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More Requests
Summary: Lord Justin rides along the coastline bluff and sees others enjoying the beach. He runs into Kain above on the bluffs overlooking the beach, making further requests upon the Master of the Hunt.
Date: 08/June/2012
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Coastline, Terrick's Roost
The Cape of Eagles looms out over Ironman's Bay, a vast, blue ocean inlet, that spreads its watery depths out beyond the horizon. The path that leads down to this coast winds down behind the towers for several hundred meters before arriving at the rocky water's edge. Rather than sand, the coast is covered with innumerable smooth and rounded stones about palm-sized. They stretch up and down the coast in all directions with the battered remnants of driftwood scattered about. Above the beach, one every mile or two, are towers with a large bell and mallet atop them which are to be beaten to warn of an incoming invasion. A small dock is being constructed of thick northern timbers, with mooring space for two large ships, or perhaps a half dozen smaller craft.
June 8th, 289

Katrin nods slowly, "That does sound enjoyable," she says. She pats Heron on the neck once more before handing the reins off to the guard who has approached. "Stay up here with the horses," she instructs. "We will return shortly," she promises. The Haigh lady is with Dania, preparing to head down toward the beach.

"This will be good for you and you are not going to go into the water." Dania repeats. She raises her hand when she sees Martyn. She calls out a greeting. "Milord Ser Mallister, care to join us in the cove?" She smiles. Then she leads the way towards the path that winds its way along the side of the cliff and leads down to the cove.

Another rider approaches, a single man on a pale grey horse and without any kind of escort, guards or other companions. Justin's dark hair is blown about by the wind as he slows his gelding from the canter to drop down into a walk along the top of the grassy bluff as he sees riders and women up ahead. He perhaps isn't in a mood for general chitchatting and slept little the night before with so many concerns upon his mind. So Justin alters his course slightly to evade the women, keeping to himself.

Hmm? Was that his name? Oh yes, it probably was. Looking over in the direction he heard his name from, Martyn offers a momentary smile and a wave. "Sounds like a good idea," he calls back, before he makes his way in the direction of the cove. His horse is nowhere to be seen nearby, but then again, Martyn hasn't been seen much since early morning either. Seems he's been taking an extended walk or something.

"Ser Martyn," Katrin greets with a warm smile. "This does seem to becoming quite the little party here." She brushes back a small portion of her dark hair and looks around. Seeing Justin, she tilts her head but lifts a hand in greeting but does not beckon him to join, noting the path away from the group.

Dania is dressed in Keelin's breeches and linen shirt. Her hair is primly bound up and she is barefoot. She has paused next to the mouth of the trail. She raises her hand in greeting to Lord Justin and then she looks down at the ocean. Then back to Martyn and Katrin. "Indeed it is, I was telling milady here that she will stay dry if she walks along the shore as the tide is out."

Kain doesn't use a horse. Not usually, at least. He's walking along the coastline, peering through particular plants and herbs. Hooded as always, he knelt over a bush notably, his dagger in his hand as he slices off leaves that he deems worth pruning off. Anybody else around he most likely notices, even if he doesn't exactly know who the figures are. Happy enough to be left on his own.

Seeing the hands raised to him as the women descend down to the beach, Justin raises an arm to return their greeting in silence. He stops his horse then, undecided if he should join them or ride on until he notices a man a bit further on wearing familiar attire that blends in remarkably well with the landscape. If Kain hadn't moved, Justin might not have noticed him yet. He gently gives the gelding knee preassure to start up once more, picking up a trot. When he draws closer he slows the grey and then stops it, "Master Kain, I hoped to have a word or two with you. May I?"

"Lady Katrin," Martyn greets the lady with a smile as well. "A pleasure to meet you again. I hope you have settled in well so far?" Offering a bit of a nod and a grin to Dania as well. "Mistress Dorsey. I hope you're doing well." Turning to look around as well, pausing for a few moments as he looks over at Justin and Kain for a few moments, then back to the women.

"Oh, yes, we are doing well so far," Katrin replies with a nod. "It was a long journey, as you might expect but we are here and safe for the time being." She frowns for a moment but it does not last long. "How is your sister? In her condition, the road must have been exceptionally long and bumpy. I had hoped to call on her while I was here and offer my company."

Dania does not answer the question as Katrin had spoken. Instead she offers a little bit of a smile. Her eyes scan the area and when Justin calls out to Kain she looks in that direction, and that is when she finally sees him as he blends in well. She raises her hand in greeting towards him and offers him a bow of her head. "How is your Lady Sister doing, I will be stopping by to see her, I wanted to get seaweed for her first."

