Page 529: Minor Points
Minor Points
Summary: Saffron discusses a few minor points with Martyn and Mortimer on the Green at Terrick's Roost
Date: 03/01/2013
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The Green, Terrick's Roost
The Green is a large field of deep green grass, nearly flat, that runs along the base of the towers. The road into town runs along the far edge, hemming it in neatly to a confined area where beyond a line of trees serves as a subtle windbreak. This area is most often used for drilling or practice for the guards but also serves as home for festivals, tournaments, and another other gathering that might require the space for a large number of the local residents. A well-trodden path winds around the side of the wall and moves towards the coastline. Another heads southwest, toward Kingsgrove.
Thu Jan 03, 290

It is early evening, and already the sun is starting to sink to the horizon. Saffron Mallister has been having a far more difficult time eluding her guards and maids now that she is forced to waddle and her running game is far limited. So, she has instead decided to accept her fate by sitting in the Green for hours on end, sending her guards off on random errands that involve pillows, food, and fetching her husband now and then. She is starting to see why Magnola Lannister — her painfully demanding sister — enjoyed her own pregnancies.

Mortimer has had one of those days that has singularly failed to end. A busy morning was spent sorting out a dispute between two traders in the market, one of whom had accused the other of taking some of his pitch space, and then the afternoon was spent out in one of the outlying villages dealing with an alleged theft. All sorts of violence had been promised upon the supposed perpetrator before the items were found during a thorough search of the house in question. Still, it was solved and apologies made so now he's back in the Roost leading his borrowed horse back up to the keep stables.

Having been away from both the Keep and the town again, Martyn makes his way back from the direction of the coastline, looking like he's taken a trip into the sea itself recently. He moves slowly, shaking his head a little bit to himself as he steps onto the Green, looking around for a few moments as he seems to be deciding on where to go now.

Saffron is surrounded by pillows on a chair with a small folded table filled with food — simple foods, though, like a bowl of sugared grains, apples, and one of those exotic oranges from the South. She is looking out across the Green toward the coast, and she seems rather comfortable. As two familiar men make their way back toward the Tower, she calls out with a wave of her hand. "Master Mortimer, Ser Martyn!" She starts to get up, using the arms of her chair to heave herself forward — and almost immediately, Mistress Hara is at her side, helping her despite the flash of irritation.

Mortimer had in truth, not been looking around the Green, his eye had been on one thing and one thing only, the gatehouse. The hail though attracts his attention, as if their want, and he turns his head to glance in the direction his ears inform him it came from. Needless to say, Saffron is not all that easy to miss and it's only a matter of moments before he's answering the summons and leading the horse towards her instead. As he gets to within a few paces he brings the beast to a stop and then bows politely "m'Lady. How can I be of service?"

Pausing for a few moments as Martyn hears his name mentioned, looking around rather carefully before his attention goes to Saffron, starting in that direction a bit slowly. Expression a bit thoughtful, although he offers a bit of a smile. "No need to get up if you were comfortable, Lady Saffron," he offers, studying her a bit carefully for a few moments. "How are you today?"

At Martyn's encouragement, Saffron drops back into her seat of pillows and she offers a warm smile to the pair as they approach. "Master Mortimer, there is nothing I really need from you, but I saw your wife down in the Roost a few days ago, and it reminded me that I wanted to ask how your son was faring." Then she looks toward Martyn. "Oh, I'm as fat as a garron, coz." And she pats her belly.

The horse seems to be of the opinion that the grass of the green is tasty and Mortimer in no mood to fight to dissuade it of that as it drops it's head to start munching. Better than it going after Saffron's sugared foodstuffs after all. Martyn is offered another bow and a short "m'Lord" before he turns back to Saffron to answer her query. "Well m'Lady, thank you. Master Corbitt is very kindly teaching him his letters when he's in town which is keeping him busy. He's also, thank the Seven, still a little too young to quite realise, or remember maybe, the significance of the recent anniversary, but he does seem to have picked up on some of the general feeling. Nothing that shouldn't pass though, in a few days."

"Master Trevelyan," Martyn offers to Mortimer, along with a polite nod, before he offers a bit of a grin to Saffron. "Well, that must make the job a bit easier for your guards, I imagine?" It's spoken a bit lightly, before he adds, "Everything going the way they are supposed to, then?" Glancing around the entire area for a few moments, then back to Saffron now.

Saffron nods gently at Mortimer's words on his son, and she brightens gently. "Knowing one's letters is a great skill… I know my mother struggled to get me to understand them well enough. She found that writing down stories for me to then read truly helped." She continues to comfort her belly with gentle petting, pausing now and then as she feels one of the pair gives out a kick. She looks relaxed in that mound of pillows, though she does scowl at her good-cousin's jibe. "I could still catch you if I needed to, Ser Martyn." Then she nods her head gently. "They are active when I want to sleep, make the most delicious breakfasts unappetising, and none of my shoes fit anymore… so, yes… I suppose everything is going like they should."

