Page 334: My Lady's Pleasure
My Lady's Pleasure
Summary: Senna is concerned about it, and lets Kittridge know.
Date: 30/June/2012
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Kittridge Senna 
Inn — Kingsgrove
The nice inn where people with money stay.
June 30, 289

A bath was ordered once Roslyn and company arrived at the inn, and while Senna assisted with the process to begin with, there's very little assistance required in a good soak. And so, while Roslyn soaks away the dust of the road and the week in a tent, Senna waits outside the room, seated on a simple stool. While she waits for the lady to finish her bath, she works on making a few small repairs to a dress in her lap, one of Roslyn's that has a few tears and loose seams in it.

Kittridge shows up unannounced, though him coming by at some point during the day was probably assumed. He doesn't come up to the room, but sends up one of the inn's employees to tell them of his presence and his offer of a tour of the area, and that he'll wait or come back later if they'd prefer.

Senna is polite to the employee, setting the dress aside in the room and letting Roslyn know that Kittridge is here before she comes downstairs herself, sinking into a curtsey as she approaches the Groves lord. "Lord Kittridge," she greets, rising with a small smile. "Lady Roslyn is somewhat occupied at the moment, but she'll be glad to accompany you in short order. Maybe an hour or so?"

"Miss Senna," Kittridge greets her with a polite nod and a friendly smile, "Hello. Ah," he nods in understanding, "I knew I should have sent word ahead, but…" he shrugs. Here he is anyway! "Of course, I can wait. I trust you both had a good evening?"

"Very pleasant, thank you," Senna nods to the lord, glancing over her shoulder to the stairs. "Your town is lovely, and the people here at the inn have been most helpful. Lady Roslyn was just saying how she was looking forward to seeing more of the surrounding area. I believe she mentioned the groves in particular," she adds, the faintest flicker of a smile at one corner of her lips.

"I'm glad to hear it," Kittridge replies, "I certainly like it, but I'm a bit biased." He grins, and then laughs at the last, saying, "And I'd certainly like to show them to her. Hopefully we can fit that in at some point." He winks, and then laughs, and shakes his head, saying more seriously, "The orchards and the actual groves are very nice, I think. I was thinking we could head that way now, have a leisurely ride through the area, and then she could join us for dinner at Braeburn this evening."

"I'll be happy to propose such to her, if you like, my lord," Senna agrees with a dip of her chin. "I know she's preparing for a ride as we speak. Shall I have the inn prepare a picnic?" she asks, brows rising slightly. "A blanket, of course, for sitting upon. No sense in damaging her ladyship's skirts." GENTLE ON THE FABRIC, KITTRIDGE, SOMEONE HAS TO FIX THAT.

"Sure," he agrees, nodding, "If she hasn't eaten already, that's a good idea." Kittridge rakes a hand through his hair, and says, "There are plenty of good spots for picnicking along the way. Not that it's far from here to Braeburn, but we'll go the scenic route, I think. I'd like her to get a sense of the place."

Senna hums quiet agreement, considering the lord closely. "It's kind of you to take her to see your lands," she says with a small smile. "A chance to…familiarize herself with the place. To give her a chance to truly feel at home here. As I'm sure no one could help but feel, seeing how much you care for it yourself."

"I'd have everyone know and love my home, given the chance," Kittridge admits with a crooked smile, "I'm obnoxiously proud of it. But yes, I would like to show her. I think she'd like to see, after hearing me talk of it so much, and if there is a chance of this betrothal happening…." He shrugs, "I think it would be helpful for her to have a better sense of what that might be like."

Senna tilts her head slightly. "A chance, yes," she agrees. "I know Lady Roslyn is invested in such a thing happening. And as someone who cares a great deal for the lady and her happiness, it seems I'm invested as well." There's a slight pause, and then she asks, voice kept low so as not to be overheard in the inn: "Are you invested in it, my lord?"

"Invested? Interesting choice of word," Kittridge replies, chuckling, "I'm not sure. I think it is a good idea, and I like it better than Rutger and my sister. I think it may anger the Terricks, which concerns me, and I don't know what the Naylands plan for a dowry, which concerns my father. But should all of that get hammered out to the satisfaction of the Lords in question…I don't think I could very likely do better." His head tilts slightly, looking at her, "Did that answer your question?"

"A few of them," Senna answers with a faint smile of her own, knees flexing in the suggestion of a curtsey. "Thank you, my lord. It pleases me to think that Lady Roslyn might finally find some happiness of her own, rather than just in service to her family. I just worry that she'll be well taken care of wherever she finds herself."

Kittridge nods. "She is certainly extremely devoted to her family," he agrees, "I think— well. I shouldn't speak for other houses, or speculate how such matches might go. But I can say that I think my family would welcome her, and that I hope I'm right to think she could be happy here. It's a simpler place than Stonebridge or the Mire, probably, but maybe that's not a bad thing."

"Do you think all of your family would welcome her?" Senna asks with a curious arch of her brow, smile tugging at one corner of her lips. "Or should I prepare her for the wrath of your lady sister, should one match replace another?"

Kittridge laughs. "Well. I think she's prepared for that wrath already, we've spoken on it a bit. I can't pretend Rosanna won't be a terror about it, but I think she'll come around. And she and Lady Roslyn seem to have become friends, so yes. I'm sure that after the ta— initial reaction wears off, she would welcome her into the family as well."

"One can hope," Senna laughs softly as well, shaking her head. "I might move the breakables to another room before you tell her, though. Anything you value, at least." She takes a step back then, smile crooked. "If you'll excuse me, I should go and make certain Lady Roslyn is ready for your trip. And that a basket is prepared."

"Oh, I will not be telling her," Kittridge laughs, "I'm thinking of making it a condition of the dowry. Lord Rutger can do that himself." He nods as she steps back, and inclines his head politely. "Yes, thank you," he says, "Tell her there's no rush, I'm happy to wait." He smiles, and settles back in his seat, looking around to order a drink while he does.

"I'll make sure his armor is in good condition," Senna murmurs ruefully, absently brushing a finger at her throat before stepping back with another curtsey. "My lord," she murmurs politely, then returns up the stairs.