Page 101: Melee at the Roost
Melee at the Roost
Summary: The grand melee concludes the tournament at the Roost.
Date: 24/10/2011
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The Green — Terrick's Roost
The Green is a large field of deep green grass, nearly flat, that runs along the base of the towers. The road into town runs along the far edge, hemming it in neatly to a confined area where beyond a line of trees serves as a subtle windbreak. This area is most often used for drilling or practice for the guards but also serves as home for festivals, tournements, and another other gathering that might require the space for a large number of the local residents. A well-trodden path winds around the side of the wall and moves towards the coastline.
Mon Oct 24, 288

The nice thing about tournaments is that plenty of people come from all over. And a good half of those people can be women! And some of those women aren't prissy noblewomen! Two of those women are Senna and Pippa, and the pair looks to be already enjoying themselves, laughing as they navigate the tent-lines and muddy walkways of the area around the tournament field. "Mercenaries in the melee, Pip," Senna is suggesting as she walks, a sharp eye taking in the gathered knights. "Every time. They can take a hit. So long as they've got some decent armor on them."

And where there is Pippa, there is alcohol. The little redhead at Senna's side takes a swig from a large skin, before offering it over to her companion a little absently - she's also looking at those knights, brows waggling appreciatively. She whistles low at one or another, hopefully of the Nayland ilk and not those pansy Terricks. "It's gotta be more excitin' than that there joust," is her opinion. "Right?"

"Longer and harder," Senna winks back at Pippa, taking the offered skin to take a more measured sip than her companion. "And those are never bad things, hmm?" Still, there's something more serious about the woman as she looks over the competitors. "The men who fight in it usually have less to lose, too. It's expensive to ride in the joust. Horses, armor, equipment, squire. Melee costs less, so it's a proportionately higher pay out. Less honor and prestige, but that means the fighting's more real, too."

Marching up to the contest shortly before the scheduled time to start (and dashing hopes that they might not show) Rygar Nayland approaches, amidst a slim retinue, armored head to foot and wearing the orange and green sash of Nayland across his torso. Beside the knight- in the quartered colors of Stonebridge- can be seen Ser Bruce Longbough. The men are given a wide berth by the smallfolk.

Where Alek emerges from his tent closer to the time for the melee, he has been duly clad in his own armor. It tends towards utilitarian, bare steel that has been recently buffed and reshaped to hide dents that have been previously taken. His helm is held on his hip, the loose sling of his arm keeping it in place as he lingers near his tent to survey the gathering knights.

Freed of his squirely obligations to have a go with the grown-ups, Rowan Nayland comes to the field in a glistening set of full maile. Though he wears a sash of scarlet and white, the colors of Oldstones, the armor is clearly better than the House of Mud and Sticks can afford. Doubtless the boy's earned himself any number of benefactors, after his stunt at the joust, though. The salute and smile, clearly those of gratitude, the young man gives Jason Mallister likely speak volumes.

"Ayyyy!" Pippa waggles her eyebrows at Senna this time. Longer and harder, indeed! As she notices the arrival of the Stonebridge crew, she nudges the other woman excitedly with her elbow. "Look, look!" She cups her hands one either side of her mouth to help her voice carry, and calls out in her lustiest voice, "THREE CHEERS FOR SER RYGAR! HIPPIP, 'ORRAY! HIPPIP —" This is clearly where the rest of the crowd is meant to take over.

"Pip!" Senna laughs as her companion starts cheering, aiming an elbow at her side. "Have a care, girl. That doesn't go over so well in these parts." She has eyes for the Oldstones crew herself, speculative. "I've heard those ones've fought abroad."

Gedeon Rivers comes to the field in full maile with a cloth surcoat in the colors of Oldstones. He has his sword at his hip, one gloved hand resting on the pommel. Glancing around at those other knights coming to the field, he makes note of his own and, with slightly raised brows, the rather impressive armor his squire now sports.

Pip's exhuberance is not only met with only pointed looks from the crowd around her. Turning a cold eye over the assembled smallfolk toward the cheer, the named Nayland sniffs once, in dry humor and takes note of who had shouted so, silently. A short nod, and his eye returns to Ser Bruce, with whom the knight shares a few words.

Anton heads out to join the other knights in Oldstones colors, the lord himself clad in that blackened armor rather than the red and white of his house. He carries his helm, longsword at his hip. He has a skin in his other hand, and he drinks from it as he heads up to his companions.

It doesn't take Ser Jarod Rivers long to reappear on the field, outfitted in his arms and wearing the bastard heraldry he's designed for himself: black field with a golden eagle's wing in the center. It invites the jibe 'half-eagle', which is quite probably more than half the point of it. He raises a hand to wave to the crowd, offering a salute to those sitting in the Terrick section of the stands.

"Bah, assholes," mutters Pippa, with an exaggerated 'oof' for the elbow from Senna. "Which ones? The Oldstones crew? I heard they was in with the Ironers, ay? Must be a fierce lot. Here, gimme back that skin, Sen!"

"If they are, they hide it well. And last I heard, the Ironers were still part of the Seven Kingdoms," Senna shrugs to Pippa's words, taking another sip before passing the skin back. "Come on, let's find a place closer to the rail," she grins to the other woman, starting to push and wiggle her way through the crowds.

