Page 277: Morning Complications
Morning Complications
Summary: Attempting to repair their marriage, the baby is a bit impatient for its arrival
Date: 10/May/2012
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Guest Room, Tordane Tower
A modest room but with a large high bed that is set with four posts in rich mahogany. A blue rectangular rug is angled in the center of the room. A chest for storing the visitor's goods is at the foot of the bed and a grey blue cover settles over the bed. A hearth to the right of the windows which rests between it and the bed is done over with a iron screen meant to be removed when in use. A pair of chairs rest near the window and about a small circular table set with a candle. On the same wall as the door rests a low chest of drawers, a basin for water and a few wooden mugs rest there for use.
Sun Apr 22, 289

It's a few days after the Nayland's hosted feast and already the sun is high in the sky as mid-afternoon begins to take it's hold on the land. There's barely a breadth of wind, leaving the temparture to be pleasantly warm. Guests, both noble and retainer, still linger within the tower, for not everyone has taken their leave and Aleister seems to be one of those who has remained behind. Having spent the previous night there and the duration of the morning, the Charlton Knight is at present, within the common room of the suite, standing before one of the windows that overlooks the main square. Hands rest idly upon the sill of the window, his body leaned forward a touch and judging by the fact that he's clad in simple trousers and a white shirt, he hasn't yet taken his leave from the Tower for anything.

No one would lay fault to the woman should she chose to remain in bed, wasting a heavy portion of the daylight hours to enjoy sleep. Sweet bliss among the enjoyment of feathered comforts and soft fur blankets. When she awoke it was no surprise that the first to greet the woman, seated beside the woman's bed was Septa Enya. Cherise turned onto her side, the bed was all hers it seemed for when she was just about to inquire of her husband's whereabouts the grey garbed female made a crooked gesture for the common suite, as if she could read her lady's mind. To see for herself, she accepted the Septa's aid to slide from the bed. Bare feet touched the warmed stone floors, summer was to blame. A hand held unto the underside of her belly, supporting the dropping weight as she slowly waddled into the area where Aleister was standing, taking a moment to stare before the blonde with impressive bedhead spoke. "I trust you have slept?"

If Aleister notices the sound of approaching footfalls approaching the common room and the entering into it, he doesn't seem to react to it. It's not until Cherise has spoken that he's straightening from his spot in front of the window so that he can turn towards her, his head giving a slight bob that no doubt signifies an affirmative. Of course, it's then followed by, "I did, for a bit." Lifting a hand upwards, it comes to run through his hair before falling back down to his side, "I hope that you slept well, Cherise?" That question posed, he's now beginning to make his way across the room, towards the center of it where the furniture can be found.

The stone wall on her right was used for some support, still being a bit cloud headed from her recent withdraw from slumber. Her nightwear, off white in color covered the woman's entire form for even when with child one must maintain their modesty. As Aleister had responded, relocating for the center of the room, the Lady chose to remain in her place while shuffling and movement carried on behind her. No doubt the handmaidens setting themselves to task by making the bed and preparing for the lady's morning rituals for beauty. "I did." She tells him, dropping her hand from the wall to lightly brush over her own hair, a gorgeous mess of lazy blonde curls as if she recently dismounted from a refreshing summer ride. "Do your thoughts weigh as heavy as my own?"

Upon reaching one of the chairs, Aleister is moving to lower himself down into it, arms lifting to lay upon the armrests of the chair as his head tilts back to settle against it, though he keeps his eyes focused upon Cherise for the moment, "Good. I well imagine that sleep can be hard to come by, at times." There's just the hint of a smile before it's gone, for he's then lifting his shoulders into the barest touch of a shrug, "In a fashion. Aside from that, I still find it .. odd to be back. To not be sleeping upon the damp, cold ground of the isles, with the sounds of sentries and the like all around."

She would not be on her feet for long. Being occupied elsewhere gave her handmaidens some time to prepare the woman's bath and set out her clothing. After Aleister had seated himself Cherise furthers herself into the room, not for a chair, but toward the Charlton Lord and soon to stand behind his form. "I would believe after months settling into a foreign area, it would be difficult to readjust to the life you knew before." She tells him, reaching a hand forward to comb her fingers through his hair, deliberately over the scar on his scalp from that unfortunate encounter. "I have prayed that should there be another war it will be far beyond our lifetime, and our child's."

