Page 300: Met in the Sept
Met in the Sept
Summary: Lady Muirenn comes upon Lord Justin in the Roost's Sept.
Date: 15/May/2012
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Muirenn Justin 
Sept of the Seven, Terrick's Roost
The Sept of Terrick's Roost was never a grand spectacle, but has been hit especially hard by the occupation. the doorframe is vacant, with a large portion of the front wall dismantled. The seven niches where once life-sized statues of the Seven Gods stood are now empty, having been famously broken into pieces and fired out of Greyjoy catapults. At the very head of the Sept is a large window that faces out across the water, colored glass broken into pieces, with the altar- one of the only stone too big to be removes- rising in front of it. A few surviving pews sit toward the front of the room, leaving standing room at the back of the chamber. In that area the floor is lain out with a bright seven-pointed star in representation of the Gods, defaced by hammer and chisel.
May 15th, 289

It is a very pleasant late morning, a storm having swept in from the sea late that night to wash the world in rain, lightning and wind. Today, aside from the ground littered with light debris of leaves and a few limbs, the sun is shining and all smells sharp and bright of wet earth and good clean rain. The grass yet glistens with it and the morning mist risen and faded.

Inside the Sept's reconstruction is nearly complete. It is nothing of its former glory, but it is clean and tidy with a new thatched roof recently finished. No lovely carved statues of stone stand regally, but in their places smaller pieces made by local artisans in carved wood, or fired clay, must take their places until such time and funds can be set aside to replace them with suitable and proper forms.

Justin is here, standing alone after his morning prayers and looking down at the yet battered floor. The seven pointed star's divots where hammer and chisel pockmarked it have been filled in and painted if not retiled. The Terrick lord's hands are loosely clasped behind his back and he stands wearing black surcoat over white tunic, his blade hanging from his hip.

Quietly, yet cheerfully, Muirenn enters the Sept with her maid and Septa. Pink cheeked and long hair wind blow, the girl's arms are full of wildflowers. The Septa moves to the alter of the Mother and Minnie moves to the maiden and both begin their prayers. The noblewoman begins walking toward a stone vase on a table near the window. Seeing Justin she brightens like the dawn, "Justin.." she murmers. "How *are* you this morn?"

There are of course many small offerings, or not so small, left before the alcoves so it is difficult to guess which one Justin might have been offering his own prayers to. He has since moved as he stands in the middle of the floor rather than before any particular representation. He partly turns as he hears the others arrive, giving the young woman a proper half bow with his greeting, "Not as well as I would like, Lady Muirenn. Though if the Gods can grant my simple prayers, even in portion, it would ease my mind and heart." He smiles a little but it's thin. Not wishing to be dour in his mood however, Justin makes a dismissive gesture and walks a few steps closer, "The moment you have arrived, Lady of Flowers, my own concerns are lightened somewhat. I trust the day finds you well?"

Not fooled, but pleased none the less by the way her grey eyes light up, Muirenn says softly my day is well." She pauses and then says awkwardly, "All will be well Justin, and things will work out as the Seven mean them to." and more confidently she sinks into an elegant curtsy "I wish to apologize Justin. I have been horrid to pick at you over our first..difficulties" rising she continues, "you are a good man with many concerns. It was ill of me to behave so." she does not elaborate on why the change of heart only saying softly with a sideways glance to determine her Septa is occupied, "I hope we can be true friends"

Justin licks his lips before he says with a hint of bitterness, "Did the Seven intend every bit of destruction and loss that has been wrought upon my family in the past year, Lady Muirenn? I think some small measure of that we have brought upon ourselves." No, damnit, he's not going to be all scowls and turn into an even worse version than Ser Hardwicke. Justin lifts a hand to rub over his face, drawing a slow breath to force that flicker of anger away, "I would like that, Lady Muirenn."

"No more than my family invited the losses we have faced" Muirenn replues sadly, "Unfortunately there are consequences to every decision people make and sometimes the innocent suffer." Tentitively she reaches a hand out and lays her long fingers gently on his arm, "I know it will all work out though. I have to have faith. Look at me. I am proof. Do you *know* how many times I nearly died when I was younger? Several…the Septon was often there through the night when the maesters weren't sure I would make it…but I did. There must be a purpose to even the tragedies. Truly." Perhaps a naieve view but a heartfelt one. Pulling a wild daisy from the bunch, she impishly tucks it into his tunic collar "May the Maiden's smile brighten your day today Justin. You have need of her sunshine I think at least for a bit. I wish I could lighten your worries some."

