Page 442: Meanwhile in the Lychyard
Meanwhile, in the Lychyard
Summary: Faline tries to extract information from Mortimer relating to her cousins
Date: 07/Oct/2012
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Faline Mortimer 
The Lychyard, Four Eagle's Tower
The stone here gives way to more carefully tended grass and the plots of the deceased members of the Terrick family. Headstones dot the area with flowers clipped and placed at a few of them. To the side, built into the wall, is a locked gate that descends under the castle to the crypt where the House Lords are entombed.
Sun Oct 07, 289

The morning meal had come and went. Faline parted ways with her sister only to take in the cool summer air before the sun's heat radiated from its highest point in the sky. While not too far from the keep the young Lady Terrick, accompanied with a septa and handmaiden directed their path towards the lichyard where one may be assumed to offer prayers and pay their respects to her kin departed years past. Faline drew the pale yellow silk shawl over her head as she carefully treaded along the soft patches of grass. Her escorts granted her a medium of privacy, still within sight of course but not hovering on her heals. There were more here, the headstones carrying the names of vaguely recalled memories.

Mortimer is here for more temporal reason that Faline it seems. He's up in the keep on business and is currently having a quick look round to see if he can spot Justin anyway. It is however, rapidly apparent that the man is not present and so he attempts to ease his way back out without disturbing the lady within.

It was the elder Septa's throat clearing that had announced that another person was present. Faline raised her eyes from the headstone to dart a look over to her escort and then the visitor making his way elsewhere. "You." No names, she did not know his but the lady was addressing yet another familiar face seen about the keep. "You serve the keep yes?"

As the throat clearing indicated that his presence has been noted Mortimer glances momentarily to the Septa before turning his attention back to the noble herself. While he's not sure exactly which one, he guesses that she is one of Lord Bolland's daughters and as such offer the required obediences. "Aye m'Lady," he answers once he’s straightened himself once more, "Mortimer Travelyan, I work for you cousin, the Lord Sheriff."

Faline cracked a small smile in the corner of her mouth, turning away from the headstone. He was one of Justin's men. "Faline." She introduces herself to separate this face from the many other noblewomen that have remained as guests of the Roost. "Have you served this family long Master Mortimer?"

Mortimer marks the introduction with a slight inclination of his head. The question is an easy one to answer though and he says simply enough, "over a score years now m'Lady, most of those in the garrison though." He has now met most of Lord Bolland's brood, but his list is filling nicely.

Longer than she herself Faline nodded her head once. "Then you have seen much Master Mortimer?" She asks to verify. "You could recall the Roost at her best and as of late as her worst. You were here for the invasion, were you not? What had happened?"

Mortimer ponders momentarily if he should make his excuses and continue his search for Justin. The question about the invasion deserves an answer though, even if he may not be able to tell her what she wants to know. "I'm afraid I wasn't m'Lady. Myself and the then Sheriff were away to the east, out in the direction of Stonebridge. The Lady Anais should be able to tell you what transpired though, she was in the keep here throughout."

"Yes." She agreed though her honey brown eyes took a sweep over the nearby keep, still baring the signs of an attack upon her walls. "I should." But given the latest rumors to circulate the young female was hesitant to do so. Faline resumes her focus upon the elder male, "You've ridden with my cousin to Middlemarch. What happened there?"

Oh now there's a question. Mortimer will admit to having left that particular issue to Justin since they got back, what with it being undoubtedly noble business. The straight facts though, those he can give, although he's careful to just keep it at that. "We found your cousin, Lady Lucienne resident there, he starts, "she'd made her way there rather than back here after leaving Kingsgrove." There are all sorts of stories regarding that departure, but he prefers to avoid speculations. "Lord Justin spoke with her, ascertained that she was pregnant and then brought her back here. A search of the area, and questioning of the staff made it clear that the Young Lord Jascen had also been present, although he apparently left there safe and well. His were-abouts are currently unknown and under investigation."

Faline lowers her chin in thought while absently staring to the healthy green grass flourishing around a long since dead cousin's headstone. He was a young one. A child. "I see." The girl says after a few long moments of thought, easily readable upon her features. "Jacsen I mean.. Lord Jacsen was in Middlemarch with Lucienne." Who is now barred from any sort of visitation. She tried. "He departed Middlemarch alone? Were others there?"

"There was the Lady Lucienne's staff m'Lady," Mortimer clarifies, "and Lord Jascen arrived and departed without an escort of armsmen." What they were doing there he certainly isn't going to speculate on. "It would seem that he met others on the road on his return," he adds, although he's not immediately mentioning the ransom note, "I believe Ser Drakmoor is still out investigating though, and so we await his return with further noise."

Noted, Faline continues her line of inquiry, "I assume it is not known which direction he departed to or why." She states at first. "How did the Lady Lucienne appear? Did she divulge anything at all worth mention?"

"I did not question the Lady myself," Mortimer replies, "it was Lord Justin who spoke with her, so I'm am afraid that you would have to enquire of him or those of your brothers who were present in the room at the time." He having been downstairs, knows that the lads were upstairs, but not who was where exactly. "The household staff, and I believe Lady Lucienne herself, said that as far as they were aware the Young Lord had departed to return here m'Lady."

"I see." Faline resigns as both hands lowered atop of her abdomen, a natural poise for most of her caste. "I shall no longer detain you Master Mortimer." A pause. "Thank you." Then her steps carefully treaded around the headstone to resume the quiet moments of reflection.

"Good day m'Lady," Mortimer replies, offering a respectful bow as she breaks off the questioning. The guard and Septa are both given a brief, shallower nod before he turns to head back to his search.