Page 284: Missing the Duel
Missing the Duel
Summary: Einar comes to see Tiaryn, the morning of the duel, to give his farewells, as he's heading off for a bit.
Date: 29/04/289
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Tiaryn Einar 
Crane's Crossing Inn - Private Room
It's a private room in the Inn. Bed, table, maid. The usual.

It's the morning of the duel. Early. Not crazily early so no one is about, but still early enough that people are thinking about Breakfast, rather than anything beyond. Kitted and (mostly) ready for his ride north, Einar is taking his leave of the various family members he has dotted around the town. First up, given she's staying at the same place he is, Tiaryn. Knocking a swift beat upon the door he waits for a response, barging into Ladies rooms being one of things he isn't about to start doing.

Tia is awake, seated at the small table by her bed, with her maid working on her mop of hair. Which means it's down for once, as it's brushed. The guard who's standing by the door opens it a crack, and when he sees who is there, he opens it to let Einar in. Tia glances up and smiles. "Einar, come in, please do. I have breakfast, if you are hungry?" There is a basket of pastries and tea available at any rate, as well as some fruit. She makes a bit of a face, before she adds, "if you can stand seeing this mop of hair that is."

Einar nods briefly in thanks to the guard, and then again to the maid before turning his attentions to Tia. "Thank you, but I've already eaten, early start and all that." He wants to be off and moving before the roads become too busy with those arriving for the duel after all. "I was just stopping by to take my leave and to ask if you had any messages or such you wanted me to take north with me?"

Tia pauses where she is, her expression going a little more somber. "Ah, of course. You are always an early bird, aren't you?" she says. With her hair down, it's easy to see that like many, it does reach past her bottom, no doubt a reason why it's so often up. She gets to her feet, giving her maid a break, and moves over to Einar, her skirts swishing as she walks. "I think - well, I could send a message to Elissa. Do you think she would like to hear from me?"

"I'd rather get the men clear of the approach and on our way before the foot traffic increases," he admits with a nod. "Travelling can be tricky enough, without trying to march against the flow." But yes, she's right, he generally does rise early, and sleep lightly too. As for his sister, well, "I'm sure she would welcome word," he answers with a nod, "she missed you when you left us." Not that that's an accusation mind, he understands why it happened.

"I missed her too," Tia says softly. She moves to get paper and a writing utensil, settling back in her seat. Her patient maid steps aside to wait, though the waves and curls in Tia's hair are such that it must obviously be a chore to tame them into the styles currently in favour. "I will be quick. It will be a short note, but you may tell Elissa I will write more later, if she would like." She starts to write, and it doesn't take long before she signs her name, and then just has to wait for the ink to dry. "You will miss the duel, do you not wish to see who wins?"

Einar waits patiently as his good-sister writes, he should probably have done this yesterday so as to give her more time, but in truth, it was only the preperation of his own note to Marsden earlier that had brought it to mind. "That is another reason for leaving now," he then admits, tone a little grimmer. "No, I have no desire to have any part in it, even if only a witness, it's a sad inditement on the state of the realm."

Tia blinks and then she tilts her head a bit, as she glances at the note, checking on the ink. Not dry yet. "Oh. I suppose it might be, but it seems to me that if someone is going to die for their beliefs, there should be people there to witness it." Her words are slow, as if she's not quite sure how to say what she's thinking. "And then too, I think I would like to know who will be running this town that we are currently residing in."

"A month ago we were united against the Ironborn, fighting side by side and all that that entails. Less than a week ago there were celebrations, people, together, giving thanks for what we achieved, slapping each other on the back. Now?" He pauses, it's not quite a dramatic pause, but it'll do. "Now we're straight back into killing each other. Yes, it would be nice for us, and I would imagine the locals here, to know the future of this place, but a duel to the death?" He ighs, aware he's on the edge of a rant. "Sorry Tia, If I thought that this would end it then maybe? I fear I've become too cynical of late to believe that though. One of them will die and in a week, or a month, or maybe if we're lucky a year, they'll be back at it again."

Tia goes quiet as she listens, her blue eyes darkening slightly, but she doesn't say anything at first. She waits until Einar is done, and then she nods slowly. "I have to admit that I think you are right, for the most part. And yet, that doesn't change the fact that two fine gentlemen feel they have reason to duel. I don't think there's anything that they couldn't find other ways to resolve, really." She /is/ her parents' daughter after all. "But - this isn't about what I think, really." She sighs, shifting her position slightly, and then barely rescuing her hair before it lands on the ink as her maid steps forward with a yelp and a "My lady!"

Einar had not noticed the potential hair and ink disaster, but then he'd mostly been paying attention to what Tia had been saying. Situation averted though he and he just nods at the assessment given. "Whichever way it goes, the realm will lose," he concludes unhappily, "but since they both seem set on it there is nothing that can be done. Hence I ride shortly." Not that he's looking particulary happy about that either, but then he does have to go home and explain to his father why hes not yet a knight.

Hah. Lucky Einar. Tia however does not have to deal with that, since she gets to stay wherever Anders and Corrie are. Though she is truthfully expecting to go back to Flint's Finger soon, since she's not heard more from Anders on his thoughts for a port. She rolls her eyes at the maid who now is fussing and at least putting her hair up haphazardly out of the reach of the nefarious ink. Though that takes only a few moments, by the time it is done, the ink is dry, and she carefully rolls it up and then brings it over to Einar. "Yes, you are right there. I would far rather they do no such thing. Whichever loses, Westeros will pay the price, at least in the short term." Glum. She inclines her head, and then offers a bit of a smile. "I am glad that you will take a message to Elissa for me though. That is much appreciated."

Einar takes the rolled up paper and stows it safely about his person. "Think nothing of it," he replies, tone lightening now the conversation has changed back to the practicalities of the morning, "I am sure she will appreciate you taking the time as well." That is of course a plus side about riding home, he gets to spend time with his sister again, but still, business before pleasure. Another quick nod to both maid and guard before he's taking his leave, "I won't take up any more of your time good-sister, but I shall look for you when I return."

Tia reaches a hand out, intending to stop Einar, and if he will let her, give him a hug. "Einar, thank you," she says simply. "I don't know what I would have done without you, goodbrother." She then steps back so as not to prolong his misery in a touching moment.

Einar does stop and indeed, even returns the hug, abeit briefly. Drawing back to looks to her for a moment, a part of his mind noting that that seemed like a more perminant farewell than he might have expected for the time he'll be gone. THat thought is quickly dismissed though, banished even, then forgotten about. "Thank you," he replies, not entirely sure what else to say, "I am glad that fortune, or the Gods, gave us the opportunity to help." And with that, he turns and departs, off to continue his preparations for departure.