Merrick Kendall
"Violence never solved anything." "Try telling the Carthaginians."
Ray Winstone
Ray Winstone as Merrick Kendall
name: Merrick Kendall
father: Andrew Kendall
mother: Althea Kendall
spouse: None
issue: None known
gender: Male
age: 28
height: 5'10
weight: 15 stone
eyes: Brown
hair: Dark
honorific: Ser
house: None
position: Hedge Knight

“People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” George Orwell

Background Overview

Born in the arse end of the Westerlands he spent his childhood and youth years doing precisely sod all with his life bar working for his father, drinking and fighting. Entralled during an Ironborn raid he spent almost the same time again behind an oar. Well, various oars. He was technically on both sides of the rebellion as the boat he was chained to took part in some of the early coastal attacks but was then overrun and he was freed. He took his hatred of his former masters and made a name for himself during the initial attack on Lordsport and founding of the beachhead on Pyke. Knighted and trained by a Stormlands knight he's now returned from the peacekeeping efforts on the isles and looking for work where he can find it. Preferably for cold, hard cash.

Facts, Rumors, and RP Hooks

1. He's a Hedge Knight with a squire to feed and train. He needs work to support the pair of them. Need extra muscle? Ask him about very competitive rates.

2. He was on Saltford and instrumental in making a beach head on Pyke. Ask him about it, he'll talk for hours about that and his hatred for the Ironborn in general.

3. He enjoys a drink of an evening, or afternoon, or even morning. Want to find him? Try the nearest tavern. Especially it it has whores.

4. Word has it that there's a string of taverns in the Eastern Westerlands and the Southern Riverlands that he's now barred from after numerous brawls while working escort for various trade caravans.

5. Some say his squire is the brains of the outfit and is only sticking with him to get his spurs.

6. Many would be surprised to hear that he's a great Cyvasse player. Himself prime amongst them. Someone challenged him to a game one and he ended up throwing the board in their face before breaking their jaw in three places.

7. A redeeming feature? Fond as he might be of women and fighting, there are no stories of him ever hitting a woman. Oggling them yes, but never violence. On the contrary, it's said he's made himself unpopular in some quarters by stopping such acts, or what he has assumed are such acts anyway.

Physical Features

The man before you is without doubt a big lad, although lad might be stretching it a bit seeing as he looks to be in his late twenties or early thirties. What hair is has is dark, although it's cut brutally short to the point where it can really only be described as fuzz, leaving the traces of a couple of old wounds quite clearly visible. Brown eyes sit above a similarly short beard, so short infact that it could easily just be that he hasn't shaved in a few days rather than a conscious decision to cover his chin. To use an old addage, he's built like a brick-shithouse and has evidently been a stranger to neither physical exercise nor the elements in his life. His shoulders are board, his limbs muscular, and his hands calloused.

His clothing is plain, unadorned, and likely as not covered mostly in armour anyway. A short-sleeved tunic, leather trousers and boots is about the all of it. The armour though looks odd, almost as if it isn't really a set, more a collection of individual pieces. Okay, so the steel and leather vambraces on his forearms are a pair, as are the greaves on his shins, but neither set match the breastplate, which in turn matches neither his leather pauldrons nor the leather-scale kilt. A stout double-wrap belt encircles his waist supporting a bastard sword on one hip and a short (one-handed) flanged mace on he other. Between his pouldrons and his vambraces there is nothing but exposed flesh, although a heavy woolen cloak attached to the shoulders of his breastplate looks like it'll be more than enough to stop him from getting to cold of an evening.

Allies and Foes

Recent Activity