Page 141: Mutually Horrified
Mutually Horrified
Summary: Ladies Lucienne and Kathryna meet in the stables.
Date: 3/Dec/288
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Kathryna Lucienne 
Stables and Kennels, Four Eagles Tower
Horses in stalls, boys to take care of them. Ladies who'd overrule that.
3-Dec, 288

The morning is still early on the third, the weather mild and pleasant. Preceding the Terrick retinue to ride to Stonebridge today is Lucienne, her guard put into service carrying a large pack and her maid at her side in quiet conversation. This is a lady who prefers see to her own horse often, which the stablehands seem to know; one of the young lads waves brightly to her, and runs to fetch her saddle whilst she heads on down to Ticker's stall with her handmaiden.

Kathryna is already in the stables, in the stall next to Luci's preferred horse. Kate's still not really certain how this… Horse thing… totally works. She's getting the saddle onto the beast, "Whoa, whoa… girl… Just me… you know me. I've been here… we're… We're good at this…" Kate's lilting, raspy Iron Isles accent echoes through the stables. She carefully places the saddle on the horse and then carefully moves over to try at the straps. "…How fucking tight did he put this on you… Bloody hells…" She half growls to herself.

The two brunette girls, one dark-skinned and tall, the other pale-skinned and shorter, exchange a series of looks that start at approximately 'interested' and end — right around the moment those cuss words echo throughout the stall — at approximately 'horrified'. Lucienne (the shorter, paler of the two) blinks in surprise to Celine, and holds up a hand to excuse herself a moment… then dares to peeeeeeeer around the wall and over the half-door into the stall all this ruckus originates from. It's fair to say she still looks rather shocked, eyes wide, lips pressed thin, as she assesses the situation within.

Kathryna still hasn't met the young and innocent one, so she doesn't recognize Lucienne as she ducks her head in the door, but Kate is frustrated. Beyond frustrated. She half huffs, grumbling a few other curse words before she looks up to the girl. "Do you know what to with one of these damned things? I can never get it tight enough. I prefer a damn boat to these beats." Her ice pale eyes then seem to finally register the fact that the girl is looking horrified, and her age, and she takes a moment to frown a bit. "…Sorry, Miss. Lady, maybe… Whoever you are. Do you know what to do with one of these… Things."

Lucienne clears her throat, timed just after Kathryna's second round of crass language - damned? Really? Her eyelashes rise and fall in a rather rhythmic way, far more often than necessary, covering a very judgemental, middling-brown gaze. She takes another moment to produce another disapproving sound in her throat before parting her lips to speak: "The Lady Lucienne Terrick, my lady. And I do, yes, know how to fasten a saddle - do you require some assistance?"

Kathryna's calloused, strong, though small hands just simply do not yet seem accomplished in this task. Clearly, she's not a rider, despite being in these warm grass lands. She's trying. "…That… would be most lovely, Lady Lucienne Terrick." Kate sighs to herself, still clearly frustrated, but as she recognizes the name she does try to half clean herself up — that includes her language. She isn't doing much about the fact that she's still in leather pants and a long coat, dressed far more like a man than a woman. "… I am Lady Kathryna Harlaw… the… new… Diplomat to your family, so to speak. This horse back riding thing seems to have become… necessary to learn, in these soft lands."

Lucienne continues her study of this strange and horrifying creature, tilting her head as her eyes rake over Kathryna. She summons a small, polite sort of smile, and balances up onto her tiptoes to undo the stall door and let herself in. "How very pleased I am to make your acquaintance, my Lady Harlaw," she lies through her teeth, faultlessly convincing. "You might have requested one of the stable boys to assist you, in the future? They'll even lead your horse right out for you, ready to go. You don't ride so often, in the Isles?"

The pale, starkly blonde woman waves off the comment about the stable boy with just a bit of a scoff, "Then how will I ever learn if I don't practice myself? A woman who cannot do things for herself is of little use in her life." She grumbles there, carefully trying to string the straps. She's getting them on, but in fear of hurting the horse she still doesn't have them tight enough. She'll pull the saddle right over to the side if she tries to mount with it strapped on like that. "And no… we are a land of islands. Horses do not swim well, from what I hear. I am much better on a ship." And then Kate blinks back up to the brown haired, younger beauty. "And, uh…it's a pleasure to meet you too, young Lady."

Lucienne averts her eyes a moment, to check over the saddle and straps. "My lady, your work ethic is admirable," she says, taking a step forward to meet the older woman and dipping into an elegant curtsy. "If you will, though - these straps, they need be much, much tighter. My lady would fall straight to the ground with only one foot in the stirrup if you tried to mount up like this." She offers her hands for the task, but holds her position lest the more forceful woman be determined to fix the (damn) problem herself.

Kathryna grumbles slightly to the straps, "But… won't that cut damnabl-…uh… viciously? The poor beast." Wow, Kate might actually have a heart! Or, well, she at least feels for working creatures. The callouses on her hand claim her to be a working creature as well. "Just… just tell me how tight. I can do it, Lady…" The fact she's not able to do this independently yet is just making her MORE frustrated. It's a struggle not to curse. BUt she does draw the leather strap tighter, getting it so it's snug around the horse's body. "…Like that?"

There's another, fainter sound from the dark-haired ladys throat as that terrible, terrible affront to the common tongue threatens to escape Kathryna… and a pleased, encouraging smile as the Ironer corrects herself. "Of course, my lady," allows Lucienne, gesturing for Kathryna to have at. She watches on, and readies her hand to demonstrate, all four fingers pressed straight and close. "You can check it yourself, lady - try to wriggle your fingers in there, like so."

