Milos Starling
Alexander Kaidanovsky
Alexander Kaidanovsky as Milos Starling
name: Milos Starling
father: Yanos Starling
mother: Talia Starling née Waters (d)
spouse: Coralane (d)
issue: none
gender: Male
age: 41
height: 6'1"
weight: 160 lbs.
eyes: Dark blue
hair: Graying blond
honorific: none
house: Nayland
position: House retainer - majordomo of Tordane Tower


Milos Starling was the third of the three sons of the keeper of Stonebridge's best inn. His mother died shortly after his birth, and the family had no daughters. As a consequence, while his oldest brother was found sponsorship as a man at arms to some minor Terrick-sworn lord and the middle brother was groomed to take over for their father, Milos grew up as the scullery maid and jack-of-all work. When he was ten, though, his father - an Ironman who found that he only one of the Riverfolk he could stand was his late wife - accepted an offer of gold for the business and building and returned north with the second son. He was not neglectful of Milos, though, and got the boy a position in the kitchens at Tordane Tower.

Milos has been there now for 31 years, first learning the management of the kitchen, then of the household, and then of its accounts under the tutelage of the former castellan. He also was taught the basics of reading and figuring, and he has pursued both tenaciously. As a keen observer of those he serves, he learned as well the ins and outs of nobles and their relationships, and through his continuous contact with merchants and gossiping servants alike he has accumulated quite a bit of information about who owes, who is owed, and who has done what when among the Riverfolk lords. To every appearance, though, when that information was passed on, it was only to Geoffrey Tordane and his son.

Milos did not become castellan, though; that privilege and authority went to Lady Valda Tordane. Instead, he continued on as majordomo, in charge of the tower's staff and responsible for the daily management of stores, accounts, and whatever else is put on him to do. The only surprise in his life of unstinting though fussy (and often dour) service was nine years ago when Milos, who was dubbed behind his back "the Maester of the Kitchen" in part because most suspected he would never marry, did marry a bright and vivacious seamstress from the town. Briefly, he seemed a changed man, warmed by her warmth - too briefly, though. She died several years later during a winter bout of sickness that laid the town low, and he has seemed older and grayer ever since. He continues on, though, loyal to his staff (though never one to praise) and correct and skilled in all his duties. If he thinks anything about the Tower's change of lords, he has kept it to himself along with anything else he may have learned.


Physical Features

Above average height but stoop-shouldered, this thin man has short, graying blond hair that has receded almost to the crown of his head. His nose is large and aquiline above full lips, and his jaw is heavy and square. Not only his pale complexion and hair but also his dark blue eyes betray that he likely has one of the Ironfolk among his forebears.

His tunic and trousers are well-cut and of good quality but plain and a nondescript dark gray. Their only decoration is the House Nayland crest worked in an small embroidered emblem affixed to the center of the tunic's breast. The needlework looks newer than the tunic it decorates. His black boots are cut low at the ankle with soft uppers, and at his belt where other men would have a sword or knife, he has a large set of keys. Around his neck is a chain—not a maester's chain but a majordomo's of plain links with a smaller version of the Nayland crest stamped on the medallion at his throat.

Allies and Foes

Recent Activity


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