As she begins to move further into the room, Aleister's eyes follow her movements until she slips past his field of vision and behind him. When her hand comes to brush through his hair and over that scar, he's letting his eyes drift around the room, almost aimlessly and without intent, as he offers, "It took awhile to adjust to the lack of peacefullness upon the Isles and now, it will take awhile to adjust back to the simple sound of nothingness at night. A change." A wry smile crosses his lips at the mention of another war, "It is my hope that we do not see another." Then, there's a soft breath and an apparent subject change, for he's murmering, "The celebration party seemed to be a success for the Naylands."

From above she had frowned, a change in her features unknown to him as her fingertips grazed over that healed wound hidden by the lengths of his hair. "I agree, it was." On speaking of the Nayland's event. "For their house." She had no reason to state the obvious. "I am a bit relieved that the focus was upon my brother's wild antics and very little upon what has befallen between you and I my husband." Withdrawing her hand, coming to join the other to support the weight of her stomach, she is guiding her movements for the chair opposite of him. With some effort she manages to sit, or more precisely delicately flop into the chair. After a deep exhale, her body seated at an incline, she folds both hands atop of her stomach. "Roric would have seen him to the Inn safely, if the Naylands had not taken insult…"

"I imagine some stared and wondered, but there is little else that they can do when it comes do us, Cherise. It is, quite simply, not their place." When her hand falls awya and she begins to move to the chair opposite him, Aleister's eyes once more follow her momvents and when she's settled with the delicate flop, there's a slight curve of his lips to a smirk and then a chuckle slips past, "The Naylands have every right to take insult, my dear. To act in such a fashion while at an event hosted in their Tower?" A shake of his head now, "This was not some common party at an inn. Had he been one of mine, he would have found himself stripped of his position and found comfort in a cell for some time."

Cherise lowered her eyes, perhaps staring at her stomach. "I am fortunate he is not one of yours." Her limbs stretched outward to cross her swollen ankle over the other. "My brother has not the training nor the compunction to compose himself in the company of his peers. He follows a knight who barely takes pride in the honor for and of his family, let alone seems to give a damn." The lady sighed heavily, "And still, they will be my fates once more should you not have a change of heart."

"Indeed," is offered almost quietly, in relation to being fortunate that Desmond is not one of us. "They give great shame to the Westerling name, Cherise, and further weaken any chance your family has of making inroads in the Riverlands. If you care for your family, at all, you would do well to speak with them and have them curb their behaviour." At the mention of having a changing of heart, or not, Aleister gives only the faint cluck of his tongue before he's answering, "Do not concern yourself with things such as that at this time. I will give you the time to try what you will, of that you have my word. And should anything change, I will speak with you, in private, first and foremost."

Her gaze swept sidelong, another concern piled upon her plates while absently catching the movements of her handmaids, folding, patting and filling things. Things that tinkered or rattled. "I am aware Aleister." She told him, dejectedly. "I will see that my brother apologizes to the Regent in person. Hopefully, from what Danae has told me of the man, he is an understanding soul." Her eyes had soon returned to his form, her eyebrows perked, "Do not concern myself? Seven hells Aleister those things are a storm nearing from all directions seeking to undo me. I am concerned and I will remain so until I have no reason to any longer." One of the handmaids had approached, too cautious to speak as the married pair had their 'talk'. Cherise shook her head, "How long has this been a thought of yours? While on the isles? Seagard? Hollyholt?"

"A wise move. One that might go well to mending some of the insult that was given," offers Aleister with a slight nod of his head. Arms shift from the rests of the chair so that his hands can come to his lap, fingers lacing together as he regards her. "Seagard," is answered simply enough, though he's following it with, "But you would do well to not worry over such things, lest you make yourself sick." It's then that he's casting a look to the maid, though he says nothing to her for he's looking back to Cherise, "I will see these rumors quelled, Cherise. For your sake, at least. I will take my residence in the Tower with you and we will travel together as we did, as you are able of course."

Cherise turned her attention briefly to the handmaiden, the girl inquiring about when to draw the bath. Once given an answer the young female had disappeared from sight, venturing in the chambers with the rest of her kind. "Seagard…" She repeats and says nothing further of that. "You are right of course." Cherise tells him, attempting to brush away the rise of questions. "I would be grateful, for all of it, truly." The words were genuine as she laid her eyes upon him. "Had you received my letter? On the Isles?"

