Page 329: Mean Girls
Mean Girls
Summary: Rosanna and Katrin become best frenemies.
Date: June 13, 2012
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Rockcliff Inn — Terrick's Roost
The Rockcliff Inn is one of the better inns within the town and it shows with the well-lit interior and the relative cleanliness to the other locations in Terrick's Roost. The tables are polished with oils and the floor regularly swept. A set of booths towards a darker rear of the Inn's bottom floor, just beneath the staircase, are where whores generally socialize and eye prospects from when not waiting tables. Signs over the undersized bar area advertise prices for ales and wines as well as several different choices of food to be served at the small eating area by the bar or in the main open area in its comfortable seating. A door behind the bar leads to the kitchen and cellar while another near the staircase leads to a private room that would appear to be off-limits to the 'wait staff' except for food and drink service.
June 12, 289

Well, look at this: a lovely little appropriate tea party. Rosanna's handmaiden Laurel finishes pouring for the two ladies and steps back to likely fidget at a discreet distance. "How lovely of you to ask me to take tea with you, Lady Katrin," the Groves lady says as she lifts her cup, her smile warm. "I'm so looking forward to getting to know you better."

Katrin replies with her own warm smile, "I was pleased that you agreed to join me," she replies brightly. "I have had the pleasure of making your brother's acquaintance on different occasions, but not you as of yet." She lifts her cup of tea to her lips and has a small sip. "Have you enjoyed your stay in the Roost thus far?"

"It's pleasant enough," Rosanna says before take a sip of her tea. "I do find myself missing the greater business of Stonebridge — as well as the superior shopping. But, for some reason, my family is none too keen to visit at the moment." There is a certain dry knowingness to her smile that suggests she knows exactly the reason.

"Quite vexing," Katrin agrees. "I have enjoyed a visit to Terrick's Roost, however I do miss Stonebridge. Most of my friends are in Stonebridge." Her nose wrinkles distastefully. "I do dislike being bored. Which is why it gladdens me so much that /you/ are here in the Roost. Things are never boring when you are about, Lady Rosanna." Her smile is polite with a slight sharpness around the edges.

Rosanna's smile curves with certain attentiveness. "How kind of you to say so, Lady Katrin," she coos over her teacup. "I do try to keep things lively. I absolutely detest dullness."

"It was such a shame that you could not join us yesterday for the Cliff-jumping excursion," Katrin muses lightly. "It was the furthest thing from dull, I would say. Even Lord Rutger Nayland managed to find time to join us and jump."

Rosanna sighs a bit wistfully at the reminder. "I was trying to find my stupid brother a nameday present," she says. "It's proving terribly difficult. I am sad to have missed it." Particularly the Rutger Nayland part. "Did the men all look very dashing?"

"Oh, they were quite dashing," Katrin gushes. "Especially as the men came jumping in when Lady Roslyn and Lady Saffron had difficulties handling the currents of the ocean. They were just too /heavy/ for me to try and keep up all on my own."

"What, were they going to drown?" Rosanna says skeptically.

"Oh, it did seem like it for a few moments," Katrin says, her eyes widening. She leans in a little, as if she were trying to keep a secret. "If it had not been for the men, I do not know what would have happened."

"That seems a very dramatic turn for a picnic—" Oh wait. "Well, I would hope they wouldn't have begun to swim if they weren't strong swimmers."

Katrin's shoulders lift in a delicate shrug. "I cannot speak for their motivations, only for the reaction I saw from it. Ser Kamron and Ser Kittridge managed to save them before it grew worrisome." She eyes Rosanna curiously for a moment. "Do you believe there is anything going on between Ser Kamron and Lady Saffron? They did seem to be throwing looks back and forth at each other quite frequently."

"I don't recall that I've seen them much together," Rosanna says a bit airily. "I did hear about her throwing around some dramatics last night, though."

"Yes, I have not heard yet what that could have been about," Katrin muses, shaking her head. She enjoys a sip of her tea. "So what has brought you to Terrick's Roost, Lady Rosanna?" she asks mildly. "Business or pleasure?"

"My brother has business," Rosanna says, smiling over her teacup before taking another sip. "So I get to accompany him for pleasure."

Katrin nods, "Of course, of course," she says with a smile. "I do hope that you /are/ enjoying yourself so far. Have you heard anything of the problems in Stonebridge? I do hope it does not come to conflict."

"Well, I'm certainly glad I'm not a Charlton," Rosanna says with glittering humor that is not terribly empathetic. "Lord Rutger says he's trying to smooth things over, but the gods only know if that's accurate. I'm sure he will do exactly what is of most benefit to his family."

