Maron Greyjoy


In the entourage of his brother Rodrik at the Stonebridge Tournament of 288, Maron was at the center of a controversy when a minstrel tried to rob him. In a curious series of escalations, a duel was fought in which a Riverlands hedge knight killed Maron's half brother, Svarta Pyke.

Months later, Maron returned to the Cape of Eagles as one of the commanders directing the Ironborn Invasion, leading the men of Orkmont and Old Wycke in storming Terrick's Roost, besieging its castle, and ravaging the countryside. His tactics of seeking to goad the besieged Terricks into error included regular executions, in one instance ordering ten captive townsfolk put to death for each one of his men killed in a sortie out of the castle.

Massing the men of Houses Orkwood, Tawny, Stonehouse, Goodbrother, and Drumm to face the massed Frey banners, he was defeated at the Battle of Alderbrook. Unable to join his army with his brother's, and unable to hold Terrick's Roost after this defeat, he set to the town to the torch, sparing only the docks in his withdrawal.

After King Robert's invasion of the Iron Isles, he, together with Rodrik, organized the defense of Castle Pyke. He was wounded several times in the defense of the Bloody Keep, but Maron survived to reach the Kitchen Tower with the remnant of the Greyjoy warriors. He died that night, though it is unclear whether Maron Greyjoy, the Reaver of the Roost, perished of his wounds or ended his own life.


The second son of King Balon Greyjoy, and the younger brother (and trusted lieutenant) of Prince Rodrik Greyjoy. He was a close friend of his Uncle Aeron, with whom he shared a taste for carousal.

Physical Features

Allies and Foes

The Ironborn love him for his merry manner, while the Riverfolk hate him for his brutal jokes.

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