It's true, were it not for that fabulous camofaluged cloak of his, Kain would probably be hard to pick out. He is the ghost in the darkness afterall, especially how he got to show off particular stealth-related skills in killing of bandits. Collecting a handfull of green leaves with certain glossy sheen to them, he careful to hold them at the stem, rather than the leaves. "Lord Justin." he greets, rising up to his feet. "Of course. What can I do for you?"

Justin throws a leg over to dismount smoothly, slipping the reins through one hand to take a few steps closer. The grey follows quietly. "Two things, actually. My Lord Father wishes us to find out if there is any black market activity in or around the Roost. The resale of stolen goods, food, horses, and so forth which may be related to the bandit activity. I wondered if you, since you sell your extra meat to those who need, might know anything? Or make a few discreet inquiries, perhaps?" Justin pauses, keeping his baritone low. He looks out at those gathered on the beach before he turns to ease his horse's bridle off and up the neck to allow the grey to graze while they speak, yet keeping control of the animal. "We would like to recover the ladies' stolen horses and personal items, if possible. But more than that, see if there may yet be more involved whom we haven't caught."

"I haven't been able to visit her since last night," Martyn admits after a few moments of pause. "I had trouble sleeping, and felt the need for taking a walk to clear my mind." Not an easy task, since he's been out there for a while, at least. "And how are you two tiday?"

Katrin's brow wrinkles with concern, "What troubles you so?" she queries quietly, gaze focused exclusively on the Mallister. And then she seems to remember herself and clears her throat, casting a glance in Dania's direction. "You carry far too many burdens on your shoulders, Ser Martyn," she says lightly. "I insist that you join us and leave all troubles away from this beautiful setting. They will await you here, once we have returned." Smiling brightly, "Is that not so, Mistress?" she asks of the smallfolk woman. "Pleaes do lead on. Now I am intrigued and excited to see all of the wonders that Terrick's Roost has to offer."

"If they were on a black market," Kain starts, placing the leaves in a small pouch. "There would be haste on getting them sold as quickly as possible. They'd be considered hot items, given who they belong to. I'm sure that some would love to see a bidding war over them, given the value of some of the items they'd have collected, nevermind the value of the horses themselves." The dagger is slid into the sheath that strapped to his boot. "I know some people in a few of the black markets," he pauses at that admission, looking at Justin. "Sometimes, trading a few things for information has brought in more food to the Roost. And last I checked, at least one of them owed me a favor, so I'll see what I can dig up, if anything. Though, the black markets that I know to exsist are in Seaguard, not the Roost." A shrug. "Right now, there's no profit in it." But a nod at the end. "Everyone has a price, Lord Justin. If there are still bandits about that had any part in what happened, they can be found, if they haven't fled the area already."

Justin strokes his horse's neck and listens to Kain, "Aye, and few who'd be able to afford such things who were not nobles themselves - yet many of those items will be easily recognized and may be difficult to get rid of without drawing undo attention." The young Terrick lord gives a slow nod, the wind whipping his hair about so that he turns to stand angled where it'll stay most out of his face, pale grey eyes squinted, "If you can pick up on anything, follow it wherever it may go. If you need funds, I'll see your expenses are covered as long as they are reasonable. You know that I value your skills highly, Hunt Master."

A pause, his gaze drawn down towards those who are on the beach, "The second thing I would ask … you know Mistress Dania, yes?" Justin looks back to Kain, "She is likewise looking into some things for me. As you are able, do you …. mind keeping an eye on her? Check on her now and then to see she's doing all right?" Justin's tone is low, knowing he's asking a lot of Kain already. So he adds, "And let me know if you yourself are in need of anything. For yourself."

Dania does not answer the question instead she has an amused look in her eye as the smallfolk. She has grown quiet for a moment. She smiles a little bit. "Well I am sure Measter have her best interest at heart Milord. You can keep the lady company on the shore and I will swim." She smiles again. "I need seaweed."

Martyn shrugs a little bit, "Not that many troubles. I just had trouble sleeping," he replies, before he adds, "But if you insist on me leaving the troubles here, I will do that, of course." That las part offered with a wide smile, before he nods at Dania, "I know that he has," he replies to the part about the Maester. "She's been through illness before, so this will pass as well." A brief pause as he looks to Dania again, "What do you need the seaweed for?" he asks, sounding a bit curious.

