Marvish Erenford


Marvish Erenford, not born to step forward and lead the house, not born bear such burdens. This gave the young man a sort of freedom that was not gifted to his elders, while certain expectations remained. His life was shaped by the spear when he was found tilting at flower sacks in the kitchen at a young age. Rather then punishment his father embraced this exuberance and training began above and beyond the norm.

By the age of sixteen summers Marvish already had many sortes under his belt, giving further evidence to his flourishing martial skills, steady hand, and ability to be keenly aware of the position of himself and his troops upon the field of battle. Though admittedly these battles were most often with peasant bandits, or lesser lords trying to grab power, every so often a knot of soldiers fallen upon hard times would appear, making life harder for the then young man. While he would like to tell that the wound that caused his characteristic limp happened upon the field of battle, this is not the case. A stray arrow during a day of sport at hunting was the culprit, that prevented him from catching up in a foot race, but lent to him a certain determination in life.

This small accident while never turning his attention from his training did lend a sense of frustration, but opened further doors in his learning. Turning his attentions to those things academic, the laws of the land, weapons of siege, and methods to further understand the ebbs and flows of battle. All of this came to him with a profound sense of his place in the world, and satisfaction in what the Seven had gifted to him. He was content till his lot, proud to lead the troops of Heronhurst, till he was thrust into new position by his brothers untimely death.

He now stands thus far unwed, as the young lord of House Erenford and the second son of Lord Miraz. While it was never his real ambition to take the place of his father as Lord of Heronhurst he has accepted what is to be, again as his place, and again with the same determination that got him as far as he has.

Marvish Erenford sadly succumbed to his grievous wounds on September 24, 289 following an attack by bandits just north of Heronhurst. Though he managed to slay one of the bandits in return, the Young Lord was unable to recover from the damage done to his body.


Father: Lord Miraz Erenford, Lord of Heronhurst
Mother: Lady Aislynne Erenford, Lady of Heronhurst
Younger Brother: Ser Brennart Erenford
Younger Brother: Ser Nevan Erenford
Younger Sister: Lady Emylie Erenford
Cousin: Ser Elrick Otto Erenford
Cousin: Lady Aemy Erenford
Cousin, baseborn: Ser Holden Rivers
Ward of Erenford: Lady Bryliesa Frey

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