Martyn Mallister


Born in the early parts of 261, as the first child of Ser Hale Mallister and his wife Lady Aduialana, Martyn’s first few years were relatively uneventful, as the first few years of children tend to be. The family was close, and it would get closer, as Aduialana’s two next pregnancies, one when Martyn was three, and one when he was five, ended in stillborn children. Even though he didn’t quite understand what was going on when he was that young, like most young children, he knew something was wrong.
But then, when Martyn was a bit over nine years old, he finally got a younger sibling, as his mother gave birth to a little girl, Muirenn. Having a younger sibling was something new, especially since he no longer was the one getting all their parents’ attention, but he soon got used to his little sibling getting most of the attention, and he became rather close to his little sister.
And then came the time and young Martyn was sent off to be a page and later a squire to Ser Mychal Paege, in Fairmarket. Leaving his family was tough on the young boy, but after just a short amount of time, he started sending letters home on a regular basis. Ser Mychal was a harsh, but fair master, and this period of his life was one of the most interesting parts of the boy’s life, although he picked up some of Ser Mychal’s weird habits when it came to preparing himself, including the order that the knight put on his armor and other equipment.
In the year 280, there was a problem with bandits around Fairmarket and Ser Mychal and Martyn were a part of the group that rode out to face the problem. The group was out for a few weeks hunting down the bandits, and when they finally found them, the bandits did not give up without a fight. There were about a dozen of the bandits, and in the fight that followed, they all were killed, with Martyn being the one that killed one of them, before he got a wound to the shoulder, trying to protect Ser Mychal. The action earned him a few weeks of rehabilitation of his shoulder, but he also won his knighthood that day.
When his shoulder had healed enough, he said goodbye to Fairmarket, and set out for Mallister lands again, first heading to Seagard to see if he was needed anywhere in particular, then home to the keep of his little part of the family, happy to see them all again. While there, he devoted more time to hunting, and the usage of bows than he did before, especially the longbow as he used it for hunting purposes.
Then as most of the Riverlands allied with Robert Baratheon’s rebellion, and as the fighting men of House Mallister headed off for what would later be known as the Battle of the Trident, Martyn found himself heading off to war. He fought with the Mallister forces during the battle, making himself known both for his fighting skills and for his way of always managing to see the positive side of things, and keeping people’s spirits up. He managed to get through the big battle relatively unharmed, as his collection of minor wounds would be compared to the huge amount of people getting far more permanent wounds there.
When the Mallisters returned to their lands, so did Martyn, and has stayed there for most of the time since then, spending much time with his close family, and also a fair bit at Seagard when it was needed, always ready to go where his House needs him to be. He’s been a part of the armies at Seagard during the Ironborn Invasion.
During the siege of the Grey Garden, Martyn was leading the forces from the Cape, until he lost in single combat to Lord Rogr Harlaw, but was later saved from death by his cousin Kamron Mallister. He also fought during the siege of Pyke, getting through that part without major wounds.
Returning home after the war, he went to stay with House Terrick along with his sister and a bigger group from house Mallister, to aid them in rebuilding the lands ravaged by the war. Many would say that he seemed more bottled up than before, though. He also participated in the tourney at the Twins, where he was unhorsed by Ser Stevron Frey in the joust. He fought in the melee as well, lasting for quite a while there, but not ending up as one of the last few men standing.
During the events when the ladies of the area were abducted, Martyn joined in the planning of the search and recovery of the ladies, although he found himself unable to do too much, weighed down by concern for his sister, who was one of the ladies in captivity. He helped fighting the abductors and freeing the ladies in the end.
He participated during both days of jousting during the tourney at Seagard, ending up unhorsed by the mysterious Knight of Arrows. On the second day, he was one of the starting champions, and ended up defending his place among the five by unhorsing Ser Kittridge Groves in two passes.
Later, he was seen spending some time with Lady Katrin Haigh, both at Terrick’s Roost and at Highfield when the lady went there, before returning to Seagard for his cousin Kamron’s wedding, before returning to Terrick’s Roost again. Some would say that lately, he’s displayed some rather worrying signs, personality-wise.

Physical Features

He's standing just below six feet, this man who looks to be somewhere in his late twenties, and has a lean yet muscular build for his height and age. His light brown hair is kept rather short, and is kept rather carefully atop his head, almost as if he makes certain the hair will not be falling into his eyes or anything like that. Facial features include blue eyes that seems to watch the world rather carefully, as well as a nose that seems to be slightly larger than the average. He also has thin pale lips that frame rows of teeth that's relatively well taken care of. Most of the time, there's also a small beard on his features, short and looking like he's spending some time on keeping it like that.

Allies, Foes and Other Things

"But it’s written in the starlight

And every line on your palm

We are fools to make war

On our brothers in arms"

Dire Straits, “Brothers in Arms”


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