Page 173: Morning after visits
Morning After Visits
Summary: Einar vists Tia as she starts to recover
Date: 26/02/2012
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Einar Tiaryn 
Guest Room, Tordane Tower
A room in Tordane Tower
Fri 5th Jan, 289

After the long march down from the Finger, the Flint contingent has spent it's first night in the encampment set up outside of Stonebridge. It hadn't taken long to get everything set up, and then had plenty of time for a good rest over the evening and night. Come morning though and it's time to thinkon other matters. Having been informed by Corrie that his goodsister was in good hands, Einar had decided to let her sleep but now, he's off into town again to check on her progress. The tower he finds easily enough and after a moment or two's explaination, he is shown up the room in which Tiaryn has been placed.

Tia has been seen by the Maester, stitched up, screamed blue murder, and left to rest, once all's done. Corrie in fact spent the night with her, but in the morning, once Tia was awake, Corrie snuck off to get changed and find out what was going on, among other things. Leaving Tia alone for a bit. Oh, there's a maid, some stranger to watch over her, but Tia doesn't count her - she's never met the woman before. So she's propped up at an angle by pillows, so that she can at least see what is going on, somewhat. There is a beam of sunlight through a window, and someone has started making an effort to brush her hair, only to be stopped partway by the looks of it. The door to her room is partly ajar, an invitation to come in and visit.

Even though the door is ajar, Einar still pauses outside it. He thanks the servant that guided him and then takes half a moment to compose himself before he taps gently on the door a couple of times. It's loud enough to be heard inside, but hopefully not loud enough to wake anyone who might happen to be sleeping. Warning given and deep breath taken he pushes the door futher open slowly, until it's wide enough for him to comfortably walk through. The maid is noted and given a brief nod but his attention then turns solely to Tia as he crosses towards her bed. In truth, she seems to be looking a lot better than she had, and he takes heart in that, but it's still painfully clear that all was not well. "Good morning," he starts with, good position of safety after all, "I trust you slept well?"

Tia certainly looks as if she's not been sleeping well for a while, and her expression is set, as she tucks away from the pain. As her goodbrother comes in though, her gaze lifts to watch him. At first, there is a blank look on her face, for a long moment, then recognition dawns and she takes a breath, wincing as that brings pain to the sewn up injury she could well do without. "Einar," she says, her voice somewhat raspy due to yelling her brains out previously. "I - suppose I did, though I am not quite certain. I remember screaming," she says, truthfully. "But I am glad to see you. I had thought maybe I'd imagined you."

Einar keeps his expression as neutral as he can through the period of silence, although his heart does begin to sink slightly until that moment when it's clear that Tia has remembered. Smiling then he moves towards a glass of water that someone has throughtfully left and crouches down to offer it. "ANd I am glad to see you awake and talking," he answers, deciding to leave words like 'coherant' out of it for now , "I.." he pauss for a moment, then figures theres no going back and finishes, "I wish we had met again under better circumstances, but I am glad to see you."

Tia's gaze takes in poor Einar, like he's the best thing since … bread, since sliced doesn't exist yet. It's actually not personal, it's just someone she knows. She stirs slightly, giving him a very faint smile. "Me too," she says, because it's easier. The water looks so good, she reaches a hand, wincing a bit, and stopping her reach half way. She's somewhat battered both from the spear and the ride, none of which was exactly simple or straightforward. "You've grown up," she adds after a moment. "It - Corrie's here too, right?" she asks, just to make sure. "And - who else?"

Einar may not be the most empathic person everborn, but he still manages to note the struggle Tia is going through. He moves the glass up next to her lips so that she can drink without straining herself. "It's been a long time," he says gently, "too long I think, but yes, Corrie is here. Anders too. We've brough our forces to join the muster here. To take back the lands that are now in the hands of the Ironmen." He glances down briefly, remembering the burning glow in the sky.CHanging the subject back to something safer though he adds, "Corrie will be back shortly."

