Page 214: Much Ado About Turnips
Much Ado ABout Turnips
Summary: A small group of Flints meet in Seagard market. There are turnips.
Date: 16/02/2012
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Einar Pariston Tiaryn 
Market Square, Seagard
The sight of the heaviest fighting, and lengthiest Ironborn occupation, the streets are still littered with broken barricades and bloodstains. Flies have begun to swarm, making a kerchief over the face a necessity for travelling between the street of the Ropemakers, and the street of the clothmakers.
Thu Feb 16, 289

It's a little before lunchtime and the streets of Seagard are fairly busy. Not quite perhaps the hustle and bustle there once was, but there is definite movement of people. Some of them even with purpose. There are locals heading home for a meal with their families, men from the camps stretching their legs and enjoying what small liberties they have until the action begins in earnest again, all sorts really. One of those who's making his way towards the camps is Einar Flint. He has his sword at his hip but is not wearing his armour, nor does he have his crossbow to hand, suggesting he hasn't been with those training in the water but there's little to indicate what exact errand he has been on. Still, whatever it was it's over now and he's making his way 'home' for lunch and to carry on with the tasks about camp that seem to be multplying now it's getting close to the army moving again.

Along the streets of the market place, or what remains, is Pariston. He can smell blood and death lingering in the air. Making his way from the street of the ropemakers. Wearing his usual, casual, outfit. Though still with the Flint emblem visible upon his body. A knife is placed at his boot. He is moving in a rather swift pace, but still doesn't seem to be in a hurry. Having been on an errand while one of the longer breaks. Same as Einar, he is currently heading back to camp. Feeling the hunger starting to get worse. But still not all too bad.

Spotting Einar a few steps a head of him, he picks up the pace. "Einar." He calls out to the man, trying to catch up with him. A small polite smile upon his face, though he does look a little tired.

Tiaryn has been to the market with Adara and her sworn, looking to find some vegetables for sale, to add to the meals at the camp. Given the men are heading out soon, she thinks it's a good thing to try to get them something hearty and healthy to eat. Letting the hunters take care of the meat, she's busy wandering the extremely expensive vegetable market, what there is of it. Most folks are keeping their vegetables, it seems. Which is too bad. "How can anyone eat like this?" Tia murmurs, though not expecting an answer. "We'd do better to plant a garden, even if it won't be ready for months." Okay, that's a bit of an exaggeration, but not much.

Einar obviously has his mind elsewhere for now as he entirely misses the presence of his goodsister and only notices Pariston when the man calls out to him. Shortening his stride, but not entirely stopping, he glances over his shoulder towards the source of the voice and quickly spots the man-at-arms as he heads over. "Master Vis," he greets once they are both on a level, "on your way back to camp also?"

Pariston does notice Tiaryn from the corner of his eyes, but for now smiles and nods to Einar, as the man speaks. "Indeed, was on my way back after running an errand." Leaving it at that. But then looks over towards Tia then back to Einar. "I believe that your goodsister is around. Perhaps we should see if she would need help." He tells the man before starting to set off towards the lady and her escort. Glancing over his shoulder to Einar. A smile and nod is offered to Adara and the sworn before he looks to Tia. "Lady Tiaryn, pleasure seeing you. What might you be doing around here?"

The sworn notices Einar and Pariston first, as he should, but he doesn't say anything to the ladies. He just continues about his work. Adara offers a prompt curtsey as Vis arrives, and presumably Einar too. Tia is busy examining the turnips that apparently the Ironborn did not want. Or something. They're about the only thing that is even remotely reasonably priced, and even that is too much. "It's not that I begrudge you the money to live on, but we also need to live," she says earnestly to the vendor. And then she stiffens slightly, turning to look at Pariston with some surprise. "Master Vis!" she says, "I did not hear you approaching." A glance to the sworn who just smirks, and Tia sighs a bit "I'm just looking to buy some supplies for the camp, but it seems a hopeless cause."