Fought abroad and fought drunk, Senna. There is a slight smile tucked into a smirky corner of Alek's mouth as his gaze catches on Senna's while sweeping the crowd, only to be torn away where Anton approaches. He shifts his helm to free the correct hand to gesture for the wineskin. "My lord," he drawls, dryly sarcastic at the unfamiliar title. "I had hoped you would not take the field, today. Give the rest of us a chance to win some honors."

And then it's time for the melee to begin, and the trumpeters step forward to blow a flourish of notes. It's a few minutes before the crowds can settle enough to allow anything to be heard, but once there's something resembling quiet - or at least a diminished roar - Anais steps forward once more, smile broad for the crowds.

"Lords and ladies of the Seven Kingdoms, people of Terrick's Roost and lands further afield. Thank you all, once more, for joining us here on this happy occasion. So far we've seen acts of great honor and valor, and I'm sure the minstrels will sing of many of the men who've proven themselves here. Now we come to the close of our celebrations, and the great melee." She turns toward the gathered knights, sinking into a graceful curtsey. "My lords and sers, you honor us all with your mastery. May the Warrior bless your arms, the Smith your wits, and the Mother your wives who watch you. Fight well, and great glory and honor be to the winner!"

"And what would you do with honors, Alek?" Anton replies, lofting a brow, "Nevermind, don't answer that. You'd sell them for liquor, obviously. I'm just saving you from yourself and the horrible women you choose when you're drunk. You'll thank me later." He turns to pretend to listen to the introduction, instead spending the minute checking the straps of his armor.

Squire Rowan takes a moment at the periphery of the circle to kneel and draw his sword. Hands around the pommel and point to the ground, he bows his head in silent prayer. His entreaty to the Seven is brief, but heartfelt by the intensity of his expression. When he rises he dons his coif and gloves, taking the field, a slender reed among oaks.

Rygar turns his narrowed eye upon Anais as the newest Terrick steps up to address the assebled at the commencement of the melee. The stern Nayland knight raises the haft of his polearm vertically before him, before taking it sharply out from his waist, to execute a precise bow. The maile of his armor barely rustles with the motion, before the lean kngiht stands again to his full height.

"Yeah, but they still the Ironers," counters Pip, wriggling her fingers for the skin impatiently. The redhead ducks and weaves her way after the darker-haired girl, eventually pushing aside a few lesser beings to take up a spot on the rail. Skin retrieved in one hand, she pauses to stick her fingers in her mouth for quick wolf-whistle before glugging back another draw of her liquor.

"You are so kind, Anton," Alek murmurs warmly, laugh slipping from his lips before he slips his helm over his head. He doesn't even pretend to listen to talk of honor and blessings, making sure his faceguard is in place. He draws his own sword in one smooth, graceful motion, swinging it between his fingertips before adjusting to a proper grip.

Gedeon offers Anton a nod and a faint smile as the man appears, and he draws his own sword, readying for the clash that will shortly ensue. His attention flicks from one knight to the next, choosing his first opponent, perhaps.

Jarod draws his greatsword smoothly, saluting Anais as she concludes her blessing. He does spare a look over at Rowan. Grimacing some, as his glance takes in the knights on the rest of the field. But he just takes a breath and squares his shoulders, bouncing a little on his spurred heels. Perhaps psyching himself up mentally for the bashing.

A smile ghosts across Senna's lips as she catches Alek's eye, but she's soon lost in the press of the crowd, passing Pippa her wineskin back. "Well, there aren't any of them fighting today, so no worries about choosing who to cheer for," she chuckles.

Rowan takes a deep breath as he sees Ser Alek turn his way. "Keep your guard high, Nayland," he mutters, bracing himself for the attack.

Anton spends a moment muttering at Alek and Gedeon as he tugs on his helm and checks it, then draws his sword. He waits a second to see who heads for whom, and then wades in, moving to attack Ser Bruce.

After a brief conference with Anton and Alek, Gedeon lifts his sword, moving towards the Banefort lad with a quick glance towards the sword and the bludgeon he's chosen.

Alek doesn't falter in his decision-making process, moving swiftly towards Rowan, smile unseen behind his helm. When he does swing first, it is sure, his weight behind it. (Unless I can't do that yet, then he doesn't.)

The melee unfolds quickly, once it begins to move: Jarod starts across the field directly at Rygar, and the Nayland meets the half-Terrick half-way. Ser Quentyn moves to flank the Nayland and Bruce Longbough steps to intercept the Banefort. The swirling chaos of the melee spreads rapidly, as the first blows are struck.

<COMBAT> Quentyn attacks Rygar with Bludgeon & Shield - ARMOR on Left Arm stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Rygar attacks Jarod with Polearm - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Rowan attacks Alek with Broadsword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Jarod attacks Rygar with Greatsword - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Gedeon attacks Quentyn with Broadsword but Quentyn DODGES!
<COMBAT> Bruce attacks Quentyn with Sword & Shield but Quentyn DODGES!
<COMBAT> Anton attacks Bruce with Greatsword - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Alek attacks Rowan with Greatsword - Light wound to Left Hand (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Elf has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

<COMBAT> Bruce has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Jarod has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Jarod spends a luck point to keep fighting!

<COMBAT> Rygar has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Rygar spends a luck point to keep fighting!

Jarod's chosen first adversary is, likely to the surprise of no one, the Nayland knight. He offers Rygar a proper knightly salute, but his manner is all business. And that business is violence. "Hope that coin you filched from my lord father gives you a soft cushion to land on, Ser." And then he *launches* into his attack on the Nayland. Ser Rivers is an aggressive fighter, at least when it comes to openers. He punches hard, and focuses less on defense than on flattening his opponent promptly.

