Nameday Letter Reply
Nameday Letter Reply
Summary: Once the bandits are delt with who abducted the ladies, Justin sends Lady Roslyn a reply to her Nameday letter - after his inappropriately having kissed her when she had been crying and clinging to him.
Date: 07/June/2012
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A Letter from Four Eagles Tower to the Lady Roslyn
June 7th, 289

Dear Lady Roslyn;

Now that you are safely returned I find that I am overdue to send you a reply to your Nameday letter. Thank you for it, and also for the drawing of the mare. You are right that I am fond of good horses and this mare interests me. Perhaps I will someday get to see her for myself. I presume she is especially fleet of foot.

As to our last meeting I was very tired and should have conducted myself better. I hope that you come by no lasting harm to your reputation for my brashness and except for that, I do not apologize for my action. I certainly do not regret it and hope that you do not either.

I look forward to your visit to Four Eagles Tower, Lady Roslyn. I do promise to conduct myself better and not lapse to such inappropriate behavior again. If ever I esteem to be a knight proper and a good lord, I must conduct myself accordingly and treat you with due respect for the lady of quality that you are.

~ Lord Justin Terrick, Four Eagles Tower