Letting his attention flit back to the maid, Aleister is then looking back in the direction of Cherise, giving a slight nod of his head as he repeats Seagard. At the mention of being grateful, he offers a slight smile. Then, there's another nod of his head, "I did. I had meant to reply, Cherise, but it came as we prepared for the assault on Pyke itself. At that point, time was something to which we did not have much of and I was unable to get a letter sent off in return. For that, I do apologize."

The lady smile absently, "I understand. I am surprised to know it had reached you, once hearing that the King would be going to the isles, I knew that would be my chance to send a courier." Both handmaidens attending the bed had exchanged a look to one another before gaining the Septa's attention. Glancing elsewhere for the moment Cherise admitted, "I had so much to tell yo-ah!" Cherise then lurched forward, embracing her abdomen tightly. The response of her handmaidens were swift, the Septa shuffling fast in her boots to investigate for such a sound. The Charlton woman's eyes had widened, legs pressing tight against one another. Septa Enya seemed all to calm while telling one of the handmaidens, "Girl, go and fetch the Maester tell him that it is time."

Giving a slight nod of his head and allowing the smile to remain, Aleister seems to be ready to say something, just as Cherise offers that sound and lurches forward. There's a lift of a brow, an unclasping of his hands, but the handmaidens are already moving. Eyes shift between the group of people and for his part, the Charlton Knight simply remains seated, for there's little that he can do to help at this particular moment.

With the Charlton Maester fetched those who remained helped hoist the Lady Charlton into her chambers while the Septa followed closely behind. The only male with a purpose here would have been the maester and throughout the while, every few minutes or so a cry of anguish shot through Cherise's mouth. The Septa had looked to Aleister, giving a nod of her head first before moving to close the doors of the private chamber.

Time Lapse

Through out the day and well into the evening the door sealing off the common area from the bedroom had finally opened a few moments after a disgruntled babe's cry. The Maester was standing beside Septa Enya who held a writhing and messing something in her arms. One of the three handmaidens had been tending to the Lady Charlton, using a damp cloth with cool water to cleanse the sweat from the lady's forehead and neck. Utterly drained and barely attentive to her surroundings Cherise lazily watched as the Maester preformed a routine check over the babe's wellfare. Another handmaid peered out of the doors, "M'lord Charlton?"

For his part, Aleister hadn't ventured too far from the chambers, though he had on occassion gone for a walk, though it had been short in nature. Now, when the chambers to the bedroom open, he's found himself seated in one of the chairs, a writing pad and a quill held in his hand as he jots something upon it. The sound of the babe's cry and the voice that had followed has him looking up from his task so that he might offer, "Yes?"

The handmaiden appeared overjoyed while offering Aleister a nod of her head, "The Seven's blessing are upon your house m'lord. Your son awaits."

With that news, Aleister moved to settle the writing parchment and quill on the small table to the side and as a slight smile began to hint across his lips, there's a nod of his head, "Very good." Now, rising from his spot in that chair, there's a slight adjustment of his tunic before he begins to make his way in the direction of the bedchamber, though his eyes do shift towards the handmaiden once again, "And Cherise? Is all well with her?"

Darra nods all too quickly, "She is m'lord, the babe's arrival has taken much from her but she rests." The girl even smiles a little, "I would hope you may not take offense should she fall into slumber before you." Some movement came from the bedroom, the Charlton Maester, toting a large leather satchel and wiping a cloth across his brow again. He pauses once entering the common area, glancing over his shoulder before addressing the other male. "Congratulations m'lord. The babe looks quite healthy, must be from the lineage hmm? You may enter if you wish." Within the chamber Septa Enya was cradling the brown haired child wrapped comfortably within a soft blanket as Cherise laid on the bed, tucked underneath a layer of furs, steady observing the new little lord.

Giving a slight nod of his head in the direction of Darra, Aleister allows the smile to hold to his lips as he offers, "Good." Then, there's a faint chuckle and a shake of his head, "No. No offense will be taken." That said, he's moving into the room after the Maester says that it can happen and he's first looking towards Cherise before casting his eyes in the direction of the Septa and the newborn.

There were a handful of times when one's appearance may be excused though had Cherise held her wits about, not even Aleister would be permitted to enter until she was able to appropriately tend to her demeanor. The handmaidens did all that they may however the natural coloring from the lady's features had drained, a bit pale and exceedingly tired. The Charlton Maester had provided a little remedy to dull the aches, which had also dulled everything around the woman.