"Any metal jewerly that was taken will likly be melted down and sold at weight value." Kain replies. "Jewels will be extracted and sold individually. Anything with identifying marks to a particular House or person will probably be removed. Or at least attempt to be done so. My guess is that they will be bought by rich merchant families." Another pause. "Rich commoner merchant families. Or perhaps they will shipped far away from the Riverlands. Which is why Seaguard has such places." The mention of his skills, gets a shrug. "I am just a man, Lord Justin. But I appreciate the compliment." The mention of Dania does actually get an odd reaction out of him. "Mistress…Dania?" he asks? "I can. I have been, actually. She is…" he frowns, not finishing whatever thought that's on his mind. "There is nothing that I require, my Lord, save to ask a question. What is your interest in my keeping an eye on her?"

Despite the many concerns that weigh him down, Justin stands relaxed at the height of the bluff. "She's a friend, and she's traveling alone. Her brother has his own duties and can't be following her around to keep her safe. And you would draw less attention than Ser Keelin would anyway." Justin turns his head to look down upon the beach, "She's a valuable woman. Healer, herbalist and midwife. I do not wish to see any harm come to her." The Terrick lord looks back to the hunter, "Also, it wouldn't do either you or her any harm if you each had the company of the other, upon occation." Whatever Justin /might/ mean by that, he doesn't elaborate.

Katrin offers Martyn a considering look but shrugs it off for now and just looks onward toward the beach. "What area do you suggest we visit along the beach, Mistress?" she asks of Dania. All at once, she looks excited and nervous once more.

Is Kain nervous? Idly, he coughs into his fist at Justin's comment, and maybe his face retreats just a tad back into the depths ofh is hood. "She is quite the stubborn woman." he notes after a moment. "She has a tendency of not following advice, though I was able to finally convince her to see the Maesters after she was rescued. I spent some time with her. She asked me to find a particular pet for Lady Muirenn, which I have been able to retreive, it's just a matter of giving it to her." Beat. "Yes. She is a very…valuable woman, no agrument there."

"The best ones /are/ stubborn, usually." Justin isn't looking at Kain however so the man is sparred any note of embarassment. The Terrick is watching Dania down there, "I'm fond of her myself, but I … do not need that complication on top of everything else. I want /someone/ to be keeping an eye on her." So if it can't be himself, who better than Kain? Keelin might object but he's not here, now is he? Justin turns his head back to meet Kain's gaze steadily, "I need to go and check in on the Lady Muirenn myself. Thank you, Kain." He turns to pull his horse's head up and waits until the gelding's mouth is no longer chock full of grass and green slime before Justin slips the bridle's bit back into the grey's mouth. The gelding gives him no trouble about it.

"Seaweed is good for helping with lung ailments. Especially those that suffer from the chronic ailment." Dania explains. "Also it is not bad to eat dried or in a soup. I also use it to aid with the draining of abscesses." She adds. With a smile, "I had some that I had harvest before the picnic and I had brought it with me. The rest you know the end results with."

Martyn nods a little bit as he hears the expanation about the seaweed. "I see," he offers after a few moments. "I can't say I know much about the healing arts myself." A brief pause, and a chuckle, "Aside from being on the receiving end of it, of course." That part is offered with a bit of a shrug, before he nods, "Shall we head down there, then?"

"Yes, that would be lovely." Dania states she offers Katrin and Martyn a bright smile suddenly as she takes off at a jog down the path leavin the two nobles to move at thier own pace. Her long legs seem to eat up the ground.

Kain nods. "Right. Well, if you could, tell Lady Muirenn that I have found what she was looking for. At some point I will try to bring it to her. I've also written a set of instruction for how she should care for it." Following Justin's gaze, he spies Dania as well. "She is a good woman." is mutely says. "But it shouldn't be too hard to watch over her when her brother can't and I'm not in the woods. Though, she seems to like the idea of transversing them to gather supplies for her craft. She and I tend to overlap a little in that." Something crosses his mind. "Lord Justin…I.." the cerulean eyes peeks out of his hoods shadows. "Thank you. You're the first of your House to of treated me with so much respect. It is….a sobering experience. So. Thank you."

Justin checks his saddle, then looks back to Kain with a hint of a frown, "My House … is very strange to me. I'm not the woodsman that you are, Hunt Master, but I value of such skills." Moving to remount, Justin settles himself and keeps the gelding still, "I must remake myself a man of politics, but I hate it. I envy you." He turns his horse, "Your friendship and your willingness to help, I value. Seven bless you, Kain."

"Don't let it change you, if you can help it." Kain replies. "I rather like the man you are now. I think we could both tell stories of things it's done to good men. But, should you ever feel yourself turning into someone who you hate, call upon me. I will do whatever I can. And you will have my bow whenever you need it." Stepping back from the horse, he nods. "And may the Old Ones watch over you."

Kain gets a raised hand from Justin and then he's urging his gelding on without further reply.