Quentyn Banefort fits right in with the melee crowd, massive in his armor and wielding what appears to be a very large /axe/. He's in relatively good spirits - as he always seems to be - though he's much more alone than most of the knights in this event. That doesn't seem to particularly /bother/ him, however. What bothers him is the pair of knights getting between him and Rygar. No time for friendly banter now. He wades forward, swinging his axe toward Bruce.

The first sweep of his sword aims directly for Rowan's hand, rapping smartly on the squire's grieve. He twists, turns, and moves to press his attack again with another swing.

That was Alek.

Rowan has to shift his guard to take that weighty blow, cursing as it clips his fingers. His counterstrike misses Coope by a mile or more and he backpedals, staying on the defensive and on his feet. That's about all that can be said for the lad.

Rygar strides directly at Jarod, his crow's beak polehammer raised in answering salute, before the first blows are struck. The stern Nayland makes no answer to Jarod's taunt, fighting silently, even as he trades heavy blows with the Terrick Captain, both men staggering the other.

Ser Bruce fares less well, sadly. He succeeds in keeping the big Banefort off of Rygar, but catches a heavy greatsword blow across the gut from Ser Anton from the opposite side, dropping the Stonebridge Captain of the Guard.

Pippa tosses a grin to Senna, and then the melee begins! She starts to bounce in her spot with excitement, calling out (yes, screw the Hens, she's calling out!), "Gooooooo, Ser Rygar! NAY-LAND! Aiaiaiaieeee!" She winces a little as Jarod decides to attack her knight. Bugger. Another sip is pilfered from her skin before she passes it to Sen again. "Ooooh, this is fun already, right?"

Anais has often mentioned the benefits of regular fighting against the Ironborn. Quentyn is quick to demonstrate one of those benefits: increased strength and willingness to /hit/ someone. When he swings his axe, it's as though it's little more than a piece of wood, and poor Bruce catches the brunt of the force. When Anton's sword also takes the Stonebridge man, Quentyn moves to keep the falling Bruce between him and the Oldstones knight, moving inexorably toward Rygar.

Anton knocks the wind out of Ser Bruce with a ringing blow to the abdomen, and moves on to the Banefort knight, eyeing that axe as he and Ser Gedeon approach together, hoping perhaps to take advantage of his focus on Ser Rygar.

<COMBAT> Quentyn attacks Rygar with Bludgeon & Shield but Rygar DODGES!
<COMBAT> Rygar attacks Jarod with Polearm - Moderate wound to Right Hand (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Rowan attacks Alek with Broadsword - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Jarod attacks Rygar with Greatsword - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Gedeon attacks Quentyn with Broadsword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Anton attacks Quentyn with Greatsword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Alek attacks Rowan with Greatsword - Critical wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Elf has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

Gedeon has his sites on Quentyn, though the other knight has chosen to take on Ser Rygar, instead. As Gedeon lunges, Quentyn makes his own attack, and the blond knight's broadsword slices only air. With a quick breath out, he readies himself for another swing.

"Mmhmmm," Senna hums distractedly to Pippa. Now that the fight is underway, she's paying close attention to the ebb and flow of the fighters, gaze flickering over the field. "Oh, there," she murmurs as one knight goes down, lips quirking in satisfaction.

Rygar is being flanked, once again; a familiar scenario for the Royalist, yet the lean Nayland does not flinch, striking hard in an effort to drive back Jarod, even as he ducks and dodges the vicious axe-blow of the hulking Banefort. Still, there are no words from the stern warrior under the Harpy colors.

Jarod continues to press the Rygar aggressively, though it continues to leave him open for be pressed in kind. A sharp blow to his right forearm makes his grip on his greatsword falter, and he takes a step back to regain his control of the weapon. And perhaps take a cagier line of attack as he goes around for another pass. "Oldstones're on you hard," he warns Quentyn Banefort quickly, though his own focus remains Nayland-fixated.

At the last moment, the squire makes a bold attack, managing to get a blow through the Braavosi's defenses against the odds. Unfortunately, his rash attack leaves him wide open, and the knight's counterstike is punishing and savage, nearly knocking the Nayland boy off his feet. Rowan staggers and stumbles back, making horrible wheezing sounds as he tries to get his breath. The ground is flecked with spittle and bile and blood.

"I'm a little busy, Oldstones," Quentyn growls toward Gedeon and Anton alike, half-shifting to face them better. Cagey, he shifts his position, trying to get /Gedeon/ between himself and Anton now. One at a time, one at a time.

A laugh slips past Alek's lips, only a touch of pain at Rowan's attack that leaves his laugh breathless. He growls, amused, "It seems you are not quite all they make you out to be." With the squire stumbling, he again presses his attack with a backswing of his sword towards the already downed opponent. Surely, he's man enough to handle it.

<COMBAT> Quentyn attacks Gedeon with Bludgeon & Shield - Serious wound to Left Hand (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Rygar attacks Jarod with Polearm - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Rowan attacks Alek with Broadsword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Jarod attacks Rygar with Greatsword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Gedeon attacks Quentyn with Broadsword - ARMOR on Head stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Anton attacks Quentyn with Greatsword - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Alek attacks Rowan with Greatsword - Critical wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).

<COMBAT> Elf has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

<COMBAT> Gedeon has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Gedeon spends a luck point to keep fighting!

