Muirenn Mallister Erenford


The birth of all babes is a miracle if only of life, but after two stillborn older siblings, Muirenn's birth was considered by the Mallister family a distinct blessing. Aduialana and Hale Mallister had dispaired of other children following the birth of their eldest son. As such, the birth of another child after two stillborns was an unexpected gift and the couple did not seem in the least disappointed by their baby girl though rumor ran rampant that Hale had hoped greatly for another son.

Tiny Muirenn grew idolizing her brother, when he left to be fostered with one of the other Houses she was distraught and lost without him. About a month after his departure a letter arrived and regularly thereafter. All of them were full with news of her brother's doings and stories of life at the other Houses. While waiting for the letters, Muirenn's days were busy spent learning the intricasies of needlepoint, etiquette, and managing a household…things that every proper young lady must know. Always the small girl was escorted by her nurse, a undeniably proper, but not altogether unfriendly Septa by the name of Waldsteinia.

Happy at her home on an estate not far from Seagard, young Muirenn read and dreamed of nothing more than one day meeting a knight who would whisk her away into his adventures. Tragedy nearly snuffed out those dreams when she was eight years of age. The girl was struck down with a fever that can be so disastrous for children. During the months of careful healing as Muirenn battled the fever that again and again threatened to claim her life, she demonstrated a strength of spirit and determination that carried her through the worst episodes. As a result of her daughter's illness, Aduialana grew overly protective of her child and kept her at home for many years. Aduialana was determined to train Muirenn herself in the arts of overseeing a household and preparing her daughter to make an admirable wife. Despite this…or perhaps because of this, Muirenn grew into a lovely, but intense young woman with a passion for a wide variety of interests.

Always, the girl has had a fondness for animals and her freedom at home allowed her to develop into an admirable rider as well as the ability to take lessons in herbalism and chiurgeonry with the healers and Maesters that aided in her recovery. Though fully recovered from her childhood illness, the redheaded woman still is prone to the occasional cold and rumors abound that she is sickly…especially or because of the way Aduialana kept Muirenn at her side. Finally not long after Muirenn's 18th name day, enough was enough and Lord Jason ordered Aduialana to send her daughter to Seagard to be his ward. In an attempt to expose his niece to other Houses and society, Lord Jason sent Muirenn with his son, her cousin, Young Lord Patrek, as part of the House Mallister entourage to Terrick's Roost to mingle with other nobility.


Lord Jason Mallister, Deceased (Uncle), Lord Patrek Mallister (Cousin), Ser Martyn Mallister (Brother), Ser Aeric Mallister (Cousin), Ser Kamron Mallister (Cousin), Lady Saffron Baneford Mallister (Good Cousin), Lady Nedra Mallister (Cousin), Ser Otto Erenford (Husband), Lady Raina Erenford (Good Sister), Lady Roisin Erenford (Good Sister), Lady Ryleigh Erenford (Good Sister), Lord Miraz Erenford (Good Uncle), Lord Brennart Erenford (Good Cousin), Lord Nevan Erenford (Good Cousin), Lady Aemy Erenford (Good Cousin), Ser Aidan Erenford (Good Cousin)

Physical Features

On the cusp of blossoming, ivory skin proves a lovely canvas for this maiden's fine-boned face. Her grey-green eyes, often chastely lowered, tend to glance up through bronze lashes in sudden moments revealing at turns dreamy innocence and fascinating smiles, or deep perception and sharp intellect. Locks of the girl's bright sunset hair have been woven with silver and gold ribbons into a coronet upon her head. The rest has been allowed to fall loose en masse in sinfully thick, glossy waves to her waist. Subtly fastened to her hair, a finespun veil off indigo silk cannot quite disguise the richness of color and texture beneath. Even veiled, the copper tresses give off a sweet fragrance of summer roses. Lively vitality and gracious regality war for supremacy in her proud bearing. No older than her late teens, she stands taller than most maidens at six-foot in height. Despite this, there is a fragile delicacy to her that is as purely feminine as the youthful curves of her body.

Allies and Foes

I like living. I have sometimes been wildly, despairingly, acutely miserable, racked with sorrow, but through it all I still know quite certainly that just to be alive is a grand thing. (Agatha Christie)


Claude Monet, 1882 Cliff Walk at Pourville

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