Septa Enya peeled her eyes up from the babe, currently sleeping or not yet ready to open it's eyes. She bowed as much as she could, "M'lord." Her attention briefly turns to the bed bound female, "Lady Cherise, your husband is here." Dark blonde brows perked slightly, "Ster." The first few letters were silent. She smiled lazily once her eyes had found him. "I wonder if you gave your mother so much trouble." Chuckling lightly, the woman begins to try and push herself to sit upright. An effort that swiftly draws the attention of her handmaidens and their aid sees to the task completely. As Cherise attempts to find her comfort, the Septa adjusts the babe to placed on display for Aleister while maneauvering the blanket to not hinder the babe's face. A pale little thing, small with a thick crown of brown hair and thick lips.

Aleister's doesn't seem overly perturbed by Cherise's appearance, though at this particular moment, his eyes seem to rest upon that of the child. It's ony when the Septa lets Cherise know that he's present that he looks over towards her, a faint chuckle once again slipping past his lips, "Perhaps I did, Cherise. Though, you would need to ask such a question of her." Then, he's looking back to the child as the Septa puts him a little more display. There's a nod, then, before he's casting a look back in the direction of Cherise, "I'm glad to see that you are well, Cherise."

When Cherise sits upright, her back lounging against a massive wall of pillows, the Septa, once Aleister has given his nod, brings the new babe toward it's mother. She's a bit sloppy, at least with holding her arms in the correct manner. With the goosefeather pillows playing support she can easily cradle the little boy in her arm as the other pulls back the blanket that binds him. "I shall." She says after a good long while, still staring at the little writhing thing, pink and scowling against all the new sensations. "I lay wager, you were a handful." The lady smirks easily. "You'll write to them? All of them?"

Watching as the child is delivered to Cherise, Aleister then moves to settle himself on the edge of the bed, hands coming to clasp together in his lap as he looks from mother to child and then back again. The smile remains upon his lips and with a slight bow of his head, he offers, "Well, perhaps. I was. I will be most curious to know what my mother has to say of such things." At the mention of writing them, there's another nod and a quick, "Of course. You needn't worry there."

"As would I." She agrees, laying the child across her lap, among the softness of the deerskin furs to which it protests. Cherise simply clicks her tongue, lips pursing over that cute moment when the new babe had cried out. The only form of communication it had. Cherise then offers the little one her finger, letting him grip around her dainty tendril in a measure of it's strength, and to also assure him that she was here. "She would have much to share I have no doubt." Her fingers waggles back and forth gently before lifting her eyes to Aleister. "Do you…" A nod of her head indicated to the babe, "wish to hold or touch him?"

With a slight laugh, Aleister merely gives a shake of his head at the mention of what his mother would have to say, "Oh, I'm sure she would have much to impart, my dear." Eyes shift between the two, especially as the child cries out and Cherise offers him that finger. When the mention of him holding the child comes to pass, there's a slight nod of his head and a somewhat shift of himself closer towards her, "Yes, I would."

Knowing full well she was still heavily under some of the tencture's effects, Cherise looked to the Septa who had seemed to read the lady's mind. Stepping closer to the bed Enya carefully wrapped the babe in its blankets before scooping it from the Lady's lap. A few steps would take both she and new one toward the Charlton Lord and, with care, offer the man his son. Cherise simply eyes the whole transition, a hint of mourning readable upon her features after being apart from something she felt attached to, or in this case it was literally the opposite. "I had thought of Jon Arryn, after your father. However I think it no longer suits him."

watching as the child is scooped up and presented to him, Aleister is accepting the child in a craddling grasp, eyes drifting down to the regard the young Lord before he's looking back up to Cherise. The smile remains upon his lips and at the mention of the name, there's a faint chuckle that escapes past his lips. A moment's consideration and he's canting his head to the side, "Perhaps not. What of Ethyn? Or Jayson?" Now, his eyes once more drift to the child as one hand shifts to offer the him a single finger to play with.