Einar does indeed follow Parison over to where Tia and her small gang of followers are browsing what wares are on offer. He's maybe a pace or two behind the other man when the groups converge and gives both Adara and the sword a brief nod in greeting before saying to his goodsister, "We were just heading back that way ourselves. Would you care to join us or is this cause going to keep you longer?" A tad formal perhaps, but there's propriety to be had and all that.

Pariston smirks as he hear Tia talk with the vendor. When the lady seems to have noticed him he bow his head to her. "I think your escort find it amusing to see you startled." He offers, turning to show his wry smirk to the sworn and the handsmaid. Then listens to Tiaryn as she goes on, as well as nodding when Einar speaks. "Oh yes, we were heading back. But if you would need any help, I'd be happy to help out." He says to Tia.

Tiaryn arches a brow at that Sworn, then frowns at him, but he doesn't appear to be /too/ worried. Just wait until she mentions to Master Fenrir that perhaps he needs a little extra training since he didn't notice them coming up. Well, he couldn't have, right? Or he'd have properly given her a nudge. She tilts her head over at Einar, and says, "If you can wait just a few moments, I might maybe consider a purchase." Which perks up the vendor's ears, as he looks forward to some haggling. Tia pauses another moment to give Pariston a smile. "Thank you, Master Vis. It - might be I could use a hand, if these turnips aren't all rotten."

Einar can indeed spare a few moments. Much longer than that and he'd have considered heading on his way, but a brief haggle with a nearby vendor is hardly an endeavour that's going to keep him too long from camp. He smiles to Tia and nods his assent. "I'm sure that lunch, and indeed Anders, can wait a few moments," he replies with a slight smile, content enough to keep with the company for now.

Pariston chuckles as he notices Tiaryn's frown to the sworn. But for now he stays quiet as he usually does. But offers a nod when addressed. But for now he mostly let his eyes look around. Looking at the turnips as well as the vendor. Listening to Einar and nodding to him, perhaps about letting them wait at camp. Sort of saying 'of course they can' with the nod.

Certainly they can wait, and so Tia will tell them if anyone stirs up trouble. She grins at the men, and turns back to the vendor, perfectly willing to walk away if she can't get what she thinks is a good price. Mind, she's not perhaps the best of negotiators, but she gives it a good try, and does get a decent price, if perhaps not as low as she could have gotten. "There," she says, turning back to her sworn. "Jacob, you will carry the turnip, please." Hah. Not only does he now have a name, he also just got made into a packmule. But then, Vis and Einar are here to see to the safety of the group. "I think that's all," she says, with a slight smile, after Jacob collects the turnip and Tia pays for it. Truthfully there's not an excessive amount, it'll likely do no more than add a touch of flavour to the stews tonight, but it's better than nothing.

Einar is faintly surprised when only one turnip is purchased but hides it well enough. For some reason he'd had it in his head that there would be several. Waiting patiently while the goods and cash are exchanged he then turns to Tia, "Was there anything else you were requiring in town goodsister?" Pariston, Adara and Jacob are briefly ignored as he continues, "I'm sure there'll be more of a supply once the army sails, less mouths to feed and all that."

Pariston smiles as Jacob collects the turnip, and doesn't even offer help since it's not that much. Instead moving as a guard, even if he does not look like it from the look of things. He looks more like a guide or something, wearing no armor nor weapon, beside his personal knife. When they seem ready, he nods to Tia. Showing that he heard her. But keeping quiet as Einar speak with Tia. Instead paying some attention to Adara and Jacob, for once. Cracking a whispered joke to Jacob, about having to carry the bag and so on. Teasing him a bit, but all in good manner.

The bag of turnips that Tia bought, just behind the one sample turnip that they're eyeing, is picked up by Jacob. He needs both arms to hold the sack, which is about 3/4 full of turnips. (Sigh. Men!) Jacob looks over the top of the bag, where all that is visible is above his nose, and eyes Pariston, but you can almost see the smile on his face. Adara has to hide her giggle as the other men just let poor Jacob take the brunt of it. Tia gives Einar a glance, and then she shakes her head. "Perhaps so, Einar. We can hope." With that, she steps away from the vendor, pausing to wait for everyone else to be ready to head back to camp. "Shall we?"