With a smile, Katrin comments ever so lightly, "Lord Rutger seems the very pleasant sort. He certainly seemed quite enthralled by Lady Lucienne last even along the shores after he had taken his dive." There is a certain level of knowingness in her eyes. "He seemed so very comfortable being /shirtless/ in front of the ladies."

Rosanna's smile goes rather tight at that. "Really," she says, her voice mild but particularly flat. "Well, Lady Lucienne is very pleasant company."

"Oh, yes, Lady Lucienne is a unique mixture of both beauty and intelligence," Katrin says with open admiration in her voice. "She would make a worthy wife to /any/ man who could win her. I do look forward to getting to know her better while I am in Terrick's Roost."

"Yes, I'm sure she would," Rosanna says a bit more impatiently. "Although the Terricks will have to find her a dowry first."

A pause before she looks mortified. "Oh, my dear Lady Rosanna, I am sure you have nothing to worry about," Katrin says, her cheeks flushing slightly. "You will surely find a man one day."

Rosanna smiles in a manner that still manages to look distinctly disbelieving of Katrin's mortification. "I am not worried," she says. "My family will have no difficulty in offering a dowry worthy of my station."

"Of /course/," Katrin says enthusiastically. "Now all you need is the perfect man to go with that dowry."

"I am being courted," Rosanna points out a bit archly. And then she's all warm, welcoming smiles again as she lifts her teacup for a sip. "Do you have any prospects, Lady Katrin?"

Katrin inclines her head, "Yes, of course, I did hear about that," she says. "I am sure that it will work out." At the question, she just shakes her head, "There are no young men that have shown any serious interest in me yet. I fear I am not as fortunate as you, Lady Rosanna."

"Really?" Rosanna says all innocently. "Lord Rafferdy seems attached enough to you to dare scandal just to dance with you."

It seems Katrin just walked in to that one. She smiles sedately, however. "Lord Rafferdy and I are but friends," she replies lightly. "And he dares scandal wherever he goes so it is not just specific to me."

But behind her smile there is a hint of unease.

"I am surprised you were so eager to join him in it, then," Rosanna says, continuing that note of innocence as she sips her tea. "If you are but friends."

"I was merely concerned for my friend's well-being," Katrin says evenly. "After all, the longer I made him wait about, the angrier Lord Frey would have been for his refusal to leave. In an effort to both protect Lord Rafferdy and ensure that further dishonor was not brought to my liege's House, I acted as quickly as I could." She lips curve upward but it would be difficult to call it a smile.

"Oh, how generous of you," Rosanna coos, all warmly complimentary. "To sacrifice your own honor to protect his own. I rather think it's usually the other way around." She smiles across the table at Katrin. "I do wonder if he would have left quickly had you just refused him, though."

Katrin's eyes sparkle, "Oh, but you know Naylands," she says breezily. "They will never give up until they have what they want. But with your own Lord, you ought know that better than anyone."

"I suppose." Rosanna sets her teacup down. "I certainly hope you have no lasting effects on your reputation. Lord Rafferdy hardly seems worth it."

"He is a good man," Katrin replies immediately, her eyes narrowing. "He may not have the same name or /reputation/ as some other Naylands like Lord Rutger, but he is kind and respectful to those he encounters."

"Does he actually own a tunic?" Rosanna wonders. "I don't think I've ever seen him with sleeves. Even at the Frey's feast! Perhaps you can convince him to present himself a bit more respectably if you are such friends. Not even the smallfolk go about without shirtsleeves." She guesses. Not that she looks at them.

"If you were to have such lovely arms as Lord Rafferdy then why would you ever wish to cover them up?" Katrin replies sweetly. "It is always a sad thing when a younger brother outshines the eldest in terms of physical prowess, but I do believe Lord Rafferdy has managed to do so with Lord Rutger. There could be no comparison between /their/ arms."

"Hm." Rosanna makes a sweet show of considering this. "I think I prefer a man with more to offer intellectually. But I haven't heard anything of Lord Rafferdy's prowess other than a habit of parading himself. He did not enter any of the events at the last tourney, did he?"

"His greatest skills are in archery," Katrin replies simply. "I am certain he will enter into the tourney at Seagard to prove his worth." She sniffs. "He has quite a few things to offer any Lady who would be lucky enough to hold his attention. But he is highly selective over those worth it."