Pip adds a vicious 'ahhhh' to Senna's murmur her eyes fixed on Ser Rygar. Well. They're sort of fixed on Ser Rygar, as much as she can see of the Nayland knight in the fray. She ducks her head a little, and cranes her neck, trying to get a look at what's going on with her favourite.

Gedeon's luck is a bit better this time, though not much. His swing connects with a clang to Quentyn's helmet, but besides the sound, there's little more damage done. And in drawing his blade back, his arms are within easy reach of that ax.

With nary a rib unbroken, shallow breaths whistling with the sick, sucking sound of a punctured lung, Rowan spits a mouthful of blood into the dirt. "Fuck. You. Ser," he wheezes, his defiant blow glancing off Alek's chest plate, pathetic and feeble. For his effort, he takes another mauler to the chest, dropping to one knee. But not to yield. He rises again, shaking with the effort.

Jarod continues to batter at Ser Rygar, though now he's not simply absorbing hits but making some attempt to block them. It helps him stay on his feet, at least, though his grunted blow to the Nayland's chest doesn't do much to make his opponent stumble. His focus is entirely on the match between himself and the other man, and he's largely tuned out whatever else is going on on the field.

Blows land fast and furious in the middle of the melee; the armorers of the Cape of Eagles will have lots of work in the coming days, but the sturdy Westerosi steel does its work for the most part, and Rygar takes a swift step to one side, once the Banefort pressure has receded, seeking a better angle of attack on Jarod.

As his backswing connects sharply on the squire's breastplate, a grit of teeth marks Alek's answer for a moment before he offers helpfully, "Perhaps you should stick with being a squire, lad." His next attack comes with a lunge, sword coming down in an overhand swing.

Anton has to work around Gedeon to strike at Quentyn, who has partially succeeded in using the one knight of Oldstones as a barrier to the other. He strikes a glancing blow, and then darts forward to try to strike another, attempting to take advantage of the moment in which the axe-wielding Banefort is distracted with hitting Ser Gedeon.

Quentyn has a good, thick skull that's taken plenty of blows in his day. He's briefly staggered by the blow from Gedeon, but he's quick to recover. With a sweeping blow, he brings his axe down toward those arms, haft and blade alike, circling it around to try to add a kick at the Oldstones knight afterwards. Preferably in Anton's direction. Take your knight back!

<COMBAT> Quentyn will attack Gedeon this turn. (Elf)
<COMBAT> Quentyn attacks Gedeon with Bludgeon & Shield and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Rygar attacks Jarod with Polearm but Jarod DODGES!
<COMBAT> Rowan attacks Alek with Broadsword but Alek DODGES!
<COMBAT> Jarod attacks Rygar with Greatsword - Moderate wound to Abdomen (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Gedeon attacks Quentyn with Broadsword but Quentyn DODGES!
<COMBAT> Anton attacks Quentyn with Greatsword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Alek attacks Rowan with Greatsword - Light wound to Chest.
<COMBAT> Elf has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

<COMBAT> Quentyn has been KO'd!

<COMBAT> Rygar has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Rygar spends a luck point to keep fighting!

Anais gasps at Alek's attack on Rowan, her hands clenching tight on the arms of her chair. If there's a cry from the dais, it's hard to hear over the noise of the melee and the cheers of the crowd.

For all his preference for straightforward, bruising swordsmanship, Jarod Rivers can be light on his feet when he wants to be. He pivots to avoid Rygar's polearm, while swinging his blade down and around toward the Nayland man's gut. He grunts with the force he puts behind the hit.

Gedeon's sword misses, his hand throbbing from the strike of Quentyn's ax, but he's not so distracted he can't back out of the way of the next attack, moving aside to allow Anton better access to the Banefort.

Rygar takes a second telling blow from Jarod, grunting with the impact as he staggers a quick pair of steps to one side, circling to the left, to regain his balance, guard kept up. A quick glance to the side, as he notes another Rivers incoming, before the stern knight swings hard again for the half-Terrick. Behind the helm, his jaw clenches and nostrils flare.

"Yield," Alek suggests as he easily twists around Rowan's attack, his sword catching the squire's breastplate oddly and turning most of his attack. "In a real battle, yielding to live another day is better than any of your stupid pride."

Anton takes advantage of that better access to strike Quentyn hard across the chest, knocking the big Banefort out of the running. Rather than step immediately into his next attack he takes a moment to turn and shout over the clanging of weapons and armor, "Alek! Here!" Yes, exactly like he's a dog, now that you mention it. In the meantime, he goes after Jarod.

Turning his head, the squire spits out another mouthful of blood. "In a real battle, there is no yielding." He sways on his feet, but on his feet he remains.

Grey-green eyes slide over the squire sharply, but as his name, Alek turns on his heel and retreats, leaving the squire swaying as he makes his familiar way to Anton's side. "I thought I said something about having claim on this one?" he calls cheerfully towards Anton before he makes his own sweep to attack the man, in harmony to Anton's.

<COMBAT> Rygar attacks Jarod with Polearm but Jarod DODGES!
<COMBAT> Rowan attacks Alek with Broadsword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Jarod attacks Rygar with Greatsword but Rygar DODGES!
<COMBAT> Gedeon attacks Rygar with Broadsword - Moderate wound to Head (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Anton attacks Jarod with Greatsword - ARMOR on Left Hand stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Alek attacks Jarod with Greatsword but Jarod DODGES!
<COMBAT> Elf has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

<COMBAT> Rygar has been KO'd!

