Page 303: May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor
May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor
Summary: Rutger seeks out Rosanna's favor.
Date: 18/05/2012
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Rutger Rosanna 
The Twins!
Many tents, particularly, the Groves Tents. They are all amazing
May 18th 289 A.L.

The tourney grounds the campgrounds surrounding are all a bustle even in the morning before the tourney has begun. Rosanna is as abuzz with excitement as anyone, dressed in resplendent shades of spring green that sets off both her burnished hair and the fair freckled complexion of her skin. She is admiring the comings and goings of the representatives of the different houses, though she has obligingly not wandered too far from the Groves encampment. One of the Groves guardsmen does have an eye on her from a short distance away, just in case, but she seems happy to ignore him.

A roan horse has been walked around camp, more so now after the noonday meal has taken place, and as some of the knights now seem to be getting ready for the big occasion, following or rather leading the squire and horse combination is a man decked out in Nayland colours, but not his armor, yet. A glance is given as their path takes them closer towards the Groves encampment, and more importantly to a lass seen just a little beyond it. A nod is given to the squire to walk on past, while he lingers on.

And as Lucamore passes Rosanna, there is a smile and a simple call given. "Lady Groves." Though this voice belongs not to the lanky squire, but to his master who follows behind and to the side, his own steps drawing to a stop, allowing for his spurs to cease their jingle jangle jingle. Rutger gives a bow to the young woman, before casting his gaze to the watchful men at arms. "It.." a pause "It does me good to see you. My heart warms."

Rosanna turns in a flurry of full skirts and bright cheeks, her smile warming. "Lord Rutger," she greets him with every evidence of sincere pleasure. "I am glad I have such a warming effect on your heart," she teases. "You may not do without the honorific, but you may call me Lady Rosanna."

"Then allow me to thank you for the honor, Lady Rosanna. For your name is like honey to my tongue. Sweet and savory.." A grin and his hands come to rest clasped behind his back. "I had missed you, when you left Stonebridge, and I dare say I did so when I was thrust into administrative duties- I had heard you all left before I could say goodbye and wish you luck on your journey." he admits before he is coming within respectable distance of the lady, while at least being close. "Are you excited for the tournament, Lady Rosanna? Is this your first?"

"I believe your tongue is already well-honeyed, my lord," Rosanna says with a certain knowing dryness at his flattery. "I am sorry my absence is such a trial for you," she says with all due sympathy. "But here I am, hm?" The teasing fades into more unaffected excitement. "It is," she says, all aglee.

Rutger chuckles. "Perhaps it is, but it is only so, I believe when I am around you. Sweet words for a sweet lady." he tacts on before he is looking as another knight seems to be coming down, walking and keeping the horses ready. "Indeed, here you are, and I am joyed to see you. I had wondered if your brother would compete, if so I look forward to seeing him joust." A grin there "I shall be riding in the tilts today, but I must admit the joust is not my strong suit. I prefer the melee, it is my stronger suit." A grin there. "So, tell me which has you excited more, seeing the full court of the riverlands come and arrayed for the games, or the events themselves?"

"My brother is a fine rider," Rosanna says in a rare compliment for the absent Kittridge. "I expect him to make a proper showing of himself for the house. I had wondered if you would be competing, ser. I know that your brother is excessively excited for the tourney, but he did not know if you were to join him in the competition." She laughs, light and brief. "Well, I can hardly say, can I? I have not seen any of the events yet."

"Truly?" Rutger asks. "I've not seen him ride, but he seems the sort. He has a very rugged determination about him, and was a good companion when we hunted frog. It should not surprise me, that he is a fine horseman as well." Rutger pauses for a moment to raise a hand in greeting to the passing knight. "That is Ser Morgan, he is one of our sworn at the Mire. A fine rider, though a rough man." he notes idly before looking down the road to see if anyone else follows. "Normally, I will say that I only partake in the melee, which is basic combat. The melee is for showcasing your art and skill with Blade or axe. And some like the men of Heronhurst, spear." a grin there growing. "It is visceral and makes one feel alive, only are you out when you are finally bested and made to yield. I have done well in the past." he notes before offering his arm. "I can show you the list should you wish to see where the jousters would ride?" A brow raised. 'It's easier to describe that event there."