"Ethyn.." She tests and then the other, "Jayson Charlton." A deep smirk is hosted in the corner of her mouth while eyeing the squirming babe in Aleister's arms, absently gripping to the man's finger and pulling it into his cheek. "Jayson is… good." Her head cants, considering the name once more before laughing sweetly, "I am glad we are not following the traditions of Nayland and Terrick, well, the Naylands more precisely, naming their children from a single letter. If that was to be followed Ayson is just as lovely." The last bit of her words are in jest as she folds both arms atop of her swollen abdomen, still a touch large though not as before. "Aerick, Jaesyn, Allyn…"

For the moment, Aleister's attention remains upon that of the child, lips curved into that smile as he watches the child grip his finger and pull it towards himself. Then, there's a flit of his eyes towards Cherise, a quiet chuckle coming to pass as he gives a shake of his head, "Aye. I'm unsure as to what prompted such a thing. Perhaps they were merely .. unable to come up with anything else." Then, he's listening to the other names and there's a slight hmm as he offers, "Aerick is a nice name."

"It is." She returns, perhaps still unsettled as to what the name the babe before the daylight has passed and their blessing may be delayed. "We have a little time Aleister." Cherise tells him while her eyes close momentarily. "It comes between Jayson or Aerick." She reopen her eyes focused a little upon the pair of them while the babe's displeasure has seem to subside and the Septa remains ever close should she be needed. "Have you any news, concerning your new holdings?"

"We do, though I find myself liking Aerick just a touch more then Jayson, Cherise. And you? Do you like a particular one more then the other?" Eyes then shift from Cherise, back down to the child as Aleister offers a small smile to the young lord, though it lifts at the mention of his holdings. To that, he's giving a shake of his head, "Nothing yet, I'm afraid. For now, the men continue to work the land. Soon, I will write my Uncle and tell him that all is underway and he will then write to Lord Walder Frey, who will write to Lord Hoster Tully, to see that I am confirmed as the Lord of the new holdings."

So they'll fit right along with the Naylands. Cherise smiled sloppily, "Aerick Charlton." Her eyes looked to the slumbering babe, occasionally making strange gurgling sounds as it settled into its dreams. As he explained the amount of head nods needed for such a venture, she appeared to accept it with little to no protest. "You're a man of good standing, I should hope no other is seeking the same claim as you.

A firm nod is given as the name comes to bare and then, with the mention of his standing and anothers claim to the land, there's a quick laugh and a shake of his head, "Another would be hard pressed to make such a claim, Cherise, for we have already begun to cultivate the land. Someone else would first need to remove our peasants and install our own, before they could lay claim to the land." Looking back to the babe one more time, he's then moving to pass him along to the Septa, perhaps so that she can return him to his mother.

"If the lands are already being cultivated there is no reason for any to say no? Is there? Should they for what reasons may they have?" Cherise asked as the babe passed arms again, from Aleister to Septa and then back to the Lady Charlton who had returned the young lordling upon her lap, embraced against her bosom. One of her fingers gently stroked the back of Aerick's hand, stirring him to awaken. "What reasons will they look for to deny you?"

"It is a game of politics, Cherise. I have taken advantage of an opening and if Lord Tully has another in mind, he could technically refuse my claim." Shoulders come to lift into the slightest of shrugs, his smirk once more crossing upon his lips as he does so. "I do not think, though, that such a thing will come to pass. I think that once we send word, that our Lord Paramount will see fit to decree me as the Lord of Highfield and be done with it."

"Unless the Lady Liliana opposes it." Cherise mentions while idly toying with the wrinkled little hand. "It is still… by rights hers and soon in the hands of the Mallisters should the marriage still occur. Is she not a concern?" She asks him, alternating her gaze between the young babe and Aleister while the Septa stands in utter silence, hands folded before her and waiting, almost eager to be of some use.

At the mention of Liliana and the Mallisters, Aleister's is giving a shake of his head, one that is followed by a soft chuckle, "She is of no concern to me, Cherise. while she could contest my claim, under the Kings Law she is unable to work the land due to the lack of smallfolk, which means that Lord Tully, who parcels out the land, is welcome to assign another Lord, one who can work the land and one who will pay taxes upon it."

She nods once more, understanding a little by little. "Then let fortune still continue to be in our favor." Aleister is told before the babe begins to cry out loud, disturbed by something. Cherise makes some attempts to console the little Aerick before Enya prompts, "We can summon the wet nurse Lady Cherise, if you like." Prompting the noblewoman to frown a little, "No, she won't be necessary." Enya nods and soon approaches and the two almost act as if Aleister was not in the room. Cherise's chemise had been slipped off her shoulder, low enough to expose one of her breasts in order to feed the crying young. The whole task was a slight challenge until little Aerick found his rhythm and began to suckle hungrily, prompting a few strange dances of Cherise's eyebrows. "Where have you sent the Lady Erenford?"

