and smiles. The last two being what he has had most trouble with really. Studying the two nobles though not speaking up this time. Just making sure not to be in the way and also trying to be supportive and comforting to the lady that has been through a lot lately. As she does wish for wine he moves a bit. Returning after a moment with a jug of wine. Pouring it for the lady and smiles. "There you go, my lady." He offers as he tries to keep a light tone. Even though the talk of attacks and such. Listening and looking back and forth. Mouth slipping this time as well, "Did not a Haigh get attacked?" He asks though lowers his head as he spoke out of place.

Tyroan gathers his tankard up in both hands, mostly just holding it after the first sip. Jocelyn's words draw a frown, "Surrounding Heronhurst? Not fucking likely unless they found another way across the Green Rill." Since the only crossings for more than one or two men are at Heronhurst and Stonebridge. Waving one hand slightly, he assures his neice, "I don't doubt what you saw. But it was probably what they were planning to do after they smashed us." There's a tight grin to his lips at that, as well there might be, considering how the fight for Stonebridge went, "Or some crazy fucking dream, like them thinking they could get away with just rolling over us, burning the city, and the Freys not caring." Still, he nods sharply, "I don't doubt the Young Lord Heron got his ass kicked by someone sworn to some house. Question is, which one." He looks over to Hoekennat his interjection, frowning a bit as he wracks his memory, "Yeah. The one Rafferdy got his balls in a twist over. But that was during the fighting."

Taking the wine when it is offered to her, another mumur of Thank you is directed toward Hoekenn. Jocelyn sips the wine slowly and lets it ease down her throat. After the words of her uncle she stares at him, her face fallen more than it already had when she began the story. She stared at him in disbelief as he told her it wasnt likely. Suddenly looking tired and perhaps just a little broken. "I suppose it does not matter now." she waves it off and turns away from him. "They all had their balls in a twist. Much to reason that Lord Aliester thought to have me defiled. They probably needed the realse." comes the Lady's voice a bit sharper, "And some even more so than others." she is hesitant to speak anymore, when her first things had already been taken in such a way. "I also know that I was being watched before I was taken and it seems I've found out that I'm being watched now that I am released."

Hoekenn nods to Tyroans words to him. Though most attention stays on the lady. Tilting his head as he studies her for another longer. Had it been proper he might have given her a hug. Though as it isn't so, he instead stands his ground and just does what he can. Which is a warm smile to try and ease her mind. He he told her he would help if there was something she needed after all. So he is trying to at least be comforting and supporting. Being the kind person he is. Though he does glance to Tyroan as well. Not saying much to the a bit scary man. Not for now. Since his last words caused the man to frown.

Tyroan is Rickart's brother. At the mention of the word 'defiled,' he surges out of his chair, hurling the tankard against the nearest wall, "WHAT?" Thankfully, he's smart enough to use metal tankards, so it clatters rather than shattering. "That fucking wolfshead meant to have you violated?" Before, he was looking at things rationally, logically. Now he's pissed, and the gravelly growl of his voice has become a snarl. "And he's upset about being thrown in a comfortable fucking room for a few fucking weeks?" Doing his best to contain his anger, or at least tamp it down, he moderates his voice, looking over at the spilled beer with a bit of regret, "How'd you learn about that, niece?" Well, he's trying to be gentle…

Because she is a Nayland is use to the normal outbursts of the Nayland men, Jocelyn doesnt flinch at the hurling of the Tankard, but she does wince and she stands blinking at him. "I bet got to have a bath while he was in that comfortable room, too." Jocelyn snorts and sips her wine calmly. His anger only makes her more calm and when she is urged further she responds in kind. "He said it just outside the tent they held me in, My Lord. I was listening for any clues that would have been helpful. It was his idea to have the men have their way with me so that I would never be able to be accepted by anyone and that I could not breed any more Naylands." she tilts her head. "It was something along those lines of reasoning, but the end result was just the same. Ser Harold was the one that talked him out of it."

Hoekenn looks to Tyroan at his reaction. Not showing as much but the feeling is still mutual, so he looks approving at that. Even as he keeps silent now. Not wanting to speak. Knowing that more than he looked wrong at it. He is quite simple a man, though he doesn't enjoy such treatment either. For perhaps the first time, if anyone cared to look, he is grabbing his knife not to reassure himself, but rather with anger. Which is something that is very unusual for him.

Tyroan's gnarled hands clench and unclench, as if they wanted to be wrapped around the hilt of his sword — or the Charlton's neck. Still seething under the surface, he nods slowly, "Ser Harold doesn't seem to be quite the fucking shitstain that the new Knight of Highfield," the title is said with a sneer of disdain, "is. Maybe I should have him come down instead of going up there. If he'll threaten a captive noblewoman with rape, there's nothing to trust the wolfhead."