Kathryna watches that lovely, small hand as it demonstrates, Kate's palm coming up a moment later to follow suit. Her skin so much paler that Luci's, almost as icy as her eyes, though that might be why there is the telltale red of a sunburn on her nose and cheeks that is already beginning to peel. She's not, over all, an eye catching woman. Scarred and calloused. She double checks the tightness, nodding in understanding. "…And it does not hurt them?" Wow, an iron born might -actually- have a heart! "And… I appreciate the lesson Lady Lucienne… I shall owe you." She even tries at a half smile there.

And yet, she seems a gentle woman, to the eyes of this Riverborn girl. Lucienne's smile warms a touch, and she nods, encouraging Kathryna. "Just like that, yes. When you think that a horse tolerates a metal bit between their teeth, my lady, and a kick in the ribs to spur them on, a firm strap around the middle is a kindness." Her own palm reaches over to stroke the horse's side gently, exactly the kind of endearing touch such animals crave. "Whisper sweet things in her ear, and show her your thanks when you can, and your horse will be faithful and steady, my lady. She won't flinch at a cinch-strap."

Kathryna nods slowly, rubbing at the horse's side, reassuring even with her calloused hands and stern demeanor. "Aye, I suppose this is true. Dafydd told me as well to speak with the horse. I do not know how a beast comprehends. But! You grasslanders seem to know, so I'll trust it." She flashes a half smile and strokes her fingertips up the beast's neck. "You and I, girl… until I manage a beast of my own." Her ice eyes alight on Lucienne again. "Your family has been most kind to allow me to borrow her when I need. I swear to treat her well. You… have ridden long, my Lady?"

"Not your words, my lady," Lucienne counters, her tone gentle and soft, the horse responding with a lift of her chin. "Your voice. She will hear when you're angry, she will hear when you're affectionate. She will know if you appreciate her conveying you, it will sound in your voice - that's all you need give her. And perhaps the occasional apple or carrot." The younger girl steps back, allowing the Ironer to pet her beast and bond. "Since I was able, my lady. One of our sworn spent hours with me, when nobody else cared to, teaching me to ride as a girl. It is something I enjoy immensely, for all the little time I have lately to devote to it."

Kathryna gives a little groan at the comment of a voice, Kate's tone far from really womanly. It's low, slightly rasping, voice possibly damaged from years of shouting across decks and the vicious, wet cold of the iron isles. Maybe made for bedroom talk, or screaming at sailors, but little else. "I do not think I am anyone to woo someone, creature or man, with the sound of my voice. But I shall keep that in mind. And pack many carrots." She teases lightly as she does get the strap and begins gently leading the beats back out of the stall to prepare to be ridden. "…Little time? And what has taken your hours as of late?"

Lucienne contains a giggle to just an amused twist in her smile, and the faintest shake of her shoulders - no sound. "She will know," assures the younger lady, despite the hardened raspy timbre of Kathryna's voice. She stands aside to allow the lady and her horse out, following only once those threatening hind legs belonging to the beast have cleared the door. "Oh, many a thing. I must needs learn to run a household, my lady, and I spend a great portion of my time honing my skills with the needle or harp. Or corresponding with ladies spread far amongst the Riverlands. All other pursuits I enjoy, if not as greatly as spending time with my Ticker."

Kathryna tries not to look horrified but, suddenly, her face holds that exact same look of horror that Luci had when she came into the stall to hear Kate using such language, though there is pity there too. "Oh… Lady Lucienne. That…" Kate looks about to say many things, but she's forcing herself to hold her tongue. She finally clears her throat and straightens a bit more. "That… is your lot in life, I suppose. I am certain you'll make the most of it." She gives a little 'go gett'em' smile to accompany thtat.

That reaction draws a laugh from the lady Lucienne, a soft and tinkling sound, no doubt practiced within an inch of it's life and yet… a sound she is entirely comfortable with, given the expression on her face. "Please, my lady," she begs, dipping her hairline deferently to the older woman. "I have met many a woman would scorn a lady's lot, but would you be so kind as to riddle me: why? The sharpest of ladies do not need the weight of a sword to wield their power, or am I mistaken?"

Kathryna stares at the woman quietly as she steps to the edge of the stables, clearly ready to ride, though the encounter has been itneresting. "…So I hear, of these lands. In my home, you take what you are strong enough to take. And it is not with sewing needles. But… I am here now, and we all learn. Perhaps your way is most effective. Perhaps not. You are intelligent… maybe dangerously so. I see in those eyes. You are not the mewling, delicate kitten you would pretend." Kate gives a cold little smile after that. A smile that says she will keep her eye on Luci. "Enjoy your harp and your horse, young Lady Lucienne. We… we shall no doubt meet again." And with a rather powerful kick of her leg and slim form, she does mount up the horse and kicks twice to lead away.

Lucienne's brows loft for that reply, and she dips her head again, offering the utmost reverence for the Lady Kathryna's opinion. It might also be read that she is above reproach, unafraid of those watchful, icy eyes. "No doubt," she agrees, taking another step to watch the Ironborn woman ride off. "Good day, my lady Kathryna." Her handmaid rejoins her then, and they share a brief exchange of opinions on the sharp, untamed visitor, before moving to attend the lady's own horse.