"Indeed. I think that such a thing shall be." With the cry from Aerick, Aleister is casting a look in his direction before looking back to Cherise and then as the whole task of feeding him comes to bare, the Charlton Knight doesn't seem overly disturbed by such a thing. He does look between babe and mother, his gaze resting on the latter at the mention of the Lady Erenford, to which he's answering with, "She remains in the lands to the North, overseeing the task at hand and venturing back to Stonebridge as is needed, to complete her task."

"What task?" Cherise asks while adjusting the placement of her arms, both soon cradle the babe against her as her eyes fell upon him. So rare that she was able to see it's eyes, so when they opened she was greeted with deep blues staring back to her. No smile, Aerick worked his pudgy jaw upon her breast as if his life depended on it. She laughed a little, stroking his light brown hair and cheek. "Hopefully Bertrand will be of some use while she is there. For the few times I had seen her, she appeared tired, over burdened."

"Not a task in particular, but the oversight of ensuring that the men are completing the necessary buildings and ensuring that the work on the land is being conducted without delay." Now, Aleister gives a slight roll of his neck from left to right as he gives a shake of his head, "It is not a task that requires assistance, unfortunately, but it is one that can be tiring and draining, for one most remain abreast of all the various aspects of what is transpiring and be able to ensure that the proper people are doing the proper tasks."

"I suppose watching people build, dig, and carry can be quite the tiring task." She returns, still staring at little Aerick. "An awful amount of trust to have one oversee the building of your home. Who knows Aleister, there just might be hidden corridors and faulty floors in strategic places." The other shoulder shrugged, opposite of the babe.

"And seeing that things are purchased and paid for and ensuring an adequate number of supplies are procured for the men that are working. It is not simply a job in which one sits and watches, Cherise." Bringing his hands to his lap, Aleister clasps them together as his shoulders then left into a slight shrug, "Considering that construction has not yet begun upon a keep, I do not think I need worry about hidden dorrs and passage ways."

"Of course not." She tells him, lifting her eyes briefly before lowering them once again just as Aerick seemed to have his fill. Cherise then leans backwards, gesturing for the Septa to approach then take over. Enya took the babe in arms and hoisted the little one carefully over her shoulder. Cherise replaced the shoulder of her chemise, still watching how the lady Enya was handling her new son. "We must see to his blessing Aleister, under the Seven."

Watching as the child is claimed by the Septa, Aleister is then returning his attention to that of Cherise and at the mention of the blessing, he's dipping his head into a slight nod, while a smile crosses upon his lips once more, "That we must, my dear. We can have the Septa prepare such things and then see to it once all has been arranged."

Enya nods naturally, patting Aerick's back after a good feeding. "I can do so m'lord. I shall send word to the Sept of your wish." A little comfort was readable on Cherise's face, eyes glued to the namesake slumbering demeanor. "I was told that these are the easiest times with a child. They only disappoint you the older they become."

Looking back to Enya, Aleister is offering the Septa a slight bow of his head and a quick, "Thank you." Then, he's looking back to Cherise, a faint chuckle escaping past his lips as he gives a slight shake of his head, "Such a thing is to be expected, I suppose. But, they do not always disappoint, my dear." Unclasping his hands from his lips, he begins to rise from his spot on the bed, but he doesn't move to take his leave, "You must be relieved, Cherise, that you no longer bare the weight of the child."

"I just, worry that is all." She relays after the Enya successfully brings a loud burp from the babe and moves to lay him in the rocker. "Relieved?" Was asked, her brows slightly perked at the statement. "No, not entirely. I mean, do I miss the ailments, the pains in my back, the feeling of my ribs being shattered? No.. not wholly. There were good moments where I enjoyed feeling him stir inside me, a feeling I will not have for quite some time unless I am fortunate again." The lady admits while folded her hands upon the lap, glancing at her abdomen before lifting her baby blue eyes to Aleister. "I should not have thought that, not about him."

"Understandable," comes the immediate reply from Aleister as his attention once again shifts between mother, Septa and newborn. In the end, his eyes once again fall upon Cherise as a hand lifts to rub idly at the back of his neck as he listens, his head coming to give a slight nod that is joined by the hint of a smile, "Perhaps fortune will see fit to smile upon you yet again Cherise." Then, as the apology is given, a hand lifts to give a slight wave, as if dismissing such a thing, "Think nothing of it."