"Do you not feel alive the rest of the time, Lord Rutger?" Rosanna teases, even as she takes his arm. The guardsman does make sure to alert Laurel to that they can both trail behind at a distance and keep an eye on the couple. "That seems like it would make the rest of your life very dull indeed."

"I would argue that my life has been dull for a moment, but I shall not tell you when that dullness changed." Rutger teases back, before he is nodding as he leads he on towards the lists. "As this is your first time to a Tournament, is this your first time to the twins as well, Lady?" he asks, a tilt of his head. "And did I ever tell you, that I squired here? So this is almost like a home coming for me." An amused look shifting on his face at the thought.

"You have not," Rosanna says, airily careless. "Although I have heard as such." She glances over at him, brows arched prettily over her dark eyes.

"And others have?" he asks, as one brow lofts up, but then falls back down as they make their way through the Frey vassal's encampments, various Banners hung about with care as men ready for the day. "And who spoke to you on my squiring here? I am curious-lady." added with a tilt of his head. "My squiring here, was intense, I will say on it, and ended here in Knighthood. I took my vows, and swore to Lord Walder, for a time." He adds before they are there, the rows of seats empty for now, as men get the sand on the field raked out and others see to other preparations. "Here we are.."

"I am sure you are not surprised to hear there are rumors surrounding you, Lord Rutger," Rosanna says, sounding rather at ease and unbothered by the topic. "You must be used to the fact by now. People do talk." She seems rather more interested in standing on her toes to get a better look at the lists once they're close.

"Indeed, I am used to most of the rumors said about me, and I tend to ignore them." Rutger adds, before he is looking back over towards Rosanna. "And what rumors have you heard of me, Lady Rosanna?" he asks as a brow raises up. "Come, they are still raking, so our walking will not ruin their work." just make it longer, by a few minutes..And so he goes to lead her out. "As you see knights meet on either side, and they will charge down, hoping to unseat the other with their lances..It's more show of skill and spectacle than the Melee is."

"I shouldn't think you would want me to list them in public, my lord," Rosanna says, one brow arching at him. She follows him onto the field, her hand still tucked into the crook of his arm. "I am hardly ignorant as to what jousting is."

"I have heard them said to me in public, my lady. Coming from you will only let me know what you have heard." Rutger notes, before he is looking back. "And here I thought you hadn't seen any of the games. My apologies- of course you would know of jousting." a chuckle there. "All nervousness for the coming events.." he notes " I am usually, better and not as obtuse.."

In a rare show of discretion, Rosanna says, "Perhaps we shall discuss it another time, my lord. In a more private venue." She studies his face, curious and observant. "I've not had the pleasure of attending a tournament, ser, but I have certainly seen the men at training."

Rutger nods after a moment as he looks back. "Well, let me tell you, it is more dangerous here than it is in training. Here when the games begin, there is more of a chance the stranger will visit than in the melee." he notes. "A lance placed wrong can kill a man, even if it is blunted, and the other wears fine armor." he notes grimly. "I've seen it, and I pray you do not."

"Well that is a pretty topic of conversation," Rosanna chides him, pinching his arm. "Why would you speak of such things before a tourney?"

And the pinch brings a sound from the knight before he is shaking his head. "I am not trying to bring about ill luck on any man, my Lady. I am merely trying to brace you for the worse." Rutger states. "I will admit before the games I am not the best man to be about. I think it comes from trying to prepare for the worst in all situations." a chuckle there. "Alright-tell me this Lady, as we shall steer from the grim. Whom shall you be cheering today?"

"Kittridge, naturally," Rosanna replies in a blithe tone, though there is a certain glint of knowingness to her eye at the question.

"As you should." Rutger replies back, as his lips quirk in a grin. "Have you any other favorites in the tournament?" he tries again though a little drier than before. his amused smirk back in place.

"Are you fishing for something, Lord Rutger?" Rosanna wonders innocently.