"Do something about your squire before I do worse, Gedeon," Alek growls warning as he twists and turns away from Rowan's attack, swinging his sword in a pointing warning towards Rowan. It only lasts a moment before he spins back to sweep another attack at Jarod.

Jarod finds himself pressed on all sides by the man of Nayland and now the men of Oldstones. So he has to employ more quick pivoting, and less actual violence. Keeps him on his feet for the moment, at least. He offers a quick grin to Gedeon as that particular Oldstones knight deals with Rygar. Then turns to face Anton. "Eager for another dance, m'Lord? I hope I learned a few steps since Stonebridge. Though I hope you don't mind if I make it just the two of us again." He offers his newfound opponents a salute. If he's going down, he may as well go down swinging. His focus is on Alek, first and foremost. The larger form of Anton, he just tries to dance around.

Rygar presses Ser Jarod as hard as he can, taking a pair of swings at the Terrick Captain in a last effort to put the man out of action, turning his torso with the blow to evade Jarod's riposte, but this time the Rivers are too numerous for the Nayland, and the lean knight staggers to the ground, losing his grip on the hammer with one hand. For an instant he is dazed, as the melee continues around him.

Quentyn goes down under the combined attack of the Oldstones Crew, and though he tries to get up, he finds his breastplate staved in at a rather inconvenient angle for doing so. There's a half-hearted kick after Anton's departing form, but he otherwise props himself half-up with his axe and waits for assistance off the field.

"Fuck off," growls the squire — and it might just be to Gedeon, a pre-emptive strike against being pre-empted. There is no way in the hells he's letting this be pile-on Jarod day. Not until the blood loss gets him.

With Quentyn out of the combat, Gedeon pivots to turn his attention to a more apealing target, and he and Jarod fight together for a moment, combating the stoic Ser Rygar. This time, when his sword meets a helm, there is more than just a sound, and Gedeon's eyes brighten for a moment. Perhaps there is some pleasure to be had for the Bastard of Stonebridge in the blow to its current keeper.

Pippa gasps at the blow to Rygar, tucking her skin under an arm to cover her mouth with both hands. "Ay! Up, Ser! This is shite!"

"See what I mean," Senna nods toward the Oldstones knights, bumping a shoulder into Pippa. "They know how to fight as a unit. That comes from actually fighting, and getting practice at it. And they move in on ones that're already half-down." Even if she grimaces a bit that said half-down fellow is Rygar.

Anton attacks Jarod and fails to remove him from the melee so, with the help of Alek and Gedeon, he moves forward to attack him again.

<COMBAT> Rowan attacks Alek with Broadsword but Alek DODGES!
<COMBAT> Jarod attacks Alek with Greatsword - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Gedeon attacks Rowan with Broadsword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Anton attacks Jarod with Greatsword - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Alek attacks Jarod with Greatsword - Light wound to Right Arm.
<COMBAT> Elf has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

<COMBAT> Rowan has been KO'd!
<COMBAT> Rowan spends a luck point to keep fighting!

Where Rowan tries to attack him, Alek is all grace, twisting away and still maintaining his attention on Jarod, though he does not have the grace to dodge, dodge and attack. Alas. He makes contact against Jarod's right arm with a slight laugh, pulling back to recover only briefly as he asks, "So, what do you think of my skills, Ser Jarod? Better than my fists?" He goes for another attack.

With Rygar removed from the fray, Gedeon turns at the gruff epithet, and his eyes widen a little as he finally sees the state Rowan is in. "Rowan," he murmurs, "Ye gods, stand down." His blade moves more to block Rowan's strike of Ser Alek than to cause further injury, but there's a good tap to the boy's fine and polished (well, it was) breastplate.

With Rygar removed from the fray, Gedeon turns at the gruff epithet, and his eyes widen a little as he finally sees the state Rowan is in. "Rowan," he murmurs, "Ye gods, stand down." His blade moves more to block Rowan's strike of Ser Alek than to cause further injury, but there's a good tap to the boy's chest.

Jarod trades that hit to his arm with a swat to Alek's chest. Or as much as one can 'swat' with a greatsword. He cracks a grin at Ser Coope. "Can't tell just yet. You could do with a matching pair of bruised eyes, though. I'll see if I can attend to that." For all the banter, he's breathing hard and having to move faster than is really in his wheelhouse to avoid being bashed into the ground by Anton and Alek both. He does spare a blinked look toward Rowan and Gedeon, but whatever's going on there he can't worry about it now.

Anton slips a blow across Jarod's chest but it does little damage. Three on two, there are quite a few blades in a very small area, but at least Rowan and Gedeon can be ignored for the mome— oh wait no, they are now tangled up with Alek again as the squire makes to attack the tall knight. Anton stays somewhat off to the side of things, at least, his focus on Jarod.

Rowan Nayland doesn't stand down. But he falls down. He must briefly black out, sprawled in the dirt and bleeding — but slowly, painfully, he begins to climb back to his feet. He staggers like a drunkard, but rises to take another futile swipe at Alek.

<COMBAT> Rowan attacks Alek with Broadsword but Alek DODGES!
<COMBAT> Jarod attacks Alek with Greatsword but Alek DODGES!
<COMBAT> Gedeon attacks Rowan with Broadsword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Anton attacks Jarod with Greatsword - Moderate wound to Neck.
<COMBAT> Alek attacks Jarod with Greatsword but Jarod DODGES!
<COMBAT> Elf has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

Where attacks come from both directions, Alek's focus shifts quickly to dodging both, though Rowan's is much easier even if it is unexpected as he swears to the Gods that squire was just on the ground. He breathes out relief as he twists away, circling to try to escape the squire and to prepare for another attack.