"Perhaps…" She agrees while running a hand over her hair, although brushed the lady was still displeased by it. "Though not too soon." Added almost too quickly. "I do not have a single desire to model the Freys Aleister. There is a reason why so many offspring are so…" Both shoulders and her head shivers, remembering her encounter with a few of males belonging to House Frey. "Although I am a little surprised really, you could have chosen a wife from Lord Walder's brood… and yet you did not." She smirked at her husband while her foot waved teasingly beneath the blanket.

A laugh sounds past Aleister's lips as he gives a slight shake of his head, "No .. No .. I would not wish the brood that Lord Frey has come to amass. I do not know how such a man could even begin to keep track of his children and their children." Another shake of his head and then a smirk to follow at the mention of marrying a Frey, "And although I would give my life for Lord Frey, I had no desire to marry one of his family. I will leave such a thing to the likes of Andrey."

Aerick whines quietly from his cradle, then soothed by Septa Enya. It draws Cherise's attention away for just a moment before her eyes resume their gaze upon Aleister. "I am relieved to know your ambition does have limitations." Lips curled in a smirk as she turned her limbs, seeking to plant both feet on the floor. Her handmaidens abandoned their seats quickly, "Lady Charlton, you were given instructions not to leave." Seated on the edge of her bed Cherise's shoulders sank, "Very well.." Sequestered to her bed once again, she was yearning to be free from all this restriction. In looking to Aleister a brow raised, "This will be another thing not missed."

Looking to the craddle at the whine, Aleister is then looking to the Septa and back to Cherise, the smirk growing upon his lips as he dips his head into a slight nod, "Indeed." When she begins to rise, though, he's looking to her and then to the handmaidens as they put a stop to that action. Now, with her on the edge of the bed, he's moving to settle himself beside her, a hand seeking to move around her shoulder and offer a light squeeze, "How long as the Maester recommended that you remain?"

Cherise leaned easily against his torso, resting her head upon his shoulder after Aleister came to sit beside her. Sleep could be found this way if she so chose it to be. The Septa answered for the Lady who had not yet or seemed to know the answer. "A few days at the very least, one or two. Should she have any pains she is to remain in bed longer." Enya was speaking directly to Cherise, "No diddling about, your recovery is imperative to the babe m'lady." The mass of blonde slumped back, "I am aware Septa, thank you." Her eyes lifted to Aleister, so close by and within his embrace she lifted a hand onto his chest. "What are your thoughts?"

As the answer begins to come from the Septa, Aleister is looking to her so that a nod might be given in thanks for the information and when his attention shifts back to Cherise, the smile has reclaimed his lips, "Then, rest is what you shall have, Cherise. It would not do well for you to fall ill at this time." The lift of her hand to his chest, followed by that question has his brow lifting a touch, head canting to the side so that he might offer, "My thoughts? In what regard?"

"I have no intention of falling ill Aleister.." She smiles a little weakly while idly stroking his tunic. "In him…" A gesture is made by the eyes before her head points in the direction of their young. "Of Aerick." It seemed Aleister needed a little nudge onto that course of thought. "Had you wished for a daughter instead?" One who he may not have to name has his heir.

Giving a slight nod, Aleister's attention is then drawn to that of the craddle where Aerick sleeps and as the question comes to be posed, there's a slight shake of his head, "I do not think any man who wish for a daughter over that of a son, Cherise. So no, I would not have wished for a daughter, in that regard." His arm remains around her shoulders, even as she idly strokes the front of his tunic. "He seems healthy and strong. This is a good thing."

Resting her head against his shoulder Cherise allows her eyes to close. "No, they would not." Many sons, that was the goal though not so many as the Freys. "Lady Keera would be pleased or maybe displeased that she would not have a hand in raising the perfect noblewoman." A small bit of laughter came after her words. "He does, the Maester could not see a thing wrong with him. He sounds healthy, attentive when he so desires. I do wonder what sort of mind he will have."

When her head comes to rest upon his shoulder, Aleister turns his own enough to brush just the hint of a kiss against her hair before he's turning back to regard the craddle for a moment, "She will have other neices to raise, Cherise, so I do not think it will weigh too heavy upon her mind." At the mention of his mind, a faint chuckle begins to slip past his lips, "No doubt strong willed, I well imagine."