"Come here?" Jocelyns voice is unsure and almost a whisper, a shiver runs up her spine at the thought of one of those men being in Stonebridge. Her Safe Haven from all the rest. "I do not trust any of them further than I could push a horse over." she frowns and watches the anger cross over her uncle as well as as Hoekenn. "They've trained their men to be much like themselves." she spits from a hidden memory or two. "Dishonorable men is what they are. Surprising, Ser Trajan was the one that tormented my guard to ensure he did not even think to disgrace me while others were away. The other Knights in the Charlton holding where…" she makes a face and shivers again. "I do have reason to believe that I'm still being watched, My Lord. Lord Alric sent me a note, and he seemed to know about my going ons."

Hoekenn instinctively, but slowly, moves a bit closer towards the lady. "If they were to come here, then I could stay guard for you, my lady. Just with a word with my knight." Guessing that Bruce would be fine with that Besides, with Tyroan's reaction he might want someone to keep Jocelyn company. He might be young but he is still effective with a blade and did not back down from attacking even Harold himself during the battle. Though he is silent then as his eyes travel between nobles.

Tyroan shrugs one shoulder at Jocelyn's question, "A couple of them here's better than one of us there. We can control the situation, make sure they don't do anything fucking stupid." He nods at the description of the Highfields, "I'm getting that godsdamned impression. The Isles, starting a fucking war, trying to burn the Mire, and this…" he gestures to Jocelyn, "…this is fucking worst of all." There's a moment as he actually processes what she said, and he grunts, "That freak is a fucking monster. He's worse than his thrice-cursed master." He grunts again, "At least in some ways." Watching Hoekenn move protectively closer to his niece draws a bark of laughter, "Easy, lad. We've got guards and knights who can do that too. And they're miles a-fucking-way." His brows draw low at the mention of Alric's knowing, "Maybe he heard something from the monster? They're related some way. Cousins or something. But yeah, we've got to keep an eye out for fucking spies."

Turning to look at Hoekenn she tries to give him a reassuring smile. "I'm sure you'd do anything that needed to be done or that was asked of you, Hoekenn, Thank you for volunteering. If it is ever a need, I'm sure they'll come to you." Jocelyn brings her wine up to her lips for another long drink. This, this hoe she relaxed herself. Quietly and with wine. "Ser Harold didnt seem to appreciate when I pointed out those same points to him, myself." The memory of his reaction brings a corner of her lips up in a half smirk. "I do not think he liked having a woman be a voice of reason to him. He's turned his wife into something she's not. It seems that he likes women to be a certain way." Hestitating again, Jocelyn considers her next words. "No." she says. "Ser Alric's guard was here. I think he was here longer than I knew he was and perhaps back again later." Tyroan gets a look from his niece was he refers to the 'moster' "I know what Ser Trajan Fenster looks like and what he does, but he did everything he could to protect me with getting defiled by those men and protecting me from injury. The Charltons are much more a Monster thatn that Fenster ever will be. No matter what he does. I ask that if you use that term again, you'd regard it towards the Charltons."

Hoekenn nods to Tyroan's words. "I understand, my lord. I just promised to be there if she needed help." Remembering the day she came back. "But I understand. I will be with ser Bruce as usual." He says and forces a smile to his lips. Then nodding to Jocelyn as well. Smiling a bit more genuine to her, to keep reassuring her perhaps. "Of course." He says . Then he takes a step back. Listening as the talk goes on.

Drawn by the shouting and smashing, a servant scurries in to collect the tankard and wipe up the spilled beer. Tyroan, of course, does not more than notice him, "Alric's no knight. But yeah. I don't trust any of the Charltons — or their lackeys — further than I can throw them." Offering a tight grin, he adds, "And I'm getting old. Not as strong as I used to be." Disdaining to sit back down, he frowns a bit, "Bad men are not any better because they've got a few good points, just like good men aren't any worse because they've got a few stains." Setting that aside, he shakes his head, "But that's just an old man talking. Good to see you back and unhurt, niece. I'll let you get settled back in, and chew on how to make the knightly shitstain pay for what he suggested."

And she is being dismissed. Jocelyn says nothing more on any of the subjects at hand and lowers into a curtsey. "My Lord." she glances at Hoekenn and nods to him. "Hoekenn." turning on her heels she is moving back out towards the fall with her wine. At the door way she pauses and she turns back, "Thank you for allowing me to speak you, Uncle." she looks as if she wants to say something else, but she bites her tongue and she moves away and footsteps move towards the stairs.

Hoekenn bows to Jocelyn before looking to Tyroan. Not sure if the man wished him to stay or leave. Studying the old lord for now.

Tyroan nods to Jocelyn, frowning slightly as she swallows her tongue, then shrugging as she departs again. Looking back to Hoekenn, he grunts softly, "Go on and warn Ser Bruce that the Lady Ambassador wants your services. But tell him it's up to him. I'll find her another gopher if he wants."

Hoekenn nods to Tyroan, "I will do so, my lord." He offers then there is a deeper bow. "Be well, my lord." Then he hurries off to find his knight.