Rosanna smiles sweetly. "Archery. How nice. Well, perhaps if he had entered the melee, he could have proven his 'superior' physical prowess against his brother. Maybe next time?" She sips at her tea, brows lifted. "Is he? I had not heard that."

Katrin chuckles softly, "Anyone can swing a sword," she replies lightly. "There are many things only friends of Lord Rafferdy might know," she says primly. "He is a very intelligent man. Certainly mixing only the best of all of his siblings."

"He spends a lot of time with the smallfolk, doesn't he?" Rosanna wonders, reaching for a small cake to nibble on.

"He has his reasons, I am sure," Katrin replies. "If nothing else, it makes him more aware of the demands of the smallfolk so that he might better represent House Nayland."

Rosanna clicks her tongue in a humoringly affected manner. "How touching," she coos. "He must be a very feeling sort of man."

"He is the best sort of man," Katrin says stiffly. "Whether others are willing to see beyond the facade or not." She pauses, clearing her throat. "But there are so many other men that are just as appealing, you know." She speaks as though there had been no issue and there is a warm and friendly tone back in her voice.

"I'm sure he is, if you speak so highly of him," Rosanna says with another smile. "I do tend to find a lively wit the most attractive trait a man can have."

Katrin smiles lightly, "Your own Lord brother is quite entertaining company," she says sweetly. "I have enjoyed the brief snippets of conversation I have been able to have with him since his return to Terrick's Roost. And very handsome, if I might say."

"Oh, yes, Kittridge is popular wherever he goes," Rosanna says with a certain hint of wryness to her tone. "He's a very friendly sort."

Katrin chuckles, "I am sure he is. The Terricks I have met are also a very kind sort. If only they weren't penniless." She shakes her head. "Who would wish to marry into such a family."

"He's hoping to have some people to Kingsgrove for a gathering in a few weeks," Rosanna shares. "A nameday celebration. A hunt, naturally, but I'm sure there will be plenty of entertainment for the ladies as well. I'm sure you'd be welcome to join us." With a quick little smile at Katrin's last comment, she says, "The Naylands, apparently."

"Yes, but much of the Nayland interest must come from wanting to put aside their differences," Katrin muses. "If your brother extended an invitation to me, I would be more than pleased to attend should my Lord father permit it. With the dangers while traveling these days, one can never be too careful."

"Curious that the Naylands are making such overtures, when it is the Terricks who need the help." Rosanna nibbles some more on her cake. "Well, I shall have to mention it to him. Naturally you should have an invitation."

Katrin smiles sedately, "I will be honored to receive one," she replies. She eyes Rosanna across the table. "So how is your courtship progressing?" she asks. "I am sure Lord Rutger was pleased to see you here in the Roost."

"Lord Rutger is a very attentive gentleman," Rosanna says with a sly smile as she lifts her teacup. "He is very determined to make me happy."

"How wonderful for you, Lady Rosanna," Katrin says with a genuine warmth. "I would wish you both every happiness available." She smiles. "I even admit envy that you would have such a considerate man."

"I'm sure you will have a suitor of your own soon enough," Rosanna says in the placating manner of one who already has one, neener neener. "A lady of your grace and station will never lack for admirers."

"There is quite a difference between admirers and suitors that could make for a respectable husband," Katrin replies primly. "I have never wanted for admirers, but I find that there are no serious men seeking me for their wife."

"Of course," Rosanna agrees. "I just find that so surprising, Lady Katrin. That no man has attempted to seek your hand. Perhaps your father has just not found one worthy enough to court you."

Katrin smiles lightly, "I am sure my father does not have cause to write me /every/ time a gentleman were to inquire after me," she says with a laugh. "I am just biding my time, however, for the right one."

"Exactly," Rosanna agrees cheerfully. "He is simply waiting until someone very grand approaches him. Every father only wants the best for his daughter."

"Of course that would be the case," Katrin agrees. As she finishes her tea, she dips her head. "I must thank you again for joining me for a cup of tea, Lady Rosanna. It has been a wonderful experience getting to know you better."

"Oh, it's been so lovely," Rosanna agrees, reaching to try to clasp Katrin's hand. "I do hope we can be great friends, Lady Katrin."

Katrin clasps hands with Rosanna, nodding. "Of course, Lady Rosanna. I am sure we shall be quite close." She smiles. "But I have other engagements I must keep today. We shall have to do this again soon."

"Of course," Rosanna says. She gives Katrin's hand a friendly squeeze and then releases it. She stands to give Katrin a polite curtsy in farewell. "We shall see each other again soon, I'm sure."