Page 371: Matters Of The Eagle's Heart
Matters of the Eagle's Heart
Summary: Martyn and Kamron discuss Kamron's talk with Katrin and Martyn's slow-starting suit of the same lady.
Date: 27/07/2012
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Martyn Kamron 
A corner of the Town Square, Stonebridge
It's the town square, except just a little bit of it, because Martyn and Kamron have moved off a little ways from the ladies.
27 July, 289

Martyn keeps quiet until they've gotten away from the ladies, looking around for a few moments, then back to the other Mallister. "I heard you made a visit to the Inn some days ago, cousin?" Not saying much more for the moment, just studying the other man carefully for now.

Kamron nods his head, "I spoke with Lady Katrin. She was quite honest with me." He taps his fingers on the leather-sheaved head of his axe a moment, then adds, "She has stated that she will be keeping away from Lord Rafferdy until she hears back from Lord Haigh about his suit." Letting out a breath of air, he asks, "Have you requested a betrothal from Lord Mallister yet?"

Letting out a bit of a breath as he hears that, Martyn nods a little bit. Glancing around for a few moments, as if expecting said Rafferdy to appear out of nowhere at the mention of his name. At the mention question at the end, he lets out a bit of a sigh. "I'm working on a letter to him at the moment. Just trying to find the right words for the situation, I guess. Any advice about that?"

Kamron shakes his head, "I mentioned the benefits of the alliance, as well as how much Lady Saffron makes me happy. Apparently, Lord Mallister saw the benefits to both." Drawing in a breath and letting it out slowly, he inquires, "Martyn, are you sure that this is what you want? Lady Katrin is a beautiful woman, and an intelligent one, but she is enraptured with Lord Rafferdy. I think if he crooked his finger right now, she would go running after him."

Martyn waits a few moments after he hears that question, glancing around for a few moments now, before he looks back to Kamron, nodding a bit. "I'm very sure of it," he replies, with a bit of a nod. "In fact, there's not many things I've felt more sure about in… in a long long time."

Kamron nods his head, sighing out softly again. The knight hesitates a long moment, his voice quiet as he reaches out, trying to put one hand on his cousin's shoulder, "And do you know if he has already crooked that finger, coz?" He's clearly not comfortable asking the question, especially since he's still skirting around the bluntest way to state the issue.

"Hmm? How do you mean?" Martyn asks after a few moments of pause, raising an eyebrow slightly as he looks to the hand on his shoulder.

Kamron tightens his lips, his jaw muscles working for a moment, and then he finally just goes straight at it, letting his hand drop away again, "Do you know how far he has been able to get as a result of her passion?"

Martyn sighs a bit as he hears that question, glancing around for a few moments. Looking a bit unsure of what to say, he takes a few deep breath, opening his mouth, closing it again as he seems to try to come to a decision. "Call me an idiot if you want, cousin. It's probably the truest thing anyone has ever called me, but knowing that doesn't change anything about how I feel." He grimaces a little bit as he looks straight to the other man. "And yes, I know exactly how far."

Kamron shakes his head, "I don't care about how it makes you feel, Martyn." He holds up a hand to forestall immediate rejoinder, "But I do care that it will affect dowry and length of engagement."

"Look…" Martyn behins, pausing for a few moments now. "Nobody knows," he adds after a few moments. "At least unless she or… or him has told anyone. And I sort of promised not to tell anyone, so I trust you will do me the favor of not spreading this around?" Grimacing for a few moments, "I probably shouldn't have said anything when you asked me," he offers, after a few moments of pause.

Kamron shakes his head once more, something he's doing rather a lot in this discussion, "You haven't told me anything, coz, so I have nothing I can spread around." He smiles a little helplessly, and then the smile fades entirely, "But if anything has happened, the wedding has to take place at least six or more months after anything could have happened, so any children are obviously yours." There's another pause, and a coldly-harsh expression comes across his features, "And if that sleeveless bastard thinks to try anything after a wedding, his body will never be discovered."

Martyn looks a bit relieved as he hears Kamron's words, nodding a little bit as he hears what's being said. "Thank you, cousin." If that was the part about there being nothing that could be spread around, or to the part about a certain sleeveless person or whatever, he doesn't say. Glancing around for a few moments, he suddenly starts chuckling a little. "You know, I never thought I would be the one asking you for advice about such things," he offers.

