Merida Nayland


Not only the youngest child of Ser Tyroan and his Lady Anathema, Merida is also the most unobtrusive. It would be Merida, along with her sister Visenya until Visenya's marriage, that would be one of her mother's closest companions as she grew older, never straying from her mother's side during the torment of the old Gods whispering into Ana's ear. Or at least that is what Meri was convinced that it was instead of believing that her own mother was mad. Though Meri adored her oft-missing father, Ser Tyroan, it would be Ana whose influence would take root and blossom in the child. A blending of North and South, instilling in Meri a very deep devotion to the old Gods while practicing the new at services like any proper South-born Lady.

Although it seemed that the Lady Meri might be timid and reclusive, shying away from the company of others to devote her time to her mother, Merida's duty was seemingly done at the return of her father to the household. It quieted the demons that tormented Lady Anathema, leaving Meri much time for herself. Socializing was initially painful, the other girls noting the strangeness of Meri's upbringing, but the youth proved extraordinarily adaptable and those differences were soon obscured beneath a veneer of Southern polish. Merida's skill as a musician, as well as her exceptional embroidery and brocade, were enough to garner favor and overlook whatever other oddities might persist in her nature.

It initially struck those unfamiliar with her that Merida was fragile and sweet-tempered, capable in etiquette, overly devoted, and soft-spoken. But… It should never be forgotten that she is a Nayland born.


Lady Rebekkah Nayland: Grandmother.
Lord Ser Rickart Nayland: Eldest Uncle.
Lord Tobias Nayland: Uncle.
Ser Stevron Nayland: Uncle.
Lady Anathema Nayland: Cherished mother..
Ser Renholdt Nayland: Eldest brother.
Lord Aeron Nayland: Brother.
Lady Visenya Nayland: Elder sister.

Physical Features

There is an easily assumed fragility to this young woman, dark of hair and lighter of eye with a fair and unblemished complexion. Her hair is kept long, and yet often bound up, silken tresses naturally waved and long fallen to the middle of her back. Mistaken or not in this count of frailty, Meri is of a height with her mother at five-four, and given to slenderness rather than voluptuous curve. The soft curves of her gender grace her figure, but she is not gifted overly so, more appreciable than gaudy in her adornment of them. Her features are lightly angled, but softened, a blending of Northern and Southern blood.

Her preferred style of dress is simple of cut, but high in quality, natural or earthen toned fabrics in weaves of finest wool and lightweight silks. Darker shades over the dramatically lighter chemises beneath, both layers enhanced by the embellishment of her remarkable skill in embroidery. Of that accord, she appears to favor flora and fauna, depicting animal and plantlife on hem, sleeves, and bosom.

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