Page 550: Marital Advice
Marital Advice
Summary: Alric and Mortimer discuss love, weddings and beer.
Date: 24/Jan/2013
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Alric Mortimer 
The Green, Terrick's Roost
The Green is a large field of deep green grass, nearly flat, that runs along the base of the towers. The road into town runs along the far edge, hemming it in neatly to a confined area where beyond a line of trees serves as a subtle windbreak. This area is most often used for drilling or practice for the guards but also serves as home for festivals, tournaments, and another other gathering that might require the space for a large number of the local residents. A well-trodden path winds around the side of the wall and moves towards the coastline. Another heads southwest, toward Kingsgrove.
Thu Jan 24, 290

Having taken a ride to Broadmoor his sister then told him of the tea and he rode with her to the Roost. Now she has wandered off along with her entourage. Alric however is wandering the green and seemingly worrying. For the wedding perhaps. Also that he needs to go find Ilaria in Highfield soon.

In contrast perhaps, Mortimer is not worrying as he makes his way around the green at a leisurely pace. There's not much happening and the town is quiet which makes his life a lot easier. Boring, but easy. Still, he'll take boring over the events of the past year or so, no question there. He's completing one circuit and pondering between another of heading back down towards the market when he spots the Fenster lord raises an eyebrow slightly. Not someone he'd been expecting, and since the man doesn't seem exactly at ease he heads over to enquire, "afternoon m'Lord. Everything alright?"

Alric turns his head towards the deputy and nods. "Deputy. Yes, everything is quite fine. Wedding closing in is all." He explains and offers a smile at that. Hands clasping behind his back. "It'a quite quiet around the Roost lately. I was at the inn earlier and it was calmer than usual .

Mortimer smiles a little at the mention of a wedding, even though there'll be a world of difference between his and the Young Lords. "I'm sure that everything will be fine m'Lord," he offers, in what he hopes is a reassuring manner. He eyes the younger man a moment, as if trying to decide if he should add more, or if it's not his place but then, since Alric seems to be in a conversational mood he offer, "best advice I can give you m'Lord is just to remember to relax and enjoy it." The comment about the Inn has him glancing down towards town a moment before he nods, "Aye, been nice and calm a while now. Hopefully it'll last a while yet."

Alric sighs and nods, "You are right. I envy you sometimes. I mean. Do you love your wife, deputy?" He asks and looks over to the older man. As for town, he nods. He seems to be pondering something and soon enough shaking his head, "Seems the bad luck is moving. From Stonebridge to here and onwards to the Flint camp and also Highfield. I just hope Broadmoor isn't next."

"Very much so m'Lord," Mortimer answers, smile broadening just a touch, "and more so with every day that passes." A bit soppy sounding maybe, but he doesn't seem to care in the slightest. "An' I'm sure you'll love your's too." Not that he knows the lady in question mind, nor really the lord for that matter, but marriage had certainly been one of the best things he'd ever done. "I shouldn't worry about it too much m'Lord. Fate and fortune ain't think kind of things we mortals can predict, come what may though, we just have to find the best paths through it."

There is a small grin at the man's words. "I suppose you are right." Comes Alric's reply. Starting to walk a bit but letting the man walk next to him. "I will so what I can to make it successful. I don't know where we stand but I am hoping for the best."

Mortimer takes the hit and matches step, its not as if there are any more pressing matter demanding his attention after all. "If you don't mind hearing advice m'Lord," he starts, glancing across to the other man briefly, "listen to her when she has ideas and take her thoughts seriously. Give her enough respect to not simply dismiss what she has to say on the grounds that she is a Lady. There's many a one of them with intellect and understanding above many a Lord or man."

Alric does listen and agrees it would seem. "Of course. I am lucky to have a wise lady as my wife. I just wish to also be able to offer what she needs and keep her happy in all ways." Smiling towards Mortimer at that.

Mortimer returns the smile with a nod and offers a quick, "I'm sure you'll do fine m'Lord." He has no more particular words of wisdom to offer so he asks instead, "what brings you to the Roost then, with the festivities drawing so close? I'd have thought you'd be busy with preparations at Broadmoor."

"I am just bringing my sister to the tea. I will be returning with her in time fo the wedding." Alric answers and smiles a bit to the man but not sure what to offer. "How is life treating you otherwise? All well after the rescue I hope?"

'Ahs' in silent understanding as the tea is mentioned, he'd forgotten that that was quite so close to hand. Nodding his understanding he puts that together with the comment about the inn earlier and asks "you're staying down in town then?" Might be worth giving the innkeeper a heads up if he's about to be invaded by noble Ladies and their entourages. "All well," he confirms with a nod, flexing his hand as he does so since it's no longer encumbered with any straps or bindings.

Alric nods at the question. "That I am. For now at least seeing as I will only be here briefly." As the conversation goes on, he smiles. "Good." Himself looking alright as well. If perhaps a bit sore.

Mortimer makes a mental note to swing by the Rockcliff later on, after dinner. Not that they've had trouble lately but with visiting nobles it'd be a bad time for something to start. "You've picked a good time for it," he offers conversationally, "Wednesday is when they get the beer delivery in so you'll have your pick before any others arrive." Assuming the others go for the Inn and not the keep that is.

Alric chuckles and nods, "That sounds great then. I will make sure to pick before everyone arrives." Smiling as he seems glad with that outcome though falling a bit silent. There is a raise of his brow soon though. "How is ser Justin?"

Mortimer would make a recommendation, but he's not sure what's been delivered, so he leaves the Fenster lord to experiment for himself. As for Justin, he just shrugs slightly, "Busy m'Lord," he starts. "Can't say he's been around much what with the patrols and all, we added a few extra when Lord Aleister went missing, in case anything spilled over our way. Keeping 'em up a while longer until we have a clearer idea of what actually happened."

Alric nods and sighs. Having been wearing a black band around his wrist for the passing of the two Ashwood nobles. "Thank you for all, deputy. But I think I should seek some food and rest before I go and find my dear sister." He explains and bows before he will move off.