Einar offers his arm to Tia, if they're going to be heading back to camp together then he may as well escort her properly after all. "If you're sure your man can manage," he replies, the faintest hint of amusement reaching his one. He does however, give Pariston a glance that practically says 'give the man a hand if he needs it would you'. A quick glance is given around the market before he sets off again, although it's more of an ingrained check than an expectation that something might actually happen. "To camp?"

Pariston moves silently, nodding to Tia. Keeping a few steps behind her and Einar. Actually helping Jacob a bit by putting one hand at the bottom of the bag, discreetly. Then nodding to Einar, showing that he already thought of that. Letting Einar see the hand under the bag. And there would not be much to worry about, as Paris has his eyes and ears looking around all the time. He's been around as escorting guard way too many times to not do so automatically.

Adara just grins, behind a hand that rises to cover her mouth politely. Tia might notice that Vis is helping out Jacob, but she doesn't comment if so. She inclines her head and accepts Einar's offered arm with a bit of a smile. "Thank you, Einar. You are most kind. Might I ask what it is you were doing in the market today? And you too, Master Vis?" She glances only briefly back at the man-at-arms, gaze dropping to his hands thoughtfully, and then turns her attention back to Einar.

With Tia now on his arm, and her Sword laden down with his load, Einar's pace away from the market is not as quick as it was when he had ben striding alone, but he could not faithfully be described as dawdling. He gives Pariston the faintest of nods to mark his approval, keeping up the form of not bothering Tia with such things, even if he's sure she's well enough aware anyway. As for the question posed, "Passing through it," he answers truthfully enough before feeling faintly obliged to go into a little more detail than just that. "The town's Sept is a little way beyond. I took advantage of a quiet moment in camp." He leaves it at that though, fully aware that his religious leanings are somewhat different to those of his fellows.

Pariston looks over at Adara, seeing her covering her mouth. A curious look on his face, along with a smile. But then he looks to Tia as she asks him a question, as well as her glancing over. Offering a kind smile and answers after Einar has done so, "I was just on an errand run to the ropemakers. Had a few things that were needed before we set off." He tells her, not showing if he noticed her glancing at his hand. For now he just continues on, glancing to see how Jacob is doing as well. "If you think this is hard, then you shouldn't tease her. She is actually a mean lady." He tells the man in a low playful voice, but perhaps not low enough. Even knowing so, as he glances to Tia with a teasing grin. Perhaps unproper, but he is starting to be a bit more casual around Tia.

Tia nods to Einar, not fussing at all about his religious choice. At least he has one, she figures that's probably more important than anything. "I'm glad, Einar, that you found the Sept and it served its purpose for you," she replies simply. She continues to walk, keeping up with Einar easily, though she does look back behind every so often. And when Pariston lets his little bomb drop, her jaw drops, and then she can't help but laugh. "Oh, Master Vis, I do not think Jacob will believe that," she says, at the same time as said Sworn laughs out loud as well. "Naw, she's a true Lady," he says to Vis, glancing over at Tia briefly. "As we all know. Not a mean bone in her body." Adara watches, suddenly wondering if she ought to be stopping this line of talk, right there.

Einar nods once after Tia finishes speaking, although if that's in simple acknowledgement of her words, a thanks for them (or even both at once) it's hard to say. His ears all too readily pick up the exchange between Pariston and Jacob and does briefly consider the same thoughts as Adara before deciding to carefully not hear any more of it. Unless it gets truely out of hand of course. FOr now though he's keeping his peace, since Tia doesn't seem to be bothered herself.