He lets out a breath, doing nothing to stay her hand from tucking the silly little flower into his clothing. "What I need is the Crone's wisdom, or someone's… and the Father's clarity of vision that would give me better, unclouded judgement. Not grief and anger." Justin shakes his head a fraction, "I never imagined everything I knew could turn so inside out in only a matter of months. Half my family gone, Ser Haffrey," he lifts his eyes to look around the Sept, "The Roost half in ruin, loosing Stonebridge." A shrug, "And I foolishly thought I was prepared when I came home. I think I couldn't have been less prepared, Lady Muirenn."

The flower is silly and it is likely most would view the teenager as silly also, "We are never prepared to learn that life goes on and change happens whether we will or no." Smiling she says, "I will be in a similar position whenever I am allowed home for a visit."

It must be confession day here in the Sept, at least for Justin. Getting a few things off his chest. He nods to what she says, "I hope for you it will be easier. Meanwhile, until you are to marry, this is your home now. And I'm glad you are here to help us rebuild it, Lady Muirenn." Justin has noticed that she has dropped calling him Lord, yet he keeps that formality between them. He twists his mouth a little wryly, "I have several times now wished Lucienne were home, that I could speak with her on things I don't feel comfortable speaking on with anyone else. So forgive me for casting you into my sister's role, though I thank you for listening." His hands he reclasps lightly behind his back, flickering his gaze over to Muirenn's ever watchful Septa, then back to her, "I hear my father has called for a family dinner. Did I miss it or has it yet to be held?"

The formality is not unnoticed, yet the noble does not seem offended by it. "I do not mind my lord. Your father and I agreed it was entirely appropriate to call him Uncle…so we are family after a fashion." She says nothing at first about the length of time she is to stay here, "Dinner? Oh I am not sure." She pauses and says quietly, "You are correct that my home is here now until your father and my cousin determine my future." Looking away she adds quietly "There are not many banging upon my cousin's door wanting permission to court me. I imagine that in a couple years I may be able to go home to Seagard or back to my parents." Shrugging her shoulders she keeps her voice low, "Do not let Septa hear though. She is certain I will marry high above my House. She is sweet, but I am practical."

Justin offers nothing on her marriage prospects. His sterness that does not suit his young years does ease into a hint of a smile, "Calling him Uncle likely pleased him. It will please him and all of us when there are children once more to fill the tower with their laughter. So while a long bethrothal for me, or anyone my father might choose of our House should it be arranged, could be politically useful … on the other hand, I would not wish to risk Jaremy's mistake and put it off too long. We /need/ children in our House." Justin takes a few steps idly over the Sept's floor, "I haven't given up hope that Anais with quicken with child soon. When she does, much strain will be lifted from all of our hearts and especially hers. We could certainly use /something/ to celebrate around here."

"He was pleased and he did like my garden very much." The young lady smiles happily, "That relieved me and made me glad." She moves away to begin setting flowers out at the alters and says quietly, "Even if Lady Anais does not, you have nothing to fear. Lady Roslyn comes from a large family. Soon enough someone will have a child."

Mention of her garden makes him smile a bit more, "I -like- your garden very much. I'm glad we have it. However, it wasn't your garden in the courtyard that I had objected to in the first place, Lady Muirenn. It was the effort along the road. However, you are already aware of my misunderstanding, having thought you used our own folk and funds for your project when we are so badly in need of more critical basics." Justin adds low, "I think my mother would have been pleased with what you do, and I think my sister will be as well."

"I do not think your lady mother liked me overmuch. I never got to speak with her that often." Muirenn smiles and leaves it there. As she finishes arranging the flowers she looks over at you, "My lord, please do not bring it up again. We do not need to continually remember our bad first meeting when I even apologized" Muirenn's head gives a small shake that tumbles the curls about her waist.

"All right, then I shall not." She has eased his dark mood somewhat for he smiles again if only faintly. Justin watches her for a long moment before he half bows to her once more, "I will leave you to make your own prayers, Lady. I have matters I need attend." Justin gives a polite nod also to Muirenn's Septa and handmaid, ever polite to them as well when he's able. "Good day to you all and the Seven bless you."