Kamron shrugs his shoulders a little helplessly, "About getting betrothed?" He waves the question off, "Fiancees are wonderful things. Everyone should have one." Shrugging again, he shakes his head, "Of course, you won't be able to do anything between betrothal and wedding either, but if Lady Saffron and I can hold off, I'm sure that you can manage it as well. But none of that will happen if you don't get writing."

"Well, when I was wounded on Harlaw I seem to remember someone that seemed rather, I don't know." Martyn grins for a few moments, "Well, it seemed like he didn't exactly seem to think that everyone should have a fiancee. Perhaps everyone but him, though." It's offered rather lightly, before he nods a bit. "I'll make sure to get the writing done tonight," he says, a bit quietly.

Kamron nods his head, wholly unrepentant, "Well, I've changed my mind. I'm allowed to do that." He shakes it off, "It's all Lady Saffron's fault, of course. I did tell you my requirements for a wife, and she meets every one of them rather well." Offering up a clap on his cousin's shoulder, he adds, "Good luck with the suit. If she can keep away from Lord Rafferdy, I think Lady Katrin might make you a rather fine wife if Lord Mallister and Lord Haigh agree."

Martyn grins a bit as he hears that, nodding a little bit. "Everyone is allowed to change their mind, that's true. And I know she fits your requirements perfectly, cousin. I was hoping it would be the two of you since we first met her, in the entrance hall." He pauses for a few moments, before he adds, "And you know that if there's anything I can help you with as you prepare for the big upcoming day, all you have to do is ask, right?" A brief pause as he gets that clap on the shoulder, and he smiles a bit. "Thank you. And I know she will, if things go the way I'm hoping for. She makes me feel like me… I mean, like the person I was before the war against the Ironborn," Spoken a bit quietly that last part.

Kamron nods, "She's taking care of most everything, but I'm sure there will be a few things that I need besides just a cloak and some pretty clothes myself. And of course the feast and everything." That draws a bit of a laugh, "Of course, I may need a bit of your help on the day of." When he changes tack, the younger Mallister nods his head, "And that's what I like her, coz. Because I've been worried about you."

"Anything I can do to help, cousin," Martyn replies with a nod, before he pauses at last part. Looking down towards the ground for a few moments. "Everyone have, haven't they?" he asks, a bit quietly. "I wish I knew why I've been the way I've been since then. But I guess that's just how it's been."

Kamron shrugs a little helplessly, "Maybe trying to figure out a reason to live again. Maybe you've found it now." He laughs again, shrugging, "Then again, what the hells do I know? So long as you're feeling better, and it's not all dependant on someone else, I'm happy." He looks back toward the ladies, "But we should probably get back to Lady Saffron, Nedra, and Lady Jocelyn." The lack of title for Nedra is no insult, just a measure of familiarity.

Martyn nods a little as he looks around for a few moments to see if there's many people nearby. When he doesn't see many there, he reaches out to gently give a smack to the healthiest shoulder of his cousin. "Thanks," he offers, after a few moments of pause, before he adds, "And we should probably get back to them, that's true." Another brief pause, before he add, "I should probably figure out something to buy to…" A brief pause, and a grin. "Possibly to more than one person too." Looking back now, "But we should rejoin them, that's true."

Kamron chuckles softly, shaking his head, "Wait until you hear one way or another. No sense having a betrothal gift without a betrothal. But you might want to have something in mind. Something relating to something she likes. Or you can just bugger off and buy whatever you want. After all, I've only purchased three…" there's a pause, "…four betrothal gifts. One the first time, and three the second."

"Good point," Martyn offers, after a few moments of pause. "Thank you once again." Looking around for a few moments. "Did you see anyone selling booze out there, by the way? Could be an idea to have some of that stashed away for… special occasions."

Kamron laughs softly, "I'm sure there's some booze around Stonebridge. I've still two bottles of Reach wine, but I'm saving at least one of those for the my own wedding."

Martyn grins, "There's no better things you can save it for, cousin. You deserve to be able to enjoy that one such a happy day." A brief grin, before he adds, "I'm sure we can find something here."

Kamron nods again, "Good luck with that, coz. Enjoy. I'm going to go find my betrothed and enjoy a nice dinner… and a new scent that's liable to test my virtue and hers." Smiling wryly, he claps his cousin on the shoulder again and then turns to head back toward the center of the square.

Martyn grins, "Be strong, cousin." It's offered rather lightly, before he adds, "And have a nice evening and night. I'll see you tomorrow, I'm sure."