Really, at this point, the only thing Rowan can hope for is that his clumsy blows distract Alek a little. He does, however, make a gargled sound which might be laughter as stumbling to keep his feet causes him to inadvertently foul Gedeon's incoming attack. It glances harmlessly off his maile coat. "Hah!"

While Jarod's focus may be on fencing with Alek, it's Anton that's currently giving him the most trouble. His breathing is getting increasingly labored, and his reaction time getting a hair slower as he tries to fend off the Oldstones men flanking him. He has to brace himself and raise his shoulder to avoid taking a sword in the Adam's apple. He doesn't falter yet, however. He looks half-surprised when Rowan still doesn't yield, wincing. But, again, he can't focus near enough of his attention on that for it to register beyond 'Wow, the squire isn't dead yet.'

It may be a wonder, at this point, if Gedeon is trying to down Rowan so much as he's trying to keep him from flailing at Alex. His blade bounces off Rowan's maile. "Come on, then. At least fight me properly."

Anton watches the Gedeon/Rowan/Alek drama out the corner of his eye, but seems to have faith in his companions, at least while Jarod is still on the field. He continues to focus his attack on the Terrick knight, and freed from the necessity of dodging a blow, he manages to nick him in the neck. His sword is quickly swung back in yet another arc towards the eagle-wing-bearing bastard.

"Do you think the squire's trying to die?" Senna muses to Pippa, rising up a little higher herself to get a better look at the action.

<COMBAT> Rowan attacks Alek with Broadsword - Critical wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Jarod attacks Alek with Greatsword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Gedeon attacks Rowan with Broadsword and MISSES!
<COMBAT> Anton attacks Jarod with Greatsword - Moderate wound to Left Hand (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Alek attacks Jarod with Greatsword - Light wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Elf has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

Pippa winces some more, but doesn't tear her eyes away from the combat to answer Sen. If she did, she might miss the death! "I hope so," she bounces, then shakes her head. "Ah. I mean, I hope not. Hahahahaha!"

"Not interested," Rowan grits out at Gedeon's invitation to fight. He's fixated on Alek so long as Alek is fixated on Jarod. Who knows where the skinny, blood-soaked boy gets the focus, much less the strength, to deliver the next blow — but he does. And it's a damned lucky blow. With that is perhaps his last surge of hysterical strength and focus, he smites the nimble Braavosi square in the chest.

Gedeon's next swipe is equally half-hearted, as he seems to be expecting little from Rowan's dexterity at this point. And so his blade is slow and Rowan slips past to land a far more impressive strike against Alek.

Surprise flickers in grey-green eyes as an unexpected hit gets under his guard while Alek is focused on delivering his own blow on Jarod. Pain hisses through his lips, the man falling away only to catch himself on his sword tip dug into the ground.

Rowan staggers around to face Gedeon the moment Alek falls back. "So kind of you to invite me," he rasps, sheet white with blood on his lips. "Did you think I'd be so rude as to leave early?" It's a grisly, painful echo of the banter that used to be a staple of their sparring.

"Seven hells…" That's all Jarod can think immediately when his own blow fails to land on Alek. But Rowan's does. "Huh." He does not have much time to dwell on the miraculous quality of this, however, as he's still under attack by Anton. Taking a blow to his left wrist that very nearly makes him drop his sword. Again he pivots back to regroup himself, still concentrating his attack on the Lord of Oldstones' man rather than the lord himself.

Senna whistles low when Rowan gets in another blow. "Finish it!" she shouts out toward the sands, along with much of the crowd. The competitors are dwindling, after all.

Anton whacks Jarod on the hand but fails to force the knight to drop his sword so, after a brief glance over as Gedeon attempts to subdue his squire, he side-steps to aim another blow at Jarod once again.

<COMBAT> Rowan attacks Gedeon with Broadsword but Gedeon DODGES!
<COMBAT> Jarod attacks Alek with Greatsword - ARMOR on Abdomen stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Gedeon subdues Rowan!
<COMBAT> Anton attacks Jarod with Greatsword - ARMOR on Chest stops the attack!
<COMBAT> Alek passes.
<COMBAT> Elf has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

"I thought you'd be clever enough to avoid lasting damage," Gedeon returns, ducking out of the way of Rowan's jab before lunging forward to pin the squire's arms to his sides. "Yield," he urges again. "It's no discredit to you, you fought well."

As attacks are pressed on him, Alek takes in a shallow breath and straightens slowly, keeping his sword steady in front of him ready to parry and counter.

Anais is half-standing now, a hand on the railing of the dais as she looks down at the melee with concern. At /Rowan/ with concern. Her father, at her side, looks less concerned, shaking his head when she turns to ask something of him.

"Let. GO. Of. Me!" Rowan growls at Gedeon. "You weeping boil on the cunt of a syphilitic whore, let me go." He twists and spits like a cat, hissing.

Jarod is, at this point, fighting to take *other* men off the field with him. As he plainly won't be lasting much longer. He steps back, trying to put some room between himself and the Oldstones contingent, so he can get a few hits in on battered Alek while putting some distance between himself and Anton. Actually, just putting some distance between himself and Anton is becoming his main goal. Any hits he scores are secondary. The drama between Gedeon and Rowan can barely register. At least, it's nothing he can afford to worry about now.