"Yes, and I am poor at it, Lady." Rutger adds with a chuckle. "Hawking seems to be my suit as opposed to fishing." A grin there. "I had hoped, you dear Lady would be able to find your eyes on me this day, and that I could have the honor of your favor to wear?" The Nayland knight finally asks. "For you, I would unseat any man."

"Well, I would not want you to achieve your goal without a proper challenge," Rosanna tells him, all reasonable in her coyness. "A man should have to work for his favors, should he not?" But she smiles, warm and mirthful, and slips her hand from his arm to retrieve a small embroidered kerchief from where it has lived tucked under the neck of her gown. She holds out the delicate cloth for him, still warm from where it has touched her skin; it is embroidered with a design of apple trees ripe with fruit. "But you should not make promises you cannot keep, my lord," she adds before handing it over.

"Nor would it do me any good, if it was so easily given. What sort of man would I be, if I did not rise to the challenge in order to seek it?" Rutger asks, before eyes slide, watching her slender hand carefully, before he, he catches sight of the favor. And there, his hand reaches out, and gingerly takes it. A smile coming genuine as fingers brush, and the token brought to his nose and lips. Eyes close briefly, before the favor is held against his skin. "Will you help tie this to my arm? I shall wear it when I ride as well." he notes. As for his promise he chuckles. "Ah, but who says I would not try to keep it?" a grin warm. "Thank you Lady Rosanna."

A hint of color touches her cheeks as she watches him, her fingers curling in her skirts as if to trap that brief brush of contact. "Well I have no doubt that you will try as hard as you might to win. I would expect nothing less." Her gaze lifts to his face, shaded by the dark smudge of copper lashes. "If you like," she says, reaching for the favor once more.

Rutger continues to hold his smile as his hand holds the favor out back to the lady, before his right arm is extended, in order to allow her the best angle to tie her favor securely on. Of course this could also be an excuse for more contact, but not overt. "I would. I want to wear this proudly."

Rosanna's fingers are deft and careful as she circles the kerchief about his arm and ties it securely. She takes her time with this bit of contact that propriety allows.

The grin remains fixed on Rutger's face before he offers his crooked arm back. "Allow me to walk you back to your encampment, my Lady. After all the joust will come soon enough, and I need to be pressed and plowed into my armor." A look back. "And I would not have your brother worrying as to where you are."

"Of course," Rosanna says in a properly demure voice. She slips her hand back into the crook of his elbow, allowing her to escort her on the returning journey to the Groves encampment. "I do hope you acquit yourself well today, my lord. Even if the gods are not with you, I think you have much finer talents given you."

A glance and Rutger actually flushes for a moment, but he is quick to look on. "I thank you for that compliment my Lady. I feel sometimes a knight's worth is only measured on what he does on the field." he notes. "But I am glad you see more than that." And so the Nayland knight leads on towards the Groves' clumping of tents. "I pray, that I give you much honor today, to match what you have given me."

"I find your mind of far greater value, my lord," Rosanna says, watching him from beneath shaded lashes. "Men who only know the value of their sword arm have little to contribute in between wars."

A nod and as they come to stop before the groves' line, Rutger turns and looks back to Rosanna, hands reaching for hers, if she will allow such a simple hold. Chaste and with space between, which will hopefully save from any disapproving looks from her lady's maid or septa. "Then, I shall also pray that I am able to continue using my mind, in your service Lady." a bow of his head. "Thank you for walking with me, When today's events are over, if you like I could come find you for a late sup?"

Laurel looks a touch nervous as Rutger takes Rosanna's hands, but the Groves lady ignores her as she watches him. She smiles at the offer. "If you wish," she says with coy allowance.

Rutger nods. "I do." said simply before one hand is raised, and lips softly apply a kiss. Finally he would release his hold, and see himself off, with a bow. "Tonight, then my lady. And my luck to your Brother. May he do fine." If Rutger was one to click heels, he would.

"The gods look well on you today," Rosanna replies, eyes locked on his as he lifts her hand to kiss it. She watches him go, a smile lingering faintly on her lips.