The water is definitely something that Tia is grateful for, since it soothes her sore throat as well as being good for her. "I remember - the horse, and I thought I was falling off," she says. "But then there were men, and - " A pause as the images dance through her head. "I found you marching south?" she asks, seeking confirmation that she is on the right track. "Thank you," she says, once she's had enough water for the moment. Only a little, but better than none. "I don't remember seeing Anders."

Einar settles the water back into it's original position, figuring that if its needed then it can be reclaimed. With crouching not being the most comfortable position to remain in he drops to one knee and nods his responce, "Our outriders cae across you, or you across them. We did what we could there and then and brought you here so that a Maester could be found." He oauses for a moment, letting her igest one piece of information at a time, then continues, "Anders is currently with the men, he will be along when he can though."

Tia nods her head slowly. She's doing everything slowly since she feels like she's been beaten with a mace. And as she comes back to reality, the truth starts to sink in. She's heard or seen her family getting literally destroyed by the Ironborn. Right down to the Heart Tree. That hurts more than the wound, though the stitching up came closer. "Gods, Einar, they're … " Wordless, her eyes well up with tears, and her hand reaches for his, just needing to have something to hold onto. The maid stares, but doesn't move. Her eagle glare should be enough to keep propriety.

Einar carefully takes her hand into his and then gently brings his other hand up to encase it. His grip is firm, but by no means a squeeze as he lets her just cling for as long as she needs. Quiet reassurances are uttered as he attempts to bring calm again, or, if that fails, at least let Tia know that she isn't alone. "You're safe now," is one of them, "we'll be here for you," another, and "we'll drive them back into the sea" a third.

Just what he needed, a weepy, crying basketcase of a goodsister. Lucky man. Tia can't cry forever, though she feels like she can. Eventually she's reduced to a few sniffles, and the maid actually unbends enough to come bring her a handkerchief, and then to wipe her face gently with a warm damp cloth. Tia gives Einar a slightly watery look. "I'm sorry," she says to him, a little wobbly. "I - don't know what to do."

"Rest," Einar replies gently, not letting go of Tia's hand, "rest and have faith. Corries says the Old Gods are screaming. They will not rest until what has been done has been avenged." He doesn't say 'put right' because it can't be. "There is nothing you can do until you are strong again, and do get there you need to rest." Not that he's quite sure what she can do once she is healthhy again, but he at least has a while to think on that in the mean time. "One of us will be here with you if you need us. Myself, Corrie, Anders… just let us kno if you need anything."

It's somewhat overwhelming still, and Tia does cling to Einar's hand like a lifeline. "Vengeance - won't bring them back," she says, fighting to remain calm. A small sob escapes, but she's fairly calm all things considered. "But - if it will stop them from doing that to anyone else, then that's good." She certainly isn't hearing the Old Gods screaming, not through the sound of her own tears. "You - you're here to fight, right? So you won't be able to stay with me," she observes, a sudden fear filling her. Alone. With strangers. Oh gods.

"I know Tia, I know," Einar answers quietly, his voice calm and level. "We'll do what we can, both to beat them back, and afterwards, when they're gone. We'lldo what we can." He glances down again as she hits on one of the things thats been worrying him as well. "Myself and Anders are here to fight yes, but Corrie isn't, and we have to wait a while anyway for the other levies to arrive. You just rest, and we'll worry about the rest. Promise me that okay?"

It's not like she has much choice. Tia is being fed one of Corrie's special teas already, one to make sure she rests. "I - will do my best," she tells Einar with a bit of a smile, trying to at least seem okay for him, so he doesn't worry. "But I might worry a bit, even if you are doing so for me." Her breathing has relaxed though as has the amount of clinging to his hand that she's doing, giving him at least a little bit of breathing room. "It - I don't remember the last time I saw Anders," she says after a moment. "He was a little bit scary."

Einar returns the smile with one of his own. Even though he feels her grip relax a bit, he still isn't letting go of her hand, and won't unless she actively draws it away from him. He almost makes a joke about how she must have seen far worse than Anders, but catches himself in time and instead just simles, "I think marrage may have mellowed him," works instead.