<COMBAT> Rowan attempts to escape from Gedeon but fails!
<COMBAT> Jarod attacks Alek with Greatsword but Alek DODGES!
<COMBAT> Gedeon continues to subdue Rowan.
<COMBAT> Anton attacks Jarod with Greatsword but Jarod DODGES!
<COMBAT> Alek attacks Jarod with Greatsword but Jarod DODGES!
<COMBAT> Elf has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

"Ooooooh," calls Pip, in between gulps from her skin. Her skin hat is rapidly becoming lighter as the contents are drained; she offers it over to Senna again. "Lookit the drama! Yield, squire," she jeers, "This ain't a melee for the likes'a you, anyway!"

Dodge, dodge, dodge. Alek is slow on his feet, breathing heavily, so it is a good thing that Anton is attacking Jarod as well. With enough time to (somewhat) catch his breath, he finally shifts to press an attack.

"Fucking seven hells," Gedeon mutters, keeping his hold on the squire. "Enough, Rowan." And then, much softer, "Please."

There's an echo of Gedeon's plea from the dais, if Anais' voice can cut through the crowd. "Rowan, please! Yield!" Granted, the new Lady Terrick finds her bottom firmly planted back in her seat right afterwards, thanks to a solid tug from her father, but at least she tried.

Jarod mirrors Alek's dodging, albeit on the opposite side. It contains the same slow-but-sure slowing down and heavy breathing. "Maybe we should take off our shirts and settle this with bare knuckles," he quips. Still trying very, very hard to stay away from Anton. It doesn't do much for his ability to hit things, but it's keeping him from falling entirely.

"What is this, a footrace?" Senna calls out as half the field takes to running rather than fighting. "Stand and fight like men!"

There may not be enough of the squire's rapidly dwindling strength to break Gedeon's hold. But that doesn't stop him from trying. Of course, he fails. "FUCK," he hisses. "Seven damn and smite you, I will not — !" Yield? That seems to be where the rant is headed, but it never gets there. Gedeon whispers a single syllable and the squire goes slack, all his fight evaporating in an instant. He turns his face away. "Fuck you," he whispers. "Fuck you, how dare you say please…" And finally, just as soft, "I yield."

Jarod's focus on dodging Anton does at least seem to be succeeding, as Anton again fails to land any sort of meaningful blow. Less tired than his fellow competitors, though, he keeps trying, heading after Jarod with no lapse in aggression.

<COMBAT> Rowan attempts to escape from Gedeon but fails!
<COMBAT> Jarod attacks Alek with Greatsword but Alek DODGES!
<COMBAT> Gedeon continues to subdue Rowan.
<COMBAT> Anton attacks Jarod with Greatsword - Serious wound to Right Arm.
<COMBAT> Alek attacks Jarod with Greatsword - Moderate wound to Chest (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Elf has started a new turn. Pose and choose your action.

<COMBAT> Jarod has been KO'd!

It isn't a pretty, graceful gesture, but Alek twists away from Jarod's swing, his own coming in a slash backwards to Jarod's chest in timed precision with Anton's. His grip on his sword shifts, careful, precise movements.

Having yielded at last, there's no longer any reason, it seems, to fight to remain his feet. Or the darkness crowding in. As soon as Ser Gedeon moves on, Rowan Nayland falls and is still.

Anton moves in concert with Alek, the pair well-attuned to fighting together, from the looks of it. As Alek strikes a blow at Jarod's chest, Anton hits his right arm hard enough to knock his sword lose, or at least that's the aim.

In the end, Jarod can't continue to dance around the combined might of the Oldstones. Anton's hit knocks his sword from his grasp, and Alek's leaves him sprawling on the ground. He lands with a heavy, pained grunt. He does manage to right himself, a little, but it's only to kneel. "I yield, Ser," he manages. To Ser Coope, rather than Lord Ser Valentin.

Gedeon exhales a slow breath of relief. "Good lad," he murmurs. He takes the boy at his word, arms unwrapping from the squire so he can get a proper hold on his sword again and head back into the fray. He glances back as the boy topples and calls "Jarod!" as the half-Terrick is fought out of the running. He head jerks towards the toppled squire.

"Very nice," Senna grins as the Oldstone knights start working together in truth, a wolfish cast to her smile. "And now's when it starts to get interesting," she murmurs to Pippa, turning a death glare on someone who tries to move in front of her.

<COMBAT> Anton will pass this turn.
<COMBAT> Gedeon attacks Alek with Broadsword - Light wound to Left Arm (Reduced by Armor).
<COMBAT> Anton passes.
<COMBAT> Alek attacks Gedeon with Greatsword but Gedeon DODGES!

Pippa pumps a fist in the air as the squire yields, whooping loud. She nods in return to Senna's little murmur, babbling a reply a little louder and shunting a foot out to kick that pusher-innerer in the shins.

With everyone but himself and his two sworn swords eliminated, Anton takes a moment to watch them turn on each other before turning to whoever is officiating. "You ought to call it finished now, and award the prize to Oldstones as a whole." He pauses and checks, "There is a prize, is there not?"

It is more playful that fierce in the way Alek turns to challenge Gedeon, calling roughly, "It has been quite a bit since I have tested your strength, Ged. Since you were a squire, nay?" Humor is abruptly absent at the sharp hit to his arm, even as his own blow falls short. But he pauses, holding up a balled fist in a gesture of 'hold' towards the younger knight as their lord speaks.

