Miranda Ashwood


In Brief:

For a man, where and when they are born matters a great deal. Their station in life is fixed by who their parents are and where they lived. Not so for a women. Or not to the same degree. As the eldest daughter of a Noble house, Miranda was made aware at an early age that her duty to her family included an auspicious marriage. To that end, she was trained from an early age in the womanly arts of embroidery, music and administration so she could attract an appropriate husband. She took to music readily, learning to sing, dance, play the lyre and recite beautifully. She learned to weave a story when her sister was old enough to sit and listen. The two girls grew very close and became the best of friends. This has remained true over time. Miranda has a special relationship with her big brother, Daryl. He is her shield and sword, her confidant and the one person who can convince her to drop her training and simply enjoy life. She is his confidant and anchor. She thinks of him as her big brother/best friend and hopes that will be so forever. Without her siblings, Miranda is a leaf tossed by tempest.

It wasn't until she was a bit older that she learned the value of secrets and the power of keeping them. Walking into the kitchens unexpectedly, she came across the hawk mistress 'entertaining' a stable hand. By keeping their tryst a secret she was granted both riding and hawking lessons far earlier than others her age. She took to the horse easily enough and hunting with a hawk gave her a measure of freedom she was not accustomed to. As a result, she practiced moving silently in order to overhear what she should not and come to know things beyond her station. As a result, she learned things about the people who worked for her parents that they did not want known. In exchange for her silence she was taught calligraphy, law and heraldry.

As she got older, her interest in discovering secrets increased though her use of them changed. Rather than use the knowledge strictly for her own benefit, she learned to leverage her special skills to benefit her family and those who worked for her. Resentment toward her gradually changed into loyalty. She became the go to girl not only to get help for those in need but to attempt to gain enough information in order to right wrongs done.

Betrothed as a babe to her mother's dear friend Petyr Bracken, Miranda was married in February of 289 and her husband went off to fight the Ironborn less than a fortnight after the wedding. While their union was consummated, there was no issue so when he did not return to her after the fighting was over, Miranda donned mourning attire and reclaimed her maiden name. When her lord's house broke fealty and went on their own, Miranda's mother and kin went with their Ashwood cousins and remained true to House Frey.


(To follow as RP fleshes them out.)


Ser Jeoffery Ashwood - Miranda's Father

Lady Elyra Ashwood - Miranda's Mother

Lord Daryl Ashwood - Miranda's elder brother

Lady Aelinor Ashwood - Miranda's younger sister.

Physical Features

Hair the color of fine dark chocolate highlighted with the tones of autumn on fire has been tamed into a braid that is wound about her head like a living crown. Red blends to auburn to russet and back again, giving the shimmering masses the look of flame. Curls have been left free to frame her face, softening her forehead and masking the delicate curve of her ears. High cheekbones and a narrow chin give her an elfin look, the ethereal otherness augmented by eyes that flicker with intelligence and mirth mitigated by a faint sorrow. The eyes themselves are a warm hazel, outlined by a thin ring of deep brown and flickering with silver highlights. Her skin is peaches and cream smoothness, fair and clear. The sadness in her gaze is dispelled when she smiles, for warmth spreads from the upward tilt of the perfect bow of her lips and hints at laughter just waiting to brighten the moment.

Allies and Foes

Allies: First and foremost, her family.

Foes: To be determined, but likely the Charltons.

Recent Activity