Li Bing Bing
Li Bing Bing as -
name: -
father: -
mother: -
spouse: -
issue: -
gender: female
age: 24
height: 5'3
weight: 110lbs
eyes: Amber
hair: White
honorific: 'Rodrik's Witch', 'Shieldmaiden of the Drowned God'
house: Greyjoy
position: Guardian

What the Ironborn say

According to rumor and myth, 'Rodrik's Witch' was found as a babe by his uncle, Euron; carried to the shore in the cradling sweep of foam-crested waves and rocked to a restful slumber before the tides withdrew, leaving the infant in the sands of Pyke. Of course, Balon's brother is wont to weave such fanciful stories, so who is to say how much is true? What is certain is that it was Crow's Eye who brought the girl child to the household in which she would live and grow. Some claim that, to this day, the woman's true loyalty belongs to the estranged brother of the king. Others say the sea-born child was intended as a Princess, to be wed to Rodrik but that the touch of Euron tainted her otherworldly qualities and made her barren. The greatest skeptics imagine she is likely one of the shapeshifting Farwynds, seeking her fortune.

Morvydd's hair is pure silver-white, throwing into question the nature of her heritage even to those who may choose not to believe the Drowned God himself delivered her to the ruling family. But such an unusual gift and mark of prestige is always to be flaunted and its mysteries encouraged by those who hold the reins of power, and none dare defy the tale publicly lest they invoke the wrath of King Balon himself. As far as the Ironborn are concerned, Morvydd is truly a Shieldmaiden of the drowned god himself, a figure of respect and fear.

Raised and steeped in the martial traditions of House Greyjoy, the woman is a fearless and pragmatic warrior, as well as being graced with deadly gifts of sorcerous power, and it is murmured that she appointed herself a guardian of the family from a young age. A natural talent with twin dirks serves her well, though she has a keen eye also as a marksman and carries a spear of blackwood and leather. Any weapon that finds use in the witch's hand is said to be cursed, bringing sickness to those who oppose her. Still more useful, given the impatient nature of those she serves, is an uncanny and unquestionable skill as a tracker. She prefers to do so afoot, however. It seems horses do not favor witches much.

Finding unsurprising favor from the Drowned Men also allied with the Greyjoys, treated with considerable respect by the macabre priests in light of her reputation, Morvydd is well-versed in their ways; looking to them for her early education at the encouragement of her betters and learning to read and write with some proficiency. A popular tale among the faithful is that when she was twelve, the witch was anointed in a ceremony of great secrecy, drowned in saltwater as all others are.. but that she merely opened her eyes and drew breath as easily as if nothing had befallen her, rising to wade deeper into the ocean, naked as the day she was born, to enjoy a swim in the moonlight.

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Portrait Relation
"I hate him. I despise that someone of such low birth and little consequence can get under my skin."
"My relation to the Prince? Ask him yourself."
"Very different to his brother. But he holds the respect of his men. Admirable, I suppose."
Euron Greyjoy "I wish he had taken me with him. But my duty is to his kin, first and foremost. Maybe one day.."
Balon Greyjoy "He is our King. You will bend knee to him."