Pariston laughs, "I know, I know. But it is always fun to tease." A smile to all the others. Though stopping at Adara as she seems to wonder about something. As well as noticing Einar being quiet for now. But then he shakes his head. "No harm in joking with each other, right? Had it not been for jokes, I'd be dead a long time ago." Hard to tell if he's serious or not, especially as he only has a smile on his face. "One should not fight with anger, but with wits. So with a light heart and thinking carefully, it should be easier to get back alive." He says with a sage nod to confirm it.

Tia just closes her mouth, and then turns back to Einar, letting things calm down a bit. There is a quirk to her lips, but she concentrates on walking for a bit, as she doesn't want to let things get out of hand and have to take them down a notch. So, her expression slowly moves back to a more normal neutral, as they walk, stepping around a puddle of … something … that has happened to land on the ground right in the pathway.

With the conversation seeming to be starting to settle slightly, Tia might well notice Einar relax just a little. Not that he'd been particularly tenser than usual, but still, not having to step in and say anything on the subject definatily seems to be a happier option to him. He couldn't claim to have noticed the quirk on her lips, not having been looking in her direction at the time, but instead his focus is towards the gate that'll take them out of the city and off to lunch. As for conversation? In truth, right now, he's happy without.

Pariston sighs and goes back to his usual silent way. This being a reason for him not interacting much with nobles. He let his free hand run through his hair as he continues to follow along. Still having his smile though. Eyes continuing to look around. As does his ears listen to their surrounding.

Hey, c'mon now. Nobody got in trouble, and he made Tia laugh, but well, there's only so much she can go along with, and still be proper. Which does have to be considered, alas. Tia glances over to Einar, but he's being the strong, silent type. And actually, it seems all the men are now headed that way. Big chickens. Ahem. Tia takes a breath and then she says, "Oh! I meant to ask, how do you all find the vegetables down here? Anders was commenting that there seem to be a fair number of them that are fairly different? I think I sort of remember that, but it's a little fuzzy."

Nobles can be great big stick-in-the-muds like that sometimes and, although he might not admit it openly, Einar does feel rather protective of his goodsister and has done ever since they'd found her half-dead on the road. Odd how that happens. The question about vegitables does elicit a response, although at first all that it comprises of is a faintly puzzled look. A moment or two later though and he's formulated a verbal reply, "I'm sorry to say that I haven't been paying a huge amount of attention." It's almost as if he's had other things on his mind.

Pariston does understand that it might not be the people. But he does know the whole proper deal. Which is the reason he doesn't talk much with them. Personally he doesn't have to care much about proper or anything. Except when with nobles. He does try his best, which causes it to be easiest to stay silent. When Tia asks a question he shrugs, "They are all right." He offers after Einar has answered.

Aww, poor Pariston. Tia gives him a glance at the sort of half hearted answer, and then she looks at Einar with a bit of exasperation. "Do you two not eat?" she asks. "How about this then? Would you both do me a favour and try to pay attention for the next couple days. And let me know which ones you favour?" That should be easy enough, right? She doesn't say why though.

Einar does eat, he just doesn't pay minute attention to what he eats, especially not camp rations. The request though is reasonable enough. "I shall, and I'll let Anders know to as well." Hey they could even compare notes, who knows.

Pariston chuckles and loses himself, again, "I think Master Fenrir has kept us way too busy, and keep whooping us. That kinda makes one forget about vegetables. But I'll make sure to keep it in mind for now." He smiles and nods, then fall silent. Or at least letting Tia and Einar go ahead and talk for now. But as none of them says more than Einar answering, he opens his mouth again. "So… Which do you favor, m'lady?"

"I'm not sure you can blame Master Fenrir for /everything/, Vis." Tia considers the question asked of her, since she's happy enough with the answer they both have given? "Me? Oh. Well, to be honest, I can't say I've really been all that attentive myself, but I'm sure that will change for me as well. I do tend to prefer the sweeter vegetables over the more bitter ones. So, squash perhaps over turnip. But in a pinch, vegetables is vegetables." Tia looks momentarily a little sheepish.