"Aye," Mortimer agrees with a brief nod, "Master Corbitt seems to be a good teacher though, if the lads keeps on as he is it'll not be long before he's better at it than me." Possibly a faintly embarrassing situation to be in, but one he'll cope with if it means more opportunities in his son's future. He leaves the noble duo do their talk of catching and what-not before summoning up the courage to ask, tentatively, "m'Lady. If I might ask, with your condition an' all," thats the word right? Condition? "Are you still helping with the care of the orphans, or is that something that would need discussing with Lady Anais?"

Martyn considers Saffron's words, before he moves forward to pat her shoulder a bit gently. "You probably could," he offers, with a bit of a nod. Taking a few steps backwards again, he listens to the question from Mortimer, but keeps quiet for the moment.

Saffron warms with another smile that produces those great dimples. "Your son will always be proud of you, Master Mortimer," she reassures as if she might have detected that embarrassment. Then she smiles over toward Martyn briefly before she returns her attention back to Mortimer. "I'm coming up to my final days being able to be of any help. They are helping me more than anything by now… I… let me speak with Lady Anais," she says, and there is a slight discomfort that settles over her shoulders. Perhaps the cousins are not as close as they once were, but Saffron forces a dimpleless smile. "We will come up with a solution."

Mortimer nods a silent thanks to Saffron for her first comment before glancing briefly across to Martyn to try and gauge if he's interrupting time the Lord would prefer to be spending with his good-cousin in peace and quiet. Back to the conversation at hand though he then shakes his head once. "There is no need m'Lady. It's just," he pauses there a moment, fighting for phrasing, "it's just that there was something the Lord Sheriff brought up a while back now. It's nothing urgent. I'll speak with Lady Anais on it when she is free."

Martyn smiles for a few moments as he listens, before he looks between the two again for a few moments. "Will you be travelling to Heronhurst for… the happenings there?" he asks to Saffron. Yes, not going to mention what kind of festivities it is, after all. Looking back to Mortimer, he offers a bit of a smile. "How is the Lord Sheriff, anyway? I haven't seen him in a while."

"Oh," Saffron says, and there is a touch of deflating in her voice. She offers Mortimer her best attempt at a smile, though it comes up short. "I'm sure Lady Anais is the best one to speak to on the matter." She fusses with one of the seams that make up the bodice of her rather free dress. Thens he looks over toward Martyn. "You mean the wedding of your sister to Ser Otto?" She asks, foregoing the coyness with a rather earnest smile. "I intend to, even if they have to take me by wagon." Then she looks to Mortimer at the question of Ser Justin.

"Keeping himself busy m'Lord," is Mortimer's easy answer to Martyn, "he's still coordinating the patrols and riding with them as often as he can. Especially what with the missing from Highfield an' all." The talk of weddings and travelling to other parts of the Riverlands is well above his station so he remains silent, trying instead to work out if he's managed to offend Saffron with what he said.

"Yes, that's what I meant…" Martyn offers after a few moments, before he offers a bit of a smile. "That's good. I'm sure she'll be happy to see you there," he adds, after a brief pause. Nodding a bit at Mortimer's words about Justin. "I see," he offers, with a bit of a nod and a smile.

"Justin has always been good about that," Saffron says in regard to running patrols. "I think the incident with the bandits has him on alert, and he wants to be assured it won't happen again." Then she releases a small sigh as she settles back into her pillows once more. Just as she looks as if she might meld with the chair itself, Percy — Kamron's squire — is seen trudging down from the Tower toward the small gathering. It appears Saffron is being fetched. "Let me know what Lady Anais decides, Master Mortimer," she says to him with a sigh, as she adjusts the pillows, starting to stand once more.

Mortimer nods his agreement to Saffron's comment about the bandits and says precisely nothing about his suspicions that it's also a handy cover for Justin not to have to deal with his (relatively) newly arrived family. There's a brief pause then, as he tries to form an appropriate response to her second point, having come to the conclusion that he's definitely said something wrong or touched upon a sore spot. "I will m'Lady," he eventually offers slightly awkwardly, "it really is just a minor point though." Then he's glancing across to Martyn, seemingly going to take the knight’s lead on if he should offer assistance in tidying up the lady's things or not.

Martyn watches as Saffron moves to get up, ready to move forward to steady her should she need it. Aside from that, he keeps quiet for the moment, expression a bit thoughtful now it would seem.

"Sometimes all a Lady has is minor points, Master Mortimer," Saffron says as Percy goes about gathering up her chair and pillows — at least when he falls down halfway back, he will fall on the soft things. She smiles toward the others, bowing her head a bit. "Now, back to whatever you were doing before I interrupted you." Her smile gains a touch of dimples before she starts to waddle up to the Tower.

"M'Lady," Mortimer starts as he bows in reply to Saffron's departure, "I am sorry. I meant no offence." After keeping his head lowered a moment or two longer than usual as a mark of contrition he then turns back to Martyn to see if the knight has any need of him. He had after all been on the way to the keep himself, so can offer half a hand at least to aid the squire if he's dismissed.

"Of course," Martyn offers to Saffron. "Take care," he adds, before he looks around for a few moments. Looking unsure of where to go for now, which is what he was when Saffron called him over earlier on as well, right?