It's only Oldstones left, now, and Gedeon is smiling a little as he joins the other two men. He strikes out at Alex, perhaps for beating his squire to a pulp or simply as revenge for the noogie. "Not a squire, now." There is a grunt of satisfaction as he manages a small wound to Alek's arm, and another as he moves out of the way of the larger knight's return attack. Then Anton yells and he pauses, sword lowering for a moment.

<FS3> Gedeon rolls Heraldry: Failure.
<FS3> Anton rolls Heraldry: Success.
<FS3> Alek rolls Heraldry: Success.

Anais is a bit distracted from Anton's question by the prone form of her erstwhile champion on the field, and it takes a tap to her shoulder from her father before the question actually registers. Her brows rise slightly, and she summons up a faint smile. "There is," she answers the Lord. "And if you and your men are willing to share, then I expect I might be able to add something else to it. There is honor in loyalty to one's house as well."

Jarod rises to take his leave of the field, leaving it to the men of Oldstones. To share or fight over as they please. He does spare a quick nod to Gedeon, going over to kneel by Rowan. There's a grimace of pain on his face as he rises and bends down again. He's not leaving the field with evident broken bones this time, but he'll be bruised pretty much everywhere for several days. That is, however, not his primary concern at the moment. "Row…lad?" He removes his gauntlet to give the young Nayland a tentative pat on the cheek.

Rowan doesn't seem like he's going to come 'round or be leaving the field on his feet, alas. His breathing is shallow and rattles, but his eyes remain closed.

Anton glances only briefly over his shoulder at Gedeon and Alek and nods to Anais, calling back, "There is, and I would see them rewarded for it." Because clearly if they don't all win, then he will win. He seems to take this somewhat for granted. "We will be happy to share, Lady Anais. It seems a more fitting outcome than fighting amongst ourselves."

Gedeon peers up at Anais, willing enough to let Anton speak for him. Save that, after a moment, he does glance out the corner of his eyes to see how Jarod and Rowan are faring.

There is something of a flourish as Alek removes his helm, shaking out shaggy blonde hair with a piercing smile on lips. "TO OLDSTONES," he roars to the crowd, all warmth and passion as a fist lifts into the air. "TO LORD ANTON VALENTIN."

"A few moments, then," Anais nods to Anton, her smile warm. There are a few words murmured to her father, and again to a servant who rushes off to gather whatever has been indicated. And as Alek is taking care of working up the crowd, she can focus on the details of the arrangements.

The crowd - or at least Pippa - goes wild! The little redhead is infected with the blonde knight's fervour, and she throws her hands up into the air to call back, "Good show, lads!"

Senna twists a slow smile out toward the field, her own applause somewhat more tempered than Pippa's. "Not quite a duel to the death, but all the more practical," she asides. "Sharp group, that." Said while watching Alek with some speculation.

Jarod gets rather more worried when Rowan doesn't immediately come around, slinging the squire's arm around his shoulders and trying to hoist him to his feet. He'll carry the younger man. Slowly, and with a great deal of effort. Ser Rivers is not in the best of shape and, smaller though Rowan is, hoisting a grown man in full armor is an extremely grueling thing to attempt. Still, he does manage to half-carry, half-drag Rowan off the main field and to the sidelines. "Fetch Septon Josse. Or some healer to see to the Nayland man now, if the septon's not in the crowd," he orders his squire tersely. Like a good squire, Jarod's man goes scurrying in search of someone with basic first aid know-how.

It doesn't take long for the servant to return. If Anais was unprepared for a three-way split of the melee, she at least has sufficient contingencies planned to respond quickly. In short order, three servants in Terrick colors take the field. "You are, of course, best suited to decide how best to apportion the spoils, Lord Ser Anton," Anais calls down with an easy smile.

The first servant holds up a small silk bag to the crowd, then pours the contents into his hand: rich dark pearls, of fine quality. The second unwraps a bundle held in his arms, holding it out for inspection: a fine cloak of treated sealskin lined with fur - warm for summer, but excellent in wet and windy weather. And the last servant offers a fine blade, the crossguard worked to resemble wings and the sheath enameled with flames.

Gedeon is quiet as the servants rush off and then back. Each prize, equally impressive, is studied and then there's another glance towards Jarod and Rowan. Then he waits for Anton to decide who has earned what. He leaves the rampant enthusiasm to Alek.

Anton inclines his head in a polite half-bow to Anais, and then accepts the prizes as they are brought out and displayed. "We thank you, Lady Anais," he calls back in offer, "They are worthy prizes, and Ser Alek and Ser Gedeon and I are honored to accept them." Not that he hands them out to his boys just yet. They can fight over who gets what later, when there is not a crowd. He lifts the sword in salute, and then makes to head off the field.

The blond knight offers Anais a bow. "Our thanks, my lady." Then he follows after Anton, splitting off, once they've left the field to catch up with Jarod and help him in carrying the prone Rowan towards the Sept.

The other blond knight bows as well, a smile caught in his lips and grey eyes drawing over Lady Anais as he murmurs a particularly charming, "Our thanks. No one could be so generous." Another little blond duckling moves to catch up to Anton, Alek probably not helping with carrying but going to find a skin of wine instead.

"The knights of Oldstones, Lords and Ladies," Anais announces to the crowd with a warm smile. "Our champions!" And then she steps back, and is soon moving down from the dais to see to the business end of things.